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Allie’s Vegan Pizzeria & Cafe

Vegan Restaurant in Spokane, WA


42 reviews for “Allie’s Vegan Pizzeria & Cafe

  1. Ernest Farmer

    Gem of Spokane! From the toppings all the way to the crust, each ingredient is phenomenal. If not in the pizza mood check out their “chicken” option, I don’t know how they do it but it’s darnnnn tasty

  2. Debra Butler

    I recently started a plant-based diet and Allie’s was one of the first vegan restaurants we tried. So far I’ve only had the falafel bowl but it is sooo good. My husband had the italian pizza and he liked it as well. I’m excited to keep trying new things on the menu 😊

  3. Wasil Khan

    I have been on and off vegetarian for a while .. (I consume dairy but no meat) .. I know it is not vegan but then it makes me appreciate a no-meat meal .. it makes me look for no-meat meal options whereever whenever I am dining .. this is precisely what Allie’s is all about .. A vegan pizza .. who would have thought .. Pizza !! Vegan ??

    For a vegan pizza it was absolutely lit .. hot mess as they call it .. vegan mac n cheese with fried vegan chicken and a drizzle of buffalo sauce .. I especially loved the crust ..
    The pizza because of cashew paste / cashew cheese substituting the real cheese (i think so) was quite filling too .. it was decent enough for 2 people ..

    The place is so nice and clean .. and the staff is absolutely super ..
    I would love to be back given I will still be vegetarian for the next couple of months 🙂

  4. Cory Washko

    Great food and great service! A little pricy but you get what you pay for. In this case it’s quality and tasty food 🙂 it’s really great to have solid vegan options in Spokane. I’ve brought family and friends and have never had a bad experience plus I love that they bring the community together to do little pop up veggie sales 🙂

  5. Brady Bowers

    I’ve been to Allie’s multiple times since converting to being vegan. Even since moving from Spokane I always appreciate going back when visiting. It’s always been a warm atmosphere with hard working people. The quality of the food is always top notch and the flavor is amazing. I recommend the Thai Peanut Pizza 😊

  6. Rebecca Rhoades

    A must stop when I am anywhere near Spokane. LEGENDARY hot mess is IT

  7. Geoff Nelson

    Amazing pizza! I’m from Portland Oregon tons of vegan food and this place beats any pizza in PDX. Highly recommend. Sauce from scratch. Dough from scratch. Cheese from scratch. You can’t do better. Thank you!

  8. Charlton Bilow

    I had 3 items here: Artichoke Dip, Mushroom Pizza and Cheesecake with Berry Topping.

    The place is located in a quite corner with sufficient parking.

    The pizza, my wife described as “the best I’ve ever had.” I agree with her sentiment. It was among the best vegan pizzas I’ve had. The store owner makes most of their ingredients, which you can really notice with the cheese. Daiyo cheese is not allowed here! Because it’s made by them, they use less salt and oil than most which makes it healthier. I added salt however because… It’s my one remaining vice.

    WhenI got to the cheesecake, I had one of those pause moments where if you were looking at me, you would wonder if something was wrong. There was something wrong, it tasted nothing like I expected… It tasted amazing! I have never tried a vegan cheesecake that I like until now. The date and nut crust wasn’t strictly soft as it still had some nutty crunch while the cheesecake texture was spot on with an addictive flavor. It didn’t taste like those weird chemical cheesecakes sold at most places, but that’s because they’re not using weird ingredients.

    The lady who served us was sweet and attentive. She knew everything about the menu (she was the one who created the menu) 😉

    There were several items I’m looking forward to coming back and trying.

  9. bitter X

    i usually don’t go for white sauce pizza but i tried their specialty pie and wasn not disappointed. so good and fed me 3x

  10. Brit Davis

    So so good. Happy to have a great meal after a long car trip to Spokane for a concert. I had the falafel bowl and spinach artichoke dip. Would absolutely come back again. My vegan tummy left happy and full. I also got an oatmeal raisin cookie for later which was also delicious. Prices fair and customer service was very good also.

  11. Victoria Warthen

    Amazing vegan food with gluten free options. I love that they even make their own cheese and sauce for the pizza. I’m not vegan, but I have several dietary restrictions. I could tell that the “meat” toppings on my pizza were vegan, but it was super close and tasty enough that I didn’t mind. It seems like a local gem for vegans, but definitely is a favorite for those with dairy and wheat intolerances.

  12. Marcie

    I have lots of allergies and Sal was so friendly and patient trying to help me find something safe to order 😀

  13. Stephanie Simpers

    So glad to find this gem while passing through! The cheesy breadsticks with buffalo ranch 🙌yes! It made my soul sing 😁

    The cookies are almost as big as your face & are cooked perfectly. Crispy on the edges, soft in the middle.
    The fried chick’n was a fantastic addition to my salad.

    Next time, I’m definitely getting the dill pickle pizza!

    Absolutely gorgeous artwork on the walls as well. Staff were extremely friendly & kind.

  14. Slater

    Every meal we have had has been delicious. Our favorites are the Thai Peanut, Chick’n Bacon Ranch, Orange Chick’n Rice Bowl, and the cheesecake of course! So great to have a vegan restaurant in Spokane!

  15. Spud

    While the word Cafe is included in the name, it’s closer to a pizzaeia – minimal breakfast / Cafe options, and many pizza options

    With that said the food is good and the atmosphere is nice

  16. Pipper P

    I love this place for sooooo many reasons. The food is phenomenal, great wine and patio. Tucked away for peace and view while dining. To put the cherry on top….all the artwork is from local animal rescues and the proceeds go to that rescue for the art. Amazing heartwarming place and staff is equally amazing and knowledgeable!

  17. Ritika Rao

    Great simple option for vegans in the area. The highlight is their dough. Really buttery, light but with a good crust and stays well overnight. Plenty of toppings and sauce. You won’t need to leave the crusts. The pizza is more of a flatbread with toppings.

  18. L C

    Had a great first time at Allie’s. Everything vegan makes it easy to choose whatever you want! The Hot Mess and Mushroom pizzas were super delicious. The Hot Mess had lots of toppings and flavor. The mushroom pizza had an amazing creamy taste that made me think of the woods in Autumn. I think both were so good a non-vegan wouldn’t know they were vegan unless told.

    Never had vegan cheesecake before, but that was delicious too! Lighter and fluffier than normal cheesecake, which is a plus in my book. Cinnamon twists are a secret top item! The texture is super, and they aren’t too sweet and have a buttery-ness taste to them. Will definitely be back!

    Cheap drinks and desserts, unisex bathrooms, and soy-free and gluten-free options too.

  19. Sheila Borst

    Love the atmosphere, love the message, the owner was extremely nice and friendly. Got two meals to go. One for my friend and I to go. My chicken strips were either not cooked all the way or something. They were pasty inside between the meat substitute and the coating. The flavor was not great. My friend didn’t not enjoy her sandwich flavor. Which is disappointing. My friend said she had a pizza or something like that and loved it a few weeks prior. So I will try that if I go again. The fries were delicious! I really enjoy the concept and look of the place.

  20. Logan Noel

    Always stop in whenever I’m down from Canada. The best vegan pizzas I’ve had!

  21. Brett Clemons

    Excellent vegan pizza! Closest thing to homemade pizza i have ever had.

  22. Kevin Cahill

    So incredible! We loved it!

    You know how you love Mac & Cheese? and Buffalo Sauce,? and vegan pizza?

    The Legendary Hot Mess is all that!

    Also, the cookies are great, fresh out of the oven!
    Great selection of local kombucha…

    The menu is so great, we ordered the mushroom pizza too, and saved half of the hot mess and half of the mushroom pizza for the next day!

    We love this place!

  23. Nicholas Kesseru

    Best vegan pizza in the entire region. The cheese cake is INSANE!

  24. Bonnie Glantz

    This is one of my go-to places for delicious, quick, healthy food! Lots of options for everyone, so it’s good for groups. It’s high in my list of places to take out of town guests. Service has always been delightful.

  25. Anna Corne

    Allie’s never ceases to amaze us with its beautiful vegan menu. Pizza is their specialty, but I’ve always opted for the Falafel Bowl, which is simply refreshing! The vibes inside the cafe are chill, the staff is kindhearted, and whichever substitute they use for “meat” is DELECTABLE. Consider stopping by for a bite – even if you’re not vegan! 🌱

  26. Hannah Kaye

    Literally the best pizza I’ve ever had, they even have gluten free crust options 🙂 🙂 🙂 The staff and owner are the SWEETEST, the vibe is on point, and their hearts are in the right place. Our personal favorite is the chicken bacon ranch (for gluten free sub mushrooms for chicken). Definitely worth stopping in for! <3

  27. Christian Reed

    Amazing vegan food! Perfect place to take our son with a dairy allergy. We love the Dad Bod Fries and the Hot Mess Pizza, but the Falafel is an equally tasty option if you’re looking for healthier fare

  28. Kelsey Joyce

    Wonderful! Had so many options for my allergies.

  29. Heu Reka

    1. Its a vegan place but still full with soy products. Which means still not healthy. (95% of soy is gmo or gmo 2.0)
    2. The energy was heavy inside when I was there. Was a relief to leave.
    3. The pizza crust was not cooked all the way.

  30. James Toshack

    Excellent service and delicious vegan food. The gluten free crusts are Bob’s Red Mill mix and really good.

  31. LA CA

    Dine in experience is better and the food is so yummy! The Mac and cheese definitely has changed over the years and the previous flavorings were preferred. I had the chicken and fries, my friend has the Mac and cheese, we shared the dad bod fries, and cheese cake. The fries were drowning in vegan cheese, made them soggy. Overall great!

  32. Sarah S

    Really did not expect to enjoy vegan pizza – and to be fair it barely deserves to be called pizza, it’s some different kind of food really. But my friend recommended the hot mess and I enjoyed it a lot.

  33. Jamie Perez

    Hell ya! I love to go here when my boyfriend and I need a place we can both eat out at. Vegan pizza is the bomb – absolutely love their hot mess mac & cheese pizza, and also their pickle pizza. Everything there is seriously so good, you can’t make a bad choice, just depends what you’re craving🍕There have a quiet seating area outside that we like to enjoy.

  34. Trent Larson

    I enjoyed coming here to eat but it did seem a little lacking for quality of dishes. It seemed like the dishes were just a little incomplete. One example of a dish that could be improved is the chicken caeser salad, maybe crisp up the chicken a bit or actual bread it. That said I love having this place nearby because it is one of a kind in the Sopkane Area. We need more vegan places. The building and seating area is small so not a good place for large groups.

  35. Jeffrey Ridlington

    A cozy place with super friendly staff and tasty, interesting vegan food. I’m not vegan, but their food is so delicious, I’d definitely recommend it for a mixed group or for someone who is curious about vegan food. It looks like they have gluten free options. A great place that will take care of you and your dietary needs.

  36. Don Hattery

    Amazing vegan food . . . .it’s the kind of vegan your non-vegan friends & family will enjoy!!

  37. Denise Sproed

    Delicious options for vegan pizza and plant based Mac and cheese.

  38. Marie Thoris

    Wow! This place was great. Loved the mac-n-cheese and the chicken bacon ranch pizza was great. The Thai pizza could use some improvement, but over all really good. Delicious cookies and soup.

  39. Christopher Lancaster Parisi

    Whether through active effort or a natural progression of things, Allie’s has demonstrated quite an improved quality in customer services over the past year. I have updated my rating and review to reflect high quality of service with a smile that has been consistent and always a pleasure. We’re lucky to have you in our community and I’m always excited to see what innovations you bring us weekly. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO.

  40. Meriah Rodriguez

    Love love love the dad bod fries & hot mess pizza! It’s all vegan and so tasty!

  41. Rebecca Petrone

    The garlic fries are my favorite here! The pizza is also pretty good!

  42. I AM

    I loved this place!!
    Finally found an ALL vegan place on the road..😩😝😂
    They have GF, SF, and NF options!!🙌🏼
    They offer Spirits, Tea, Coffee, etc..
    More than just pizza options..
    I loved it..
    I got the mushroom pizza.. My dad didn’t like it.. He’s not vegan..
    He got the pepperoni and that he said tasted better than the regular one..☺
    I, on the other hand, liked mine better..😁

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