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10:00 am – 9:00 pm


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10:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Bruchi’s Cheesesteak & Subs

Sandwich Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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58 reviews for “Bruchi’s

  1. Gary Smith

    Their supreme sandwiches are too die for! Prices are up there for one person to eat but always good.

  2. Joe Gardiner

    The Bread Is So Soft & Warm! Great Variety With Great Service‼️

  3. Matthew Dullenkopf

    Pretty good cheese steaks. I go once a month.

  4. Stacie Johnson

    I love Bruchi’s, but not this time from here. My chicken sandwich was overcooked and dry & ruined. I was craving it & Was very disappointed! It’s still cute inside but my Bruchi’s was no good 🙁

  5. Sharla Parker

    Amazing subs or sandwiches whatever they are…SUPER AMAZING!

  6. Candy Oakes

    Love their cheesesteaks! Service was fast and friendly. Give them a try you won’t be disappointed.

  7. Lindsay G

    Always delicious! Love the Chicken Caesar Salad! So good! I love that there are so many things to choose from 🙂

  8. Kimberly Mulder

    Omg YUMMMMMMY Philly cheese steak and I swear talked m tasted like fresh from the oven bread. Very affordable, we ate in and it was very clean

  9. melody trinkle

    The bruchi’s in the valley is ok. I ordered salad and wanted to add ingredients but they forgot, and it wasn’t the person taking the order because it was on the receipt. At least they took off what I didn’t want. Still a decent salad. The one on the south hill rocks

  10. Hope M

    Nasty. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! VALLEY location is absolutely terribly. I ordered a burrito and tater tots a half a club sandwich and a whole club sandwich. My burrito and tots got done 10 minutes before my sandwiches. My 12 inch sandwich was not cut in half both sandwiches had a ton of chicken. CLUB SANDWICH DOESNT COME WITH CHICKEN and I got half a piece of roast beef. The chicken that wasn’t supposed to be on my sandwiches looked better than the chicken that was in the burrito. I went back in to ask for a knife to cut my sandwich and was ignored nobody came to the counter until I rang the bell multiple times. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

  11. Stan Gilmore

    The drive up at the one just off University and Sprague is a little tricky but it’s the same great cheese steak! Bruchi’s is awesome.

  12. Cahen

    Solid sandwiches that are always hot and delicious. Sometimes a tad dry without some extra sauce.

  13. Shane Tweedy

    Chicken Malibu-a legend. Best hot subs around.

  14. Cathy Barfield

    Ordered and paid for a chicken caesar salad. Got home and only a caesar salad.

  15. Sara Smith

    Service was abysmal and they got my order wrong twice. She was really rude about it too.

  16. Terynn Baker

    My sandwiches did not taste like Bruchis, it was the ugly step sister version. Extremely disappointed in the service and food. Will give my business to the other locations.

  17. Wørthy Røse

    Bruchi’s usually has great food. This location however is not consistent. They often get the order wrong and I have once found a bone in my chicken sandwich.

  18. Debbie Bartman

    – 7 cars including me when I pulled up.
    – Took 25 minutes to get to the menu.
    – No light on the menu STILL. Been in twice prior and let the Staff know it needed repair.
    -Took another 8 minutes to get to the window.
    – Cashier was not wearing her mask with her nose covered.
    – I checked out the kitchen and only saw 1 other person. I asked her if there were only 2 people working…..she said no there were 4, but only 2 that knew what they were doing.
    The last few visits give the impression that the business is going a little downhill with no significant pride of ownership. Its a great little business offering good food options. I think with a little trying and pride, you can bring it back up to what it was. Its worth making it shine again.
    The food wasn’t bad. Not very warm.

  19. Jessie Miller

    Not the Bruchis I worked at 30 years ago. The meat was all prepped in house. The chicken was sliced and marinated in a Hawaiian teriyaki. Beef was sliced in house and not refrozen and delived by Cisco (like they are today). The rolls were made at Tidyman’s with a special recipe, not a doughy Brakebush roll that it is today. Nothing is prepped in house anymore. If you want mediocre medium fast food without onions, using American cheese instead of provolone, it beats a cheeseburger, but nothing like the real thing as it used to be. If you want the real thing hit me up.

  20. Clyde Malveaux

    Extremely terrible service and the location seems very gross i will be going to the south hill for my bruchis from now on. This location is garbage take my word for it.

  21. Shawheen Azizi

    The crisp bean burritos are on point. Crispy tots. You must try the cherry empanadas. Fire 🔥

  22. Robert Schmidt

    Complete disaster tonight. Young lady named Bonita at the front counter has a HUGE attitude problem. Threatening her team to leave if she didn’t her way on something. Could hear her from the back. Giving attitude to everyone whom orders. I got an applause pretty much from everyone in the lobby and people who were sitting when I told her I would talk to the manager about her attitude. On duty manager came out and apologized and took Bonita away from counter duty.

    Update: What are the chances a month later the same gal is disrespecting customers? Pretty high apparently. I know help is hard to find, especially good help, but you can do better than this person. Even keeping her in the back isn’t working out.

  23. Cherami Freeman

    We were short on time so we called and ordered ahead for a late lunch. They couldn’t find our order and we still had to wait an additional 10 minutes for our sandwiches while they prioritized the drive thru orders.

  24. Cody Cole

    Awesome staff and great service asides the busy hours it’s worth the 5 star review.

  25. Glen Reser

    11 months ago
    First off, I want to state that I LOVE Bruchis! Their sandwiches and bread are so good and they are one of my favorite sandwich places in town. However, this location might be the worst Bruchis location I have ever been to.

    On November 27th, my wife and I stopped in to pick up sandwiches on our way home. This is the third time we’ve been to this location and this is the third time there’s been an issue with our order (the first time we went, they left out a sandwich and the second time we went, they completely messed up our order).

    Tonight, we order a large cheesesteak and a large Italian sandwich with a side of fries. On the cheesesteak, we asked for raw onions to replace the grilled onions. Unfortunately, when the sandwich arrived, the sandwich had grilled onions instead of raw onions. Other than that, the sandwich was average. The Italian was extremely basic and I would not recommend.

    The fries were good and they gave us a lot of sauces (plenty of ranch and fry sauce). The customer service, despite waiting a long time for our food, was very good. The lady who took our order was very nice.

    However, this Bruchis location is not good. I would recommend finding another location.

  26. Johnny Jewell

    Great sandwiches, has a Senor Froggys in here also in case you don’t want a Cheesesteak or a Sub, can get yourself some Mexican food:)

  27. Miss Rhonda

    The Chicken Thai sandwich is sooooo good! Service wasn’t that great at this location.

  28. Susan Halbert

    The staff is slow and slower

  29. Joseph Givaudon

    Always fresh and hot. Great service and sands for this time of yest.

  30. Jessica Glenn

    Terrible customer service!!

  31. Laura Azar

    We Love Bruchi’s! I recently doubled the meat on my Husband’s Steack Supreme and he said it was even better than the regular one and it was an add 2 something charge. I recommend trying Any of the Bruchi Sandwiches, you can’t go wrong! We Definitely Recommend this Bruchi’s!

  32. Eric Sorensen

    The food is great and literally some of, if not the best sandwiches I have ever had. I grew up in spokane for 8 years and I was my favorite sandwich restaurant. I moved away to Florida for 17 year’s and now that I’m back, it is still as good as it was then. Love it. Keep it up.

  33. Alonna Reeves

    Went to cure a hangover and I think the food made it worse. Save your money and go to Taco Bell.

  34. Elizabeth Decamp

    First time having bruchies and I got the hawian and omg its my new fave place to go

  35. MoJo Rhoads

    My go-to lunch spot. Delicious, accommodating and ALWAYS clean. Thanks for my Lg chx no O dbl med meat!!

  36. Jj

    Love the place they were on top of their game.we had are food within 10mins

  37. Suzanne Tracy

    First and last time going. Our sandwiches were not very good at all but what was worse was when I asked the lady taking our order for a recommendation and she said “I can’t eat wheat or gluten so I can’t tell you ” I should have just left then. Won’t be back not to mention the dinning was dirty and dusty. There was old cheese shreds on the floor. I know because they just opened when we got there. Just gross 🤢 i told the girl and she kinda just laughed. Ugh 😩

  38. Fuzzy Bunny

    Talk about the worst service I have just ever gotten from you. The gentleman at the window has no customer service no hi did not offer me a bag for my food forgot the mayonnaise packet and just hand them out the window wow really. Acted like he really didn’t want to be at work today oh I’m so sorry you’re missing out on the Super Bowl.

    2-23-22 at 12:30pm I was in there and ordered a large turkey with light lettuce and cheese sandwich I also ordered a large classic steak with horseradish cook in it what I was giving my food I got half of one of my sandwiches and then I was expected to pay for the other half of the sandwich for your guy’s a screw up for not listening to me. I have never experienced this much bad customer service in the last 2 weeks that I have been coming in here. Which now coast me more money for two smal then a single large sandwich. Wow

  39. Ben Fox

    Quality average. Service as expected with take out.

  40. Ben Paukstis

    The classic steak is by far my favorite. In my opinion this Bruchis is THE BEST in Spokane for a good cheese steak!

  41. Miss Niki

    Last time at this specific bruchis was garbage , never had this issue before.

  42. Damon Delvechio

    Always comfort food for me. Sammy, tots, ranch and an RC. Aces!

  43. Shanny Marie

    It’s hit or miss sometimes but usually pretty good cheese steaks!

  44. Alisa Bode

    My friend and I went there for lunch 2 days ago. I had never been before that day. But after eating there I will DEFINITELY be back again!!!! The food is delicious and the prices are decent.

  45. Diana Wren

    My husband likes there steak and cheese sub. I’ve tried their Italian and was not impressed. I asked for no ham since I don’t care for it on an Italian. I received a thick roll with two slices of pepperoni and two slices of provolone with a slice of cheese. This sub was not worth $5 let alone what I paid. Now he will get his sandwich and then we go to subway for mine.

  46. Steve Klefsky

    Their Philly cheese steak was excellent! They had a unique root beer flavor that was good.

  47. Seth Vonk

    Pretty good not bad at all they didn’t even mess up and they were friendly little long of a wait but food was warm

  48. Matt Holtz

    Steak Supreme with extra cheese 🧀 The best

  49. Sandee Ruchert

    Workers were all very friendly and helpful. One item was not in our bag when we got home, but when called about it, they are going to replace it.

  50. Kiki OG

    The cheesesteaks are awesome and so are their fries

  51. Paul Wilson

    Best fries ever. Also. Awesome selection of cheese steak sandwiches. At first I wasn’t sure if some place that said it was a Cheesesteak specialty house could actually make good cheesesteaks but boy was I wrong. Eating food like that brings a joy to my stomach that cannot be described. If you’ve never had a Cheesesteak it is a sandwich with cheese and steak. You should drop everything that you’re doing like leave your kids on the ground and their car haulers and stuff and run to the nearest bruchie’s and if they have wheels maybe push them in that direction you just need to make sure that you get there to make the order but the food is really fast so I mean I guess you could bring everybody with you if you want.

  52. Shane Ried

    I absolutely love their cheese steak sandwich w/ horseradish sauce. The chicken Malibu is to die for!!

  53. Erin Kosanke

    Food was hot and yummy. Staff was helpful and smiling.

  54. Barbara Hayden

    Nothin like a Fully loaded Bruchi..yum ! Not fast food……REAL FOOD ! One sandwich feeds two people !!! Real meat ! Veggies…etc…..

  55. sydney downing

    Literally worst bruchis ever 😭 my friend and I came because we love Bruchis in Tri-cities and we waited over 25 minutes for her one sandwich…I used to work at Bruchis and know how quick it is to make especially when the restaurant isn’t packed?

  56. Digital4narchy

    Worst experience at bruchis ever. The guy making our sandwiches was cussing at me while the manager was there and trying to apologize on his behalf be cause my individual sandwiches weren’t labeled. [ I’m allergic to mushrooms] The manager proceeded to open each one of my sandwiches and poke at them with gloved fingers… it was crazy I’ve never had an experience like this

    Spokane Valley Bruchis on Sprague

  57. April LaMont

    Nothing spectacular, but not horrible. The cost of the sandwich vs what you actually get is a little disappointing. There was minimal meat & veggie on all three of our sandwiches (we got Supreme Cheesesteaks). Two of them were supposed to have A1 grilled into the meat. One of them did, but the other did not. Overall, I’d go back, but maybe pay a little extra for double meat.

  58. Happy Thoughts

    0 STARS!!! I LOVE supreme steak phillies they have, But first off i was craving one and hurried to their location which takes a lot I’m disabled and on a walker and walking boot. They were OUT of bread, then I paid damn near $20 for the daily nacho $6.99 add chicken $1.69 and a medium tot $3.69 and I got home with my order and there was NO CHICKEN on my nachos and most of my tots were TINY OVERCOOKED which I’m unable to chew so then I tried calling the store to discuss what could be done since I’m a frequent customer and no answer so I left a message 10 days ago with no response or returned call. SO VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! SO EXPENSIVE FOR NOT GETTING WHAT I ORDERED/ORIGINALLY CRAVED. 0 STARS AND LOSS OF A GOOD CUSTOMER.

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