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11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


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11:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Agave Taqueria

Mexican Restaurant in Anacortes, WA




“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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35 reviews for “Agave Taqueria

  1. Ross Leventhal

    A tasty wet burrito in a couple of minutes during the lunch hour rush. Topped with guac and sour cream with a side of chips for a great meal under $15 with tax and a 20% tip

  2. Rachid Ayouni

    Paid $9.75 for a small bag of tortilla chips and cup of salsa… you know, the stuff authentic restaurants serve as a complementary item.
    I was prepared to pay a fair price, not to be ripped off.

  3. Kevin Green

    Try the wet chili verde burrito. Awesome. Good for sir down or take away. Fast & filling.

  4. Lauren R Jones

    I got an amazing vegetarian burrito from here last night. We almost missed out because we arrived just before closing, and are so grateful we were able to be served! Would definitely stop here again!!

  5. Robert Belli

    They are kind of pricey 💰💲💳🏧 I’ll say that! 🤔 But WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!! 🤩 The food was very delicious, I ordered the biggest dam burrito 🌯 I’ve seen at any restaurant! My girlfriend ordered the steak fajitas, and it was big enough we could’ve shared, had we known, service was 🏻 a bit slow, but again was fine with it after we seen what the wait was all about.. if you are looking for a really good Mexican place and don’t mind the cost, I highly recommend Agave Taqueria!! 😋

  6. Melissa Dubas

    Great Mexican food stop! Very friendly service. Salsa was awesome and very fresh and fast food. Definitely recommend stopping here!

  7. Vanessa Lozano

    My husband and I went while visiting the area due to the reviews… Well that was a mistake. As a Mexican American, I have had great authentic food both at home and while vacationing different areas. This, however, is NOT authentic. The flavor was not bad, it just barely had any. Mexican food should be bursting with flavor. Luckily we both got sodas… Those were good. I was so disappointed.

  8. Aplih A

    Nice spot for a quick bite. The food was tasty – tried spinach enchiladas and fried icecream and was happy with both. The staff is courteous too.

  9. Spidey Whiplash

    Their Chili Relleno is Excellent! It came with beans and rice and a Guacamole – Pico de Gallo topping combination which was a deliciously perfect addition to the dish. I highly recommend Agave Taqueria.

  10. Thang Le

    Great place for a quick and friendly meal. Food is good and they even have a drive thru if you need to get it to go.

  11. McColston Lemms

    Great food and horchata. Don’t get the Burrito 10 unless you are prepared. I finished it… barely. Now my lady is upset because I keep growling and saying, “ohhhhggggg, my belly! Ohhhggg! Ohhhgggg!”
    She doesn’t understand. Thinking about heading back for more horchata.

    Nope, definitely going for more horchata.


    Hit the drive thru for some bomb burritos! We always get the carnitas deluxe burrito and devour it with the free chips. Great prices. Highly recommended

  13. Susan Culp

    Went through the Drive-through. Great customer service. Food is excellent.

  14. Brian Shannon

    We got the AGAVE nachos with ground beef and went down to the marina and watched the boats. So good! Should have got 2! 😁

  15. Steve Pellett

    The food is fantastic. I eat a lot of Mexican. Don’t hesitate, no matter what any review might say negative, I have never had a bad experience here and always have that, “Oh, now I feel great” feeling after eating. And they are also really nice.

  16. Westley Shaffer

    Great price and value with a TON of food! Great quality compared to price

  17. Dena Scott

    My family and I have eaten here before with no issues. Last night was way different. Started off with 3 street tacos. Smh first bite 😤 LONG BLACK HAIR. Vomiting by my partner began. Moving on to our “taco salad”. There was hardly any lettuce in one salad and to much lettuce in another. One salad bowl was over fried and the other was a wet soggy mess. There were no beans, miniscule amount of cheeses and barley there tomatoes. What was in overabundance was the onions which were cut in huge and small uneven knife cuts that left this diner disgusted. The salsa was a nightmare flavor of enchilada sauce and onions with a little heat mixed in. The churros were huge clumpy mass of donut like bread with not much cinnamon and no sugar. The whipped cream was half melted by the time it was served. I called and spoke with the manager who assured me a full $64 refund would be given out today. When my partner arrive to pick it up manager Paola was gone and the little server gave my partner $45 and said “don’t shoot the messenger”. I called back 30 min later and was told to call back tomorrow. I ABSOLUTELY 💯 %DO NOT RECCOMEND THIS OVER PRICED PLACE !!. OH did I mention my partner and I suffered Montezuma s revenge all night long???? SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!!! And you still owe me $19!!!!

  18. Jeremy Smith

    Good Mexican food, place has a nice indoor seating, as well as an out door area to seat. There is also a drive through if you wanted to do that as well.

  19. Brian Gilbert

    Great food, fantastic customer service, cold beer, and spicy salsa. Will definitely come back again.

  20. Beverly Perez

    My husband got the best Carne asada flautas here! I tried to order them a couple weeks later, but accidentally ordered something else (which was good, too, but not as amazing as those Carne asada flautas.)

  21. brae rose

    service was wonderful, food was great. not the fanciest place but a cute sit down/drive through restaurant.

  22. Forrest Allison

    Prices are up quite a bit. Ordering tacos is kind of a miss here for a place with taquerilla and pretty pricey, I’d get one of their actual plates.

  23. Rakan Alduaij

    Love their Deluxe burritos. Actually I haven’t had anything I didn’t like. Great place to eat.

  24. Lydia Kropelnicki

    Would’ve given five stars, but this place really let us down. Went here a few years ago and it was DELICIOUS. We all loved everything we got and the churros were massive and so good. Went there again at 8:20pm, super excited for some yums and they wouldn’t let us eat in because they were closing “soon” (wait huh?? 40 minutes until they closed). They wouldn’t even let us eat our “to go” food on one of their outdoor tables! We left for somewhere else we were so put off. Really disappointed, especially with how great the service was the first time we went. Really want to support a good local restaurant but we’re not really feeling like we want to support this one anymore #bummedandhungry

  25. K W

    Really enjoyed the flavours and food here! It’s a cute, small drive in and eat in Mexican-American restaurant off one of the major streets in Anacortes. They gave a small complimentary basket of chips and salsa (nice flavour and great kick at the end). We tried the flautas and two tacos which were really great. Huge portions! Definitely would visit again if I’m the area!

  26. Debi Mast

    My first visit was awesome! This time not so much. The fish in taco was undisscribabley disgusting! Such nice people! I hope they make it!!!

  27. Patricia Banta

    Blah food. It use to be sooooo good. Now that they changed owners, the food quality is horrible no taste nothing to what it used to be.

  28. KP HVAC

    My Favorite bean and cheese burrito in at least a 30 or 40 mile radius! The rest of the food is good but not amazing. I grew up in Southern California, and great Mexican food is the only thing I still miss about California. It’s just not the same up here!

  29. Руслана Школа

    Portions were HUGE and delicious! Definitely coming back

  30. Abel Gage

    Best fish tacos of all time. I’m sure their are other dishes are good too, but I can’t help ordering the fish tacos every time I come in. So tasty!

  31. Emmanuel “JR” Reyes

    Nice, quick place to grab some good Mexican. Portions are amazing, and mexi-fries for the picky kids. Folks there are awesome.

  32. K

    Love this place! Has so many options there is always something for everyone. Very friendly service. My go to for Mexican food ♥️

  33. Todd Nicholson

    As usual, food is good here. Good portion sizes. Been going here since it opened years ago.

  34. George Haeh

    Not at all fancy tables and seating, but staff helpful with a person in wheelchair. Don’t know if bathroom accessible.

  35. Raymond Noble

    Good size portions, excellent service, tasty food!

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