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Atilano’s Mexican Food

Mexican Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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102 reviews for “Atilano’s

  1. icedt forme

    Some seriously good food. And very reasonably priced! I agree the guacamole is a little weird at first. Very runny, but it tastes good. People are super friendly. The drive thru is pretty wonky, so you might prefer to just walk in to order. The food makes up for any minor issues I might have, it’s delicious! Recommended.

  2. Sir Vilhelm of Yanderland

    Just finished my enchiladas. Excellent food. Nice people. I’m staying at the Mireabu Hotel across the street. Walked over, . Steak was hot, lettuce and veggies were cold and crisp. Rice was hot and fluffy. Beans were hot and fresh. Owners / employees were polite, fast and in great moods.

  3. Robert M

    Great burritos. Meat was hot and had good flavor. Cashier was very helpful. I come here for the best Carne Asada North of Winnimuca! Beaver Utah has a good one too! Hard to find good San Diego Mexican food this far North! Keep it going! I would say maybe some better quality Tortillas. Genuine carne asada yes there will be grease!

  4. Amanda Pope

    So rude. There wasn’t even anyone behind or in front of us while in the drive thur. Yet the man just keeping saying anything else over and over. I didn’t even order food for myself because of how rude he was.

  5. Chris Calvert

    Every time I go there they have the most greasy burritos to the point you can’t take a bite without getting a mouthful of grease not worth the money

  6. David Mordue

    Amazing fresh burritos at great prices. Definitely the best in Spokane!

  7. LeRoy Byrd

    Always great food and terrific people. I eat there quite often

  8. Kevin Andrew

    And you always get a lot for what you like . I usually make two meals out of a burrito

  9. Steve Matranga

    Very authentic and delicious.

  10. Jessica Gilbert

    THIEVES! Make sure you ask for a receipt and check your bank statements! Because they will slip in an unauthorized 20% tip and not give you a receipt and then have the AUDACITY to try to make you feel guilty that you’re “taking tips back from each employee”
    It wasn’t a mistake, it was intentional. The guy admitted it! And tried to tell my husband that I gave him the tip. No sir, I wasn’t even given the option to tip, my card was handed through the drive through and ran inside. We were told “if you’re here In 10 minutes you can have your tip back” it’s not about the money, it’s the fact that you are STEALING from your customers!

  11. L Holten

    Love this place.. great food.
    Drive through speaker needs to be fixed.

  12. Ryan Fowler

    Some of the worst food ive had at a mexican restaurant in 40 years. Got 2 beef enchiladas. So much salt my dog wouldnt touch it. Pretty sure its a stew meat blend not shredded beef. So horrible. Thought i would give it a try but never again.

  13. Later_G

    High quality food made fresh. Great prices to boot. Drive thru is hard to interact with simply due to the speaker and microphone being used by the staff and it being muffled. Tipping system can be a little awkward in the way that they always ask you directly if you’d like them to charge you extra.

  14. Alejandra Vargas

    I was in tonight on 1/22/22 at 10:30 pm and ordered steak nachos with no pico de gallo and the girl at the window charged me for 2 burritos and tried handing them to me, even though I repeated my order to her twice. Once over the headset and once at the window. I told her nicely the first time that that wasn’t my order. She came back with 2 boxes of nachos and I had to tell her again that it was just one box that I had ordered. She gave me one box and when I got home, I open my food up to be made wrong again. Employees really need to make sure they’re handing out the right orders. They messed up my order 3 times in just one order.

  15. Kaya Kennedy's Channel

    Great prices, authentic food, and friendly service. I get the Huevos Rancheros for breakfast and I’m never disappointed.

  16. Cherie South (Lady)

    I love this restaurant! Taco Tuesday is the bomb y’all! Ok, they make mini tacos, with choice of meat( we usually go for half steak and half chicken) cilantro, onion and if you choose, green and or red sauce on 2 little mini flour tortillas!! I’m not kidding when I say, absolutely freaking delicious! I’m very happy that authentic Mexican food is definitely here to stay in Spokane!!! To all the staff and owners, thanks for the most delicious meal I’ve Ever had at an authentic Mexican restaurant!!

  17. Spider Person

    Their fish tacos are fantastic, as is their pollo. The Carne isn’t that good, though. All in all a good place to eat though. If you’re fat like me, though, avoid sitting in the booths lol. The tables are too close to the benches for people with guts.

  18. James Hatch

    They have some of the best breakfast burritos around. They are so big me and my wife have to split one. Great value and great food.

  19. Robert C

    Great authentic Mexican food…not all locations are equal but this particular location is friendly, clean and well managed serving excellent food.

  20. Leo B

    As a mexican , I can’t recommend this place , the food is not good , the Tacos doesn’t taste as tacos .
    Any way here in all spokane there’s not a place where you can find a real taco. Even here . If I could add cero stars I would like to add 0 stars.

  21. vwmoneypitgarage

    Omg Taco Tuesday best value. The Carne Asada Nachos Best in Town!

  22. Kim C

    Horrible service…. the chic at counter is sooooooo unprofessional

  23. Nic Foss

    Best burritos in town, especially for the price.

  24. Britney Grover

    Great food, friendly service, good prices and fantastic atmosphere. Can’t wait to go again!

  25. Sean Sevey

    Hit or miss, usually miss.

  26. stefani capi

    This is my second time coming here and it is always yummy. They are always friendly & helpful too! They have pretty good tacos de asada & yummy jaritos. They also have a drive through in case you don’t want to come inside.

  27. Douglas Iverson

    The food was good, the service was acceptable, and it was clean enough. The place is always fairly busy. Expect to wait a while if you go on taco Tuesday! (We watched two order go out the door of 70 and more taco’s) wow!

  28. Dale McCallum

    Some of the best tacos in town along with many other foods.

  29. Fabiola Guerrero

    Normally extremely picky when it comes to food. I’ve had alot of my customers as well as xo workers and friends recommend this place and I am pretty impressed . I went with the Tripas burrito and it was soooo good!! Definitely recommend 👌:) will be back again

  30. Phil Proctor

    If you are looking for the real deal, this is your place!

  31. Dennis Dillabough

    Love this place for quality and price. The food is amazing it would be a little better if they would make the speaker louder though.

  32. Jenny “J Bird” H

    Love this place! We have been going since they only had one location on the north side, and I was thrilled when they put one so close to me. Good value for a lot of food!!

  33. Bill Bakeberg

    Great food, I have their tacos three times a week, I’m addicted.

  34. Kylun Wall (TheLaughingShadow)

    The staff is terrible. I waited forever while two guys in the back yelled at each other before I could even order. Somewhere in the time span of 8 minutes. When I finally did get my order in he did get the whole order… I didn’t know this. The order they did get in, they couldn’t make bc they had no torta bread. So I wait a total of 38 minutes to get two terribly made. And paid a total of 21 dollars for two tacos and jarritos, an horchata, and some peppers. Wish I hadn’t tipped 4 dollars at the time of purchase. Terrible food, terrible service, terrible prices.

  35. Kaila Thoren

    Went to get a bite to eat with a friend, Waited while the staff argued… we finally ordered for dine in and paid, sat down then I was told they didn’t have what I paid for, so picked a taco plate instead, waited while the 3 people behind us received their orders. Finally got a Togo box 2 tacos no beans or rice, or my friends order. Sad day.

  36. Joy Matisse

    Today our food was extra salty from the refried beans to all of our meat plates (Carne asada, Pollo and Carnitas). Hopefully this is not a trend as we do frequent this location often.

  37. Alex Drexel

    Best burritos in Spokane. Whether this location or the one downtown, Atilano’s always hits the spot. Go for the Atilano burrito, and get a bunch of green sauce to go with, you won’t regret it.

  38. Ru C

    super good and fresh! love having different ethnic food in our town

  39. John Natale

    Good variety of choices and very filling. Although I prefer Sweeto Burrito in terms of taste this place certainly has the advantage on store hours, variety, and price point. Overall I usually have a good experience here.

  40. Kyle & Cortney Galvez

    Emplees are nice and the food is great for a decent price. Ordering in the drive thru is really hard because of the speaker. Ive had a few orders that where incomplete because nither of us could hear each other.

  41. Glen Reser

    Today, I ordered takeout at the Atilanos on Sullivan in the valley. I went during lunch hour and the drive through was packed so I parked and went in.

    I have never been to this specific Atilanos before but I was surprised at how big and nice the dining area was.

    I ordered the carne Asada burrito and tater tots. My total came to $12.50. I had to wait a decent while for my food to come out but I knew it would be fresh.

    I took my lunch back to work. The burrito was huge, hot, fresh and delicious. I could have ate half and been satisfied but I powered through and finished the entire burrito. I’m still full. The Tater tots were a little soggy. It could have been because they were in a styrofoam box and the steam got to them. Although the tots were a dud, the burrito was money and I will be going back.

  42. Nick Stewart

    I wish I would have stopped in sooner! The best tacos, enchiladas, and burritos in the valley… no question!! Their pork is outstanding!

  43. Rachael Gonzalez

    Food is always really great at a good price. Warning use the hot sauces lightly as thier food is already spicy. Made this mistake once before. Only down voted because the manido is inconsistent. Normally I brings joy to my husband’s face that my cooking could never do, but one week they went all in on the heat (not usually hot) and it gave my husband bad heart burn. That was the only time he never finished his bowl.

  44. Valeria Valiente

    Love the prices here. Went twice on a recent 3 day trip. Loved the fresh $5 shrimp ceviche tostada and the $10 huevos rancheros.

  45. Andy Ramirez

    I got the #9 two chicken Burritos with rice and beans. Price was less than a competing Mexican Restaurant but let’s face it, this is a fast food joint, not a Mexican Restaurant so maybe comparison is not entirely fair. However the two chicken Burritos were wrapped in two tortillas that were extremely large, fat filled, thin low quality. No seasoned chicken I took it home and did that myself. This place is a wanna be restaurant but not the best at all.

  46. Boss Dawg

    Features: They must make their money off of their green and red salsa… while 90% of the time the food has been terrific… they often short you sides both sides of salsa. Ask for 5 of each and receive 3 of each. and if you ask for extra you seem to get a water down version. I have even offered to pay extra for salsa. In a large half pint cup which is offered on their menu…..and still got a diluted version… very disappointing and seems consistent. I have probably eaten there 20 times and and anytime I ask for what I think they would consider above average amount of salsa I have received a water down version Or a definitely short count of what I requested. or even when I ask for a pint of salsa and pay for it it is not to the same standard as their other salsa you’re salsa. Weird if that was an issue just charged for it??? Also especially the Sullivan branch for being a new location they’re microphone barely works and they hardly have anybody working who who can understand or repeat clean English I understand it’s a Mexican restaurant but it is often insulting and you feel like badgering with them at the window affects your order. Food quality is usually good but customer service and amenities suck a**

  47. Heather M. Kelly

    Absolutely the highest quality of food AND customer service in the Inland Northwest. Hands down; no one can compete!!!

  48. Jesse C

    It’s a mixed bag, the food was authentic and very tasty, but the drive thru made it difficult to order. The speaker on the menu was unclear and not easy to understand, this was compounded by the accent of the person taking the order(to be clear, I appreciate the authentic cuisine there is just a language barrier). My thought would be to have a kiosk at the menu or an app that can be ordered from.

  49. Danielle Roth

    Waited 45 minutes in the drive thru line just to be told they don’t have any cheese to make the quesadilla I ordered 45 mins prior when I made it to the window.

  50. Kyle N.

    Ordered two CA burritos no pico. Get the order and pico. Everytime I come here they have their credit card reader asking for tip, I’d have no problem leaving one if I could actually get the food the way I order it. Last time I’m spending $8 on a burrito here.

  51. Shawna Cole

    The best carne asada burrito around.

  52. Trevor Mee

    The food was great I got a carne asada giant burrito and a carne asada torta and the only reason I give a 4 star is the meat was very tough in both items I ordered and the burrito was very small if your lucky it was 7″X2″

  53. Jake_ Star _Positivity

    Good food but hard to hear the speaker and I got something different then I actually wanted. If you want hot sauce, this place will have you crying!! The tacos were stuffed with ingredients!! I have tried them multiple times and will go back again. More quality food then taco bell for sure!!

  54. GHOST 1893

    3 times in the last month that order was messed up for dinner. Decided to try a breakfast burritos and the meat was burned like it was left over from a prior order.

    Manager refuses to turn the speaker up in drive thru so you can actually clearly understand. Employees know and even stated Manager refuses to turn it up.

  55. Kristi Eaton

    Tried to find a place open after 10 pm and so glad I found Atilanos. We only had tacos but they were great. I loved the extra thick and crispy tortillas. Hottest hotsauce I’ve ever had, so use with caution.

  56. Pablo Garcia

    Delicious mexican restaurant at a very reasonable price…

  57. D D

    We absolutely loved the food here. Great prices and especially loved the refried beans. The burritos were really good.

  58. Douglas Keene

    Very clean and neat at this new location. Food was great, huge, and in the San Diego tradition of Mexican food in the Southern Mexico style. Not fancy, just good.

  59. Tyson Higham

    The carne asada and carnitas street tacos were delicious! The fish-head tacos were interesting, a strange combination of crunchy and chewy… still 5 stars though for the great service!

  60. Enrique Pina

    The California burrito was terrible I couldn’t finish it even though I was really hungry

  61. Roger Carranza

    Half the time it’s okay half the time it’s terrible. Frequently will get the wrong order. Employees become very irritable with customers. It seems like they are extremely short staffed on Tuesday’s

  62. Kempton Warr

    I’ve eaten at every Atilanos in Spokane and I must say… this is the best one. Every time I get those little tacos or those giant burritos it makes my day. They are super friendly to the customers, even on taco tuesday!!! Atilanos at the top of the food game on Sullivan.

  63. Jeffrey R

    Pretty magical, lunch can be super busy, they do have indoor seating , 1.00 tacos on Tuesdays ..

  64. Colene B

    These guys are always slammed but still come with the best customer service. I’ll always be back. Thanks Omar!

  65. Josh Jaeckel

    Didn’t even get in they are lieing to you do not show up at 6 am they are not open total bull

  66. Egypt Granillo

    I love Atilanos, dont get me wrong. But this was the worst night EVER. My husband asked for 3 beef street tacos, yet gave crunchy tacos. I was okay with that.. busy night, I get it. What upset me was my husband’s crunchy chicken tacos had ONE. BITE. EACH.. Atilanos is usually a reputable place, but lately, my order has always been messed up in some way. I understand being short staffed, supply and demand.. but don’t scam you customers.

  67. Martha Martinez

    Great tasting authentic Mexican food!
    Can’t wait to eat here again.

  68. Vicki Slater

    Nope!! I have Grey hair …. I found 2 long black hairs in my tacos !!!
    18.00 and ot went in the trash !
    The one in coeurdalene is really good !
    Won’t be going back to the one in the valley …
    Sorry it couldn’t of been a better review

  69. 2 crazy sisters TJ & Lee

    The dude who takes your order is hilarious.. The food as thr kids would say is ” busin busin “. So yum and you get a ton of food. Oh and yes they have the world’s biggest best B’s frfr..

  70. Mark Webb

    Disorganized, beyond slow. Most orders ahead of ours was not right.

  71. take cbd

    This place doesn’t make my food how I ordered it over and over and over. Get it together Atilanos.

  72. James Garmon

    Everything about this place is great except the drive thru speaker that is literally the hardest thing to ever hear as is, then add Spanish speaking native accents and you dunno if you even got what you wanted. I’ve gotten the wrong stuff a few times just based on that terrible speaker.

  73. A B

    Went here for the first time. Had the worst experience and I do not recommend going here. They were rude, overcharged me and then argued with me when I pointed out on the receipt that they overcharged me. If you do go here be careful. They are adding charges without telling you that’s more than their advertised menu.

  74. Diana Dowd

    Ordering online automatically adds a to the order which I’m already being charged for the delivery service. Also I had crispy ground beef tacos which hardly had any meat… you get more meat from other fast food stores. There was no salsa that I was told they do include with every meal. I also ordered fish tacos… the explanation online sounded so good but I’m not sure it met the standard you set. The fish was so tiny but it was smothered with cabbage. I love Mexican food and I have gotten other items in the past that were delicious. I will be back hopefully but not anytime soon.

  75. Berto Ramirez

    Great food most of the time, but it gets busy sometimes and quality really slips. Miss the busy times, and its super!

  76. Kristine Smith

    Hands down the best tacos 🌮 I have ever had. My family and I loved the food and great service. We had a wonderful time.

  77. Greg Fagan

    Nothing special, just like the other Northside and Southside restaurants, Nothing special!

  78. Laura Hackney

    Way better then the downtown atilanos… Much nicer ppl to deal with.

  79. Christine Douglas

    I am not sure how they do it but it’s dried out and greasy at the same time! Inconsistent food, questionable service… My last trip was my family’s final trip as my entire order was wrong and I was served rotted iced tea with no ice…. Just gross! It’s definitely declined in quality… Don’t waist your money!

  80. Joshua Finley

    Really good Mexican food served fast. The staff are really nice and they always say “see you tomorrow!” 😂

  81. Amber

    This location is my go to for a delicious, quick, cheap dinner. They never judge the fact I always roll up in my car smelling like cannabis. One time one of the drive through people said “your car smells nice, ma’am.”👍 😂 🔥

  82. Todd S

    Been twice for breakfast,
    sausage burrito was fair.
    Chorizo burrito was the driest thing ever and no flavor

  83. Frank Riddle II

    One of those gems of a spot. If you are from Cali or AZ, this is your go to spot. Nuff said.

  84. Adam Stark

    Great tacos, street style authentic Mexican. The hottest sauce is muy picantante.

  85. Rick Rossberg

    Awesome, authentic, Mexican food 😋 Go on taco Tuesday! $1 tacos . I don’t eat fast food and don’t consider this food “fast food ” . Great price for the Awesome food you get!

  86. Chet Savage

    Best quick burritos around. The Pollo asado is fantastic! And very reasonably priced.

  87. Elizabeth Bledsoe

    Very rude will never come back asked for sour cream never got it asked for lemonade it was water

  88. Bailey Sampson

    Cheap eats. Satisfying food. I had 2 sopes for about $7 after tax and it was more than enough food to satisfy. The meat was tender, the lettuce fresh, and the salsa has the right amount of heat.

  89. David Sizemore

    I ordered a variety tacos and the gal stuck my to go order in the bag vertically so everything spilled into the next. I went in to ask for assistance and she acted put out and inconvenienced so I asked for a simple refund. She brought the manager and he handled it appropriately. Won’t be back to this location.

    I was so sad cause I was craving tacos. 😪

  90. Jenna Nickles

    Veggie burrito smacks for the price. Nothing that blows your mind but when you’re baked it will.

  91. Jeff F. Olson

    Authentic quisine. Great portions. FANTASTIC PRICES!

  92. Yeshua Hamashiach

    If you like dog food with a touch of diarrhea afterwards then this place is for you 👎👎

  93. Derek Sovereign

    $1 Taco Tuesday is amazing. Excellent variety and great food

  94. Jacob Day

    Excellent potato egg shell burritos!

    We ordered a Washington burrito and a sausage breakfast burrito. Both burritos were 97% potatos.

    The Sausage breakfast burrito was a special treat because it was 97% potatoes, 1% egg shells, and 2% puréed eggs with sausage flavor.

    Highly recommend if you love potatoes seasoned with egg shells.

  95. Jeff Gordner

    Food quality and portion size surprisingly good for a fast food eatery

  96. Lori Kirby

    Could not even begin to order. The girl answering the phone acted so put upon. Thereafter, I got a gentleman on the phone who really didn’t want to take our order. We hung up and went somewhere else.

  97. sara cameron

    My BF thought the beef had an off flavor. My rolled chik tacos were delicious. It was about 20 min before closing and the guy working was very nice

  98. Trishia Ybarra

    Good food at a great price. Easy to get to and large portions

  99. Andrey Lukashev

    The food is ok, nothing exciting. Very little cheese on nachos, menu items dry overall. I think the price keeps them competitive.

  100. Dee Dee Kabureck

    Quick smooth and yummy!!!! Thank you very much for being open so early also👍🤘

  101. Samantha Perry

    I always love going here and will continue to go more!!!

  102. Julie James

    Crispy tacos for taco Tuesday!
    So delicious! 😋 🌮

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