160 Bayview Ave, Neah Bay, WA 98357


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11:00 am – 6:00 pm


11:00 am – 6:00 pm


11:00 am – 6:00 pm


11:00 am – 6:00 pm


11:00 am – 6:00 pm



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Calvin’s Crab House

Seafood Restaurant in Neah Bay, WA


74 reviews for “Calvin’s Crab House

  1. Selena Clemons

    Outstanding fish and chips! We had the salmon and the halibut. The fish was clearly fresh, and the portions were generous. The chips are fresh, whole cut potatoes and perfectly crispy. Heads up- They were only able to take cash the day we were there. Highly recommend if you’re in the area!

  2. Pegi Davis

    This was an outstanding stop along our journey! We were towing a 5th-Wheel and had friends in an RV. We’d found out about this place from someone staying at one of the parks and saw several signs for it. We scored street parking and it was an easy walk over. The restaurant is small with limited seating, but no one else was there when we arrived, so we four had seats. Their fish and chips are great – as is their chowder(s). If you’re visiting Neah Bay – Calvin’s is worth a visit!

  3. Julia Cesari

    Coldish food ur jalibut was good drink waaaaay too sweet

  4. Lisa Widner

    2pm mid-week and there’s no crab and they’re out of chowder. I’ve had good food here before, but not this time.

  5. Susan Whittington

    We had lunch at Calvin’s Crab House today. The Clam Chowder and Fish and Chips were delicious. I also had a cherry turnover, yummy! We would definitely go back to try other dishes.

  6. LeAndra Sharp

    Delicious fish and chips! The prawns and chips are just as delicious too.

  7. Brendan

    Fried fresh fish with fries and high quality soda and an amazing view of the strait of Juan de fuca? What’s not to love! Everything is made to order from freshly caught fish with their homemade batter. When the weather is nicer, you can sit outside. Limited seating inside, but if you can snag a seat, you can see bald eagles flying and hanging out around the water.

  8. Eric Elizondo

    Stopped by this place after hiking Cape Flattery and Shi Shi Beach. This place has some great food options and you can even sit outside and overlook the bay as you eat. Definitely recommend if you want some good food quick.

  9. Fuzzy Pandas

    Might be on the spendy side but the halibut and chips were pretty good. The fries were not the crispy kind that I usually like but they work. I didn’t like the chowder much though so probably skip that.

  10. Ryan Brand

    Nice little place for a quick bite to eat

  11. Jeff Greene

    Great place to get some good fresh fish and chips right on the bay. The view is fantastic with tables right on the shore along with some inside seating if the weather is not cooperating. Great quick stop if you need a bite.

  12. Kaylee Schaber

    Food was great! Service was as well. Luckily weather was good to wait and eat outside since the building itself is so small. But really great fresh food.

  13. daniel gossman

    If you are up in the area visiting and want tasty seafood this is where you have to go to.

  14. Bailey Brix

    Good fish and chips place with a great view of the bay to eat your lunch too. Serves coffee as well, and would be a great morning coffee stop. Great service and a cute little stop for a quick bite. 10/10 recommend

  15. Nancy Lee

    I ordered a side salad with the fried cod. The flavor was good, but the portion was very small and had already been chopped up.

    Waiting time was 40 minutes but many locals that had come later was told that their order would take 15 minutes.

    Service was friendly.

  16. PC Carraway

    Very fresh fish

  17. P W

    Clean, family business with grandma’s yummy homemade cinnamon rolls. Halibut and chips were good, too!

  18. Alex

    i had fish & chips and it was very yummy!! tartar sauce was so good & the server was friendly. it has cute seats inside that u can watch the water from.

  19. SHVRP

    The Best Fish n chips i’ve ever eaten!

  20. Jude Tran

    If you are in the area, you will want to eat here🤠!

  21. Jeffrey Sweeney

    Excellent fish n chips and crab! Definitely make it a stop on your way to Cape Flattery!!!

  22. Patrick Ercolino

    My daughter ordered fish (salmon) and chips, and she loved it.

  23. Izahn Van Zyl

    Definitely recommend this place if you are in the area!!!

    The food and atmosphere were AMAZING!

    It is a very small building but have some place inside at the windows to eat and they have some tables outside. It also has a beautiful view of the ocean.

    The staff were very helpful in recommendations!

  24. waran dv

    The menu is quite small and basic. Most of the items were fried in some way. But regardless, the ambience is good and it’s by the shore. Stop by for a quick snack if you are interested

  25. D K

    The view was amazing. They were out of several seafood items. I know it can be seasonal but these were in season items. What we were able to have was salmon, cod and halibut fillets with fries. Delicious. No real seating inside. It is crowded if you tried. It is just a bar bench against the window. Outside is benches. You don’t want to sit there in the rain.

  26. Keith Stendebach

    Perfectly-done fish with a light batter and the most surprisingly enjoyable and peaceful surroundings to eat in. You order in their inside and then you can choose from a window seat inside or picnic tables put front. Either way you’re facing the bay and there are often bald eagles resting out along the shoreline. Thanks for sharing your food and your view with us!

  27. Max Soi

    Great little seafood shack. Mostly friend seafood like fish, clams, shrimp, and chips. Order inside and they’ll bring you your order. Outside seating has spectacular views.

  28. Anya Arora

    We had the salmon and chips and halibut and chips. Both were amazing and freshly made. Would highly recommend this restaurant!!

  29. Kevin Barta

    Amazing view and excellent fish 🐟 and crab 🦀. I had the halibut and chips – ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture! 🤣 just trust me on this one 👍🏻👍🏻- two thumbs up + a great view to boot

  30. Jill Messenger

    Friendly staff and great food. We enjoyed eating while watching the Bald Eagles.

  31. Matt Kreuzer

    Nailed it! Some excellent fried fish options – we had the halibut and salmon…. With a side of clam strips and some strawberry shortcake shakes. Everything was awesome….except my cholesterol. Lol. Keep up the good work!!!

  32. Ashly Arnold

    Small family owned side road restaurant. Ocean side picnic table seating, with an amazing view. Great friendly people.. Amazing Cod Fish N Chips.

  33. Anjana Agarwal

    This place is essentially a takeout. Inside is just a counter with maybe a couple of stools for waiting during the rainy season. There is really no seating space there are Adirondack chairs outside, as well as some benches right next to the bay. The fish is ultra fresh, maybe caught that very morning.

    We had 4 Halibut Fish & Chips for about $20 each. The fish was really moist and fluffy and very good, but the fries were a little brown, and limp and greasy. I didn’t mind them, but my friend said that they were the worst fries she ever had. I think she was exaggerating! 😀

    We really enjoyed the perfect sunny day and the view of the Bay. It can get a little dusty with all the cars driving up behind you on the gravel road, but overall quaint little place to have a spot of lunch. Their coffee drinks are pretty good and the service was friendly and pleasant!

  34. Donna Winter

    You want great fish and chips with hand cut fries? You found it!

  35. Joshua Thomson

    Great spot to stop on the way to Cape Flattery! The halibut was delicious and the shrimp were super fresh! We got there a little late in the day so no salmon or chowder… Get there early to have a full selection of the delicious menu. Bonus, the pastries and maple bar are a solid treat if you’re not too full. 😎

  36. Mitchell King

    Got the fish and chips and the prawns and chips. Both were good so was the tarter. The service was fine but the same person making the latte’s also takes the orders so the line was really slow and your order doesn’t start until your at the register. If the line is long you can tack another 15-20 min onto the 15 min wait in line to get your fish.

    The food is good and the view is worth it, but a better system might speed things up.

  37. Ryan Arnold

    7 months ago
    A true 5/5. If you’re in the area you MUST try this place.

    Food: To die for. Fish and chips that would make London look bad. We had the halibut and salmon, and it was one of the best food experiences of our lives. Crispy fried breading mixed with their homemade tartar sauce (I would eat this with a spoon) and a drip of lemon makes for the best bite of fried fish you’ll ever have. Guaranteed.

    Service and atmosphere unparalleled. Extremely polite staff and the food even came out to us faster than they estimated. Pair that with a view of the bay and you’ve got an experience worth your time and money. Again, an absolute perfect 5/5 experience.

  38. Kelly

    Food was delicious and quick to come out! Stopped for lunch and would definitely go again. Picnic tables outside to eat, and we saw a steady stream of people picking up food.

  39. Rafael Izquierdo

    Their halibut fish and chips was outstanding!

  40. Hannah Pye

    Gorgeous view. Food was okay. Strawberry milkshake was very good. Expect a long wait for your food.

  41. Dennis Barnhurst

    I was disappointed. We had fish and chips. The fish was good, but not great as it was too greasy. I couldn’t eat the fries as they were overcooked and very greasy! The 30 min wait would have been fine if the food was cooked properly!

  42. Perry Harrell

    Unfortunately they were sold out of crab when we visited this past weekend. We opted for the salmon & chips then found out they were sold out of that as well. Finally found a winner with the halibut & chips.

    The food came out in about 20 minutes as we snagged a picnic table out front. There is very little seating inside, maybe 3-4 people in the nook to the left upon entry. They have coffee drinks as well as seafood offerings.

    Overall, it was fine but will give another spot a try next time. The fries/chips while fresh cut, were soggy as they could be. If you’re team flimsy over crispy you’re in luck!

  43. bryan worley

    We went for the crab, but they were out of crab. We had halibut, prawns, and shrimp. All were very delicious but were disappointed about crab at a place called crab house

  44. T Weber

    Had the perfect espresso by the ocean

  45. Ilie Pandia

    In my opinion this is the best place to eat in NeahBay. My only complaint is that I wish they were bigger as they are always packed. But the wait is worth it.

    Salmon and chips are the bomb.

    Oh and their deserts are pretty interesting too.

  46. Zhou YU

    The soup we ordered was different from what we got. It took nearly 30 mins to get our food. No crabs…

    In my opinion, most establishments are sadly over rated.

  47. Larissa Dias

    Delicious fresh seafood with a beautiful view.
    I already look forward to my next visit!

  48. Lindsay Bechard

    A great little seafood spot! There are a few stools at the windows, but the best spot to sit is outside at the picnic tables or Adirondack chairs.

    We ordered the fish and chips, halibut and chips, clam strips and chowder. I was incredibly happy with how tasty my fish and chips were! The other person with me ate everything else and seemed very happy with those choices.

    The beautiful view of the bay just adds to the experience! Trust me, don’t miss this spot.

  49. stephen Brown

    Tiny cup of unflavored cold crab and a small fry for $20. Clam chowder was good

  50. Nik Augusten

    Great fried seafood with an amazing view. Ordered inside and food was delivered to our table near the shore.

  51. Heather Stapf

    The seasonal Salmon and Chips was phenomenal! Paired with a lemonade and the view from the picnic table in front, it was the perfect spot to stop after visiting Cape Flattery. You won’t be disappointed!

  52. Kelly Ripepi

    Yummy food and amazing views.

  53. Chip Chapin

    Great location with indoor bar stools along the windows, and outdoor tables and chairs, right along the water, just off the main drag. They have really excellent custom sodas made from syrups and soda water. Really, you should try these. They have very good baked goodies. The fish & chips are okay, but not at all crispy. Service was good

  54. Hillary Edwards

    We happened upon this spot after our hike out of Shi Shi. Everything we ordered was delicious and the view is amazing. We will be back!

  55. Lauren Contreras Loreto

    Delicious fish and chips! The salmon was scrumptious! Be prepared for a wait though! Not for you if you are in a rush. Wonderful way to watch the birds while you wait though.

  56. Twanne

    Great salmon, good cinnamon rolls, awesome espresso pour as well!

  57. Nicolaas Staalberg

    May sound weird, but I only had the pastries they sold, and they were really good 😋

  58. Becky Adkins

    The chowder and fried fish was very good. It’s caught fresh that morning! I wanted to try the crab, but the boat wasn’t in yet. Such a cute atmosphere, and you get to look out at the ocean while you eat!

  59. Justin Jimicum Sr.

    I don’t give five – stars on hardly anything, but this place is Native owned and operated in Makah. Halibut & Chips, Salmon & Chips are thee best. Great service with a smile. It takes a little while to get the food because they’re so busy today and it was well worth the wait .

  60. VoxFini Swartz

    The young lady working the counter was nice and efficient. Even when I had to keep adding things to my order. I appreciate people who can be patient while a parent deals with toddlers.

  61. Jaclyn Newman

    I waited an incredible 50 minutes for a simple order here. This isn’t a great area to hang out in, either – I’d suggest a picnic at any beach instead.

  62. Shelby Mikaela

    Stopped in here after visiting cape flattery. The wait was long but it was well worth it. Fresh King salmon and halibut fish n chips and sat in the Adirondack chairs right on the bay while we waited. Can’t go wrong.

  63. Tomasz Stypich

    We got salmon and chips. The salmon was really good, but the fries we got with it on two separate occasions were kind of soft and stale.

  64. Pieter van den Berg

    Such a beautiful spot! Friendly folks and delicious food

  65. Berkeley Johnson

    The fish and chips were great and the baked goods were perfect!

  66. diane rae

    Awesome food!

  67. Calvin Bettinardi

    The food tastes good

  68. Andrea Wentworth

    The Fried Fish was better than I have ever had, and I am from the Southeast to know. Sitting outside with a gorgeous view added to the experience.

  69. Terra Crowley

    Stopped in town to get our recreation passes and decided to grab lunch. Most places take cash only or were closed on Thursdays (off season). We didn’t have enough to cover lunch… pleased that we could use credit card here. Lunch was delicious and decent priced. Also grabbed coffee and a pastry. Super yummy. A bit of a line when we got here, but they are working hard and fast!! Super nice and friendly. Took food out to people outside. Very limited bench seating inside (maybe 8 total???) And some seating outside.

  70. Ed Murphy

    It seems clichéd to say it, but sometimes less is more. So it is, we found, with Calvin’s Crab Shack. It’s easy enough to miss Calvin’s: it’s just off a bend in the road in Neah Bay, in an unassuming building: really, a shack.
    We had been told by another couple that they were really impressed: how could we not try Calvin’s? The first surprise was that my wife had a hankering for crabs: sorry, they’re out of season. Okay, how about salmon? Sorry, we’re fresh out. Now this may sound foolish, but that made me sure we were in the right place. Fresh seafood, first and foremost, must be fresh. Frozen might be good, fresh is, well, fresh. That Calvin’s thinks enough of its reputation to stand on quality, that’s impressive. I’ve worked for a fishmonger: there’s a difference between fresh and everything else.
    So, my wife got fish and chips: the fish was tender, moist, and flavorful in delicate, crunch batter, perfectly fried. Perfection! I got the clam chowder. Over the last several days I have sampled several clam chowders: this was by far the best. Not too thick, redolent of clams, bits of salmon and corn, just simply the best, while being a complex melding of flavors.
    We enjoyed our meal on a picnic table, where the tang of saltwater, the bite of cedar smoke, and the beautiful vista of Neah Bay contributed to a symphony of seafood delight.
    Calvin’s is worth seeking out: this is what fine seafood is all about!

  71. Kathy Collins

    Halibut was amazing. Very fresh and moist. Limited seating inside. Everyone ate outside on picnic tables. It was a beautiful day.

  72. William Brunsman

    Great place for lunch

  73. Sam Snyder

    Delicious 😋

  74. Robert Robinson

    A family has built an extension to their home and is now selling the most amazing fish out of it. I loved it! The parents and the 10 siblings themselves are running it and giving you the best fish & chips I’ve ever had. It filled me right up and had me feeling warm inside on a cold autumn day. A must visit!

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