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11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 10:00 pm


11:00 am – 10:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Benjarong Thai Cuisine

Thai Restaurant in Covington, WA




Chicken Satay $8.95

Jumbo Prawn Satay $9.95

Spring Rolls $6.95

Fresh Rolls $7.95

Jumbo Prawn Rolls $9.95

Tofu Triangle $6.95

Crab Rangoon $7.95

Miang Kham $8.95


Tom Yum Chicken $4.95

Tom Yum Prawns $5.95

Tom Yum Seafood $6.95

Tom Kha Chicken $4.95

Tom Kha Prawns $5.95

Tom Kha Seafood $6.95

Noodle Soup (Per Bowl) $8.95


Beef Salad $9.95

Grilled Pork Salad $9.95

Plar Goong $10.95

Larb Gai $9.95

Yum Talay $13.95

Benjarong House Salad $8.95


Benjarong Kow Pad $9.95

Kow Pad Pineapple $9.95

Kow Pad Mango $9.95

Kow Pad Bai Ka Pow $9.95


Pad Thai $9.95

Pad See Ew $9.95

Kee Mao Noodles $9.95

Noodle Delight $9.95


Red Curry $9.95

Green Curry $9.95

Yellow Curry $9.95

Panang Curry $10.95

Mussamun Curry $9.95


Rama Rong Song $9.95

Pad Kana $9.95

Pad Bai Ka Pow $9.95

Pad Khing Sod $9.95

Pad Gratium Prik Thai $9.95

Pad Pak Ruam Mit $9.95

Pad Priew Wan Gai $9.95

Gai Pad Cashew Nuts $9.95

Nuer or Moo Yang 13.95


Fisherman Madness 13.95

Paradise Prawns $13.95

Goong Tod Gratium Prik Thai $13.95

Shoo Shee Pla or Goong $13.95

Prawn Asparagus $13.95

Talay Pow $13.95


Rama Garden $9.95

Eggplant Pad Prik $9.95

Pad Gratium Prik Thai Tofu $9.95

Spicy Green Garden $9.95


Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango $6.00

Sweet Back Rice Pudding $3.00

Coconut Ice Cream $3.00

Mango Ice Cream $3.00


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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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32 reviews for “Benjarong Thai Cuisine

  1. Chrissy Alexander

    I guess I’m not the only one who thinks its gone downhill? Got my usual pad thai. It taste like mushy Top Ramen noodles with overcooked chicken. No taste whatsoever. Called to complain only to be told that’s the way pad thai is made. Wow! Plenty others out there.

  2. Mitsu Kubo

    We got:
    -Egg rolls (mushy inside)
    -chicken Phad Thai (the most bland, colorless phad thai I’ve ever tasted. Not edible at all)
    -chicken red curry

    The Red curry was the most flavorful dish.
    Probably won’t be back.

  3. Tarunpreet Dhindsa

    Food was ok. Penang curry was like tasteless water curry and pad kee noodles were also missing flavor. The lady taking order was also talking in rude tone. Must be doing good in this pandemic for treating her customers like this. Gonna avoid going here and tell other to do same. I hope they can make changes as i love supporting local businesses

  4. Farhiya Danan

    The food had a nasty smell like rotten rat ugh I feel robbed it was not worth $$$

  5. Andrew M

    Three times ordered with medium 3-4 star spicy and all orders were with absolutely no spice. Two times received totally different what I ordered. Ordered padkewmao receive beef broccoli. Will not order from this place again

  6. Lorie Moore

    Took my daughters to lunch today . Dead bug embedded on our table … next a bug landed on noodles and got stuck in the sauce . Likely didn’t help that their are dead plants in there , one directly behind our table .
    Then in one of our orders a plastic piece in One of our dishes . She proceeded to explain it was just from their fish sauce and brought out the bottle to show us . She was apologetic , offered to make a fresh plate … turns out , they rewarmed the dish and sent it with us … charged us as well . We have been customers here for as long as I recall . Not any more .

  7. Tee Dee

    Just changed my five star review to a one star review. The food here was great until the last part of 2020 and early 2021. Your pad thai tastes like sugar bombs. Please let me know as soon as you hire the old chef back or a new chef that can cook, please!!! Loyal customer for six years that really wants to give you business!!


    My first time trying Thai. The service was great, the hostess/server was very accommodating, friendly, and attentive. They were extremely busy with take out orders but still serviced us efficiently and politely. We ordered Pad Thai, Pad See Ew, Chicken Satay, and Thai iced Tea. The Pad Thai smelled a little strange to me at first but was absolutely delicious. The Pad See Ew was phenomenal, and Satay was great, although one skewer was slightly undercooked (but reheated perfectly the next day) but overall fantastic. Definitely worth a try regardless of other reviews.

  9. Lisa McClellan

    Great service and the curry was delish!

  10. Christopher Bryant

    Best thai cuisine (flavor) in the kent, covington, and maple valley area.
    I always cook thai food and Ilove trying thai food. i moved in the area no too long ago and have tried muliple thai foods in the area but this has the best taste.
    Can never go wrong with both their phad see ew and phad thai.
    They were quick with my to-go order

  11. Roselyne Nyangai (Wasilwa)

    The owner was good and friendly. Exceptional lady. Always smiling at clients and explaining though her English is difficult to understand. I enjoyed tge food and it was worth the money

  12. MrDrokes Stish

    I got the beef Pad see lew and I’ve been chewing on the same piece of beef for 10 minutes. The noodles are ok, I was expecting it to be much better. Super disappointed 😔

  13. Lindsey A

    Zero stars. Bad service. Waitress gave us napkins at the end of our meal, I had to get my own menus. Water had floating things in it. Penang curry was tart and bland. Green curry was ok. Took out of state family here for dinner and was embarrassed.

  14. Amber Henley

    Noodle delight was extremely bland. Green curry and shrimp wonton were disgusting. Chicken satay was OK.

  15. Todd Buiten

    We eat here often. The food is consistently good. We always order extra so that we have leftovers for the next day or two.

    UPDATE: I’m not sure what happened but the food quality took a nose dive. We order almost every dish with chicken and the chicken came cooked to the point where it was extremely tough. We finally stopped going and found a different Thai restaurant. This is so disappointing because it once was such a great place to eat

  16. Magnatar Shakedown

    First time being here, ordered panang curry. All chicken sitting in the most water downed “curry” I’ve ever had. Took few bites and couldn’t eat it. Now I’ve got food poisoning. Will never go back…hands down worst Thai I’ve ever had!

  17. Jenny Dague

    Great food, staff was a little slower than normal but we still like them

  18. Karissa Sturzione

    Food is good. Service is lacking. Every time I come in the door, whether it be for myself or picking up a DoorDash order, the place looks abandoned and it’s very difficult to get any help from staff. Maple Valley location is a little better.

  19. Eric Boldan

    My go to place for years. Not always perfect but my favorite spot for Thai

  20. Jon S

    Used to be a 5 star for me but the quality has gone down.

    To start out with the good, Pad Thai is great, not dry and very flavorful and the crab Rangoon’s are good.

    The bad.. beef is way to chewey and unseasoned. The curry just tastes like curry paste and coconut milk, does not have the variety of flavors you’d expect from curry. I remember the curry being way better 4 years ago.

  21. Shaila Davis

    One of the best Thai food restaurants I have ever had. Thank you.

  22. Suman B

    Ordered through uber eats and food had no taste. The noodles felt bland and pine apple fried rice didn’t have any spice in it. Pretty disappointing 😞

  23. Gabrielle Hurley

    Pad thai was soggy, bland, greasy and served without lime and with stingy toppings. I would not recommend; I have a pretty low tolerance for spice and I found it boring. The crab rangoon were pretty good.

  24. Cheri Scarff

    I used to like this place but tonight paid 29.00 for rice with no veggies or flavor. It was supposed to be chicken fried rice, it was maybe 1.5 cups of plain rice with an 8th of a cup of freeze dried chicken? I ordered crispy garlic chicken that was tough, greasy and overcooked. Could hardly chew it so thew it away. I will never go there again. Awful.

  25. Randy G

    Really excellent Thai food. I had the lunch special with massaman curry and it was awesome

  26. Tony Aguilar

    Just got dinner and was garbage lucky I’m ti lazy to call and complain

  27. gunsnob

    Super delicious and filling portions. The staff may have been over their heads and under staffed but nonetheless it was a great experience.

  28. Candace

    Haven’t had anything here that I didn’t like.

  29. Laura Dennis

    Excellent food and service while nestled in the cutest restaurant. I will definitely be going back!

  30. Mary A Rutledge

    Too pricey the food could use some help.

  31. Justin Fogle

    Had the grilled beef salad (super yummy and spicy – perfect for this cold winter evening) and the mussamun curry which we scarfed up. Great little hole in the wall in Covington. Quite busy.

  32. latonia York

    In a word AWFUL food and service 😡
    My full review posted on Yelp

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