725 W 3rd Ave, Spokane, WA 99201


47.653506100003, -117.42311425522


6:30 am – 3:00 am


6:30 am – 3:00 am


6:30 am – 3:00 am


6:30 am – 3:00 am


6:30 am – 3:00 am


6:30 am – 3:00 am


6:30 am – 3:00 am

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Atilano’s Mexican Food – W 3rd Ave

Mexican Restaurant in Spokane, WA



Served all day. Include rice and beans

Huevos Rancheros $5.99

Chilaquiles $6.75

Spanish Omelet Plate $7.15


Served all day

Sausage $5.69

Potatoes, egg, and cheese

Bacon $5.69

Potatoes, egg, and cheese

Machaca $5.69

Eggs, beef, potatoes, and cheese

Chorizo $5.69

Mexican sausage, egg, potatoes, and beans

Ham & Egg $5.69

With Mexican salsa and cheese

Potatoes $5.69

Eggs, and cheese

Steak $6.15

Potatoes, egg, and cheese

Super Breakfast $6.15

Bacon, ham, cheese, potatoes, and egg


#1 3 Rolled Tacos $6.00

#2 5 Rolled Tacos $6.00

#3 Burrito $6.35

#4 Bean Tostada, Beef Taco, and 2 Rolled Tacos $6.35

#5 Chimichanga $7.00


All combos include rice & beans

#1 Two Beef, Chicken or Bean Tostadas $8.75

#2 Bean Tostada & Beef Taco $8.75

#3 Bean Tostada & Enchilada $8.75

Cheese, chicken, beef

#4 Beef Taco & Enchilada $8.75

Cheese, chicken, and beef

#5 Taco & Burrito $8.75

Beef or chicken

#6 Two Enchiladas 8.75

Cheese, chicken, and beef

#7 Two Fish Tacos (cod)

#8 Two Beef or Chicken Crispy Tacos $8.75

#9 Two Beef or Chicken Burritos $9.25

#10 Two Steak Carne Asada Tacos $9.99

Combos #11 – #22 with choice of 2 flour or 4 corn tortillas

#11 Beef Chorizo Plate $9.25

#12 Machaca Plate Eggs & Beef $9.25

#13 Steak Carne Asada Plate $9.99

#14 Carnitas Plate $9.50

#15 Adobada Plate $9.50

#16 Chile Relleno & Enchilada $9.50

Cheese, chicken, and beef

#17 Shrimp Plate $9.99

#18 Steak or Chicken Fajitas Plate $9.99

#19 Pollo Asado $9.50

#20 Two Chile Rellenos $9.50

#21 Chile Verde Plate $9.50

#22 Fajitas Mix $10.99

Chicken, steak, and shrimp

#23 Sopes $10.25

Choice of meat.

#24 Mojarra $10.25

Includes 4 pieces of corn tortillas


Carne Asada $2.50

Pollo Asado $2.50

Adobada $2.50

Carnits $2.50

Lengua $2.50

Tripas $2.50


Two Cheese Enchiladas $5.99

Two Chicken Enchiladas $5.99

Two Beef Enchiladas $5.99


Bean $3.90

Beef $4.15

Chicken $4.15

Flying Saucer $5.80

Taco Salad $5.80


Ham $5.99

Chicken $5.99

Beef $5.99

Chorizo $5.99

Carnitas $5.99

Machaca $5.99

Adobada $5.99

Carne Asada $5.99

Tripas $5.99

Lengua $5.99

Pollo Asado $5.99

Cabeza $5.99


Fish Tacos $2.75

Cod, tartar sauce, cabbage, and Mexican salsa.

Shrimp Taco $3.40

Shrimp, special sauce, cheese, and rice.


Roasted Meat Taco (Carne Asada) $2.90

Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.

Roasted Chicken Taco (Pollo Asado) $2.90

Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.

Marinated Pork Taco (Adobada) $2.90

Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.

Carnitas Taco $2.90

Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.

Tongue Taco (Lengua) $2.90

Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.

Intestine Taco (Tripas) $2.90

Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.

Head Taco (Cabeza) $2.90

Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.

Chicken Fajita Taco $2.90

Served with sour cream and cheese. Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.


Roasted Meat Taco (Carne Asada) $1.60

Tijuana style. Served with onions and cilantro only.

Roasted Chicken Taco (Pollo Asado) $1.60

Tijuana style. Served with onions and cilantro only.

Marinated Pork Taco (Adobada) $1.60

Tijuana style. Served with onions and cilantro only.

Carnitas Taco $1.60

Tijuana style. Served with onions and cilantro only.

Tongue Taco (Lengua) $1.60

Tijuana style. Served with onions and cilantro only.

Intestine Taco (Tripas) $1.60

Tijuana style. Served with onions and cilantro only.


Beef Crispy Tacos $2.50

Served with lettuce and cheese.

Chicken Crispy Tacos $2.50

Served with lettuce and cheese.

Ground Beef Crispy Tacos $2.50

Served with lettuce and cheese.


Plain Taco (3 pcs) $3.99

Served with cheese.

Rolled Taco (3 pcs) $4.50

Served with sour cream and cheese.

Rolled Taco (5 pcs)$5.99

Served with guacamole, lettuce, and cheese

Rolled Tacos (12 pcs) $9.99

Served with guacamole, lettuce, and cheese.


Fresh Hot Chips $2.99

Chips & Salsa $3.99

Chips with Guacamole & Cheese $5.50

Veggie Nachos $7.99

Guacamole, beans, Mexican salsa, sour cream & cheese

Carne Asada Nachos $8.99

Steak, beans, guacamole, Mexican salsa, sour cream & cheese

Pollo Asado Nachos $8.99

Grilled chicken, beans, guacamole, Mexican salsa, sour cream, and cheese

Carne Asada Fries $8.99

With Steak, sour cream, guacamole, beans, Mexican salsa, and cheese


14” Tortillas

Cheddar Cheese Quesadilla $5.20

Ham Quesadilla $5.80

Carne Asada Quesadilla $7.99

With side of guamole & sour cream

Pollo Asado Quesadilla $6.99

With side of guacamole & sour cream

Supreme Quesadilla $8.50

Beans, guacamole, sour cream, Mexican salsa, and choice of meat


Bean & Cheese $4.90

Beef & Beans $5.60

Chicken & Rice $5.60

Machaca (eggs & beef) $5.85

Chorizo $5.85

Carnitas $6.10

Fish $6.10

Chicken Fajitas $6.25

Steak Fajitas $6.25

Chile Relleno $6.25

Lengua $6.25

Chile Verde $6.25

Ground Beef $6.25

Camaron $6.25

Adobada $6.25

Veggie $6.25

Beans, rice, lettuce, Mexican salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese

Tripas $6.25


Carne Asada $7.99

Steak, guacamole, and Mexican salsa

Pollo Asado $6.99

Grilled chicken, guacamole, and Mexican salsa

California $7.99

Steak, potatoes, cheese, and Mexican salsa

Atilanos $8.25

Steak, bacon, potatoes, sour cream, and cheese

Washington $7.50

Grilled chicken, potatoes, sour cream, guacamole, and cheese

Beef or Chicken Supreme $7.99

Beans, rice, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, Mexican salsa, and lettuce

Mar Y Tierra Burrito $8.50

Grilled shrimp, carne asada, cheese, rice, and special mild sauce


Carne Asada Burrito $8.99

With rice & beans (combo)

12 Rolled Tacos (taquitos) $9.99

With guacamole, lettuce, and cheese

Carne Asada Fries $8.99

With steak, sour cream, guacamole, beans, Mexican salsa, and cheese


#1 Cheese, Chicken or Beef Enchilada $5.55

#2 Beef or Chicken Crispy Taco $5.55

#3 Cheddar Cheese Quesadilla $5.55

#4 Beef, Bean & Cheese, or Chicken Burrito $5.55

#5 Two Eggs and Cheese Plate $5.55


Cheese (4 oz.) $0.99

Guacamole (4 oz.) $0.99

Sour Cream (4 oz.) $0.99

Mexican Salsa (4 oz.) $0.99

Corn Tortillas (4) $1.50

Flour Tortillas (2) $1.50

Tater Tots $3.50

French Fries $3.50

Rice or Beans (half pint) $2.25

Mexican Salsa (half pint) $3.40

Guacamole (half pint) $3.99

Two Chile Rellenos $6.50

Idaho Fries $8.99

Tater tots topped with grilled chicken, beans, guacamole, Mexican salsa, sour cream and cheese


Churros $1.50

Flan $2.75

Bunuelos $2.25

Deep Fried Ice Cream $4.75








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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

84 reviews for “Atilano’s Mexican Food Spokane

  1. Brennan Sahagian

    The best, fast Mexican food in Spokane! Giant burritos at reasonable prices. Their salsa is delicious and spicy 🔥

  2. Naomi Chantel

    The veggie burrito is so good

  3. Greg Sharpes

    Love the breakfast burritos.

  4. Nathaniel Cousins

    The building is a little rough for wear, like the rest of the neighborhood.
    The food was fantastic, great flavors at a very fair price. I wish there were a closer location to where I live, I was visiting from out of town. 👍

  5. Unknown Josh

    I ordered a quesadilla and they gave me a soggy taco I will definitely not be going there again and after the food like three hours later I started throwing up because how gross the food was and I couldn’t maintain myself and I almost got an allergic reaction because they gave me something I told them not to because I was allergic to it but the rice and a few other things were good so 2 Star rating

  6. Chawna Crawford

    My partner and I have eaten here twice in the last few weeks. We have come to Spokane FROM Moscow, Idaho for concerts and needed some grub. The first time, we tried them on a whim and Door Dash delivered amazing burritos to us at the Big Dipper. We were impressed. We tried dine in the second time. It is not the fanciest inside, but is comfortable. The food came out quickly and was amazing! We have upcoming visits and have decided that we are going to try all the burritos. Some of the best burritos ever!

  7. Cynthia Eaton

    I love their breakfast wraps.Upick. n foot long with makings u pick.Packedwith solid foods n only 6.00$.

  8. Beth Mock

    Quick, delicious, authentic Mexican food! We needed a late dinner on an interstate drive, and this was perfect.

  9. Sam McGinnis

    Fantastic food

  10. Allwonkyvids

    The vibe wasnt very good in there and it translated into the food and atmosphere. Fixing that ceiling could help. This place has alot of potential. Inhope the owner realizes that if he puts a little TLC and his employees you could have a goldmine there. The location is excellent and I can tell that area is growing. Hope y’all put it all in to make this spot jump in.

  11. Laura Lynch

    The best fast food Mexican food there is

  12. Charles Gaidosh

    If your out drinking late and want to after the bar food this is by the place ! Ef mcdonos that’s garbage

  13. chris lyman

    Warning do not eat here if you like good customer service! I ordered cheese enchiladas #6 and they gave us chicken, when we returned to have them replace it the said too much was eaten! 2 bites is apparently too much! They refused to replace the order so I had to ask to talk to manager! They called the police nice evening out ! Do not eat here warning no customer service what so ever!!! There food is okay!, if they can get the order rite!!!!!

  14. William Fackler

    My girl loves this place

  15. Robin Zielke

    Quick, easy and efficient

  16. Edward Faydo

    The food here is authentic, and the service is always fast.
    Our order last night was no different than every other time.
    We left pretty satisfied with our meals and the atmosphere.

  17. Kai Thomas

    I quite enjoy the food here, it is perfect for a hangover as it gets your day going. One of the best spots in all of Spokane!!

  18. Deckard Cain

    They have a few ok items but for the most part this place is terrible. Eaten here 4-5 times because it’s the only place open in the area late at night other than Taco Bell. I’m from San Diego, this restaurant wouldn’t last a week there. I know Spokane is known for having a really bad food scene, but even with that in my mind I can’t wrap my head around all the positive reviews here. Never met anyone who liked this place, so idk.

  19. Brenda Breeze

    Worst burrito I ever had. Too wet and no flavor. I’ll never go back.

  20. Roman Burch

    Amazing food. The ordering process was easy despite a small language barrier with the cashier but no matter we got exactly what we ordered

  21. Nichol Dreier (Nic)

    Horrible service. The guy either was pretending or really couldn’t understand the fact that I was ordering 2 separate burritos…. One for me and one for the person that was with me and then asked for mexi tots and to add cheese on top and we ended up getting one burrito and a large thing of regular french fries and didn’t even get melted cheese on those at least! So my BF went back in to tell them we only got one burrito and to get the second. Get all the way home and ended up with a bean burrito, which I hate, when I asked for a beef and cheese burrito many times…

  22. Willis McCoy

    Doesn’t even deserve 1 star … get the food from the drive thru and it is cold get all the way home to find out the cold food isn’t even the right order will not return

  23. Luke Merritt

    Great food, great service. And their giant burritos really are giant.

  24. KrAsh Burn

    Food was delicious as always, never disappoints eating here.

  25. Ryan Stewart

    Great food, quick service and thankfully clean, only say this because of it’s location and how rude and disrespectful some transient folks can be to local establishments. But they got a hold on it even the restrooms were well maintained. Good amounts of food for the price as well, and the lengua was amazing

  26. Isaac Baker

    Absolutely incredible, I eat here practically every time I come up to Spokane. Their salsa is amazing!

  27. Molly Oakley

    Their chicken fajita burrito might be my favorite fast food in the world.

    I have only been through the drive thru, but everyone is always very nice and the prices are very, very good compared to every other burrito place in town.

  28. Jacob Parton

    There taco salad is amazing

  29. David Savage

    Excellent flavor and value. Quick service, hot sauce. Made up authentic Mexican style: use caution.

  30. Michael & Lisa Ahlen

    Long line in the drive through, food was great!

  31. Dan Hoyt (Higgs-Boson)

    Food is awesome, and crazy affordable!!
    This place still doesn’t fail to amaze! Personal favorite are the breakfast burritos, but I’ve never had anything there that I did not like. Every time I’m in town I make it a point to stop here as often as possible!

  32. McKenna Tuttle

    Didn’t speak English. So kind of hard to order.

  33. kaleseya allotey

    Didn’t get our drinks, or sauce. Order was delayed. Churros we’re also very stale unfortunately 🙁

  34. Aleshia Schatz

    Love this place.. Good price, great service, open all the time, fast food with out the fast food experience

  35. Neeva Jenkins

    Had tacos here, open late.

  36. greg korzonthowski

    My food was horrid. The front counter woman was rude to every one she had never seen before. I won’t return.

  37. Natausha Savage

    The other locations I would give 5 stars but downtown their customer service is poor and the front counter person is incredibly rude and racist

  38. J

    Good food at good prices. Try the carne asda fries. Its very yummy

  39. Keely Dallman

    Food is good, but customer service could be a lot better. I dont say this because of a language barrier or anything like that. I say it because of some of their attitudes

  40. Milksniffer Olsen

    It’s not bad in a pinch.

  41. Lena Cooley

    I really wanted tacos! I was NOT disappointed. Less than the “chain stores” and twice as much food

  42. Yasmine Cortier

    Frankly I’m disappointed the quality of their food has deteriorated over the past few years

  43. Linda Procopio

    Is every time I order from the 3rd street store I never get all my items and they’re not willing to fix it and not willing to bring the rest of the stuff so I suggest not going there

  44. Samuel Hilkemeyer

    Was good when I moved here…now it’s garbage. Go to California burrito on division. This place is not worth the money anymore

  45. Anthony Bianco

    Great food but need to work with the to go microphone and need to get people that speak English or could speak English to help English speaking people other than that excellent food

  46. Life change wonderings

    I always go through the drive thru so I dont know how it is inside but the food is Definatley worth the price.

  47. Ann Martinson (marepinta)

    Old fast food place with delicious food at decent prices

  48. Chloe Souris

    food was kinda atrociously bad , smelled off, didn’t taste good , unfortunate!

  49. Jonathan Leland

    Straight up good Mexican food. Sit down or take it on the run. I had the Chilaquiles, and added Adobada. The only thing I was disappointed about was that I asked for the eggs to be over easy, but she said it was mixed in. In retrospect, I should have ordered an egg on the side.

  50. Nathan Zhu

    Open late!! Big portions, and great prices

  51. Duane Schulz

    If you like real Mexican food this place is not for you! I gagged on the flavors, of their food! I was extremely disappointed with the food I ordered from them! I will never while visiting, order from them again!

  52. Frank Calbick

    All around this place is getting better. Last year at this time was seriously considering not coming back. Happy so happy that they are finally getting it right.

  53. Jen

    First time I went here mine and my boyfriends fries were not cooked all the way we went back and they remade it no big deal. Tonight was my second time ordering it, I ordered it on door dash and the only thing they got right was the horchata. We had ordered carnesada tacos, carnesada fries and regular fries with two churros and an horchata. The food we received were Idaho fries we only knew because they had put the receipt in the bag. We called up the store and the guy kept saying we had gotten the right order we ended up going back there to receive our food and he seemed like he thought we were lying. It’s currently 1:55am and I went there to get my food at 1:30 am. I had originally placed my order at 12:26 will not be ordering from this place again.

  54. Jason Thompson


  55. Adam Briggs

    Awesome prices, good value, good quality.

  56. Eric Alger

    Overall a great place to eat. Good family atmosphere.

  57. Cornwell Family

    The food here is absolutely amazing ,the service is extremely slow.

  58. Aly Snow

    We LOVE antilanos, however the customer service at this location is really bad. There is one woman in particular that is rude, and will try to short change you in the drive through if you don’t tip (because she is rude and yells at you why would I tip you?) She refused to give us our change today, and when we asked for it shortchanged us. I would not recommend this location because of that employee alone.

  59. Taylor Picklesimer

    This has been my favorite location over the years but this Saturday I ordered a carne asada burrito and received a steak fajita burrito instead that has left me stuck in the restroom puking my brains out for days

  60. Brian Vannoy (Vanain)

    Great food, could use an update to the interior

  61. carlos lopez

    One Atlianos burrito please! Good to go! If it get cold out, eat a buRRRRito.

  62. Tori Fleury

    Best late night food downtown

  63. J M

    Top notch!! You can’t even mess with these folks! They are always on point! They have their craft down to the T. If you want awesome authentic Mexican cuisine this is the best place in all Spokane. 27-year Chef right here and I love this place!!!! Never once had these guys messed up an order. A relaxed pace these guys have a well-oiled machine. And they make it from scratch again you can’t mess with it they’re that good.

  64. Marti McInelly-Moore

    Love love 💘. I see why they are rated the best in San Diego. 😋

  65. Gladys Zinn

    Super burrito is 🤤.

  66. saqzmom freddy

    Doesn’t this look delicious? Nope ice cold and salty. The other burrito Supreme was one end meat the rest lettuce, cold and salty. This is the second time the food wasn’t what I expected. I think it’s time to go elsewhere.

  67. Keith StudHorse

    I love this place, great food, good prices, and amazing staff… And the mini tacos are great any time of day!!!

  68. Radislav Kozlov

    Great place. I liked it. They have a hole in a wall in one place, I liked that.

  69. Amber Krajewski

    Food is always fresh, the prices are very affordable and their portion size is plenty. It’s warm, melty goodness and the pickled veggies add the perfect zing to any dish. It’s downtown Spokane so theres always some interesting people around which is entertaining but all in all it’s worth it!

  70. Jaynelle Kenney

    Worst shrimp taco I’ve ever had. It had a few tiny shrimp, something with a sandy/rocky texture, really salty peppers and a ton of dry rice on top. Only managed to eat half, and I’ve felt sick for hours. Taco Bell is safer 🙁

  71. Toby Bossard

    The food is really great any time of day. But it REALLY hits home when you’ve been downtown all night and need that fill before bed time! Yum!!! Gracias!!

  72. T Hammond

    Food was good. Prices were reasonable. Counter service only.

  73. Heather a

    Staff was very helpful in making sure I knew exactly what I was ordering, Staff was friendly to everyone, everywhere. Very pleasant atmosphere, if you want to dine there.

  74. Jeremy H

    Good burritos, wouldn’t say they compare to SD carne asada though.

  75. Clinton Richards

    A great place… I’ve eaten half the menu and I am yet to be disappointed!

  76. Angel Knippling

    Great, and fast Mexican food for a decent price. The Giant burritos are great tasting and very filling.

  77. Andrew Iverson

    The food wasn’t bad and plenty of it, they feed you there.

  78. Jay T

    Mechanically separated chicken on the tater tot nachos COME ON! UNACCEPTABLE

  79. Robert Engel

    Cheap, yummy, and consistent! Open late and worth the wait even if there’s a line.

  80. Caleb Perronteau

    Cold tortillas and so so customer service

  81. Cherie

    Not what they used to be, the burritos are half the size they were.

  82. Jacob Larson

    i was born in Guadalajara. Mi abuela used to make me Washington burritos after school when I was just a nino. My grandma died 25 years ago and ever since I’ve been trying to find an authentic Washington burrito just like hers, and I always come away disappointed. Until today… I am writing this crying in the Atilanos bathroom right now. The Washington burrito is as authentic as it gets. When I ate it, it is almost as if I am back in Guadalajara with my sweet abuelita singing el sondito as she cooks me my very first Washington burrito with extra fries. Words can’t describe my appreciation. Thank you…

  83. Daniel H.

    For late night tacos not too bad. The asada leaves more to be desired but the lengua is spot on.
    Where else is the area can you get a sobering taco at 2am!

  84. Danielle Saunders

    Getting great food after coming off a night shift is so rare. Juevos Rancheros at 0730? Sure! Love the hours they keep and the food they serve.

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