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11:00 am – 8:00 pm


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Bennett’s Fish Shack

Seafood Restaurant in Westport, WA








“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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40 reviews for “Bennett’s Fish Shack Westport

  1. Richard Moller

    The food is always incredible and the people who work there are very friendly and totally helpful. We eat here every time we are in Westport.

  2. Asena Rinderknecht

    Crab cakes we’re delicious. Serving sizes were bigger than I had anticipated and the staff were very friendly 😁

  3. R. UnSir

    Food was overcooked and overpriced.

  4. Jason Shellabarger

    All the food was amazing, this is our go-to in Westport from now on!

  5. Sarah Whitson

    Excellent food, fresh and great service, a bit pricy but worth it!

  6. Robert Nicks

    Fried cheese curds were great. Chowder however was under cooked, crunchy celery and hard/chewy clams.

  7. Joseph Minsky

    When you are in Westport and you want delicious seafood I would highly recommend Bennett’s Fish Shack. The staff was friendly and the restaurant was clean and tidy. But the really reason to go here in my opinion is the cod fish and chips. Super fresh, super tasty fish and chips. They made their own tartar sauce and cocktail sauce. My friend had the crab cesar salad and it was also super fresh and delicious too. I look forward to going back and trying new things there.

  8. Brad LM

    One of the best small places in Westport for fish and chips.

  9. Paula Hansen

    Good fish and chips. Chowder good too. nice place for lunch

  10. Jessica Braaten

    Incredible Dinner tonight! My husband and I are from out of town and drove by this restaurant yesterday and we decided to check it out tonight 🙂. So glad we did! Lindsey was so helpful and sweet! The prime rib dip was to die for! The best I’ve ever had! Horseradish sauce was incredible! An Amazing salad. I cant remember the name but it had cranberries chicken and cashews. Thank you for an outstanding experience! James and Jessica Garner ❤

  11. S. kierns

    Great food @ a decent price. Service was really awesome, friendly & helpful! Crab melt & fries were a must! Vegetarian options which i appreciated. Would def go back again.

  12. Harrison wolf

    Honestly great fish and chips, good atmosphere BUT would not fill a glass of water and insisted I buy a $2 bottle of Dasani. Weird flex, 4 stars.

  13. Tomiko Schmoe

    Fantastic food, great vibe, super cute little spot. Customer service is great, food cooked to perfection. I will definitely be coming back next visit to Westport. Oh! I love their soda options! Citrus hibiscus orange is where it’s at.

  14. Greg Ellis

    I read a review claiming they served the best class chowder in the state. While it was good, I would describe it as being average. With my chowder I also ordered the crab melt sandwich. It had lots of crab mixed with mayo but fell short on seasoning. In other words it tasted slightly bland.

  15. Tim Garner

    Best clam chowder on the peninsula ! The halibut had huge portions and was delicious, limited seating, but overall the experience was excellent ! Highly recommend this place for family friendly dining

  16. Charles Elliott

    Fantastically fresh seafood! Huge portions! Excellent chowder. Crab melt was great, fried cod was great! Their cocktail sauce is heavy on the horseradish, I love that!

  17. Mark McCombs

    Had the cod fish and chips to go. Two VERY large fish portions that were almost perfectly cooked. Fish was moist, firm, and flakey (about the best I have had) The crust was crunchy, slightly over-cooked with great taste. One small down side was that the crust was just a tad bit oily. (the place was really busy and the fish probably did not spend enough time on the draining rack) Two generous portions of tartar sauce were provided and also a lemon wedge. A decent amount of fries were provided as well as an appropriate amount of catsup. The meal was given to me in a sturdy, tall, kraft paper bag. (non-bleached) Although the meal was a little high on the price side, I would most definitely recommend to anyone this restaurant for fish and chips.

  18. James Hubbard

    A 2.25% Surcharge will be added to all
    credit and debit card transactions.

    This is listed at the register but in fine print. The front counter did NOT mention this. Seems dumb when prices already high… Every penny counts right? It gets worse. Keep reading.

    When paying with a card it automatically defaults to a 25% tip. Do yourself a favor and wait to tip cash after the meal based on service and food recieved. You may regret it if you don’t follow the advice.

    They do NOT offer water unless you buy bottled water. Just another way to make you spend money. Terrible & rude service.

    The clam chowder did not taste any better than a caned soup version from Campbell’s and in other reviews it was undercooked. So beware.

    I got a halibut fish and chip combo with clam strips. Fries were probably the best part of the meal.
    Clam strips were undercooked and extremely chewy. Terrible tasting and I normally love clam strips…. Just not from here.

    The halibut was decent and slightly overcooked… But the prices are too high for the amount of fish received and quality of cooking.

    See the thing is there are plenty of places to eat around here with better food and service without the silly charges and trickery they sneak in.

    $4 for a raspberry lemonade.
    $8 for a kids meal which was a cheese quesadilla, fries, apple sauce container, and a small drink. I tasted the quesadilla and it was very bland. My kid didn’t even eat one piece of the quesadilla. He liked his fries and said the applesauce was best part (it was prepacked applesauce from Mott’s).

    The tarter sauce looked like it was made a few days ago and also tastes that way. Disgusting 🤮

    If you made it this far walk out of the restaurant, and walk a block down to the BBQ or Blue Buoy. Way better accommodations, service, and food.

  19. Patrick Freeman

    Cool old wooden interior, not very big inside but plenty of outside seating.
    The lady running the counter does *everything*, cashier, server, busses tables, delivers the takeout orders to people outside.. And handled it all like it was no big deal, despite the mad crowd that suddenly crashed the place at 6. Really impressive.

    The food is amazing.. Fresh and perfectly cooked.

    Can I bring this place back home with us?

  20. Amani Al Shamrani

    My family and l were so happy with delicious cod and chips, calm chowder, and prawns soooo yummy. We came before they close and the lady was so nice and served us very well.

  21. Praneet Loke

    I got the crab melt sandwich and the crab cakes. They were very delicious.

  22. Casey Benton

    Food was fanatic. Came because I saw the bread bowls on here and it did not disappoint. My friend got it, I had a side of chowder and fried clam strips. By far the best and biggest clam strips I’ve ever had. Friend grabbed a hoodie before we left too.

  23. Mary Lou Shimada

    Delicious fresh fish with generous portions and friendly staff.

  24. Jamie Heck

    Best fish and chips in town, greatpeople

  25. mary anderson

    Huge slab of perfectly grilled salmon on my Caeser salad. Yum!

  26. D S

    I would plan my entire trip around this place and this will be the reason I return. The best fish & chips we’ve ever had. From Seattle to San Diego, and across the States. This spot is quite literally #1!! The portions are huge. Everything was cooked perfectly and the taste was amazing. I loved everything we got. I loved the Salmon A la carte. The salad was delicious and avocado generous. The Caesar salad was amazing. The croutons, the tarter, the chips and those hunks of cod! Such an incredible dinner, this made our weekend getaway!! I will dream of this place until we return just for it!! A+++++++

  27. Tary Des

    Cozy little restaurant. Almost feels like a pub rather than a Shack.

    Got the prime rib melt and partner got the battered cod. The food was more than satisfying. The only down point was the frozen fries, but they were seasoned to be the best that anyone could hope for.

  28. Lara Fishkin

    The food is good and service was friendly — it’s exactly what you’d expect and hope for in a small seaside town. They specialize in fried seafood and have a good selection of local beers. The applewood bacon cheeseburger and prime rib dip were both very good with very generous portions. The fried prawns were heavily breaded and stuck together on a skewer. The chicken tenders were a small, almost child sized portion. Both the halibut and cod fish and chips were great and a popular choice. While we were there, we saw many To Go Orders being picked up. We went to Bennet’s twice during a week-long camping trip at Grayland and would recommend it to friends.

  29. JOHN Humphrey

    In the past it has been 5 stars, this time 6 stars. My better half had halibut, 2 thumbs 👍 up. I had the clam strips, more clams then usual. Both were cooked to perfection, plus I traveled hours out of my to eat there. I have done this in the past, this is not my first time eating here. I even drove down during covid to eat. Wish they had one in greater Seattle area. Spuds does not even come close, NO ONE DOES. Thank you time and time again.

  30. Michael Cochran

    Wow! Ok first off, a little pricey, but well worth it. The clam chowder was fantastic. The fish perfectly fried. The fries well seasoned and yummy. Their tarter and cocktail sauce was the best I have ever had. Also they had some soda that was not your normal coke or Pepsi, it was to die for! Over all would highly recommend

  31. Christa Torres

    Great first time. Thank you!
    Friendly, fair prices with generous crab on my Caesar salad and Crab melt. We also enjoyed the outdoor seating.

  32. Susan McKee

    Fantastic prime melt sandwich and cod withfries, as always this place is one of the best reasons to visit Westport.

  33. emma peel

    I would have given 5 stars but the Cole slaw was inedible. It tasted like an overdose of distilled white vinegar.

  34. V Green

    The Halibut was really good! The Tender Clam Strips are not tender, actually they are super tough and basically inedible. The staff is very friendly.

  35. Tiffany Grau Fay

    Loved the fish tacos!

  36. Janelle D

    Fish soft taco. So wonderful! Fresh and delicious! Will be back for this!

  37. Michael P Snapke

    Nice menu with tasty food. Many options other than fish. Dip sammi was delicious.

  38. Shane Bunce

    Bacon cheeseburger was really good, big too. And the fries and ranch were even better. Love the ranch. Little pricey, but worth it. Really hot too. Which is a plus!

  39. Todd Baker

    Holy cow! The best prime rib sandwich I’ve ever had! Awesome! Dungeness crab Melt was great too! A little pricey, but what isn’t these days? Great staff and atmosphere… Will eat here again when passing through.

  40. Cory Saylor

    I got the cod fish and chips with what was supposed to be clam straps but they said they were out so I got prawns instead, everything was delicious and I will happily come back when I’m in Westport

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