1724 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99205


47.674057392426, -117.42650663685


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Aloha Island Grill

Hawaiian Restaurant in Spokane, WA



#1 Teriyaki Beef (bowl) $8.95 / (small plate) $14.65 / (big plate) $18.60

#2 Teriyaki Chicken (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35

#3 Katsu Chicken (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35

#4 Garlic Chicken (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35

#5 Stir Fry Vegetable & Meat Combo (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35

#6 Kalua Pork (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35

#7 Lava Bites (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35

#8 Prawns (bowl) $9.50 / (small plate) $15.00 / (big plate) $20.00

#9 Teriyaki Portabella Mushroom Plate (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35

#10 Spam, Spam, Spam (bowl) $8.65 / (small plate) $14.45 / (big plate) $18.35


Aloha Burger (1/4 lb.) (sandwich only) $9.75 / (with small drink) $11.85 / (with large drink) $12.45

Double Aloha (1/2 lb.) (sandwich only) $12.00 / (with small drink) $14.50 / (with large drink) $15.00

Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich (sandwich only) $9.75 / (with small drink) $11.85 / (with large drink) $12.45

Kalua Pork Sandwich (sandwich only) $9.75 / (with small drink) $11.85 / (with large drink) $12.45

Katsu, Garlic or Lava Bite Sandwich (sandwich only) $10.90 / (with small drink) $12.20 / (with large drink) $12.85

Teriyaki Beef or Mushroom Sandwich (sandwich only) $10.80 / (with small drink) $13.00 / (with large drink) $13.80


Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl (small drink) $11.50 / (large drink) $11.75

Kalua Pork Rice Bowl (small drink) $11.50 / (large drink) $11.75

Katsu, Garlic or Lava Bite Rice Bowl (small drink) $12.30 / (large drink) $12.60

Teriyaki Beef Rice Bowl (small drink) $12.35 / (large drink) $12.80

Mushroom Rice Bowl (small drink) $12.35 / (large drink) $12.80

Spam Rice Bowl (small drink) $12.20 / (large drink) $12.40


Fried Noodles, Vegetables & Mac $12.70

Fried Rice & Mac $12.70


Chicken & Vegetable (small plate) $14.35 / (big plate) $18.60

Beef & Vegetables (small plate) $14.50 / (big plate) $14.50

Chicken Only (small plate) $10.10 / (big plate) $14.25

Beef Only (small plate) $10.85 / (big plate) $15.35


Meal include teriyaki chicken, rice, and mac salad.

Mauna Loa (feed 5) (meat only) $69.00 / (full meal) $81.00

Mauna Kea (feeds 10) (meat only) $130.00 / (full meal) $149.00

Mixed Pans (meat& rice) $63.00

Loco Moco (francis only) $69.00


White Rice

(sub/plate) $1.30 / (extra/plate) $1.65 / (small) $4.00 / (full) $7.70 / (family) $15.30

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

(sub/plate) $1.30 / (extra/plate) $3.10 / (small) $5.15 / (full) $7.70 / (family) $18.60

Hawaiian Pea Salad (contains nuts)

(sub/plate) $1.30 / (extra/plate) $3.10 / (small) $5.15 / (full) $7.70 / (family) $18.60

Fruit Salad

(sub/plate) $1.30 / (extra/plate) $3.10 / (small) $5.15 / (full) $7.70 / (family) $18.60

Stir Fry Vegetables or Noodles

(sub/plate) $1.30 / (extra/plate) $3.10 / (small) $5.15 / (full) $7.70 / (family) $18.60

Fried Rice

(sub/plate) $1.30 / (extra/plate) $3.10 / (small) $5.15 / (full) $7.70 / (family) $18.60


(sub/plate) $1.30 / (extra/plate) $3.10 / (small) $5.15 / (full) $7.70 / (family) $18.60

Spam Musubi (1) $3.60 / (3) $8.25 / (5) $13.45







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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

66 reviews for “Aloha Island Grill – Monroe St

  1. Robert Malar

    A great place. Usually very busy around lunch time they will be happy to take your order if you call ahead.

  2. David Nash

    The food here is the best my favorites are the teriyaki chicken and the garlic chicken plates and always get the macaroni salad, it is amazing. The price is a little steep but you will never be disappointed by a meal here.

  3. Jayson Nelson

    I am local to Spokane and have ALWAYS supported this business. Tonight, I called to order from the Francis location and was told it was a 40 minute wait. So I call the Monroe location (5 times from 2 different numbers) and get one hang up and then no answer. I finally get to the location and am giving my order to the cashier when a lady from the back tells me to put a mask on. She had her mask below her nose sitting on her lips. I go out to my car and put a mask on. As I’m finishing telling my order my mask goes below my nose and she tells me to wear it correctly. I tell her I’m wearing mine the same way she’s wearing hers and she tells me she refuses to serve me and to get out of the building.

    Really unfortunate that aloha chooses to hire such rude staff. I won’t be giving them any more of my business.

  4. krew cunnington

    As it would appear from the other one stars this place is collecting. I don’t think management or ownership is going to care that I’m writing this but, I’ve been a pretty regular loyal customer to aloha for like 8-9 years now, and after how I was treated and spoke to last night about how I forgot my mask, and was refused service by the young lady when I’m trying to work something out where I could give her my order and just wait outside, but she simply refused to work with me and as I was reading these other reviews this same girl seems to be the constant variable and it blows my mind this hasn’t been addressed, and that ownership
    Would allow themselves to continue to lose life long customers over a piece of fabric that covers my mouth that’s not gonna be required anymore in like 11 days. I’m gonna miss this place, but when I say I’m not coming back I mean it. If your gonna be that strict about masks that don’t even work I don’t understand how your willing to spend a couple bucks on a box to provide them. $5 to not be losing customers forever seems like a price worth paying in my book. I’d reconsider my decision and change my review for a simple apology.

  5. Anne K

    Chicken was absolutely delicious… only complaint about the chicken was I ordered chicken teriyaki and it came as grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce on the side. I also ordered fried rice and it was extremely gluey and gummy, would not recommend. Chicken was yummy enough to save the rating though! Delicious for the most part!

  6. Joe Harris

    Love this place, teriyaki chicken and pea salad is the best!

  7. Elizabeth Bledsoe

    Dry burnt chicken

  8. Jeri Bryant

    Really good food.
    Very small building.
    Worth the wait for my order.

  9. Chaila Sturgeon

    This place has really good food, and large portions

  10. Kaila Holland

    I went to high school at NC in 2006. This has been my go to on the west side for a long time! To this day I get the same thing, and to this day it still tastes as good as it did that first time trying it! Teriyaki chicken, with extra white rice! YUUUUUUMMMMMM!!!!!

  11. Jason Wright

    Love their teriyaki sauce! It makes their chicken oh so special.

  12. Lizzy B

    The food was really great and the staff were super freindly! They helped us order and were very patient even when we changed our order a couple of times! The food was even done before the time they said it would be so that was super great! And they gave us extra napkins, silverware and tons of extra sauce!

  13. RedBone BigSmoke

    Food was great, I always get the full chx teriyaki plate

  14. Emileigh Witter

    Ordered 2 big plates with teriyaki beef, one with all veggies on the side. We got one small plate and one large and our sides were all messed up. Very disappointing as we usually love this place. Service wasn’t the best either.

  15. Kayla Rouse

    This place has the best mac salad. I honestly like their plates better than most of the ones in Hawaii. One of Spokane’s best kept secrets if you ask me

  16. Amber Sanderson Amber Sanderson

    Good food kinda super spendy

  17. Izzy Pruner

    Huge portions. Great food

  18. Shanny Marie

    Food was wonderful. Disappointed they were out of burgers. My teriyaki chicken rice bowl was good but was drowning in sauce, literally almost soup but definitely will be back.

  19. Jani Cotton

    A bit of a dive, but the food is amazing… I don’t go downtown or up north very often, but when I do, a
    I almost always pick up some Aloha Island Grill! The big plates feed at least 2 people. Love their teriyaki chicken, katsu chicken, pea salad, mac salad and especially the rice-the best sticky rice, especially with a little of their teriyaki sauce. Yum!

  20. Thomas Earle

    Great pork and katsu….portions are huge and reminded a lot of the food in Hawaii.

  21. George Conrad

    Good food, huge portions

  22. Oli Wido

    Aloha Island Grill was recommended by a friend. Unfortunately, never again.

    Probably, their Teriyaki is the way to go since everybody else ordered that while we were waiting for our “Aloha Burger”.

    Arriving at home, looking forward having a bite of juicy burger, we greatly disappointed. There was nothing but two patties and a slice of pineapple in there. No salad, no tomatoes, no onions, no nothing. Plus the beef patties were dry (good in flavor though).

    We payed $26.50 for two burgers.
    No fries, no drinks…

    I tend on calling that a rip-off.
    Sorry, Aloha…

  23. Alex Beckman

    Lava bites were delicious

  24. Raianne Abrams

    The Katsu chicken is always over cooked. The pea salad isn’t the best.

  25. Jeremiah McLain

    The Kalua pork was pretty good but I ordered the pea salad and got macaroni. The place is visibly very, very dirty.

  26. Jd Lucas

    Just make sure to check your food before you leave and just do not get delivery (and expect your order to be correct). The last few years I literally have not received one single order that didn’t have at least one item missing or wrong (this is no exaggeration at all). The fact that I still come in is a testament to how good the food is, though! Just trying to save people from that horrible feeling of getting home, just to realize your girlfriends order is missing (she won’t forgive you).

  27. Kll Dors

    Fast, very friendly, and food is always good.

  28. Cindy Farrell

    The hamburger was overcooked the band was very dry barely had any sauce needed to put more on when I got home. Very disappointed I got the Aloha Burger

  29. Kimberly Montana

    There was hair in our food and terrible food

  30. Alicia Briones

    Wish we had a Hawaiian place in the TC so anytime I can get to a place like this I am excited. The workers were super kind, and the Kahlua pork was all I hoped it would be (huge servings too). Also everyone always says maca salad for Hawaiian places, but this place’s pea salad is delightful. Will definitely go again when in Spokane.

  31. Rodney Leon

    Great food, friendly customer service..I highly recommend it

  32. Jasper Zillmer

    The staff are always ready with suggestions and the service is super quick while still serving amazing food!! Awesome crew!

  33. Bob Parker

    This is a case of don’t judge a book by its cover. The place don’t look that nice and is outdated but The staff were super friendly and helpful! They even offered some 3–D printed toys for the kids free of charge. The food was delicious and the portions feed two. I’ll definitely be coming back for more!

  34. Brooke Cicierski

    The pork was unseasoned and had a weird tang to it. Pea salad was poorly made. It felt as though they dumped two gallons of mayonnaise and one can of peas in a bowl and called it a salad. Staff okay :/

  35. Lyla Hughes

    Way too much hair in the food. We have a few times over the last couple years. I’m not sure how many times we have missed it. If you bring it to their attention, they act like its normal and you shouldn’t be asking for a different tray of food.

    Here is where the hair comes from. These guys never wear hair nets, and take their caps off all the time over trays of food.

  36. Brandon Schilling

    Good food just unfortunate that every time I order on Doordash they cancel my order. It’s not due to them closing because I give about an hour and a half window. Don’t think I’ll order from here again.

  37. Justin Rowland

    Fantastic food. Well worth the two hour drive to Spokane for the food. So food that I took good back with me for friends. Met a customer who lived in the Spokane area for a while and now lives in Minnesota. Said whenever they are in town, Aloha Island Grill is an absolute must.
    Note – they serve hefty portions, make sure to ask for extra teriyaki sauce.

  38. captain_fozz 04

    I ordered some teriyaki beef. 2 plates. And when i got back to work they were teriaki chicken. Id give 1 star for the mishap but the chicken still taste good….so it fine….but this isnt the first time this has happened.

  39. John Beaudry

    BestTeriyaki in town

  40. Marcelo Ronquillo

    The burger was not great, very dry and bland. The teriyaki chicken bowl the kids had were pretty good but the noodles and rice was not good. The two ladies inside, was super nice, friendly and helpful.


    All the employees are very nice and the food is excellent!

  42. Betsy White

    The location on Monroe is alright. There is a you get guy working there with black hair, he is always rude. I’ve mentioned to him several times that I am hard if hearing when I come in and to please speak up and he’s always obnoxious and continues to talk with his back to me or mumbles when he talks. When he’s working, the food is subpar. The beef is overcooked and under flavored. If it’s not specifically written on the menu and you ask a qualifying question he gets irritated with you. Twice I’ve left that location and gone to the one on Francis and gotten what I was asking about at this location.

  43. Ashly Mimier

    Aloha 8sland grille is so tasty.Thank u guys for my experience!♡

  44. Felipe Rodriguez

    8/13 I drive by aloha island grill on my way to work. Wasn’t sure when they close but it 8:30pm and saw customers in the location. So, I stopped in and asked if they were closed because the girl behind the counter said that was our last order as the other customer was leaving and I walked in. I should have walked out but instead I made the mistake of ordering. Food was bad and poorly prepared. I worked at restaurants in my mid twenties and knew based on seeing how the two employees were working that yeah never go to this place before they close. My mistake should have known better.

  45. Trevor Davis

    Rude staff. Guy with dark hair and beard was throwing pots and spoons across the room into the sink, slamming doors, etc. Flies everywhere. Food poorly prepared

  46. Jessica James

    Service is straight to the business with amazing food. That good rice (not the cheap one 😅)recommend calling in your order ahead… so you’re not standing there staring at the staff make your plate 😅🤣

  47. JoAnn King

    The chicken teriyaki is phenomenal!! Don’t forget to try the macaroni salad too!!

  48. Joseph Freeman (Angels gain)

    Nasty interior, workers wiping their noses on their gloves and touching your food!

  49. Mina

    Ordered food at 6:10pm. Girl said 25 minutes. Arrived at 6:36pm, food literally just got put on the grill. There was no line and the girl who was working was visibly under the influence. She asked us the same questions 3 or 4 times and then come to find out, completely forgot half of our order and other pickup orders after ours. We waited 45 minutes for teriyaki chicken from the warmer and a burger. Super irritated and will not be ordering from this location again. Not to mention the flies and lack of gloves while she prepared food. Thankfully the other guy there wore gloves while handling food. Terrible experience tonight.

  50. Aleshia Schatz

    Love their garlic chicken and the pea salad

  51. Susan O'Brien

    The rice was a lump in the container. Beyond sticky rice, this was an unappealing congealed flavorless mass. The meat tasted … off. I normally don’t add any sauce because it’s so good. This time I bypassed the sauce and threw the meal in the trash.

  52. Mac

    The teriyaki chicken won’t disappoint.

  53. salviano R

    The food is terrible. Has nothing to do with authentic Hawaiian food. The food came looking like dog food. Very disappointing

  54. R Taylor (Taylor)

    Good terrayaki bowls

  55. Zachary Ude

    Food is good.
    The space it’s cooked in is viewable and honestly? Made me debate eating there.

    Flies buzzing around etc. Still. Decent food for the price.

  56. Sarah Vickers

    Aloha is great. I don’t like the macaroni salad in general, so I always just get the plates with rice instead and that’s it, but the food is delicious!
    I do miss that they don’t sell bottles of their sauce anymore, but you can always get it in to go cups used for drinks, or just stock up on extra little containers.

    Great food, decent prices.

  57. Selida Madrigales

    I thought it was going to be better.Every time, I come here after a few drinks from across the street, they say they’re closed and it’s not even 9pm.

  58. Theophanes Reloaded

    This place has gone way downhill. I’ve never had high expectations but it was at the very least consistent. Not anymore, as the last THREE times I’ve been here it’s like burning a $20 bill. The chicken was stringy and utterly inedible all 3 times which is shocking when you compare it to all the times I’d come here over the last decade. Their chicken was always delicious and predictably so. Unbelievable how low their quality control has slidden. I have to say so long to what was a legendary Spokane food spot, as I can no longer afford to burn $20 bills. Get a grip Aloha.

  59. Mr. Moose44mag

    Well , to start with, every thing is pre maid walked in just a dirty feeling ordered the Teri Beef I got chicken when i came back in Tyler the Chef haha said you order the chicken noing I didnt and didn’t want to argue but then he said oh the beef takes 5 to 10 min so Tyler were you to lazy to cook hoping I would not look till I got home well the rice was minut rice the mac salad had over cooked macaroni and 4x the mayo and the chicken was dry and gross sorry to the owner asweel the place has about an inch of dust on everything dirty look I can’t imagine what’s under the cooks table oh my when the lights go off look out !!!!! Don’t waste your time pass it up go to Mcy dees

  60. jordan collins

    I used to love this place. Try not to look around I’d rate cleanliness 0 lol. There were 3 hairs inside my meal. It didn’t taste that bad, I’d give the taste 3.5 stars! Employee was nice and helpful 🙂

  61. Toby Buckley

    This place fell off quick. When you’re trying to cut costs, I figure you can do one of a few things: 1) cut quality, and by that I don’t mean just make it worse, but maybe cut corners with time, or ingredients, etc. 2) make it more expensive or 3) make the portions smaller. You’d typically expect one of those measures, given the current economic environment. Unfortunately, it seems, Aloha Island Grill did all three. I’ll leave the picture of what it used to look like on this review, but be warned: THIS IS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE NOW. Expect the portions to be at least 25% smaller. The chicken isn’t shredded and fall-apart tender anymore, it’s like a complete chicken thigh. The pea salad, while still delicious, is slightly bigger than a golf ball-sized portion. Even the rice portion is smaller. And, the sauces that used to be on the counter for you to use, NOT ANYMORE! Want extra? That’s $.60 per tiny container. I get it, stuff is expensive, but why not raise prices and just keep the quality and portions where they were? Just a real bummer, as I don’t think I’ll go back here anymore.

  62. Jayson lee Hahn

    The employees have horrible attitudes horrible customer service and think they know everything and their dirty.

  63. Bre

    This is what you get when you order the $11 bowl option.. The chicken tasted great though- just not even close to enough to be worth the price! 🙁

  64. Coreen Anderson

    Why no eggs with the fried rice? Also out of spam musabi’s, ice machine didn’t work.
    Kalua pork plate was good.

  65. Anthony Elbert

    Very disappointing! Everything about this place has gone down hill in recent years.

  66. John Young III

    This place is always great. Love everything they have.

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