2309 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595


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11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm

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Aloha Alabama BBQ

BBQ Restaurant in Westport, WA









“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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15 reviews for “Aloha Alabama BBQ

  1. Jenny Fregon

    After combination garlic chicken and pork plate with mac and cheese and Coleslaw. The chicken and pork was okay the mac and cheese I’m not sure what they did with the cheese 🧀. It just seem to be Mac and not very good at that. Barbecue sauce was good the ambiance is great the way stuff was excellent

  2. Chris Earle

    Visited Feb-2022. Cheerful quick service. Poke bowl with ahi very good. Pulled pork platter was super! Beer was OK, at least it was something new. Definitely a good value, we’ll be back.

  3. Samantha Stow

    It was a nice quiet but oh my, delicious lunch. I had the pulled pork nachos and a sweet tea. The homemade chips and delicious pork made this a great lunch. Going back when in Westport again.

  4. Brad LM

    The cowboy egg rolls were very good. A little different but an excellent appetizer. I would suggest anyone to add these.

  5. Lisa Ashby

    This is the best restaurant to eat at in the town of Westport amount of Westport the owners are from both Alabama and Hawaii which makes up the name Aloha Alabama Most of the food here is made from scratch and is absolutely delicious they provide dine in and take out as well as outdoor seating and they provide barbecue food and it is very home perfection The atmosphere is great everybody is friendly and there’s plenty of seating indoors they also have great mixed drinks

  6. Zack Underwood

    Paid nineteen dollars for this sad little “piggy back burger” that didn’t come with everything it stated it did. The place is small and cramped, when you want service nobody is around to help or if they are, you will wait a long time in my opinion it’s just another over hyped and over priced bbq shack we see pop up year after year

  7. ALWA

    Pretty standard bbq although the garlic chicken was definitely the highlight, very tasty. Looks like this place would be busy in the summer. Nice big outdoor area.

  8. The_Painter

    For the most part the food has always been fantastic but, we were out there SuperBowl Sunday and maybe it was a fluke because they weren’t expecting many customers but the BBQ Burger aside from the pork was terrible. A plain bun that had zero flavor that should have at least had a side of mayo and a frozen hamburger patty…seriously, a frozen patty at a place that has such wonderful yummy pork?!? They should be fresh made with some of the pork mixed in and at least 3/4 of an inch thick for the price your charging for it. If the chips that came with it were home made they were so salty it stung my tongue. If your going to do pulled pork then you need to do ribs even if they are the Kalbi Style Ribs…

  9. Robert McGuire

    Never thought of pulled pork nachos before but they were excellent.

  10. Pachia Smith

    The food was marginal but we were hungry so it would have made us happy, BUT the brat who was responsible for bringing food to our table let it set 15 miniutes in the window because she didnt feel like doing it. It doesn’t matter how hard the front of the house works or the kitchen, if the serving crew is toxic. I don’t even wont to go back to westport to try another. Our dog was ok with the pulled pork but he eats anything, the fish tacos were fishsticks on cold corn tortillas….sad

  11. kungfuq

    This place is a must try! We had the pork and tuna poke bowl, the Hawaiian chicken, bbq chips, and mac and cheese. Everything was spectacular. Prices were almost as good as the food! Thinking about it? Do it!

  12. Sandra Phillips

    The food was either burnt way over cooked or under cooked. Sent back a under done burger and my fish was freezer burnt rancid tasting over cooked to the point of burnt. Not even malt vinegar and tater could cover the taste. The coleslaw tasted like somebody’s salty Sweat rag. The clan chowder was made with canned clams. I mean your at the ocean why not fresh so it don’t taste like canned chowder the clams over powered the chowder so bad it was literally the worst taste of fish. The staff was amazing and did the best they could for what they had.

  13. Susan McKee

    Disappointed with the Cowboy Egg Rolls. Thet were drenched in BBQ sauce which was also served on the side. Soggy.

  14. donna torgeson

    Tender, juicy brisket and price was very fair.

  15. Janelle D

    OMG. Soooo gooood. Got the pulled pork tacos. Cannot wait to have again when we come back this summer!

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