21802 E Indiana Ave, Liberty Lake, WA 99019


47.678464253363, -117.1112106356


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


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11:00 am – 6:00 pm

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Fusion Restaurant in Liberty Lake, WA


37 reviews for “3 NINJAS

  1. Janine H

    Food was delightful and service was good. The Mango Habanero hot sauce is very good. We’ll be back!

  2. Shanny Marie

    Fast, friendly service, Food was great. The level of heat that the smoked chicken tacos had was quite the surprise. Delicious none the less. I’d definitely recommend checking out this place. We will be back.

  3. Michelle Acton-McArdle

    Just try it! Great food at all locations including the food truck. Also grab a bottle of hot sauce while your at it.

  4. Kasia Cyphers

    Awesome, real food at a good price with good portions. Nice selection. Plus great service. Don’t pass this place by, you are missing out if you do. Support your local small business.

  5. carma

    Fast service and delicious food

  6. Lord Varyus

    Have tried 4 things all have been amazing. Tacos you can mix and match on. Your order. I feel that detail can really make your experience more enjoyable for I did not know this.

  7. D K

    Unfortunately, we came at 5pm tonight (Saturday 1/21). Even though they don’t close until 6, all the chairs were upside down on the tables. They looked closed so we had to call to see if they were open. We were told they were slow, so they pre-closed. Not good, especially on a Saturday night and since they have such an obscure location.
    I was the first to order (cheese steak wrap), then my husband ordered tacos and a kids bowl for the boy.
    They brought food out for the boys so I thought mine just took longer.
    By the time they were almost finished with their food, we were wondering where mine was and asked. The girl with dark hair at the register said “oh, I didn’t hear you.”
    She had three people ordering but she only took two orders? (Even though I ordered first)
    Besides that, the kids bowl was $10 with bland noodles and weird chicken chunks. Didn’t even let him finish it.
    Tacos were “ok”.
    Disappointing because my husband was looking forward to this place and told me how good it was when it was a food truck.
    On a Saturday night they looked closed, it was cold and bland (food and ambiance) no music, just waiting for bad food in silence while the girl was on her phone (would occasionally look up and see me waiting while the boys ate). It felt like a morgue.
    Maybe we went on an “off night”, but no way he will ever get me back there. I would give it a zero if I could, because that’s how much food I waited 20 minutes for.
    *note to owner
    Your business is slow on a Saturday night for a reason. Your vision is only as good as the people who represent you, the ambiance and the food. None of it was worth coming back for, Sorry.
    If you don’t make changes, it will fail. There are too many other good places to go in Liberty Lake that’s worth spending money at.
    (I suggest piccolo’s where the food and the people are awesome)

  8. Alejandra Arredondo

    This place is amazing!!! The food was so tasty and fresh. The owner Steve was friendly and talked with us made us feel very welcomed and made sure we had all we needed. Their mango hot sauce was beyond tasty, a perfect combo of sweet & heat. We will definitely be coming back to enjoy their menu 👌🏼

  9. Joshua K.

    The owner has a passion for food and you can tell every single time you go in because he doesnt want a single dissatisfied customer. I have the taste buds of a 5 year old yet he still made it work for me with a steak, rice and cheese wrap. Their food is the definition of “gourmet and fitted specially for you.”

  10. Will McGuire

    Just visited 3 Ninjas for the first time after hearing about it from a friend. Big portions, quality food, lots of options. Bought a bottle of ‘Smokey Jalapeño Pepper Sauce’ to take home. Highly recommend!

  11. bonnie jones

    Yummy as usual

  12. Sierra Case

    Shockingly disappointing! I was so excited to try, I thought the menu sounded amazing…until I took a bite. Not a speck of seasoning! No salt, no pepper, no sauce, nothing. Unfortunately I won’t be back and wouldn’t recommend giving it a try, unless you are on a low sodium diet, in which case this might be the place for you.

  13. Carrie Gray

    The food was fresh, hot, and amazing. The gentleman who was working the front counter was nice and personable. Will definitely go back again.

  14. B Dawn

    Accidentally found this place and I’ll have to say it is so yummy and and Steve was so friendly! I’ll be back and it’s right next door to my hairdresser 💇‍♀️

  15. Kinzie Ridgewell

    Very knowledgable about gluten friendly options! Their peanut bowl is delicious!!

  16. Shane Higgins

    Some of the best tacos I have ever had!

  17. Becca Neal

    Loved the food, the service is very friendly and attentive.

  18. Korey Devine

    Great location. Great concept. On our day, lackluster food. The Philly was bone dry. If you’re gonna rock a Philly. It best be bursting with deliciousness. Not, I’ll wait till I get home to sauce it up.
    My wife’s noodle with peanut sauce was peanut sauce in name only. She had to hose it with garlic chile sauce. That’s really saying something. She’s a ½ a ⭐ on a adventurous day.
    But the service was great. The atmosphere was spot on. Sauce that sh+t guys. Slow down and taste as you go. People will wait for good.
    For 40 damn bucks. I expect far for better.

  19. Mosha Morgan

    So delicious and unique offerings! Great service and chill environment!

  20. Lauren Parker

    One of our favorite local places! The firecracker bowl is amazing

  21. Valerie McCartney-Daniels

    I placed an 8 item order for my office. The guys all worked so well together and got it out to me very quickly. Everyone was so kind and welcoming.
    Everyone’s food came out perfect and delicious!
    I got the peanut wrap and it was awesome! Great size and perfectly wrapped so nothing fell out the bottom.
    I cant wait to go back and try more items.

  22. Jere Johnston

    My wife and i had a terrific experience with Steve helping us identify what we’d like. I usually ask at first time restaurants what customers re-order the same meal, Bulgogi bowl, was mentioned along with others. It was a relatively large bowl and very satisfying. A great dining experience.. We’ll be back..

  23. MRAZ the don

    Excellent food and customer service I drive from Idaho just to eat her and after golf it’s a must

  24. Joy Bennett

    These guys are amazing and the food is delicious. I left one star off because I think they could improve a little by doing something more with the tofu, and making sure the noodles aren’t stuck together. But flavors are great and serving sizes are generous.

  25. Phi G

    Great food. It’s a little out of the way, but it’s worth a visit. Same overall feel as the Kendall Yards location, but with way more indoor seating.

  26. Joe B.

    Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!! Flavor explosion, original and creative menu, clean restaurant and friendly crew. New to Liberty Lake, my son & I found this place by accident. Beyond, wayyyy beyond satisfied!! Cheesesteak & the Italian Beef are both a gift from GOD! Everything we tried tasted super fresh. Try out their many hot sauces too, Mango Habanero kicks with the flavor and heat. Family owned, and our new favorite place. Oh and they have cool, cold beer. Cheers!

  27. Courtney Ryan

    Service can be hit or miss, but they are very quick and efficient. LOVE the steak banh mi, and can’t wait to try more from them!

  28. Kelli Cummings

    The new location is just as amazing as the Kendall Yards location! The food was so incredible and mouthwatering! Loved the local artwork, to boot. You guys are the best.

  29. Lynsey Wagener

    Absolutely delicious and the people who work there are super friendly! Will be back to try everything else!

  30. Leroy Levine

    Any place that has a three panel image of Ruby Rod is okay in my book… Oh and the food is pretty good …

  31. Jorge A. Garcia

    This is a very cool chill spot! Me and two of my friends and I decided to stop by after a car meet and it was a great decision! The food was priced perfectly for portion sizes, and the flavor was great! Will definitely return for another round with my friends whenever we are in the area!

  32. tyler beer

    Foods delicious! Definitely recommend dining in for the full experience.

  33. Danny Jordan

    Best wrap I’ve ever had. Love the location and the vibe. Can’t wait to eat here again.

  34. Rachel Deryan

    Ordered 3 Greek salads and they had very few ingredients and no dressing.

  35. The Dude

    It was so good I am convinced ninjas really do work there.

  36. Diadra Goldes

    Love the vibe. The bulgogi was good but would have really hit with more cucumbers, kimchi, and some pickled ginger. Poe boy was okay. Both have the potential to be really good but sort of fell short.
    Loved Ruby Rhod in the bathroom! Music was nostalgic.

  37. Justina Toop

    This is one of my top experiences, phenomenal food, wonderful people and they welcome dogs outside on the patio!! Will definitely be back to try more food!

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