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Bangkok Thai

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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52 reviews for “Bangkok Thai

  1. Jo Peterson

    Very expensive garbage! Horrible! Don’t waste your time or money. One star only because they were open late and the cashier was nice.

  2. Stephanie Williams

    Good food but I spent $55 on takeout for 2! That is insane. If I had gotten a total over the phone when I called in the order I would’ve canceled it right then and there.

  3. Rose Davis

    Picked up take out for dinner. It was so hot, we could not consume it. I returned it the next day, and they did replace it, but the replacement had nearly no meat or vegetables. If you feel like spending $45 for rice noodles, this is your place. You could probably get a better meal at the grocery store deli though.

  4. D Clinton

    The curry chicken and ginger beef were good. Found 2 starts to not be very spicy tonight.

  5. joes w

    Pretty good but way to much money for two people and take out was over 50 dollars i think that’s over priced and not worth it for us

  6. Joe Pronk

    Very disappointed with Bangkok Thai restaurant. Our order was incorrect, a three star spice order was not given any spice at all. Also, the amount of food provided was disproportionately much less than the inflated price we paid. Adding a surprise surcharge was not a friendly way to treat a customer. A restaurant can charge whatever they want but if you want return business it needs to give value back to the client. We are hoping this message will be taken to heart for a better experience next time.

  7. Austin Jones

    Been here twice, and have not been disappointed. Staff is nice, and the food is good. I would recommend having the food here. 👍

  8. Victor Matlock

    Excellent food and I’m vegan.
    Update- returned several times since this review. After the covid shutdown I returned to eat here again If I could I would give this place a zero star now the service and food is horrendous. Food had to be sent back because they put fish sauce in my food and I initially told them I was vegan.They would have served it to me if I didn’t ask him before they set it on my table. I ordered Thai iced tea with coconut milk first because I told them I was vegan. As I sat there I watched people come in for takeout and they were being told to come back in 45 minutes because their food was not ready, the people were very upset. My food had no taste whatsoever I ordered a two-star for heat it was a zero star. food was the worst I’ve ever had for Thai food. I will never return to this establishment again. What a shame

  9. Tiandra Miller

    The food was great and timely. It all tasted and looked great. Even the things with a little spice and heat were all edible. The service was timely and polite. I love this restaurant. One of my favorites

  10. Amy Jo garner

    Amazing food Lousy services. Our waitress never came to check on us after she served us. We had to look for our waitress when it was only my husband and I then one more table of 3 just to get our check and boxes. She was very rude and didn’t seem like she wanted to help us. My Beer was flat and tasted gross.

  11. Garrett Burt

    Great for – ordered takeout over the phone and everything was timely and super tasty! Was a little bit on the expensive side, but will definitely be eating here again.

  12. Walter Mueller Jr

    Love this place. The BBQ Thai Chicken & the Garlic Prawns were excellent.

  13. cosmos206

    Great service, serving size is amazing. Well cooked, had the duck, was not greasy like some restaurants.

  14. Cody Walker

    Really great food prepared well. Tasty and healthy if you choose right!

  15. Joshua Kautzman

    The chicken satay appetizer is great and the ginger duck is fantastic!

  16. james albright

    This food was not good. The steamed rice that came with the Papaya salad was stuffed into a plastic bag and I could tell that been sitting under a heat lamp for hours because it was actually crispy. Papaya salad was super spicy. I ordered “3”. There was little chicken in the lard naah, and it was basically soup. Rice noodles came separate and they were a brick inside a plastic bag. If you want to thicken your sauce a little I see no problem using cornstarch, but this was over the top. Also no utensils. Taste, when you got past everything else, was average at best. I’m just passing through, but I feel sorry for spokane if folks here think this is good Thai food.

  17. Cory Ballard

    Worst Pad Thai I have ever tasted, hands down. I’ve had tons of Pad Thai around the US and this was the weirdest, sweetest pad thai I have ever had. For $17, it was an additional slap in the face. Do yourself a favor and get a dish somewhere else.

  18. Deborah Kirwin

    Good food. There are 3 locations and you don’t always get the same meal from location to location.

  19. E Davis

    I almost walked out as it was taking far too long to get our water, and our drinks during lunchtime, I had to remind the young adult taking our order that I would like something to drink as well. Luckily my friend and I stuck with it, and the food brightened our spirits. Pineapple chicken looks special how it is placed in a pineapple and tastes even better. Coconut curry did not disappoint.

  20. Dwight Howard

    Small location. Attentive service. Server recommendations. Good portions. Nicely done!

  21. Jessica Masden

    Amazing experience! Wait staff was attentive, kind, and always helpful. The food was delicious and fast! We WILL be back for more!

  22. Ashley Cooper

    We waited forever to be greeted when we walked in. The wine I ordered was absolutely disgusting (beringer cab sav). The spring rolls were a joke. Our Tom yum had a plethora of mushrooms in it, way more than necessary (I love mushrooms) and it was lacking spice (we ordered 3 level on spice). The papaya salad was good, spice was perfect. Our server was friendly and really working hard, she was the only one. Very understaffed, which is understandable at this time, and I wish it didn’t have to reflect poorly on a place that has so many great reviews. I won’t be back.

  23. Katlyn Mcconnachie

    Not my favorite. I got the yellow curry my boyfriend got the red and mine came in a flat dish with low edges well his came in a bowl. Also the yellow curry which I get at quite a few different places around town was quite plain it had no peanuts in it, three huge potato chunks not cooked enough in my opinion some pork the curry sauce a little bit of onions and rice. The calamari we got was pretty chewy I don’t think I would order that again I wasn’t a fan of the red curry the yellow curry I would order again if I went there but I definitely would go to Thai bamboo not too far down the street and enjoyable yellow curry there a little better. Plus making the trip a couple of blocks down Sprague is a few dollars cheaper.

  24. Jason Dormady

    Weak spice / flavoring. Great service. Very clean and lovely interior. A bit pricey compared to other Thai places.

  25. Pipi Lulu

    Too sweet. Wish it was better. There needs to be more love and passion put into the cooking, I pay for 20$ just taste like sugar 😠 Tofu pad Thai

  26. Nonna

    One server but she did a great job. Our party of 6 was served at same time and another party of 11 as well several tables of 4 or 2. Many take outs were picked up and all accomplished on time.
    Nice selection of menu items. Everyone at our table was pleased.

  27. Dale Halstead

    We take everybody who comes to visit to Bangkok Thai for at least one meal while they are in town and everyone loves it

  28. Sandi Shadowsangel

    2 nights ago i decided to treat myself with a favorite since it has been at least 3 months since i last ordered. Well i am sad to say my usual dish did not appear to be the same dish at all!!! Right away all i could see when i opened thes container was large pieces of undercooked onions, in fact it seemed to be 75% of the container!!! Larger pieces of undercooked bell pepper, and green onion dominated the dish. They were all hard and difficult to chew. The little bit of chicken that came with the meal taste old. I was really disappointed!!!

  29. Craig Hunt

    Bangkok Thai in Spokane Valley has served up reliably tasty food for several years. I appreciate how their vegetables are cut, using just the right amount of sauces and seasoning and spices, and friendly service. The Tom Yum soup with 3-star heat was 🔥good.

  30. CPeezy9000

    Short version : The food is very bad. DISGUSTING SLOP. Go to Chans Bistro instead it’s like 30 seconds north from here and actually serves awesome food! This place is the worst meal I’ve had out to eat in a long time. Total waste of money. We had to go somewhere else after for dinner out as there was nothing on our plates that wasn’t amazingly borderline comically bad.

    Horrible food and rude apparent owner who is apparently in denial about the “food” they are sending out. Like someone from Kitchen Nightmares or something. Maybe Gordon should pay this slop shack a visit. I would never go back EVER again. Absolutely definitively terrible. We didn’t eat either of our meals because they were gag me gross, terrible tasting, disgusting flavorless mushy piles of slop. One bite out of each of our meals before sending them back to the trash can where apparently it was sourced from and we still paid $65 with the owner still coming out with attitude acting confused and telling us how everyone likes their food and acting as if we were crazy…what a looney. Disappointing overpriced garbage is an understatement. The waitress was very nice however so at least they’ve got that going for them. If you want good thai or asian food in this area go to Chans Bistro just a bit north of it off Argonne. Wayyyyyyyy better. Night and day better. Don’t waste your time or money with this place.

  31. Bailey DeHaas

    I could literally eat their coconut soup everyday of my life.

  32. Damoshay Ayers

    The food was fresh and lots of flavor.. and a very clean sitting area

  33. Joe Marsha Urlacher

    Best tasting tofu and mixed vegetables

  34. Denise Berry

    This is the best Thai I have ever had in Washington state. Totally worth the prices I’m telling you don’t skip this place!!! Amazing people and authentic Thai

  35. Caleb Johnson

    Beef pad thai was to “thai” for!! The waitress was phenomenal and the food was brought out very quick. First time at a thai restaurant and my buddy and I loved jt. Thank you so much and I will be back!

  36. Jeff Moll

    Gave this place a few chances, and was underwhelmed every time. Runny sauces that are supposed to be creamy, bland flavors and High prices. Chicken satay was burned and dry. Stay away unless you want bland overpriced food.

  37. Breanna June

    Old rating at bottom -UPDATING MY RATING UNFORTUNATELY, they must have lost cooks. Received about 4 separate orders over a month period with undercooked bell pepper, mushrooms, and various other vegetables, as well as missing ingredients in 2 of those orders. Got a refund for the 2 missing ingredients ones – bringing back the food. I did not want to give up on them; since I’d been religiously ordering for some time now. I ordered again on Wednesday and it was undercooked horribly. I threw it on my stove top and tried to heat it up; it was late and thats what they told me to do when I called the last time it was undercooked. I realized again they had used a different spice? And there were peanuts in it I’m assuming accidentally? (I ordered the #32 ginger chicken which is amazing when cooked correctly) so again not the dish I ordered and tasted completely different, and took me an extra 15-20min of heating it up my self and cooking it basically once I got home. Very disappointing and no longer going to be recommending them nor ordering. ——-Great customer service, amazing food, my personal favorites are #’s 40, 32, 34, 37 &12. I get the #32 with ginger chicken the most, take out style most of the time and it’s enough to feed me 2-3 days ♥︎ great portion sizes! All of their entrees are great sizes. And all of their appetizers are delicious 😋——

  38. Rachel Waste

    Date night with the hubby. We both ordered the Gang Massaman curry with chicken(no spice). And mini spring rolls with plum sauce. Everything was delicious. The restaurant was beautiful and clean. If I was to nit pick I would say the chicken and onions in the curry were a little on the cold side.

  39. Michael Moore

    The food looked amazing and I really wanted to try it but I stood there for 20 minutes waiting to be seated and watched the poor server, give every single plate/order to the wrong person/table. She seemed really stressed. I feel bad for her because she seem to be the only person working up front even though it wasn’t that busy. After 20 minutes of standing in the doorway (with five people in front of me still waiting to be helped) I thought I better go somewhere else and they really need to hire more people…

  40. Kim Mellish

    We had to wait quite a long time for our food, but they were super busy and short staffed. Food was pretty yummy and worth the wait.

  41. Douglas Goldsmith

    Worst Pad Thai I’ve ever had. Got a frozen Pad Thai from Rite Aid the night before that was better. Woman at the counter was nice, get a star for that

  42. Kempton Warr

    After a long week of hard work I decided to treat myself to some Thai. Thai in Spokane has been hit or miss from my experience, but that all changed tonight. Bangkok Thai restored my faith in the Spokane Thai scene. I consider myself to be somewhat of a curry connoisseur, so I ordered the yellow curry and truth be told… it was the best yellow curry I’ve ever had. Great choice for my fellow curry cultists out there.

  43. Reed Hiland

    Very disappointed. It is absurdly expensive for what you get, and the dishes are extremely bland. BBQ chicken is just 4 overy dry pieces of leathery chicken with no spices, and a small bowl of store bought sweet and sour sauce on the side for $20. Pad Hin Ma has was extremely bland as well. This is the worst restaurant I’ve been to in Spokane in 8 years.

  44. Dustin Vander Plaats

    The pad Thai was ok, but the crab rangoons were just awful. The sauce that comes with them was much too vinegar-ey. Add to this that my meal came to a total of nearly 40$, and I have to say I’m not going back. It’s just too expensive for the quality of food received.

  45. Curt Milton

    I ate at Bangkok Thai in Spokane Valley this evening and it was wonderful. I found this restaurant rated highly online and those ratings were accurate.

    The food was fresh, delicious and perfectly cooked. I had Pad Pak, a stir fry with lots of vegetables (carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, celery and more) and tofu. Yum! The sauce was light and served the vegetables and tofu instead of drowning them like some places would do. I went with two stars but will definitely bump this up the next time I’m there.

    I went at 5 and I was the only person dining at that hour, but there was a steady stream of people picking up take-out orders. That should tell you everything you need to know about how popular this place is!

    The large casting of temple carvings on the wall provides great atmosphere. The lady who served me was friendly and fun.

    Great meal! Thank you!

  46. Mike Marthaller

    The neighborhood is a bit rough but restaurant is clean
    Food is excellent and reasonably priced
    Owner is costumer oriented

  47. Alex

    We were craving some Thai food and decided to check this place out. Wish we would have checked the recent reviews before going. My Pad Thai was incredibly bland. The Thai BBQ Chicken was gummy and pretty much inedible. The rice came out in plastic wrap and looked/felt like it had been tossed in the microwave, I stabbed the brick with my fork and picked it up and it didn’t lose it’s shape.. should have taken a picture! Also, there was a dog barking in the back? All around a terrible experience and we will not be back.

  48. Chris Barton

    Great flavor of curry, soup and they even have a spice boat!!

  49. Andri Indonesia

    i like number 25 GreenCurrys with eggplant is delicious 😋

  50. Nate

    Good seafood and duck! The wait staff was super friendly and quick with food. Would recommend for good local Thai food.

  51. Colin Omalley

    Amazing food an service

  52. Nick Anderson

    Pad Thai was 95% noodles and 5% ground chicken with no sprouts, peanuts or egg. When you ask for more spice/stars they just add more red pepper flakes.

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