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11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:30 pm


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Asian 1

Asian Restaurant in Burlington, WA
























“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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53 reviews for “Asian 1

  1. Paola Lopez

    Great food my go to spot for Mongolian beef and the pineapple fried rice

  2. Tommy Murillo

    Always excellent cuisine at a reasonable price. Gluten free options are wonderful too.

  3. Chuck Redford

    Comfy atmosphere and great food.

  4. N Z (Scorpionfury)

    This is my family’s favorite place to eat! The food is so fresh and delicious, we’d eat it every meal if we could. Our personal favorites are their Garlic Sauce dish with meat and broccoli, and their Pineapple Fried Rice is probably the most amazing rice dish ever created. INSANELY GOOD!

  5. Jana Zaki

    Sushi bar menu starting to open up more days during week was Only Fri & Sat .
    Also they were out of Crab /for Rice Dish.
    So ordered Pineapple fried Rice w fresh Tofu n Shrimp. Gluten free menu options available.
    Service by our waitress was very attentive ,beautiful decor over walls from Thailand .
    Will return visit for sushi 🍣!

  6. Terry Kratzer

    Our favorite food ever. The service is always great.

  7. Jennifer Blankinship

    Always great service! Love their sushi.

  8. Lawrence Carter

    The food is always delicious here.

  9. marqueta johnson

    Good service, good food.

  10. Michael Neff

    Great food and good sized portions

  11. Moranda Waddington

    I love their food. Always fresh and yummy

  12. Jean Besisto

    Great service, excellent food, interesting views. Highly recommend.

  13. jane hansen

    I really like the food at Asia 1 in Burlington. I like the wide noodles with vegetables and chicken and my husband likes the Mongolian beef. Flavorful and tender meat. We like to try different things each time and have enjoyed eating in, before covid. Really nice menu and the staff is very helpful.

  14. Riley Wilson

    Yum. Have tried the one in Burlington and bellingham. Both excellent. U will enjoy

  15. Carol B.

    Great food and customer service.

  16. Steve Paiz

    Great food, service and staff

  17. Teressa Walsh

    I have semi regularly eaten here over the years and I have never been disappointed. Great food, huge menu, and fun atmosphere if you dine in. The panang curry is my favorite but be aware the rice is an add on. It’s only a dollar but I’ve forgotten to add it on when I have done to-go orders in the past. I love this restaurant. They have a tone of really healthy options and lots of vegetarian options too. Good pricing. Just a win all around.

  18. Taylor St. Pierre

    Absolutely underrepresented. Jathan is the most courteous, attentive, and kind staff member around! The food is off the chain.


    Great service. The food was pretty bland when I went but I was told it was great food by several people.

  20. Grace Sanchez

    This is one of my favorite spots. The food is fresh and delicious. The staff is awesome and efficient. Once you have their Thai tea, you will crave it every day.

  21. Beth Nastali

    Our go to place or Mongolian beef.

  22. Anita Mitchell

    Food is awesome! Waiter was awesome!! Honey chicken yum yum. Pineapple fried rice delicious!

    This visit, the manager gave us a free dessert!! Mango Ice cream with sticky rice is to die for!! Thank you Asian one. Food was wonderful again! My belly hurts🤣

  23. Hannah Hook

    I usually get veggie fried rice with Mongolian beef, I have also tried the kom kuh soup and a couple other things. A couple of times the food wasn’t the best but other times it has been really good. It truly depends on the cook and how busy it is. It can be pretty pricey but not so much if it’s just two people eating. I personally love the Thai iced tea and the Mongolian beef is always good. I would definitely suggest trying it out.

  24. Joshua Simplot

    Have loved this place from day 1! I’m a little biased cause I helped open and build it. But the quality is first class. Rick and Jay are great business owners! They still need a real TV for sporting events! Would draw a bigger crowd for those slow days of the week.

  25. Dan Osgood

    Great food. Great service. Reasonable prices.

  26. Anita J

    Delicious food. I would recommend to anyone looking for something besides burgers or pizza!
    Waiter was good looking and polite. Always came by to see if we needed anything else or a top off on our drinks!
    Easy to get to and ample parking.

  27. Grace Loman

    There are signs saying they are understaffed. But the food wasn’t there. The broccoli wasn’t cooked, no one came to check on us. The server said she came by but I was eating my salad at that time, not my entree. Tabby was our server, very polite. She corrected the bill after we said there didn’t seem to be extra broccoli like we had ordered. I’ve had better food from here. Maybe it was an off day.

  28. Rene Sommer

    I love their healthy foods!

  29. Steve Woodward

    Loved the setting and the Thai food was delicious. Prompt and friendly service, too. We will be back to try more from this cool menu.

  30. Carla Ré W.

    Consistantly delicious food!

  31. Brandon

    Great staff! Had so much fun talking with the people that worked there! Food menu was incredible and the drinks were amazing! This was my first time, but I’ll definitely be back! Great place for families or big gatherings too. Highly recommend! Thank you guys so much!

  32. Ülfberht

    Thai coffee was great, get a refill with it as well so that’s nice. The food is good, the wait was a little long but not extreme. Wife’s chicken pad Thai was good even though I’m not a chicken fan! My curry was excellent, very creamy and curryie?, The 3/4 spicy was not spicy enough for me, that’s probably personal preference though.

  33. Bill Boling

    All our dish’s where great and more than enough. Only wish was that Sushi dishes where not available Sushi was restrict to 4pm to closing.

  34. Adrian Johnson

    Excellent service here. Great food

  35. Jerry Thomas

    Had the chicken and crab fried rice, 1botton spice level … O M G! … We will have food for a week the portions ar so big. But main thing is food was DELICIOUSOUS! Nice turn was they didn’t depend on a lot of the normal things for asian eateries … fortune cookies, paper lanterns, etc, just nice decor, friendly efficient staff, and GOOD food

  36. Mary Wolff

    The honey glazed chicken is fantastic!!! Wish we lived closer!!!! 😊

  37. Cole Brown

    Very good food and nice staff.

  38. B. Olyn Price

    Really good food. Friendly staff.

  39. Ancron Sharek

    Good service, delicious food!
    Good vegetarian options!

  40. Tessa Reese

    Delicious sushi and and Thai food. Best part is the happy hour!!

  41. Angelica Scroggins

    The wait staff were beyond great! The menu offers gluten-free AND sugar -free options – easy to understand. There are vegan and vegetarian options as well. If you have any question, the wait staff is available, patient and personable. Parking was easy enough, the restaurant has plenty of tables and a bar area. There is a sushi station, and it’s mostly a first come, first serve, and if they run out, you’re out of luck for the day. The food tasted great!

  42. Rachel Conrad

    This place is great and very celiac friendly! Good size portions and our server was prompt and nice! I can’t wait to come try the sushi sometime!

  43. Erik Johnson

    Food was okay. I think they forgot about us after we sat down because it took about 30 minutes for them to take our order and only about 10 minutes to get the food. Our last experience here was definitely better than this one.

  44. Krista Sunday

    The curry tasted so good that I couldn’t stop eating until I was stuffed. Rich and creamy with lots of chicken and veggies. I had the panang curry

  45. will leow

    Today at this restaurant I wanted to enjoy a nice dinner with my mom our waitress was OK but when the food got to our table it was as cold as my drink of water this is unacceptable I my mother and I will never come back to this restaurant again I am highly disrespected and insulted and I expect better from all restaurants not lousy cold food

  46. Shawn Graham

    Hands down the worst service I’ve ever had. Lucky to even get our drinks after being seated for an hour.

  47. Marta

    Used to be my favorite place to eat. Last three times I’ve eaten there i the food has not been consistent. Either not enough noodles or too many noodles, too spicy or not enough spice. Missing ingredients etc. I have been extremely disappointed and will not be returning to this location.


    Been there before, excellent, they even noted that we were giving presents to my wife, and they brought her a piece of cheesecake. Truly outstanding Restaurant

  49. Craig Wear

    Food is excellent. Absolutely love the Mongolian beef and the Panang curry. Much faster service than the Bellingham location. One of the best places to get Thai food.

  50. Leha Beauchamp

    I just didn’t like the food, otherwise it was a nice place…

  51. Patrick clemenson

    Absolute terrible service, took almost 2 hours to get our meal, blamed it on being short staffed while I watched multiple staff just standing around talking. Several tables came in, ate and left before we ever got our food. Used to be my favorite Thai food. Definitely will never go back. Worst service I’ve ever experienced

  52. Oh Vlogs

    Solid food

  53. Marshall L

    I was coming to pick up an order for delivery and was told when I arrived that it was almost ready, then after waiting a few minutes was told that they didn’t have the order at all and would not fill it. They just wasted my time, not even an apology. Then it got even worse when I complained about them wasting my time and gas. When I said that I would likely file a BBB complaint The manager, Jesse became very aggressive with me, threatening me and even followed me out and harassed me in the parking lot continuing his threats. Stay away from this place and their unethical, horrible behavior

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