6505 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99212


47.657039639479, -117.31722133265


10:30 am – 7:00 pm


10:30 am – 7:00 pm


10:30 am – 7:00 pm


10:30 am – 7:00 pm


10:30 am – 7:00 pm


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Burger Express

Fast Food Restaurant in Spokane Valley , WA













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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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43 reviews for “Burger Express

  1. Kelsey Quick

    After 2 years of driving past this place at weird hours, we finally were in the area at lunchtime and had the opportunity to drive thru. The food is good, the service was great, and the price is affordable. All in all, we’re very pleased with our first experience

  2. Angela Price

    By far the best tartar and fry sauce in the Spokane area ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. melody trinkle

    I love be the tartar sauce it’s different than all the rest. More peppery

  4. Richard

    Great place to eat everything made fresh great prices

  5. Shawn Green

    Dry bun and overpriced

  6. Andrew McMann

    Great Monday deal on the deluxe cheeseburgers these are good..

  7. Alison Ratliff

    Hot fresh food made to order. Tastes great. Lots of different options. Huckleberry milkshakes and lemonade. Along with 18 other milkshake options. AMAZING customer service.

  8. James Meagley

    Great Burgers made Freash when you order it. Took a long time in the drive thru but it was so good it was worth the wait.

  9. Tytus Baker

    Burgers are 🔥 and the fries are 💣

  10. David Starr

    I like old style Drive ins and Burger Express nails it!

  11. Nancy Jensen

    Inside super clean. Great food and competitive priced.

  12. David Lummus

    The best shakes ever. I cannot ‘express’ that enough.

  13. Dawn Marlin

    We ordered a meal for 3 people…well they made a double cheese burger with bacon…how do you forget the bacon..and it’s on the reciept…Well we are not going back. Not to impressed with the food.

  14. Dan Duke

    Ordered what I thought was an adult cheeseburger combo… The cheeseburger was absolutely no different than a child’s cheeseburger, no lettuce no tomato no difference in size… Terrible!

  15. Jeremie Larsen

    The burger and the fries are amazing. I eat here often. The food is always well prepared, hot, with exceptional presentation. However the iced tea, not so good. Definitely choosing cola next time.

  16. Sharlene Vowels

    Clean inside. Food is made to order. Bacon is nice thick slices. Fries cooked perfectly. Great burger joint!!!!!

  17. Sabrina Jones

    This place had such amazing burgers!!! The crinkle fries were awesome to!! My husbands burger was bigger than his hands! It had ham on it and was so good! The staff was super friendly and very talkative. I would recommend this place and will definitely be coming back for a good burger!

  18. Andrew DaSilva

    Good burgers. I recommend to all my friends and strangers as well.

  19. Berne Launay

    Wednesday special 1/4 cheeseburger. Hot and tasty. Great service.

  20. Rachel O'Hara

    Excellent food. My chicken sandwich was crispy on the outside and tender in the inside. Thank you

  21. Brian Johnson

    Good service, the food is good. Nice small business, give it a try you wont regret it.

  22. Jordan Anderson

    Probably the best cheese burgers in town.

  23. Taylor

    Amazing burgers and fries

  24. Gordon Kirk

    A long time ago…In a time not so far away

    Mom and pop burger stands ruled. Each with their own flair. Maybe it’s a seasonal offering, a sauce or the right dill pickle sour to cut through a rich meaty bite. Burger Express takes you on a time warp back to a simpler time. Every order is made to order. There is harmony among the menu. The right crisp lettuce, freshest of bakery rolls…in fact every accoutrement seems to have balance. Did I mentioned they have week day specials?

    The 1/4 pound double gives In N Out a run for their money without a plane ride. One item left to sit and stare at….

    The prices are still in the past

    I highly recommend

  25. Gma Genie

    I have gone to this Burger Express for years and loved it. Today I took my son and granddaughter there for lunch and the burgers were not very good. The bacon was undercooked and was a waste to pay extra for. The fries were overcooked and the cheese bite were super small portions.

  26. servant

    I really enjoy the freshness and more home prepared taste of the food. Both the tots and grilled chicken were excellent.

  27. Mandee Mittler

    Use to say 5 star. They charge for sauces now. Thats fine but in the drive through they had no sign saying this changed til at window. I asked for a couple, but was charged for 8 of them! Sign is up now on menu but today order the special and the fries tasted odd. Looked them over they looked like they were refried. NOT OK. What happen to you guys? 🙁

  28. Dale McCallum

    Great priced burgers for something quick

  29. Marcedee Brown

    Will never go back

  30. Henry Martin (Marty)

    Yummy 😋

  31. awe chewww

    I likey their burgers

  32. Jessica Masden

    Great place to grab a quick burger. Not greasy and a great value.

  33. Ryan Dunn

    LOVE Burger Express. Simple, fresh, cheap and delicious. Its not In-n-Out, but its probably the closest we’ve got.

  34. Eric Svenonius

    Great food decent specials and very friendly.

  35. Tyler Campbell

    Not bad place for a quick bite to eat. Bag of burgers is only 4 but you get a bag of fries too.

  36. Lyle Spencer

    The food was hot and fresh, service was friendly. I would describe the food as a notch above the big fast food places.

  37. DRaff

    Got the bag o burgers, and it’s not worth the price. The burgers were more pickles than anything else

  38. Margie Peterson

    It was just ok. The line took over ten minutes

  39. Clark Campbell

    Irritated that they were only doing drive thu . Becoming a trend to save on labor . I went elsewhere won’t be back.

  40. Oliver Em

    Pricy for burgers, but also totally worth it. Delicious and freshly made, from burger to bacon. I have only been here a handful of times, but I haven’t once been disappointed by any aspect of what I receive. Thus, the price is totally reasonable imo – I’m happy to pay a little extra for hot food, crispy fries, and fresh vegetables.

  41. Tristen Seese

    The milkshakes were perfectly creamy and the buyers were amazing… best 15 bucks ever

  42. Jason Riter

    Very Good Burger and the Tots were Tasty Hot and Crispy. I’ll BE BACK!

  43. Brandon Riley

    One of the best burger places around the Valley!

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