802 W Francis Ave, Spokane, WA 99205


47.7155121, -117.4233337


7:00 am – 12:00 am


7:00 am – 12:00 am


7:00 am – 12:00 am


7:00 am – 12:00 am


7:00 am – 12:00 am


7:00 am – 12:00 am


7:00 am – 12:00 am

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Atilano’s Mexican Food – Francis Ave

Mexican Restaurant in Spokane, WA



Served all day. Include rice and beans

Huevos Rancheros $5.99

Chilaquiles $6.75

Spanish Omelet Plate $7.15


Served all day

Sausage $5.69

Potatoes, egg, and cheese

Bacon $5.69

Potatoes, egg, and cheese

Machaca $5.69

Eggs, beef, potatoes, and cheese

Chorizo $5.69

Mexican sausage, egg, potatoes, and beans

Ham & Egg $5.69

With Mexican salsa and cheese

Potatoes $5.69

Eggs, and cheese

Steak $6.15

Potatoes, egg, and cheese

Super Breakfast $6.15

Bacon, ham, cheese, potatoes, and egg


#1 3 Rolled Tacos $6.00

#2 5 Rolled Tacos $6.00

#3 Burrito $6.35

#4 Bean Tostada, Beef Taco, and 2 Rolled Tacos $6.35

#5 Chimichanga $7.00


All combos include rice & beans

#1 Two Beef, Chicken or Bean Tostadas $8.75

#2 Bean Tostada & Beef Taco $8.75

#3 Bean Tostada & Enchilada $8.75

Cheese, chicken, beef

#4 Beef Taco & Enchilada $8.75

Cheese, chicken, and beef

#5 Taco & Burrito $8.75

Beef or chicken

#6 Two Enchiladas 8.75

Cheese, chicken, and beef

#7 Two Fish Tacos (cod)

#8 Two Beef or Chicken Crispy Tacos $8.75

#9 Two Beef or Chicken Burritos $9.25

#10 Two Steak Carne Asada Tacos $9.99

Combos #11 – #22 with choice of 2 flour or 4 corn tortillas

#11 Beef Chorizo Plate $9.25

#12 Machaca Plate Eggs & Beef $9.25

#13 Steak Carne Asada Plate $9.99

#14 Carnitas Plate $9.50

#15 Adobada Plate $9.50

#16 Chile Relleno & Enchilada $9.50

Cheese, chicken, and beef

#17 Shrimp Plate $9.99

#18 Steak or Chicken Fajitas Plate $9.99

#19 Pollo Asado $9.50

#20 Two Chile Rellenos $9.50

#21 Chile Verde Plate $9.50

#22 Fajitas Mix $10.99

Chicken, steak, and shrimp

#23 Sopes $10.25

Choice of meat.

#24 Mojarra $10.25

Includes 4 pieces of corn tortillas


Carne Asada $2.50

Pollo Asado $2.50

Adobada $2.50

Carnits $2.50

Lengua $2.50

Tripas $2.50


Two Cheese Enchiladas $5.99

Two Chicken Enchiladas $5.99

Two Beef Enchiladas $5.99


Bean $3.90

Beef $4.15

Chicken $4.15

Flying Saucer $5.80

Taco Salad $5.80


Ham $5.99

Chicken $5.99

Beef $5.99

Chorizo $5.99

Carnitas $5.99

Machaca $5.99

Adobada $5.99

Carne Asada $5.99

Tripas $5.99

Lengua $5.99

Pollo Asado $5.99

Cabeza $5.99


Fish Tacos $2.75

Cod, tartar sauce, cabbage, and Mexican salsa.

Shrimp Taco $3.40

Shrimp, special sauce, cheese, and rice.


Roasted Meat Taco (Carne Asada) $2.90

Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.

Roasted Chicken Taco (Pollo Asado) $2.90

Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.

Marinated Pork Taco (Adobada) $2.90

Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.

Carnitas Taco $2.90

Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.

Tongue Taco (Lengua) $2.90

Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.

Intestine Taco (Tripas) $2.90

Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.

Head Taco (Cabeza) $2.90

Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.

Chicken Fajita Taco $2.90

Served with sour cream and cheese. Served with guacamole and Mexican salsa.


Roasted Meat Taco (Carne Asada) $1.60

Tijuana style. Served with onions and cilantro only.

Roasted Chicken Taco (Pollo Asado) $1.60

Tijuana style. Served with onions and cilantro only.

Marinated Pork Taco (Adobada) $1.60

Tijuana style. Served with onions and cilantro only.

Carnitas Taco $1.60

Tijuana style. Served with onions and cilantro only.

Tongue Taco (Lengua) $1.60

Tijuana style. Served with onions and cilantro only.

Intestine Taco (Tripas) $1.60

Tijuana style. Served with onions and cilantro only.


Beef Crispy Tacos $2.50

Served with lettuce and cheese.

Chicken Crispy Tacos $2.50

Served with lettuce and cheese.

Ground Beef Crispy Tacos $2.50

Served with lettuce and cheese.


Plain Taco (3 pcs) $3.99

Served with cheese.

Rolled Taco (3 pcs) $4.50

Served with sour cream and cheese.

Rolled Taco (5 pcs)$5.99

Served with guacamole, lettuce, and cheese

Rolled Tacos (12 pcs) $9.99

Served with guacamole, lettuce, and cheese.


Fresh Hot Chips $2.99

Chips & Salsa $3.99

Chips with Guacamole & Cheese $5.50

Veggie Nachos $7.99

Guacamole, beans, Mexican salsa, sour cream & cheese

Carne Asada Nachos $8.99

Steak, beans, guacamole, Mexican salsa, sour cream & cheese

Pollo Asado Nachos $8.99

Grilled chicken, beans, guacamole, Mexican salsa, sour cream, and cheese

Carne Asada Fries $8.99

With Steak, sour cream, guacamole, beans, Mexican salsa, and cheese


14” Tortillas

Cheddar Cheese Quesadilla $5.20

Ham Quesadilla $5.80

Carne Asada Quesadilla $7.99

With side of guamole & sour cream

Pollo Asado Quesadilla $6.99

With side of guacamole & sour cream

Supreme Quesadilla $8.50

Beans, guacamole, sour cream, Mexican salsa, and choice of meat


Bean & Cheese $4.90

Beef & Beans $5.60

Chicken & Rice $5.60

Machaca (eggs & beef) $5.85

Chorizo $5.85

Carnitas $6.10

Fish $6.10

Chicken Fajitas $6.25

Steak Fajitas $6.25

Chile Relleno $6.25

Lengua $6.25

Chile Verde $6.25

Ground Beef $6.25

Camaron $6.25

Adobada $6.25

Veggie $6.25

Beans, rice, lettuce, Mexican salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese

Tripas $6.25


Carne Asada $7.99

Steak, guacamole, and Mexican salsa

Pollo Asado $6.99

Grilled chicken, guacamole, and Mexican salsa

California $7.99

Steak, potatoes, cheese, and Mexican salsa

Atilanos $8.25

Steak, bacon, potatoes, sour cream, and cheese

Washington $7.50

Grilled chicken, potatoes, sour cream, guacamole, and cheese

Beef or Chicken Supreme $7.99

Beans, rice, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, Mexican salsa, and lettuce

Mar Y Tierra Burrito $8.50

Grilled shrimp, carne asada, cheese, rice, and special mild sauce


Carne Asada Burrito $8.99

With rice & beans (combo)

12 Rolled Tacos (taquitos) $9.99

With guacamole, lettuce, and cheese

Carne Asada Fries $8.99

With steak, sour cream, guacamole, beans, Mexican salsa, and cheese


#1 Cheese, Chicken or Beef Enchilada $5.55

#2 Beef or Chicken Crispy Taco $5.55

#3 Cheddar Cheese Quesadilla $5.55

#4 Beef, Bean & Cheese, or Chicken Burrito $5.55

#5 Two Eggs and Cheese Plate $5.55


Cheese (4 oz.) $0.99

Guacamole (4 oz.) $0.99

Sour Cream (4 oz.) $0.99

Mexican Salsa (4 oz.) $0.99

Corn Tortillas (4) $1.50

Flour Tortillas (2) $1.50

Tater Tots $3.50

French Fries $3.50

Rice or Beans (half pint) $2.25

Mexican Salsa (half pint) $3.40

Guacamole (half pint) $3.99

Two Chile Rellenos $6.50

Idaho Fries $8.99

Tater tots topped with grilled chicken, beans, guacamole, Mexican salsa, sour cream and cheese


Churros $1.50

Flan $2.75

Bunuelos $2.25

Deep Fried Ice Cream $4.75








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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

39 reviews for “Atilano’s Mexican Food

  1. Gordon Kirk

    Best food value in Spokane!

  2. Vivian Lee

    Got doordash from Atilanos on Francis. As you can see there’s hardly any meat or beans or cheese. We usually get chicken nachos a lot and they do NOT look like this. If I could give 0 stars I would. Also we called them and they said they apparently can’t do anything. So if you want to get food on doordash I high suggest not ordering from Atilanos. Don’t waste your time or money!

  3. Rhianna Nelson

    My 7 yr old is autistic and usually refuses to try new things. Not only did he eat his food he also ate half of my dinner. It was AMAZING

  4. Heather Folmer

    Chicken, rice and cheese burrito are so good!

  5. Nicole Carpenter

    Used to be so good. Idk what happened. Meat quality was terrible.

  6. I Am The Stanky

    Understaffed but good quick food

  7. Unique Roots

    I love atilanos. But the last two times I’ve been my order has been WRONG. The last time I ordered Carne Asada Nachos, my main order, got home and it was chicken!! Today I asked for NO sour cream (like I always do) and got sour cream. Also asked for only HOT sauce. Gave me one hot and two mild. Might be my last time going to this one.

  8. thomas Slayer

    Some days are better than others one day you’ll get a really greasy burrito the next day it’ll be perfect

  9. Katie Old Rock

    Amazing food and service!!

  10. Daniel Hosler

    Best street style tacos in town

  11. Pswans509

    Terrible service. Cold food. Doesn’t listen to special requests last time I’ll spend a dollar there thanks Valeria. Customer service was terrible

  12. joe77098

    There 1doller taco Tuesday is awesome . Very good street tacos. Where you get a good taco for a buck . . You can’t get anything for a dollar anymore. So yes this is a great deal. 🌮🌯 🍮🥤🌶️

  13. Tebaliah Blackwell

    Delicious! Good portions and reasonable prices. Salsa was very spicy 😊

  14. calamity riven

    The best Mexican food in town

  15. Bob

    After moving from California a few months ago we’ve been trying to find authentic Mexican food and we finally did!!!! The lengua tacos reminded me of home and now we will be there every Tuesday!!!! Absolutely amazing!!

  16. Joshua McClintock

    Get the breakfast burrito, you won’t be sorry!

  17. Aleshia Schatz

    Amazing fast food , w fast food prices , but taste like a home-cooked Mexican meal. Amazing 👏

  18. Killa B

    Love the Northside location. Excellent tacos and only $1 on Taco Tuesday. Peace and love!

  19. Oscar Saldana

    Best bang for your buck. Great service. Adovada and cabeza is pretty good. New to the area. Best Mexican food I’ve had in Spokane so far..

  20. M Turner

    Mini tacos carne asada are the best here!

  21. MJ Owens

    The food is decent but our order is wrong at least half the time. Even when they read back the order, it’s still wrong. We steer clear because it’s too much of a gamble.

  22. Aiden Isaiah Lopez

    Food is ok and drive thru is ridiculous. 30 min waits

  23. Javier Garza

    Great value. Great food.

  24. Tanishia McArthur

    Food is always good

  25. Shane Ridley-Stevens

    Hey all my relations, the Tuesday tacos are divine! Gosh dang it they are good.

  26. Kristen Kekich

    They gave me the wrong burrito. It tasted ok but I didn’t really eat much of it because it wasn’t what I wanted.

  27. Bob Paget

    I have been looking for Mexican food that didn’t taste canned. So many places in Spokane taste like left over school lunches. This was amazing! Been here 3 times and each time have tried something new. I have not been disappointed. I am looking forward to my next trip. You should be too.

  28. Anne Spears

    Excellent for fast food. Great prices and pretty decent food. I’d rate it 4½ stars even.

  29. James Squires

    Atilanos is good fast Mexican food. It’s decent ingredients and good flavor. And the price is excellent also. $1 Street Taco Tuesday’s are excellent. I think you’ll like it.

  30. Frank “The Tank” Thompson

    Great food. Big portions. Easy on the wallet. Super friendly staff.

  31. Brett Freeman

    Drive thru lady didn’t understand English… hard to order if customer doesn’t speak Spanish….

  32. William Benson

    Good food. Drive-in sound system could be better. A staple for the “on the go” crowd looking for something above “fast food”. The fare keeps faith with its roots.

  33. Danzing Watson

    $1 Taco Tuesday gave us food poisoning, still bothering us and it’s Friday now…. Thanks🙄

  34. Debra Husick

    Great food, never have any complaints by far one of the best Mexican restaurants

  35. PJ S

    Food was ok

  36. Chang Xiong

    Was able to get a fish burrito where you can’t get it anywhere else. 😋

  37. Corina Perez

    Ordered food and picked it realize it was the wrong kind of meat apple with a manager today and was no help after asking him if he was the manager to told me to come by later when the cashier comes in around 5 so that she can help me figure things out coming from a person that works in customer service this is poor customer service and I won’t be ordering anymore food from here

  38. Randall

    Place is in need of help. Dirty

  39. Maria Oakey

    Great food

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