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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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31 reviews for “3 NINJAS

  1. Scott Soderberg

    Absolutely amazing! This new space is amazing and the food is even better. Do you mouth and stomach a favor and give everything on the menu a try. This place is just what liberty lake has been missing

  2. Luke Larsen

    Absolutely incredible food. The environment is beautiful as well. Finally a restaurant in liberty lake that is actually worth going to every weekend!

  3. Marla Ellis

    Wow, wonderful flavors. Good prices and plenty to share or make two meals out of.

  4. Doug Brown

    Had a great experience, good food, fair price for the portion sizes you receive and fun upbeat staff that did a fantastic job. Will be back

  5. Holly Hunter

    The food is delicious, and the hospitality is amazing. Such an inviting place.

  6. Joshua Kautzman

    What a great place! Classic sandwiches and creative fusion tacos. The bulgogi steak tacos were fantastic and the Italian cheesesteak was really good too.

  7. MForce81

    Very Good, Ive only ever had the Chicago version of a Italian Beef before trying 3 Ninjas version and I must say it’s fantastic. We’ll be back and probably often.

  8. Lanny M

    Great food and great people. Their menu has so many delicious options and variety. I can’t wait to eat my way through it.

  9. Kayleigh Slayton

    This is our new favorite place to eat. Great food fair prices and the staff are SO FRIENDLY and helpful. Keep up the great work guys you are amazing!

  10. Coryelle Rogers

    Stopped at 3 Ninjas for lunch on Saturday. The staff was friendly and the menu has a lot of tempting options. We were pleasantly surprised by the options. But the food was mediocre at best. We got the Italian, cheese steak and bahn mi sandwiches. Meat was dry and salty. Very disappointing!

  11. Stephen M. Robinson

    This was my first order using UberEats and I decided to try 3ninjas, I didn’t even make it through their menu as I stopped at the Steak Bahmi sandwich, it was incredible! The chips had a really good crunch and spice to them. Delicious!

  12. Stephanie Redder

    Friendly service and amazing food!
    The steak and cheese wrap I ordered was the best wrap I have had in a long time! The side of seasoned chips and delicious salsa felt like a great value. My husband tried 3 different tacos that he loved. The tacos looked stuffed to me!
    The restaurant was very clean.
    I even loved the art inside– the Ruby Rhod one was the best! Try this place out. You won’t be disappointed!

  13. Mizz Tiff

    I’ve tried food here three different times. Everyone seems to love it. Honestly its very underwhelming. The tacos are the only thing I thought were somewhat good, everything else just has a different, subpar taste to it. Nice staff and clean, just not as phenomenal as the reviews would make you think, at least for me
    and my family.

  14. Dan Bennett

    Some of the best tacos I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to go back.

  15. Dallon Andrus

    Took the family here yesterday for dine in and had very high hopes based on all the positive reviews. I got the Po Boy and my wife got some tacos. My sandwich looked awesome, but when I got into it there were so many strong conflicting flavors in the sauce that it was difficult to finish. My wife’s tacos had next to no aioli on them and were very dry. She had to ask for two sides of aioli to add herself and thought the tacos were good after adding. Will go back at least one more time to try something else (maybe the Po boy just wasn’t my cup of tea), but first impression was underwhelming. Place was very clean and staff was great. Not a knock against them but they don’t offer cups of water, just bottles for purchase, fyi.

  16. Graciela Mancilla

    Tried their orange chicken bowl and I was pretty disappointed. I do have to say, their hot salsa is delicious. The best I’ve tasted in Spokane County.

  17. allese berry

    Nothing was bad. But nothing was amazing. We would maybe eat there again, but probably not.
    The tacos were especially lackluster. Those just felt like a waste of money.

  18. Michelle Washburn

    We tried this for the first time today. We got the banh mi sandwich, the orange chicken bowl, the thai peanut wrap and the Cubano. The portion sizes are gteat as they should be for the prices, and the meat is tender, but it is all really dry, no sauce! We came home and had to add sauces to everything we ordered.

  19. Tatiana B

    Great food! Gluten and dairy free options are available. Curry is coconut based.

  20. ZnH Hockley

    Food was ok. But you are in for a really long wait. There were two people working on the kitchen but food was coming out super slow. Took almost 25 minutes for some hummus and a rice bowl.

  21. Scott Boles

    We have been here quite a few times and they are very consistent. Steve is very helpful with figuring out the menu and we love their food.

  22. Jay Cook

    This was our first time coming in and one of the owners Steven was very knowledgeable on the menu and made everything sounded so so good. He was very kind and personable to my family. I ended up getting a BBQ pulled pork sandwich. This was one of the biggest yet tastest sandwiches ever! Definitely get a bang for your buck! Would 1000 percent recommend!

  23. Molly Helland

    Nice clean place. Friendly service. The food choices are exciting but once we got our home and ate we felt that the meat was very dry with no sauce to help with that. I ordered corn tortillas and they were cold and dry. If you get corn tortillas make sure you ask them to warm them a bit. Uncooked corn tortillas are not good at all. The sandwich was very dry also. Just needs a little work.

  24. Tessa Wilcox

    Worst curry I have ever had in my life. Bland, no flavor, almost no curry sauce. Dry chicken. Curry itself has no spice. Absolutely nothing about this dish was good.
    Asian slaw and pineapple salsa also bland and underwhelming.
    Had to add sauce at home to make it even slightly enjoyable.

  25. JP

    Good service, didn’t wait to long for food. Taste of food was really good, only issue was it was super dry.

  26. Melissa Walters

    Edit from first review-
    After going back several times the food quality has gone down-hill. Dry and not as much attention to detail. What made it great in the start is missing.

    Original review⬇️
    First, the employee was so friendly and welcoming. I had never been before and she was willing to listen and chat about the food.

    Next, the food. I had the steak Bahn Mi.
    Tender and flavorful meat. Plus, it was a large sandwich. My husband had the Buffalo. We commented several times that the thing about these sandwiches was that everything worked towards the end flavor. A sandwich that does the heavy lifting? Yes please.

    Overall, I can’t wait to go back to try other items. It’s worth it!

  27. Catherine Scott

    Best fish tacos I have had in years! The tempura batter was light and not greasy, and all the ingredients were so fresh! It’s a shorts and flip-flops kind of place, very friendly, you can look into the kitchen and say hello to the chef – what’s not to like? I will definitely go many more times

  28. B Oleynik

    I enjoy having lunch here in a pleasant environment. I got the cheese steak sub and it was good, don’t just take my word for it. Stop by and check it out for yourself. The food is served quickly and the person taking our orders was friendly. It is located in a convenient location right off the main road, I will definitely stop by this location again some time.

  29. Mallory Connell

    Food was flavorful, wholesome and all around delicious. Will definitely be back to try some more items on the menu! I got the Thai peanut wrap and my husband got three different tacos. We shared and we both enjoyed all of it. Definitely worth a try!

  30. Brandon Lindelof

    I am working in the area and decided to try 3 ninjas and I’m sure glad I did. I went with the Bulgogi tacos and they were amazing. They have a little kick and I don’t realky like spicy food but it wasn’t over powering. The candied jalapeños are a nice little treat of heat. I highly recommend giving them a try. I will be back.

  31. B

    If you want food that is hot, delicious, and has worth-your-money portion sizes, this is the spot. 100% worth it.

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