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AK Asian Restaurant

Asian Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA











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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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34 reviews for “AK Asian

  1. Michaelle D. Miller

    Food was horrible!!!
    Everything was made with thick starch gravy!!! Staff was courteous. That’s why they get a star.

  2. Angelee Godwin

    Food was great. The service was awesome. We had the waitress with the blue hair, she was awesome and even brought a fan over because their AC was out!!!

  3. Dale Coontz

    Food was fresh and tasted great! Good customer service and the establishment was very clean. Will be going back

  4. Deborah Kirwin

    Tried this Asian restaurant and what a pleasant surprise. The chicken was crunchy but moist. The Fried shrimp was good as well as the fried rice. Going back again for sure.

  5. DJ Adams

    If you miss Annie at the old Dragon Garden then it’s time to visit AK Asian. Food their is really good, They even have GF options.

  6. Kristal “LITTLERED.777” cooper

    Food was a little bland…the service was friendly but was working the bar as well…they need more staff..I liked the old place better..

  7. Jeffro Jones

    Great food great sushi great staff always greated with a smile and a warm welcome. Just all around an awesome place.

  8. Mike Perez

    Ordered general Sao chicken, Kung pao chicken, orange chicken. All looked different but tasted same. Rice was good. Egg roll 6.50 for two greasy rolls. Red sauce tasted like seasoned ketchup. Stomach doing flips after this 60 + meal. If your hungry go to panda its better. Drink in bar was awesome, service great. Egg drop soup awesome. Will not be back to eat this. Maybe eat panda and walk over have a drink.

  9. T Martin

    Very good food, restaurant is clean, service is friendly. Been there 3 times this month, food great and fresh each time.

  10. Google User

    Food was very good, staff very polite and helpful! Great chinese restaurant. It’s my favorite food, so I have gone to hundreds of restaurants.

  11. Steve

    This is an amazing restaurant. A lot of the menu is typical Asian fare but 3 notches above everybody else. From appetizers to soup to entre its like nothing that you’ve ever tasted in Spokane. I use Doordash for delivery and we order 1 to 2 times a month. You have to try it. It’s very fresh and noncommercial. Once you try it you won’t go anywhere else. Thank you for reorganizing the restaurant. You succeeded. Well done.

  12. Mike King

    Food was great!!! Loved atmosphere!

  13. J. B.

    Service was slow upon entering, ordering, and paying. Found out there was only one employee working the tables for both the restaurant and the bar side.
    Expect to wait a bit. Don’t get impatient because the food was AWESOME! The egg drop soup & the lunch special tasted amazing. Crunchy chicken & delicious BBQ pork (even came with dipping sauce). Portions were decent for the price of the lunch special. I was hesitant at the portion when it came put, but it filled me up enough.
    Drink was refillable and came in a small cup. Ask for water a extra cup if you get thirsty fast.
    Quiet venue on the restaurant side, and parking was decent. I do see parking filling up if it’s the weekend, so plan ahead if you’re driving with company (carpool).

    Definitely one of the enjoyable places to eat Asian food in the area. I do plan on going back and trying out more dishes. Take a look at attached photos of the special & the venue. Great customer service despite being understaffed.

  14. Jenny H

    Best Chinese food I’ve had in Spokane. Everything was fresh and you can make substitutions to any combo meal. The waitress was so friendly. Will definitely go back!

  15. Megan

    Three of us were there over the weekend, had a server who would go outside to smoke and never washed her hands. She kept scratching her face and her hair with her long nails, then would tamp our ice down on our drinks after not using a metal scooper to fill the glasses. Needless to say, we all three got food poisoning and I ended up in the hospital.

  16. Marion Schlueter

    Disappointing at best. Won ton soup tasted like canned peanut liquid. Almond chicken did not reassemble any Asian food I’ve ever eaten, heavy thick gravy with no taste.
    Server was the best part of the meal.

  17. David Grimminck

    I ordered my entree extra spicy, and they gave it to me extra spicy even though I’m white. Thank you AK.

  18. Paul Harmon

    I love Americanized Chinese food. Almond chicken, General Tso’s, eggrolls, sweet and sour anything…bring it. This is below average. It was edible but only just, a homogeneous blur of salty glop.

  19. Sara S

    Whiskey Wednesdays! Miranda makes the whole experience so much better! Now that we know her Schedule, we will be returning on her days, and her days alone! She absolutely makes the whole experience that much better! We absolutely love her and will return just for her! Drinks come as needed and food sizes seem that much better! A to-go order I placed for my mother in law in the hospital came with a special note from her as well! Again she just makes for a great experience!❤

  20. Ian Kautzman

    Great sushi, drinks, and live music on Fridays! We’ve had their delivery many times and highly recommend as well

  21. Brent ivanovitch

    Ok, maybe not the best Asian in spokane, but for the price not sure you can beat it. Special chow mein is really good.

  22. Shelli Hulse

    Checked this little place out for lunch the other day. Food was fresh and quickly made. Traditional Chinese cuisine that I haven’t had in awhile but was really good. Service was excellent and friendly. This building has been here a lot of years, used to eat here probably over 40 year’s ago when it was a Chinese restaurant, but it was very clean, including the bathrooms. Will come in and try dinner sometime.

  23. Danielle M

    Starting coming here a few months ago and just can’t seem to stay away!! great place to unwind after a long week. Love the environment and the servers are wonderful!! when they are busy, it’s worth the wait!! I see so many people come in and they seem so upset they have to wait for the food, but i have a feeling they are happy once they do get to eat, because the food is fantastic!! If you stop by, say thank you to them, they ALL work so hard!
    Thank you for an amazing place to relax!

  24. Steve Fong

    Service was excellent! Food is delicious!

  25. Steven McNickle

    Food was great, service was awesome. Food was very reasonably priced and portions where perfect! Soda price is overpriced! $3.50 for a small soda! Other than that, great place to eat!

  26. Jules Canidae

    Was told pick-up order would be ready in 20 minutes so I came exactly 20 minutes later on the dot. Had to wait almost 20 more minutes until food was given to me. The restaurant was nearly empty so not sure I understand the delay and none was offered. Neither was an apology.

  27. Your Mother

    Yummy! I made an order to go, almond chicken, sweet and sour pork and pork chow mein with rice. It was exactly what I was hoping for. Lady on the phone was so nice too

  28. Taylor Wright

    Unfortunately this place has SKY ROCKETTED in prices. The food is good however it is definitely not worth what they keep up charging. Hopefully the owners realize their mistake before it’s too late.
    Because I can’t reply it is definitely not fresh maybe it used to be I can post a picture of how our hot mustard arrived just late night.. separated meaning its been sitting there so if the hot mustard is sitting for long periods of time I imagine other things are as well. Please do not try to justify your price gouging within one year for example your dinner for 2s have gone up 20 dollars! Whitin1 year! That’s price gouging and even if your food is Allright it’s not worth that!

  29. Alli Hubb

    General’s Chicken is 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Raymond Bird

    Tried this place for the first, we did delivery, food was hot and fresh. Great taste and faster than what was stated. Large portions and filling. Mica was absolutely awesome and helpful. Will definitely be ordering again

  31. Brian Vinton

    The chicken chow mein cost $20 and had no chicken in it. The chicken fried rice had no flavor other than soy sauce…. Very disappointed, was not what I expect and will never order again. Food was melting through the container.


    Awesome hot good food! Great service & got our meals fast! Would highly recommend!

  33. Tiffany powell

    Great food so yummy and fast service. The waitress was ok just not too interested in her job. Sue sounded annoyed.

  34. Chris Williams

    Mica is a wonderful bartender/server!
    Great food. Broccoli Beef was GREAT!!!

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