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Anthony’s at Cap Sante Marina

Seafood Restaurant in Anacortes, WA
















“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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60 reviews for “Anthony’s

  1. Jamie Winblad

    What a wonderful place. Great food and service. Kim, our server was fantastic and treated us gals like queens. I had a wonderful shrimp artichoke dip, just delicious. The beautiful view of the boats on the water is breathtaking. Reservation needed.

  2. Su

    Excellent food and great place to enjoy your favorite seafood dishes.

  3. Pachia Smith

    We are in a new time for reviews.
    Staff shortages are the new hurdle.
    However. We had a pleasant, capable server, but like nearly every restaurant we have tried lately its as if no one is looking at the dish they serve.
    Wilted greens and dry lifeless rice wont make average salmon spectacular. Prices have increased but it’s not the deal breaker for me. It’s the fact it doesn’t matter to the kitchen that it looks that way.

  4. Kiwi S

    The restaurant is gorgeous, with a welcoming atmosphere and pleasant staff. The food is fresh, and absolutely to die for. I will be coming again

  5. Jean Besisto

    Excellent service, food good and tasty. Enjoyed it a lot.

  6. james strickland

    Always our favorite place for lunch 😋 great service, great food, never disappoints

  7. Tony Wallace

    The food is good; the service was good the only reason for the 4 star is the steak I had was way under cooked. Asked for medium got medium rare.

  8. Mike Beard

    Great food and always a great view of the water. We visited on New years eve. No exorbitant mark up, no games. You can moor your boat and walk 50 meters to the restaurant. We had the sashimi grade Ahi, the rockfish, and the linguine; with the Ahi small plate for an appetizer.. Everyone was happy. Great service.

  9. Relda WhiteWeagant

    I love, love,love Anthony’s; however, tonight was the most disappointing visit ever. We headed to our local Anthony’s; and as appetizing as everything looked, I was truly disappointed.

    We went for the Early Bird dinner and I had the Trout which was totally flavorless and ill seasoned; never an issue in the past…very sad. I was offered the salmon ( a must have), but I have been a long time fan of the Trout…so… I stuck with it because I hate wasting food; something drilled into me as a child about African children, and me being fortunate…”What ever”! My suggestion is fresher fish and better seasonings for fish first, then bread crumbs.

  10. Andy Royce

    When you need an excellent seafood meal this where to go…
    Start with calimari and you will not look back

  11. Wade Reinemer

    Food and service is fantastic but portions are tiny. I was still hungry after leaving.

  12. Eric Veal

    Nice place, just a bit too much of a chain for me liking. Clams in the linguine weren’t very good. Service ok. Bread good. Side salad with bleu cheese quite good and nice they topped with shrimp and fresh cherry tomatoes. Desserts were hit and miss. Cocktails good. Anne liked the wine choices. Bread pudding good. Lava cake and too-runny blackberry cobbler were meh.

  13. hippy dude

    Had a great view by the window! Great service I recommend their clam chowder! Had their fish and chips!

  14. Michael Neel

    Seafood does not get better than this, and top shelf service! Anthony’s hits a home run every time. Waterfront location by marina is fantastic!

  15. marlene maier

    Food was great! Service was attentive and professional. Prices about average.

  16. Veronica Interiano

    Wonder dinner. I had the steak with Patagonia shrimp. It was cooked to perfection and was just the right portion size. Desert was also great. Waiter could have check on us more often but overall it was great food.

  17. Jonathan Hammond

    Anothy’s.. what can I say? Been eating there for 35 ➕ years. They never disappoint.
    There gift cards are my goto gifts for all occasions.
    Loved by all.

  18. Gabriel Renville

    Favorite place to go for a quick delicious lunch and enjoy the views of marina. Top notch restaurant and great pricing.

  19. Bob Peterson

    The Oyster menu looked great…the delivery was not…Oyster burger only 3 oysters and the sampler paltry…will think twice about such a seafood event…too pricey as a treat..

  20. Rich Householder

    Absolutely mouth watering sea food and some of the best chowder I’ve had.

  21. Shannon Schilling

    We went to Anthony’s for a family dinner. It was lovely, beautiful atmosphere and attentive service. We has calamari for appetizer and it was filled to a perfect golden brown. We had cod and chips, island duet and rockfish. We really wanted to try dessert, but we were all to full. Everything was delicious. I would highly recommend this restaurant, be sure to make a reservation!

  22. Addy

    We had high hopes for this place since we heard great things. However, the service was not great and all our food was bland. Great views, but unfortunately, completely over-hyped food.

  23. Sallie L

    Was great food. They were busy, and was a wait to get food. But what a nice evening overlooking the bay in Anacortes.

  24. Joe Hill

    Friendly, helpful staff. Wonderful food. Had the Calamari, Caesar salad and halibut. Good value.

  25. Todd Schlemmer

    Reliable, predictable quality product from a corporate restaurant. It’s workaday NW seafood. Don’t expect a culinary experience.

  26. Hal Hovey

    I had the Impossible Burger – it was excellent – The best veggie burger I have ever had! My wife had the Rockfish Tacos – Delicious. We’ll definitely be back! Service was incredibly good too!

  27. 语诺

    Cost: $97 for three people without tip (two hungry and extremely picky eaters)
    🐰Dad said that he needs to catch up on sleep in the car… In fact, it was nothing more than playing the game last night. He saw it through, but silently gave himself a like👍, the beginning of improving the quality of marriage
    ‼ ️
    1. Good parking
    2. Deck seat, full chair
    3. The bread is delicious, different dishes will be served with different bread
    4.🍅All kinds of tomatoes are cooked with gusto, and I feel that the standard configuration of the Italian store is that the cook must be able to cook tomatoes
    5. My brother ordered a large portion of spaghetti 🍝, served with two huge meatballs. After eating a lot of bread 🍞, he could still eat it clean. It was really good
    6. You must tell me about the pizza my brother ordered. The appearance is very ordinary, but it is really delicious.
    ‼ ️
    1. As shown in the picture, this store is very unobtrusive, and it will be opened if you don’t pay attention
    2. This soup is not good, especially salty
    ‼ ️
    👨Finally, the husband said: The bread 🍞 packed home is very bad… (For wife: must be reasonable)

  28. Hector Rodriguez Ochoa

    Probably one of the most impressive restaurants in WA, design and locations wise. Right at the Anacortes Marina, with a view of boats, mountains, water it looks like you are in a yacht magazine. Prices are high but so its the quality of everything around this place. One of my favorites, will come back every time I can.

  29. ken boyle

    Good seafood and a great view. Appitizers are tasty and fish tasted fresh. Good bar selection

  30. Robert Crabtree

    We had clam chowder and fish and chips, good simple food that’s hard to get right and they did! Very impressed!

  31. Katie Bell

    Gorgeous harbor views and excellent food and service. We had the halibut fish and chips and the shrimp artichoke dip and everything was really delicious.

  32. S. Dutch Deutschman

    Tasty and very nice staff…clam chowder portions bowl size too small.

  33. Claire Ucovich

    Beautiful setting and lovely space. Service was hit or miss. Sat at the bar – didn’t really feel welcome. Dining alone. I used to work in the business and all know that the solo person should never be neglected. The backup server was terrific. I ordered the Black Cod, it was warm not hot and kinda strewn on the plate. Flavor was good. Overall I’m not sure.. if I had the chance I would rerun one more time as I believe in restaurants and how they are a huge part of the community. I would say for Anthony’s slow down a bit and connect more to your customers and your food. Sometimes we just want a drink and a warm welcome. Other times a beautiful meal. Overall it’s a great spot for lovely Anacortes. My server Cammy was terrific!

  34. Angie Neuberger

    This is the ultimate spot for a special evening! The best service in town. They aim to please! Everything we ate was delicious. Yummy artichoke dip and bay shrimp cocktail. Everyone at the table had something different, fish, scallops, and crab pasta. Everyone commented how much they enjoyed the rice, in particular. The crab pasta was amazing. I didn’t know it came with tomatoes, which I can’t eat, but the kitchen was quick to remake it for me. It was definitely worth the wait.

  35. Jonathan Saint

    Bit of a tourist trap…limited menu, “bay” shrimp cocktail(tiny shrimp out of a can), lingcod was good but seemed lighter than usual, got scammed into $9 ice cream sandwiches for the kids…wonderful company tho 😘😘😘

  36. Kim R

    Yummy food! So many choices. The salmon was great! Be sure to order a dessert. The Cream Brule cheesecake was sooo good.

  37. Amy Wiebe

    Came from out of town for a date, and didn’t realize they closed at 8pm so we arrived at 7:57pm. The staff let us in at the bar and treated us so well. Our food and drinks were amazing. You can’t beat the views from the restaurant. They even gave us a great recommendation of where to go next for dessert. Highly recommend.

  38. Topcatjack

    Little pricey for (had the Lin Cod was great) but, it was very good and the setting is beautiful.

  39. Tara Forester

    Food was not fresh at all, the view was beautiful though. Nice seating area, terrible staff.

  40. sharon schlindwein

    We live in Anacortes & frequently go to Anthony’s. We made Reservations @ 4:00. Everything as usual was handled professionally & politely. We were seated directly across from the kitchen. My wife ordered the seasonal salad & her favorite the steamed clams. I ordered the King Salmon. The Restaurant was not very busy but there were many employees. In front of the kitchen is where the meals are staged for the server’s. It wasn’t long when I saw my wife’s clams & my Salmon sitting under warming lights ready to be served. We watched our server, other server’s & the manager checking the meals. After more the 15 minutes. One of the prep cooks. Took a top off of a pan in front of our food & put mashed potatoes on my plate. After a few more minutes a server that wasn’t ours picked up the plates & started walking around the restaurant. After a while she came back & placed the meals under the warming lights. As we watched she found our server & proceeded to bring our cooled down meals to us. We propley refused the meals & explained what we had seen. She apologized & told us she would get the manager. The manager never came. Our original server came back to us & asked if we would like to reorder. Now we have been waiting for more then an hour in Anthony’s with pretty much a full crew & at the time we had arrived very few customers. We declined his offer & he brought the bill for what we had consumed at that time. We paid & left without making a fuss. In my opinion the management should hold training sessions with the employees. But also he himself maybe the one that needs trained. He never bothered to come our table but most importantly he walked by many, many times checking the meals & did nothing about it as they sat there & cooled. We are very 😞 disappointed. It was our Anniversary Dinner.

  41. Isabelle Lussier

    We ate lunch at the Cabana which seems to be related to Anthony’s and was pretty disappointed. We ordered a Caesar salad, a poke bowl and a clam chowder. The ceasar was ok, the poke bowl was $22 for a very mediocre poke and small portion, they both also came in a to-go box? The clam chowder was probably the best out of the 3 items we got. Overall giving 3 because the food arrived kinda fast and the view was amazing.

  42. Michael Olejniczak

    Had king salmon and thier special run of peach juice. Had them make a peach juice based cocktail, very good! The fish was excellent. Great place to visit! Views are spectacular.

  43. Denise E.

    Updated: Took out of town visitors here for lunch. They were impressed by the stunning view of the Cap Sante Marina and the excellent service, as well as the food (chicken Caesar salad, shrimp linguine, wild Alaska salmon bowl, Kalbi chicken bowl and a complimentary bowl of sourdough bread).

    Original review: Beautiful views, excellent food, and good service. Last time we were there, we had appetizers and craft beers in the bar — a really enjoyable lunch. Good place to take visitors from out of town, and I think it’s the nicest place to eat in Anacortes. Consistent quality and service.

  44. Brett Parker

    Server was great! I forget her name, but would happy to be seated in her section again. Food was delicious, with the exception of my wife’s “wagyu” top sirloin. Over cooked and dry as a bone. They offered to fire a new one, but by that time, it was too late. Everyone else was almost finished eating. The server had it taken off the bill and comped us dessert as well.

  45. Linda Ryan

    We used to love going to Anthony’s from time to time. Not anymore. Went last week with some friends from out of town. Hubby and I each had the halibut and chips – 3 smallish pieces of halibut, some fries and a little bit of coleslaw with a bonus of mild food poisoning for dessert. $36 for halibut and chips was NOT WORTH IT. The service was ok but no more. They are now officially overpriced and send you home with some unexpected goodies.

    Too expensive and lackluster service. I can cook at home for less and far, far better. Anthony’s among other restaurants are literally ruining the dining out experience with subpar food and high prices.

    I only gave one star because I am required to.

  46. Lynn Gaertner-Johnston

    We went to Anthony’s because, as visitors to Anacortes, we wanted a meal we knew would be good. Anthony’s never disappoints.

    We had a chicken Caesar salad and a salmon salad with lovely seasonal fruit. Our lunch portions were large, especially with the accompanying sourdough bread and butter. Everything was delicious!

    Service was excellent, and our waiter, David L., had the best smile.

    Even though we visited two other restaurants in Anacortes, the one we would most likely return to on our next visit is Anthony’s.

  47. Kiersten Busse

    We are visiting town for a wedding and were recommended to eat here… I would NEVER recommend this restaurant.
    -Caesar salad had pink lettuce
    -clam chowder was very watered down and lacked any substance
    -Medium London broil was WELL done and super veiny and extremely sweet
    -rice tasted grainy and days old
    -prawns and green beans tasted like drinking butter
    -burnt cream didn’t have fully carmelized sugar so it grainy
    Just to name a few and I’m trying to be nice honestly. The kids food was the best part. Cocktails and bread were good. Service was great though. Seems to be targeted towards a senior audience not if you’re into well cooked fresh cuisine.

  48. Ann Tu

    My husband and I were just in having lunch and we left feeling neglected. We should have left when the hostess was being condescending but we thought maybe we were being sensitive so we sat down and ordered. We were so wrong to assume it would be better. The waiter was full of attitude when we asked if we could see a dinner menu. We were celebrating our anniversary so we didn’t want to fuss, we just wanted to relax. We got our food and drink, our waiter DID NOT once come back to check on us! We finally just decided to leave and had to get someone else to get our bill so we can pay and leave. I wanted to leave no tip but the bartending staff did make us a good drink so I left a tip. We will not be returning,. Very disappointed , everyone around us were being served and attended but us. maybe I am Asian ? Maybe we were not dressed like we had money? I don’t know but it sure left me feeling bad.

  49. Robert McCoy

    Seating was quick. Staff was very pleasant. Steak was undercooked and chewy and shrimp had no flavor. Meal was removed from ticket without requesting.

  50. Deanna Wilson

    The shrimp fettuccine with vegetables was excellent. Also another had the fish tacos. Both meals done with fresh fish, ect.

  51. Tree A

    Wonderful steak and seafood. Seasonal items such as peaches. Also, enjoy the view day or night…

  52. Michelle Krall

    Great atmosphere and fairly inexpensive for what we got. $100 covered two 3 course meals (weekday special) and a kids pasta and a side of fries. Would definatly come back.

  53. Dan Jin

    My goodness. Where to begin. We usually do Anthony’s every time we visit Anacortes, as per tradition so we had fairly high hopes- obviously due to the high quality, cost and service that accompanies a well-established restaurant. The first thing we were greeted by was a literal vortex of flies at the reception desk being swirled around by the ceiling fan. Not necessarily a deal breaker as it’s summer time but pretty gross nonetheless. The server was decent and very chill. My wife got a non-alcoholic drink special and not even halfway through the drink, she saw a fly in it. We did not make a big fuss with the waiter and did not bother with contacting management- we’re not that type of people looking for a free meal. We were given another drink to replace it.

    The food portions were mediocre as it was the sunset dinner menu, which has drastically became more expensive and does not warrant the cost-to-portion ratio. The quality was as expected. I found the general atmosphere of the restaurant to be chaotic and not in the fun ‘Bear’-watching way. The floor manager looked constantly upset about something, shaking her head, visibly mad(?) at something and it felt like the kitchen staff was affected by it. These are just general observations as EVERYTHING is open in this restaurant. I felt stressed, tense and had sensory overload with the level of noise of the restaurant- not the establishment’s fault per se but god, get some sort of sound proofing or something. Overall, it was a disappointing experience for the cost.

  54. Joe & Mary

    A little disappointed, my wife took me here for my birthday. average restaurant, average food, small plates, loud room, very high prices. 2 people no drinks $135 after tip, yes did get 1 desert, peach icecream, it was great. Halibut was good also, clams not so good.
    Service was good
    This is not a 5 star Ruth’s Chris steak house more like Joe’s Crab shack. Prices need to reflect the portion size and quality, it’s not there.

  55. MJ Lozier

    From the start of the entry was Nice. However the young man Host was a Jerk! He should be considerate of a handicap customer! In a room full of dining tables we were seated near a crowded table. I asked if we can sit a table over and I don’t mind waiting for it to be wiped down. It made sense for my 76th yrs old handicap father. However that kid was a Jerk! Said to me “ You’re NOT supposed to sit here” other than that Our service Kacie was nice and the food mostly served timely. Here is some of my thoughts on the apps & entrees we ordered last Sunday night dinner.

    Fresh Puget Sound Mussels With shallots, herbs and white wine $16 – Super Tasty. Highly recommend getting this if you’re a seafood lover.

    Northwest Manila Clams GF Steamed in clam nectar with olive oil, garlic and lemon $18 – Buttery winey clammy. Very tasty!

    Pan Fried Willapa Bay Oysters* GF
    Fresh yearling oysters served with almond basmati rice pilaf $28 – My dad said the “Oysters were Excellent” I agreed these were cook nicely.

    Roasted Scampi Prawns GF
    Roasted with garlic butter and topped with fresh lemon and gremolata. Served with almond basmati rice pilaf and seasonal vegetables $29 – It could be a good dish, but the one I ordered were VERY OVERCOOKED! I was disappointed.

    Snake River Farms Wagyu Top Sirloin* GF
    Grilled to your liking. Served with a baked potato and seasonal vegetable $34 – They ran out of the Tenderloin 25 min after we placed our order and the other meat option is Wagyu. My mother said it was tough to chew on. So I wouldn’t recommend this red meat this unless you’re gonna feed it to your dog.

    Wild huckleberry hard lemonade $8.50 – Tasty but I wasn’t too impressed.

    Wild Huckleberry Slump $16 – the dessert was definitely worth the dinner wait. Dad loved it.

    Overall Experian here… was ok. Anacortes has very limited restaurants options for Sunday. Most of the food establishment closed Sun-Wed.

  56. Jemimah Murphy

    Beautiful location. Wonderful service. A large group of us attended this location after a memorial service. Ages ranged from 70s all the way down to 1 year olds, and they had to set aside multiple tables to accommodate us. Despite the sundry stresses I’m sure this brought the staff, the service we received was positive, prompt, and professional. Each and every person’s meal was delicious and beautifully plated. The whole place was sparkling clean, and not a single smile seemed forced. Positive atmosphere. Incredible flavors. I cannot say enough about how well-treated we were as a whole.

  57. Michael Caling

    Steak was excellant. Dinner with friends was a pleasure while looking out the windows

  58. Patricia Bartee

    The wait staff and front desk were friendly , helpful and funny!
    The service was prompt and we had a great table by the window with a wonderful view.
    The food was very good, the Roasted Pear cocktail was delicious!!

  59. Daniel brown

    Had the lobster special for lunch. Great taste and service.

  60. Lieu “lyf” Leaf

    Delicious meal! Dungeness crab fettuccine, yum! Hazel but truffles, yum! Apps so good and service was kind. Would go back in the daytime to enjoy the view. Very fresh. Drinks good

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