1220 W Francis Ave, Spokane, WA 99205


47.71549881609, -117.4297643691


7:00 am – 9:00 pm


7:00 am – 9:00 pm


7:00 am – 9:00 pm


7:00 am – 9:00 pm


7:00 am – 9:00 pm


7:00 am – 9:00 pm


7:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Aloha Island Grill

Hawaiian Restaurant in Spokane, WA



#1 Teriyaki Beef (bowl) $8.95 / (small plate) $14.65 / (big plate) $18.60

#2 Teriyaki Chicken (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35

#3 Katsu Chicken (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35

#4 Garlic Chicken (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35

#5 Stir Fry Vegetable & Meat Combo (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35

#6 Kalua Pork (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35

#7 Lava Bites (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35

#8 Prawns (bowl) $9.50 / (small plate) $15.00 / (big plate) $20.00

#9 Teriyaki Portabella Mushroom Plate (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35

#10 Spam, Spam, Spam (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35


Aloha Burger (1/4 lb.) (sandwich only) $9.75 / (with small drink) $11.85 / (with large drink) $12.45

Double Aloha (1/2 lb.) (sandwich only) $12.00 / (with small drink) $14.50 / (with large drink) $15.00

Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich (sandwich only) $9.75 / (with small drink) $11.85 / (with large drink) $12.45

Kalua Pork Sandwich (sandwich only) $9.75 / (with small drink) $11.85 / (with large drink) $12.45

Katsu, Garlic or Lava Bite Sandwich (sandwich only) $10.90 / (with small drink) $12.20 / (with large drink) $12.85

Teriyaki Beef or Mushroom Sandwich (sandwich only) $10.80 / (with small drink) $13.00 / (with large drink) $13.80


Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl (small drink) $11.50 / (large drink) $11.75

Kalua Pork Rice Bowl (small drink) $11.50 / (large drink) $11.75

Katsu, Garlic or Lava Bite Rice Bowl (small drink) $12.30 / (large drink) $12.60

Teriyaki Beef Rice Bowl (small drink) $12.35 / (large drink) $12.80

Mushroom Rice Bowl (small drink) $12.35 / (large drink) $12.80

Spam Rice Bowl (small drink) $12.20 / (large drink) $12.40


Fried Noodles, Vegetables & Mac $12.70

Fried Rice & Mac $12.70


Chicken & Vegetable (small plate) $14.35 / (big plate) $18.60

Beef & Vegetables (small plate) $14.50 / (big plate) $14.50

Chicken Only (small plate) $10.10 / (big plate) $14.25

Beef Only (small plate) $10.85 / (big plate) $15.35


Meal include teriyaki chicken, rice, and mac salad.

Mauna Loa (feed 5) (meat only) $69.00 / (full meal) $81.00

Mauna Kea (feeds 10) (meat only) $130.00 / (full meal) $149.00

Mixed Pans (meat& rice) $63.00

Loco Moco (francis only) $69.00


White Rice

(sub/plate) $1.30 / (extra/plate) $1.65 / (small) $4.00 / (full) $7.70 / (family) $15.30

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

(sub/plate) $1.30 / (extra/plate) $3.10 / (small) $5.15 / (full) $7.70 / (family) $18.60

Hawaiian Pea Salad (contains nuts)

(sub/plate) $1.30 / (extra/plate) $3.10 / (small) $5.15 / (full) $7.70 / (family) $18.60

Fruit Salad

(sub/plate) $1.30 / (extra/plate) $3.10 / (small) $5.15 / (full) $7.70 / (family) $18.60

Stir Fry Vegetables or Noodles

(sub/plate) $1.30 / (extra/plate) $3.10 / (small) $5.15 / (full) $7.70 / (family) $18.60

Fried Rice

(sub/plate) $1.30 / (extra/plate) $3.10 / (small) $5.15 / (full) $7.70 / (family) $18.60


(sub/plate) $1.30 / (extra/plate) $3.10 / (small) $5.15 / (full) $7.70 / (family) $18.60

Spam Musubi (1) $3.60 / (3) $8.25 / (5) $13.45







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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

56 reviews for “Aloha Island Grill- Francis Ave

  1. Sonja Moore

    Delicious food and substantial portions. Would definitely recommend.

  2. Jeffrey Williams

    I love the teriyaki chicken oh my lord! My loves the pork and the pea salad.

  3. Audrey Christen

    Got take katsu chicken in a bowl, garlic chicken on a small plate and tried the spam musubi. Everything was good!! Price was okay and portions are good for 1.

  4. Meghan Finley

    I usually visit the Monroe location but this was nearby. I got a family meal that wasn’t nearly as good as I’ve ever gotten before. Also while I remember leaving a tip, it certainly wasn’t enough to make my order total over $100 which is what went through my bank. They’ve lost a customer.

  5. Chris M

    Overpriced and quality had gone way down over the years. Used to be the first thing I would eat in Spokane. Now I tell people to go anywhere else.

  6. Jeb Foster

    Love their food but notably stingy on sauce, sometimes employees are apathetic. Not notably clean. I would love to see improvements as I do love the food and supporting local.

  7. Kenneth Gifford

    This place has great lava bites. Be careful pulling out the drive thru.

  8. Derrick McCray

    People who work there are not nice.

  9. summer Stimson

    Can’t believe I spent $10 a sandwich for this and I skipped the fries because they were over $5 for the small. Way too expensive!

  10. Kat Warnock

    The chicken is absolutely amazing, the rice however was soggy and way over cooked. Will try it again though!

  11. jason wolf

    Great food but always a long wait worth it but seems like it always happens everytime we go. I love the spam masubi

  12. Raymond White

    Food is amazing and staff is great.

  13. Opies Home Shop

    Spent close to 30 bucks for one hamburger and fries that were horrible. The fries were not the same fries they used to offer. They had no salt and were stale. The burger was way overcooked, and the char was so bad it had a horrible taste. The bread was also just wrong. Not sure what the owners are doing. Wasn’t impressed with the employees either.

  14. A Bisbee

    I honestly couldn’t tell you how horrible the food was I was very unsatisfied for the $40 that I paid for rice that was not even clearly edible and it was almost like a school lunch line where they get the food out of the hot pans or like dog food is what it really was my dogs were happy. Wow not restaurant quality in my eyes

  15. Wendy Horn

    Always delicious!!

  16. Tonya Hall

    AMAZING! Our favorites are the garlic chicken, and teriyaki chicken. Huge portions, and the best fruit salad and Mac salad ive ever had.

  17. ER89

    Just not what it used to be. This was my favorite place to eat at one point. I’d always recommend it. Now it’s garbage and the prices are unreal for the portion size and quality.

  18. joseph beckman jr

    First time here, staff were very friendly, ordered the katsu small plate. Lots of chicken (all overcooked to the point of almost jerky) maybe a tablespoon of sauce. Fruit salad was good, quality of meal was not up to par for price. Not sure if I’ll give them another chance or not right now.

  19. C C

    Pretty good overall. The prices are a bit high and the wait was a bit long, but the service and food were great! Had the teriyaki chicken plate with macaroni salad and sticky rice, and a piece of spam musubi. Pretty good portions and quality, so I would say it was worth it!

  20. Margo Dreis

    Excellent beef teriyaki

  21. Breana Anderson

    This place is totally overpriced and the food is disgusting! You put thawed out French fries in your macaroni salad as “potatoes” and I did not receive my drink I paid for. The food was garbage. My chicken was dry and burnt. $25 spent on trash. This is my plate after I’m done. Couldn’t even eat it. DO NOT GO HERE!!

  22. ronald baltierrez

    Good good decent price go check it out

  23. Dave Noosh

    Amazing food. Great staff.

  24. Anna Davis

    Always so tasty and nice variety! Haven’t tried anything I didn’t like.The staff are so friendly and helpful too if you haven’t tried you really should 🙂

  25. melissa obina

    The vegetables that we got were old and the onions were brown, chicken is dry. Its not real hawaiian food that you would get in Hawaii.

  26. Richard Glenn

    Spam and rice is everything nice! Stop in to enjoy the air-conditioned dining area and friendly staff… they make the rice perfect, and the sweet hot sauce isn’t too hot

  27. Fitgirl Legbusta

    Just a reminder to myself to be disappointed if I plan on getting food from this location again. Half my patty in my burger was missing this time. No way are these burger patties 1/2 lb, even if you happen to get the whole thing when you order it so it’s extra special to be even further let down.

  28. Joe Cruz

    Super tasty Hawaiian themed teriyaki joint. Excellent service and massive portions – it took me three sittings to finish. They have a Coke Freestyle machine as well.

  29. David Victor

    Great food! Super pro staff. I have to go back for breakfast! Loco Moco

  30. Preston Williams

    Expensive now and not what it used to be I feel like. Might have just went for my last time.

  31. David Edwards

    This place has gone downhill since the original owners sold it, mushy rice precooked chicken and just overall poor execution of food in general.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  32. Julie Lilienkamp

    Every time I eat here I tell myself to not forget to eat here the next week… Their food is so good and authentic!!! I love love love it and it’s easily one of the best places I can eat where I’m not getting tons of preservatives. Good job Aloha👍😍

  33. jordan lease

    Grabbed takeout with Mom to take up to my grandma’s, it was a little more expensive than we thought it would be just because we had never been there before but all three of us thought it was so good the portions were huge and I would definitely eat there again

  34. Erik Black

    Good food. Very enthusiastic person taking my order but food was decent for sure.

  35. Info Box

    Ordered for a very large group and asked for their catering prices. When making the order they could not give me the price but reassured me it would be around $300 once one of our employees came to pick up the order the price was triple that? “900”
    Yes we could have canceled and ran to a local store but management said call the owner and they should be able to figure out what happened in pricing. We called and they said their prices went up.

  36. Tabby Baker

    Food is always good but we waited 30 minutes for two cup size bowls of food and spent $30 on unsauced chicken

  37. Lily Latham-deck

    Good food with Wonderfull kind people who went over the top with excellent food

  38. Tom Gorin

    Awesome food and staff.
    Neighborhood feeling and consistently good food

  39. Scott Shumake

    Bland food. Can’t remember to give you your sauce. Always a stomach ache after.

  40. Janzie Klock

    Born and raised on Kauai and I can promise it’s not worth the money, my rice was basically mashed potatoes it was disgusting the katsu chicken was so tough and the Mac salad is nothing compared to kalenas definitely not worth 40 for a plate and a bowl ! Nothing authentic about it in anyway!

  41. David Starr

    If your eating low carbs get the teriyaki chicken. Don’t attempt to eat it while driving its messy 🙂

  42. Darren Martin

    Great food, child size portions for lunch bowls though.

  43. baltazar chavez

    Was very disappointed paid 40 bucks for two plates, the rice was like pudding or clay mushy like baby food, chow mein had no flavor First time going won’t be going again sad to say panda is better than this.

  44. Don Murphy

    Great food. Nice selection of Hawaiian classics

  45. Anastasia Robertson

    I hardly ever leave reviews but I was highly disappointed with the quality of food received at this establishment. I have been here a few times prior since moving to Spokane and I didn’t want to belive the reviews about mushy rice and frozen potatoes in the Mac salad but sadly they’re true. I got two plates and a side order of musubi. The rice in everything was gross it had more of a pasty mashed potato consistency like other have said. I even tried pan frying the musubi more to ad some crisp but ultimately ended up just eating the spam and seaweed. Upon first eating the mac salad wasnt bad but we had some extra and when we went to eat it the next day the frozen fry “potatoes” were disintegrating into a gross consistency in your mouth I ended up just throwing that away. Seeing as I paid over $60 for my food and at least 50% of the meals consist of rice if not more I will be avoiding this location in the future. Not sure if the staff need to learn how to properly prep the food but it’s not worth changing when we have so many places that offer consistency here in town.

  46. Michael Lindsly

    Amazing traditional Island plates. They donate food to support KXLY 4 EXTREME TEAM doing service for our community. ALOHA!!!

  47. Jan Simmons

    Love, love, love their mac salad. And the kalua pork is pretty darn too. Good to go for Hawaiian type food.

  48. R FreeFree

    It has been a while since I’ve been to this restaurant. The food has slipped a little in my opinion. The teriyaki chicken was a little dry this time from being overcooked and the rice was a bit too wet. The portions aren’t as generous as they used to be–which means it is fairly expensive for what you get. I mean, I always enjoy island food, but will think twice before suggesting that we all go Aloha.

  49. Alex Ressa

    Always fantastic, authentic Island food. I recommend the 2 meat plate with teriyaki chicken, garlic chicken, 2 scoops of Mac salad, 1 scoop of rice. And if you’re REALLY hungry try some lava bites!

  50. Krisana Robertson

    Don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much charcoal and mushy rice in my life… it’s a no for me.

  51. asia tague

    It was upsetting to say the least. I had heard good things about the place however, it was not as clean as I expected. While waiting for my food I watched the person cooking it go on his phone and use the same pair of tongs to touch a lot of food in the kitchen. It was very unsettling to say the least. I couldn’t bring myself to try the food after watching how it was prepared.

  52. Larry J Myers

    I eat here all the time and always happy with the food and service.

  53. james Morgan

    Great fresh food. Friendly staff. Try out.

  54. joe doherty

    The burgers are weak the chicken is superior quality!! Sooooooo good the service is always good with a smile.

  55. Daniel Martin

    Unfortunately not worth the price. Place has changed since I was last here, the teriyaki chicken was fantastic as usual but the Katsu chicken was way over cooked, the Mac salad was watery and had little to no flavor. The teriyaki sauce seemed to be watered down with no flavor and the katsu sauce was ketchup based and the taste reflected that. Lastly the rice was way over cooked and completely mushy.

    Maybe I came on a bad day. I will say the staff was kind and helpful.

  56. Alyssa Glyshaw

    What happened to the cashews in the pea salad!!! Food is still great but the pea salad is missing the cashews for sure. Bring it back please.

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