28120 WA-410 Suite A4, Buckley, WA 98321


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Densetsu’s Born and Braised

Filipino Food Truck in Buckley, WA


Islander Bowl $18

Braised Beef (Soy au Jus), Garlic fried rice, Pancit (rice noodles and Veggies, Gravy (Beef Stock, Cream), and fried egg

Lumpia Bowl w/Pork $15

Shanghai Pork Lumpia (hand rolled), Garlic fried rice, Pancit (rice noodle, veggies), Both of our house made sauces

Veggie Lumpia Bowl $15

Steamed rice, Pancit, and 6pc Vegetable Lumpia

Musubi Bowl $15

Steamed rice, Fried spam glazed in sweet soy, fried egg, and Seaweed sheets

Adobo Baby back ribs $17

Braised ribs, over steamed rice, pancit, and adobo caramelized onions

Chicken Loco Bowl

Garlic fried rice, Pancit, Sweet soy chicken, Gravy, and fried egg

Ado Bowl $16

Steamed rice, Pork Adobo, pancit, gravy, and fried egg

BNB ‘Dirty Fries’ $16

Seasoned fries, gravy, cheese, and choice of protein

Lumpia Pork Shanghai $125

Pork and Onion Rolled by hand, Shanghai style Lumpia

Mac Bowl $15

House mac Shells, Moco gravy cheese sauce, topped with choice of protein, garlic chips, and green onions

Lechon Bowl $17

Garlic fried rice, Pancit, Lechon (Braised and fried pork belly), gravy, and egg

Longganisa Bowl $16

Garlic fried rice, pancit, 3 pc Longganisa (Filipino sweet pork sausage), and fried egg








“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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3 reviews for “Born and Braised

  1. Burnt Waffles

    First and foremost, their prices are incorrect. I ordered a single ube horchata, which was advertised as $4, but rang up as $6. After I ordered I stood waiting for 30 minutes outside the truck for them to pull my drink out of the cooler. After they started serving orders after mine, I asked if I could please have my drink. They snapped back at me, telling me to wait my turn beside the truck. I told them I’d ordered before the people after me, and I’d been waiting 30 minutes for a single drink. I asked for a refund, after which they told me no refunds, and tossed the bottle of ube horchata at me. When I got home and emptied my wallet I found out I’d been shorted $4 in change, and they’d only given $10 in change in small bills. I would not recommend this food truck to anyone, and I regret wasting my time on them.

  2. David Baldwin

    Fantastic food, a real treat on the plateu. Unfortunate that we can no longer get to go orders delivered.

  3. Danielle Delgado

    Amazing! Such delicious items on their menu I just couldn’t choose. They came to the YMCA’s little community festival event and it was such a great surprise to see Filipino inspired food there ☺️ Definitely will be visiting them in buckley for more misubi and fried bananas 🤤! Thank you for providing amazing food and customer service, we saw how hard you guys were working back there!

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