122 College Ave, Cheney, WA 99004


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11:00 am – 9:00 pm


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Barrelhouse Pub

Bar & Grill in Cheney, WA








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50 reviews for “Barrelhouse Pub

  1. Saad Jubran

    Best pizza in Cheney!
    They have a nice bar too

  2. Tatiana LeBret

    Great beer and great vibe! We ordered the mac and cheese wedges and OMG so good! The BLT and Meatball sandwiches were highly recommended and I see why. We normally bring home doggy bags but not this time! We left nothing behind. The staff are amazing and even helped us wheb we asked about the history on the wall. All in all a great place food, drinks and good times. Will definitely be back!

  3. Chet Manley

    Unfortunately, this place has gone downhill over the last 5 years. Zentropa great, awesome pizza great prices… Barrelhouse… Bad pricing, questionable pizza, and now, cameras… If you want to stare at a camera recording you while eating an iffy cheese pizza, this is the place for you.

  4. PlineyTheElder

    Great menu, and a great staff! I would say they’re the best local pizza place in Cheney!

  5. Jim Mcshane

    Best toppings of any pizza place. Great salads and super nice staff.

  6. Pamela Bowlby

    Worst service ever! Usually when you ask ‘anything else to drink besides water’ means you are already bringing me water plus whatever else I ordered. No check ins after we got food. It was NOT busy however we saw a female waitress and both said we wish she would have been our waitress instead of the guy we had. No refills of drinks. Food was decent and priced well. The only reason we went was because of a gift card. We won’t be back.

  7. Gina Jackson

    Serves take-out and dine in. Wonderful calzones, fresh ingredients. Made to order, best pizza in Cheney.

  8. Lisa Cooper

    The food was sooo good! A little bit of a wait for our food, but so worth it!! We had calzones and they were huge, took half home! Service was great!

  9. Neal O'Neal

    This place has great pizza and a fun atmosphere. Order ahead or be prepared to wait because they are that popular! That’s ok, catch a game on the big screens and a brew.

  10. Terrill Constantine

    Great food & atmosphere! Friendly, attentive service. Gluten free crust is tasty. The pretzel bites were soft, fluffy, & covered in parmesan! Both dipping sauces, pesto & marinara were great! Sandwiches were ok, a little on the dry side. Really enjoyed sitting on the patio for a bite during our motorcycle ride. Will be stopping again!

  11. Aaron Williams

    Drove out from Worley, ID to check it out because we heard it was awesome. Food was great. Shared a couple pizzas and it was freaking delicious. The girl who sat us seemed like she was maybe going through some stuff and her mind wasn’t really on the service, but she came through at the end. Had a good time though and might be back for take out in the future.

  12. Andrew Lidey

    Pizza was 3/5. We received no refills on beverages, Was slow in the building. However will not return at all. From the blonde shoveling salad into her mouth over the pizzas in the kitchen to the obscure conversation about creepy uncle issues and cussing out on the floor. Neither my kids or myself didn’t appreciate it. Highly unprofessional.

  13. Tika R

    Delicious food, fun atmosphere and friendly staff…. one of my favorite places to go in Cheney.

  14. Hannah Montroy

    We stopped in for a quick lunch and had some delicious calzones. My son had one a big as his head. The barrel bites were really good as well for dessert. The staff was friendly as well. We will definitely go back

  15. Linda Pro

    I walked in and sat down in a booth hoping to get a menu and assistance as soon as they were available. I waited for about 10 minutes and no one came to check in on us waiting at the table. I decided to leave and order take out and even that took longer than expected. Overall, I do not recommend this place. I waited about 40 minutes for an order of 10 wings. JUST 10 WINGS for 40 minutes! This establishment was a waste of my time and patience!

  16. Kurt Woody

    The staff looked like they were working hard but way understaffed.. only half the seating was occupied. Looks like a manager owner issue. Long waits on food service but food was good when it finally arrived. + 1 hour wait times.

  17. Jackie Steinman

    Walked in and sat down, waited a few min then someone brought me and my sister a menu, ordered right away and waited 90min for food. Terrible customer service. Finally after 90 min, got our food and it was burnt. We ordered a pizza and a sandwich. We ate and then left. Terrible experience. Would not recommend going.

  18. Elizabeth Gilbert

    Food was awesome! Bartender Briana was super friendly and helpful in ordering. Really amazing experience! Thanks!

  19. Ungracefully Surviving

    This pizza blew my mind. So delicious. Everyone says they take a while but – you can’t rush perfection. If you want fast go somewhere else but if you want good – just wait. Munch on some of their DELICIOUS bites and have a brewski. Love love love and so sad when I can’t afford it 😂

  20. Jeremy Barber

    Honestly not at all a great experience. The food was good but the wait staff was not. They messed up our order,which by itself, is not a big deal until they told us it was our fault for not being more specific. Highly unprofessional and we waited over an hour before we actually got our food. Still left a tip because I know what it’s like to be a broke college kid but I really expected more and really wanted to like this place.

  21. Kesi A

    Service is great, whiskey specials on Fridays, food is outstanding. Love this place!

  22. Antonio Garcia

    Had of a bit a bad experience the first time I went but the owner called to talk to me about it, apologized, and said it had all be corrected with the staff. Really like that the guest is a priority and look forward to giving this place another chance.

  23. Kane Smith

    Food and drinks were good wish they had cooked my calzone more and the portions are huge

  24. Marlee Khastou

    Excellent buttery crust pizza cooked to perfection. Service was friendly and prompt. I was visiting from Seattle and I’m still thinking about how delicious this was.

  25. Jason Marsh

    I ordered a calzone; garlic sauce, black olives, chicken, pepperoncinis, and green peppers. Also had an order of barrel bites. They are essentially pizza crust with Parmesan cheese on it, but in bite size form. Their daily drink specials are pretty good and happy hours isn’t bad either. But Google says I’m not supposed to talk about the drink specials so I can’t give you a list of that.

  26. Terinna Pelley

    We love this place normally but when we were there the last two times I got the bacon cheese burger the first time the bread tasted old and the second my bun was so burnt I nor my husband could eat it so disappointed 🙁

  27. Kayley Fountain

    Horrible. We ordered a pizza. First off, the pizza barely had any cheese or sauce. The crust was literally charred. It tasted burnt and crumbled apart when you ate it. Waste of money.

  28. Trent Steel

    Great pizza! The wings were super and the artichoke dip was creamy and seasoned to perfection! The ranch and blue cheese dressing is made in house. Excellent job staff was friendly. Bathrooms clean but the men’s bathroom sink was kinda hard to use for kiddo. Great work over all.

  29. David Hawkins

    Great atmosphere. Pizza is pretty solid, not the greatest in the Spokane area. We enjoyed the seating and experience overall. Was a bit pricey for what we ordered.

  30. Tom Quayle

    Barrelhouse is a great spot with a good selection of beers and pretty darn good pizzas that aren’t outrageous. Not necessarily the best in the world, but definitely good enough to take people to and enjoy!

  31. Wayne Rose

    Pizza was great, ambience is amazing! Love this place and will visit as many times as I can when I go through Cheney!!

  32. Jade Mondoux

    Kinda disappointed 🙁 ordered takeout, which I know may have affected the overall food but between pickup time and eating it was only 15 minutes, if that.
    Ordered a calzone and the battered fried Mac and cheese bites. Those were not crisp at all, and tasted like plane Kraft Mac and cheese. Not what I woulda expected. The ranch was good.
    Calzone was very large, so that’s cool. But it was very greasy, hard to hold, and half of it was raw. (Seen in my photos.) Definitely not worth $15 in my opinion. $30 total. 🙁

    Very sad! I saw reviews of this place and was very excited to eat.

  33. Thatone Guy

    S tier barrel bites got what seemed like a pound’s worth, great calzones as well. Excellent see highly recommend.

  34. Extreme Adventures Rafting

    Pizza burnt sandwich after remaking it due to burning it still had onions 2 pizzas sandwich and a salad few drinks 140.00 after discounting for the 1hr wait and burnt food for us being the only ones ordered at that time drinks were good waiter awsome cook may need to quit sampling product lol
    But nice atmosphere may try again

  35. 2ndarymotion

    So much potential, but a big disappointment. This place is nice enough inside with cool decor and big TVs (if you’re into watching TV while you eat) and the food, although not the highest quality, had nice presentation – but it’s utterly bland and flavorless and the portions are small, or more accurately, scaled down. My impression was this place counts on the college crowd to come in on weekends and enjoy the craft beer and once they’ve had enough to drink, the food tastes just fine. Obviously somebody likes the place or it wouldn’t be here – but the chef could definitely learn a thing or two about seasoning the food. Won’t be on my list of favorites.

  36. Tad Doviak

    Pizza was great. A little disappointed that we had to wait extra long when a large group that came in after us was served before us. I would still come back. Not even a Sasquatch could keep me away.

  37. Jack Young

    I had the prime rib french dip. It was delicious. well worth the price.

  38. Someone

    Quality has gone downhill at least on Monday nights. The Pizza is ok. Calzone was downright disgusting.. raw and dowy on the inside, ingredients still cold. the long hair i pulled out of it was by far the worst experience ive had in a restaurant in years. Makes you wonder on the hygene of the cooks. They gave me a $2 discount for the hair still $20 bucks. WAY over priced for the quality of food. I have lived in and around Cheney for over 20 years and I hereby crown Barrelhouse Pub & Pizza the WORST place to eat in Cheney.

  39. Amanda Doll

    I ordered a salad and pizza one night, excited to try different food from here. I have ordered before, and haven’t had a problem. But when I went to eat my salad, i found the nastiest hair embedded in my salad. I immediately called to have the issue fixed, but no manager was on site. The kid who answered the phone, assured me one would call when available. I never recieved a call, and was not able rectify this issue. It was good food, but lously service, I would have really appreciated a call back, as this is unsanitary. Im very dissapointed…and grossed out. Very poor service

  40. Madison Stephens

    We love to use Eaglebites as a way to get Barrelhouse! It’s almost always been perfect and the barrel bites with the pesto ranch is amazing.

    Unfortunately tonight the entire order was a bit of a disaster. It took about an hour from the time I placed the order to the time it was delivered, which I was okay with as the delivery time is always an estimate.

    When I recieved my food it was very incorrect. The barrel bites were half cooked, I did not recieve the pizza I ordered (a Maui but we recieved one with chicken and artichokes), there was not an extra side of pesto ranch that we ordered, the pizza crust was burnt and it was all cold when we opened it up. According to the order updates I had from Eagle Bites website, the poor delivery driver waited about 40 minutes between the time he arrived at the facility to the time he left.

    At that point the food was more of a hassle and disappointment than it was worth. Hoping that when we order in the far future that these problems will be fixed by then 🙁

  41. CONRADA McGrath

    Bad service. I watched the cooks scrathing his head with the same gloves he continued to cook with. The other cook removed his ear piece while wearing the same gloves to make the pizza’s. Bathroom problems that a customer tried to fix! Nasty. The two waitresses were too busy eating behind the counter. My table along with another table had to ask for our bills and to-go containers. I think you as owners need to know.

  42. morgan nybo

    My boyfriend and i went in for a late lunch. It’s 4:00 now, after sitting there for an hour and half waiting for them to take our order we just walked out. terrible service, super slow.

  43. Leilani Hamilton

    The food is amazing, but they forget the people sitting outside. Has happened more than once for me to make this comment. Edit to add and update: Waited a while for a check… husband had to go in to pay.

  44. Teddy Dupe

    Pizza is very good but service is not. Called in to place an order. My order was taken, they told me 30 minutes, I came in 40 minutes later and whoever placed my order did not write it down or put it into the POS system. If you go to Dominos they typically offer you a free item in exchange for the hassle. Instead the shorter younger guy at the checkout was very rude and treated me like an inconvenience when obviously it wasn’t my fault. Had to wait another 30 minutes. I’d highly consider the owners work on how staff should fix mistakes, as several people wouldn’t come back after this kind of experience. I will keep coming back though and chalk it up to a bad apple or two.

  45. Nina Graupner

    Drinks and food were pretty good. Waitress was pretty busy, but always friendly and helpful. We had a good time there, but as usually we are surprised how early everthing closes. In Europe we could have gone for hours…..

  46. JJ Jerome

    Disrespectful workers. Order two pizzas, one calzone and a salad. Brought out the pizzas and didn’t care to bring out the other foods. No apologies and they didn’t seem to care a little bit. Ask someone working if we could get an extra chair and he said “you guys really need me to get an extra chair.” Lazy and disrespectful.

  47. Evander Simmons

    Never a bad spot for a cold beer! I always get the barrel bites which is small baked rolls with Parmesan cheese on them and basil or classic marinara dipping sauce. Also the Thai pizza is by far my favorite on the menu I’d say it’s low to medium spicy with a somewhat sweet peanut sauce 👌🏽👌🏽 goes great with an IPA 🍺

  48. Trixie pup

    The cheese on the pizza taste like cream cheese. It used to taste very good.

  49. Lily Eggert

    This place was amazing the first night my boyfriend and I came here for dinner and drinks. The second time, it was a nightmare. About a week ago my boyfriend and I came here for a pepperoni pizza and a couple of drinks from their specialty menu, the waiter was a guy about our age between 22 and 27 and had curly hair. He was extremely kind and was quick to greet us as soon as we took a seat outside! We loved having him wait us. He was also a huge reason we returned last Monday night, 10/17/2022. We only went for a couple drinks and an appetizer this time because we weren’t as hungry. We probably arrived about 6:30 pm and took a seat outside like we did last time. About 10-15 minutes passed and no one had came out to greet us yet. The inside didn’t look terribly busy for a Monday night, and there were at least 3 waiters for a small place. So we went in to grab menus, and it took at least 5 minutes for one of the young blonde waitresses to notice us. She told us to take a seat and assured us someone would wait us, so back outside we went. That’s when I noticed a tall dark haired waiter grab two menus inside and start his way towards the door that lead to us. I had caught a glimpse of him looking our way and giving the biggest eye roll I had seen from a 28 plus year old man. He came outside to rudely toss our menus on the table and was extra rude when asking for my ID, which is fine but not sure why he couldn’t ask nicely. He came back with our drinks about ten minutes later and asked if we wanted anything to eat, which I then asked for the Barrel Bites, which if you don’t know are garlic bites with a side of marinara.
    Although being a very small order, it took almost half an hour on top of our going on an hour visit for the Barrel Bites to arrive! The blonde waitress came out and apologized for the amount of time it took, and asked if we’d like plates and silverware to make up for the amount of time it took. Being that the Garlic bites were obviously finger food my boyfriend and I were extremely confused with her offer. We were basically done with our food when she finally came back, and then she acted shocked when my boyfriend told her he “didn’t think we would need the silverware and dishes anymore”. We finally got to leave about 8:15-8:25 pm, so a 2 hour visit for two drinks and an appetizer on a very non-busy Monday night. It was an extremely unpleasant evening, and I hope and pray I never have that waiter again. Again he was maybe 6’4”, dark hair and eyes, and just a nasty attitude over all. Completely ruined the experience.

  50. Samantha Rich

    We love eating here when in down town Cheney! The service and food is always wonderful. We have been on crazy busy nights where orders were taking a bit longer and our servers did a wonderful job communicating with us on when to expect our food.

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