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Azteca Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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77 reviews for “Azteca

  1. John Smith

    Azteca Mexican Restaurant – Food 8

  2. Austin Taylor

    This was good. They were a little busy, so we waited a little longer than normal.

  3. John Pauley

    The service was awesome but not enough seasoning and flavor.

  4. Ted Morgan

    8 stars for the fish tacos!

  5. Rebecca George

    Service was terrible..waitress forgot our food..ended up having one person with no food..had to has bus boy for refills because our waitress did not come.check on us

  6. whipingboy101

    Ordered for a specific time. Order wasn’t even entered into the system until I arrived. They don’t offer any sort of delivery either. Poor service to say the least.

  7. Chantal Hansen-fuller

    Our sever was great. They were sorta busy, bit that is no excuse to wait for 20 min till anyone even come over to us, especially when you have 3 workers standing around talking at the front of the house. Didn’t get the chops and salsa till we got our meal? Were out of what we tried to order, when we finally did get our food, the plate was warmer than the food. There are better place to get tacos for sure. Won’t be back.

  8. Dwight Howard

    Service was slow, much slower than previously obtained.

    The server was less than attentive for this hour of the day.

  9. Paris Underwood

    Fantastic food and fantastic service. Staff is friendly and they bring your food pretty quick. Favorite location.

  10. Slightly Twisted

    I have walked by here many times, thinking we should try it really glad I finally did

  11. Joseph Amos

    great… do not overcrowd… your experience will suffer. Very polite staff, don’t be a Karen!

  12. Nash Stuhlmiller

    Went there last night defiantly the worst experience I’ve ever had I completely wasted $50 the waitress didn’t give us time to order cam back every 2 second befor I could even get thro reading one item and asked if we where ready she rushed us thro a drink order by handing us the drink menu and just sat there waiting for us to choose so we just picked something and wow food was horrible drink tasted like it was just chili powder had clumps of Tahin in it my food was hot but half of the tortilla was cold almost like it came out of a microwave my girlfriend loved her rice and that’s all that could be said what a good way to waste $50 will never be going there again after years of business from me this was last

  13. Kevin Bryant

    Food was great as always some servers need help our main server didn’t seem like she wanted to be there. But thanks to the young man that got our food to us and drinks I give it a 3 star need some work with employees not wearing their feelings on their sleeve.

  14. Angela

    I had to ask for a to go cup 3 times before I finally got it. Waitress was not friendly. Food was like warm.

  15. Ashley Garrett

    We were ignored several times, as the waitress helped every table around us, and would continue to walk by ours. Guacamole had a TON of onions! Completely ruined it. Definitely won’t be back!

  16. Kelli Geris

    Each time we visit, we have always had a great experience. The manager, Jen, provides amazing, fast service and we will definitely be back and recommend to our family and friends.

  17. RainbowSpice15

    It was my first time eating here, so I was a little hesitant on what to get. I ended up ordering Shrimp and had sea food taco’s. I have a lot of food allergies on top of Celiac disease, so it wasn’t ideal if you are like me and can’t eat certain foods because the menu for GF is maybe 3 things, that aside I liked my meal I just wish I could have eaten the carmalized carrots but because of my braces I couldn’t. They make some TOUGH carrots haha.

  18. Tessa Shining

    They have the best fajitas and margaritas

  19. Michelle Darnell

    Great food, great staff, and stellar customer service! Jennifer C is always great!

  20. Sheila Borst

    I like this place. The food is always good. The only reason for the 4/5 stars is that 4/5 times you’ll get a waitress, waiter or host/ess with a bad attitude that acts like you being there is inconvenient to them. It’s in the water for sure. Have to beg for more chips or refills. But the food is always delicious!

  21. Antonio Gonzales

    I recommend the one on the Northside of spokane. The rice was over cooked here, no seasoning and we order two plates with the same sauce and one was older and not made the same..

  22. kathy clark

    Had to ask for help several times to get a waiter.

  23. Nonna

    Service was outstanding (Alexa) I think. Chips and salsa great. Chimichangas were just ok. I wont order them again.

  24. Jardin Verde Claire

    The restaurant is beautifully decorated and the waitstaff were helpful and friendly but the food wasn’t good.

  25. Elizabeth Izazaga

    Great customer service! Maria was our waitress and she treated us very lovely, she was very attentive and friendly. We hope this place values her hard and dedicated work . Thank you Maria.

  26. January McArthur

    Love the food great costumers service

  27. Leslie Neal-Richardson

    Absolutely best service and food around! My favorite place Mexican restaurant in town!

  28. Layce Hutton

    Great experience. The whole family enjoyed. Great Mexican food my favorite place in town so far. Great service. Highly recommend the queso. Food was delicious.

  29. Erica C

    Wait staff extremely rude. Food ok.

  30. Shanny Marie

    Best blackberry margaritas ever! Food was wonderful and the service was great.

  31. Loren Carver

    The food was good, service was good. Forgot my phone on the table and the waiter ran out and gave it to me. I would’ve forgotten it otherwise.

  32. Britney Bjork

    We ordered the big platter and wasn’t allowed to eat it there… Strange to us

  33. Rena Drabant

    Get the chicken Mexican pizza.
    You’re welcome! Lol

  34. Marcelo Montoya

    We could smell the Hot Fajitas dish which was invigorating.

  35. Austin Calzada

    The location on the Northside has better quality food. But this place is less busy, probably cause that lesser food quality.?

  36. Sara Tillery

    It wasn’t bad.. but they changed there salsa flavor .. no spice so sad.. ☹️ the rice was greasy and had no flavor.. tamales and chimichanga were good!!!

  37. Ben Azar

    Great food and friendly staff!

  38. Chris Brooks

    Azteca is going downhill fast in Spokane! Our family came in from out of town and wanted to eat at Azteca. We had stopped going to Azteca in Spokane and Spokane Valley because the quality and excellence had seriously declined; but you never know, it could have made a rebound, right?

    Ah, NO! We called ahead for reservations at 4:30 PM for our family; for roughly 11 people, it was a terrible experience. The only reason I am giving Azteca 1 star is the effort of the waitress who was already working another party of about 12 people.

    When we arrived at 4:20, the hostess said she would prepare our table, and we ended up not getting seated until almost 5 PM. It was a good thing we arrived early, and our family came later.

    The set of tables was very close quarters to the other party in the same small area; we readjusted the tables so there was enough room to back a chair up without hitting the folks at the other table of 12+ people, and the waitress could walk between the tables.

    The one waitress they had working in this area did her best; she was kind and tried to provide good service, but what can you do when there is so much demand and no ability to meet it?

    It took forever to get our food; the food was cold when it finally arrived. Even though the waitress said hot plate, it was the coldest food I’ve ever had at a Mexican restaurant. When you get shrimp in butter sauce, it should be piping hot. The cold stuff like PICO and guacamole should be cold, and the beans, rice, and main entrée should be hot. Instead, the guacamole and PICO were warm from being under the heat light for a long time. The entrée was cold, along with the beans and rice. It was not a quality food experience!

    Azteca could have just said we cannot support your reservation due to staffing!

    Instead, it was a Greek tragedy from the start! I know the plandemic caused a massive disconnect in staffing, customer service, and support, but in this case, the waitress did her best in a bad situation. We gave her a great tip, but the leadership at Azteca set their folks up for failure in this situation. IT NEEDS A LOT OF WORK, AZTECA!

  39. Travis Fiest

    Some of the best Margaritas 🍹

  40. Collette Pipkins

    We had a ground beef taco salad and chicken chimichangas.The meat in both tasted horrible and had a weird texture. The server got our ordesr wrong several times and would only make eye contact with me, even wihen others in our group were ordering. When we got the reciept, they also overcharged us (which they did fix when brought to their attention).

  41. Genealogy Genius

    Service and food were excellent

  42. Mike Coleman

    The service was good, the food was pretty good. I had the carne asada, the meat was delicious and the beans were a little bland. The top shelf margarita was really good. I feel the prices are a little too high for the location quality of food/service.

  43. Rob Nachtwey

    Always love going there! Service and food always great

  44. Patrick McGaughey

    We took a mid-afternoon shopping break and shared a great Tostada plate but gave Jennifer a 30% tip for making us feel like full meal customers. Always enjoy this Azteca.

  45. Erin Kosanke

    Fast and friendly service. Food is amazing. Great margaritas 🍹 😋

  46. Matt Spriggs

    Outstanding enchiladas and delicious rice!!!

  47. Jennifer Swanson

    I love the chicken en mole. Yum! The Cocktel de Cameron hot is delicious too. Super nice staff.

  48. Kris

    Food was not impressive but everything else was fine.

  49. Diana Colgrove

    Staff is very accommodating and the food is always abundant and delicious. You won’t leave hungry

  50. Jeffrie Bond (J.Bond)

    Excellent food, margarita, and service. Wife (who loves fish) enjoyed the fish tacos. My personal favorite the ground beef enchilada. Combos, of course. Huge servings which we wolfed down ALL and was FULL the rest of day. So good you couldn’t stop eating.

  51. Scott

    Placed an online order. They messed up part of the order with incorrect meat choice. Didn’t receive guacamole or sour cream listed in menu description. Arrived to pick up order when they said it’d be ready, but still waited 10 minutes. We did enjoy the food received though. Just not happy with the service.

  52. Munguunuu Munguunuu

    Service and food is very good.Please waiters are Do not touch no wearing gloves slide lemon and lime.

  53. Christa Bertleson

    Good food, friendly service, clean cozy environment for a nice family dinner.

  54. Lara M

    Great food and service, always! Very helpful with dietary restrictions and finding alternatives to fit them.

  55. John Sayles

    I am diabetic and cant eat a lotnof carbs. I ordered fajitas but told them I couldn’t eat the beans or rice and asked for extra veggies. They wouldn’t accommodate me. I ended up paying full price for a very small dinner.

  56. Nekoda Norczyk

    Food is always way to greasy and is kinda gross but it’s descent enough

  57. Courtney Ryan

    Ordered chicken enchiladas verde and a la crema to go.

    -Service was good and timing on order was prompt, meaning the food was still hot!
    -Husband said his verde enchiladas were “pretty good” and I enjoyed the rice and beans.

    -Both salsa and crema sauce were runny and pretty flavorless.
    -Huge slices of onion in sauces. Didn’t contribute to flavor at all, and texture was unappetizing.
    -Salsa tasted like spaghetti sauce.
    -Chips were stale.

    We probably wouldn’t order here again, it did not taste as good as it used to and the quality didn’t match up to other Azteca locations and prices.

  58. Todd Arnold

    Pleasantly surprised. Didn’t expect much from a chain Mexican place inside of a shopping mall, but both the food and service were really good. This is the 2nd really good restaurant in the Spokane valley mall to surprise me, going to need to check my mall-food snobbery.

  59. Jennifer Littlefield

    I hadn’t been to an Azteca in years but I’m so glad I stopped in for lunch! The chips and salsa were pretty good. I had the enchiladas a la crema with cheese and chicken. Next time I’d get both with cheese. The chicken was fine but not very flavorful. The crema sauce was delicious! My mom had the chile relleno and said it was one of the best she’s ever had. Rice and beans were both on point as well.

  60. Gypsy Danger

    Server was pretty good, good was delicious, but their prices have gone up quite a bit since last time we were there.

  61. Gordon Fitzwater

    Food was not very good, cold and tasteless. Our server was great though al.ost made up for the tasteless food.

  62. lakhvir “Lovie” sohal

    Service was absolutely top notch, food was very delicious, fresh , hot and a lot. Very clean restaurant, great for kids.

  63. 25K Mike

    We’ve be coming to this location for years. We would have rather seen the price go up, but the quality has gone down. The service was great. It was just lower qualify beef, the chips aren’t as crisp and a quisadilla was mostly cheese no meat.

  64. Kerry Smith

    We set down our bags and the area was wet. Damaged the products we had just bought in the mall and it also smells bad now. They didn’t nothing to help the situation. The salsa was also bland and the food was not as good as it normally is. Honestly never eating here again.

  65. Mary Jo Donaldson

    Once we found out that this place served pollo fundidos (dish that we have been craving since we moved out of Arizona) we decided to go. Our waitress was super friendly and very attentive. After receiving our food we both quickly realized that this was not at all like the pollo fundido we were used to from Someburros in Arizona. This version was extremely loaded in cheese, and not the type of cheese you would expect on a Mexican dish in a Mexican restaurant, it was American cheese like the Kraft singles. Needless to say it wasn’t very good, it was just barely edible. We wished we would’ve spent our money elsewhere or maybe just ordered something different.

  66. Fabiola Guerrero

    My first time here and it was great. Had the Fajita sampler that came with rice , beans tortillas , sour cream ,guacamole and pico de gallo. I had a pomegranate margarita.

  67. Vickie Merriott

    This used to be a good Mexican restaurant, now the tacos are soggy and lack any flavor. The Chimu was obviously frozen. They charge $3.50 for quacomole, the drinks are weak. Very disappointed.

  68. Richard Harmon

    Really good food. If you are shopping at the mall you can stop in and slit a meal.

  69. Tracey Parrish

    Went there for dinner last week with some friends. When we walked in there are signs now saying they charge extra for additional orders of their chips and salsa. Amazing how restaurants are always trying to cheat customers.

    Food isnt the best and seems to all taste the same. Their chicken smells like wet dog. We will take our business elsewhere.

  70. Steven Clark

    Charge for chips an salsa now..

  71. Raul Zaragoza

    Food always good. Server went above and beyond. Great time

  72. Pet Nanny

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Miles. His service was impeccable to say the very least. Food was pretty tasty too. I will be back again and again. 😁

  73. Mary Vanderleur

    This is another place I would recommend the food is always hot as it always is a Mexican restaurant and also good the service was great

  74. Patrick Peterson

    My wife and I go here about once a month for a lovely lunch and a little cocktail great and friendly service. Also good advice on tequilas.

  75. Angel Galan

    Always great food and great service from all locations. Weather it’d dinner for the family or drinks after work I’m never disappointed

  76. Sumies Nunya

    Little expensive, the food was ok. Staff was friendly and helpful, explained the menu to me really well. My pregnant daughter currently loves this place.

  77. Ajm 2022

    Huge portions,friendly server, good food

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