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Bastion Brewing

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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27 reviews for “Bastion Brewing

  1. Andreas Zellweger

    It was just alright. Had a banh mi and a ranch wrap. Banh mi was stacked high with brisket cut with the grain 🙁 . It needed better bread, more “sauce?” Pickles and herbs. The wrap needed more tomato and dressing. Collards tasted of salt and chlorophyll. Get drunk first, then everything will taste great haha.

  2. Jay Labrosse

    I went to specifically to try the poutine and it was pretty good the fries were crispy I felt like it was a good amount of brisket as well that had a nice smoked flavor . However it all seemed a bit cold . I wish the gravy had been a lil less gelatinous and the curdes were just ok . Good curdes squeak when you eat them lol ! Over all was good though . I’ll go back to other dishes. The server was super nice and made my first experience very pleasant. Thank you.

  3. Rhonda Meeks

    Food was not hot. Nothing worse than cold French fries. Ordered a dip burger with bacon. I had to go back to request the bacon and it was so cold and I was unable to eat because it tasted so old. Myself. I will not ho back.

  4. Miranda Pearce

    Really great beer, super duper clean and aesthetically pleasing. Food was not outstanding… turkey dip was just a thick slab of smoked turkey on bread. Good quality but not enough for the price.

  5. CMA studios

    One of the best IPA, the staff are really friendly and the burgers are amazing!.

  6. jake seagle

    Great space and great beer. The taproom can get pretty noisy so it isn’t great for those that like laid back spaces for consuming adult beverages, but for the area it’s pretty great. The food smelled amazing and looked just as good.

  7. Roseann Cisneros

    LOVE Bastion! I’ve been coming here for years. But please please please get rid of the Banh mi on the menu.

    Y’all, don’t make the mistake I made. Don’t order it. Soggy hoagie, bland, just not at all what a banh mi ought to be.

  8. McLean Johnson

    Great beer, haven’t had a beer here I didn’t like! Very clean, bright flavored hoppy beers. I don’t think any of the beers on tap are under 6%. I like the vibe in the bar, lots of wood on the walls, it’s open to the brewery and has great light through the big windows.

  9. Bj Hedahl

    What a unique menu !! And they have a variety of local ciders, not just beer… quite a few cushioned booths, outdoor seating too. Go !

  10. jeremy r

    Been to bastion’s many times dont usually eat. Toady i had the brewery burger which was cook perfectly my side was the fries had high hopes since they are hand cut but i must say they were absolutely horrible but hey the beer is great

  11. Brittany Gutierrez

    Edit: lately it’s been subpar. The menu has changed and our most recent experience we placed there and took the food to go since it was a busy day for us with our own business. found not one but 2 hairs on the pretzels. They didn’t even acknowledge it when it was brought to their attention. We loved this place and frequented it regularly but since they closed and reopened after some repairs it’s been so/so. To spend that much money at a spot you’d think they’d react differently. Have been exploring other options.
    Our favorite spot! Good vibes, fantastic food and drinks

  12. Graham Parker

    GREAT BBQ, and GREAT brews! Love being able to sit outside in the sun!

  13. Boonee W

    Do not eat here if you have a food allergy. The rest of my family said the food was great. I have a gluten allergy/celiac, if I eat out I take enzymes to help because I realistically know accidental cross contamination takes place, but this was not an accident. I order my burger with a GF bun, asked about designated fryer, and opted for a salad, no croutons because it seemed the safest and least trouble for the staff. I always feel bad eating out at new places, because I have seen how so many food service people often look down on people that ask for GF. But, they offered GF buns so I thought they might be accommodating. My food came out significantly after my families. The server apologized and said the cook put the wrong bun on it so she had them remake it. But there was croutons on the salad which I politely pointed out to our server. She took it onto the back and came out a couple minutes later and gave me the meal back. I was a bit surprised that my food was remade so fast since it took us over a half hour to get our food the first time. I picked up the burger and there were croutons under it and crouton crumbs on the salad. I was just going to skip eating but my husband took it back and asked them to remake it. By this point, I was not comfortable eating the food after I had explained how big of a deal it was when I ordered that I could not have gluten and they chose to just pick off the croutons they could see and re-serve me the same meal in all its contaminated glory. My meal did not come up until long after my family was done so as we were leaving they brought over my meal. I just explained I was uncomfortable eating there after how they handled it the first time I sent it back. I was super uncomfortable so we just left. On a positive note to them, I was so flustered that I forgot my handbag and did not notice for like a half hour, upon return they had my bag safely in the back and all cash and cards were there and safe, so they are kind and honest, it’s just the food prep people do not seem to have respect for food modification requests. I get it a lot of places don’t validate the medical request because many people are gluten free because it’s trendy, I wish so much that was the case for me, but it’s not so I just have to deal when we are on a road trip. It is just people like me get the short end of the stick and end up paying $15-$20 bucks ( plus my standard 20 percent tip) and don’t get to eat what we pay for.

  14. Kimberlee Houston-Realtor White

    Jambalaya is Jambawho??? Carrots do NOT go in Jambalaya.

  15. Gilli

    Automatic No go for this place because, What the hell kind of “jambalaya” is this ? As soon as they place it in front of me I was extremely hurt. $17 for a frozen vegetables on top of white rice with a chicken breast ? OH , and don’t let me forget about the tomato juice on the side 😩. THE AUDACITY. I should have known to turn around when I seen the “cooks” in the back of the kitchen stuffing their faces with sauce all over their mouths while preparing everyone’s food.

    Don’t worry I didn’t eat this up but TikTok sure is 🤣

  16. Aaron King

    Great place for a wonderful beer with friends after work. They now have really good BBQ bowls with rice, veggies, BBQ, and all kinds of seasoning.

  17. Loree Slack

    I have been here Pre-Covid and it was delicious the menu was fantastic, my first time back it’s August 18 2022. after being home for the past 10 minutes my mind is still trying to figure out what the “f*#% did I just tried to eat.

    I order the “Southwest bowl” the rice was plain white rice no flavor, they have steamed vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, corn with lightly BQ pull pork I think this dish was around $17. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what they were actually trying to make, nothing about this dish says “Southwest”.

    This dish lacked in every way possible. I actually decided it wasn’t worth the calories to eat it and that I would rather go home and fix me a tuna salad.

    However I did order the greens 😊and again they were amazing 👍one part of my visit I really enjoyed, I was told they only sell ribs on Saturday so I guess Bastion isn’t really the place for ribs & salmon like they use to be.

    The outside seating is nice and spread out which is real nice.

    No soda fountain, only bottled soda.

    it just doesn’t met the expectations they use to have. 😞

  18. Les Higgins

    Do not get the jambalaya. It was very bland and had no style of taste at all horrible..

  19. Aurora Kirtley

    The pretzels were delicious and the others at my table liked the chili, but the nacho fries were a soggy mess and my chicken melt had undercooked chicken and bland floppy bacon. How do you make bacon bland?

  20. Jewel Brava

    Don’t let this place gaslight you with their “jambalaya “. Never felt more insulted in my life. And now they trying to go an do damage control on another person’s review of the dish by saying it’s “jambalaya inspired bbq”.

    Dumbest thing I’ve heard all day, ain’t nothing in that dish is “jambalaya inspired”.

    Too overpriced for such mediocre food, take your buisness elsewhere.

  21. Clarke Henderson

    Had the “jambalaya” bowl. As a louisiana raised person with creole ancestors. That was disgraceful and not even an actual attempt of jambalaya. IF THE RICE IS WHITE SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT!

  22. Rob Wingard

    Great beer, great food. The pit smoked chicken wings are amazing!

  23. Graham Black

    After driving past it for many years, we just stopped into Bastion Brewing and had a fantastic meal. We had the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger and a Cobb Salad. Both were excellent. The burger was a hand formed patty, loaded with toppings including grilled onions, on a nice brioche style bun. My only complaint is that I ordered my meat rare, and it was cooked medium rare – not that big of a deal. The chicken in the Cobb Salad was smoky and delicious, as was the thick cut bacon. The salad dressings (for my side salad too) were good, and served on the side, which I prefer. The greens for both salads were generously proportioned, fresh and crisp. Next time we are passing by I’ll definitely try the smoked brisket sandwich, which I witnessed being made – It looks incredible.

  24. Zachary Norris

    Do not get the Pulled Pork Sandwich. They just serve fat chunks. Great staff quick to refund. I didn’t have a beer but I remember the food being better

  25. Joe Harbaugh

    Well this place is awesome the food is incredible well priced fun atmosphere can’t complain about anything and theirsiders are top notch

  26. Katy Moran

    The beer is good, the food needs some help. Had the traditional burger, the patty was really thick, there wasn’t much flavor and the toppings were really poorly distributed. Would drink here again, will likely eat elsewhere.

  27. Michael Drotts

    Pretty bad if you have to sit for over 5mins when its not even busy and nobody even asks if you want a menu or drink. I don’t know if they have some profile for the type they like for customers but apparently I didn’t fit the bill for being served at all! Not spending my money here again.

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