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Canton Cafe


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Canton Cafe

Canton Cafe located in Aberdeen, WA offers a variety of Chinese and American favorites

Canton Café Menu


Served with steamed rice

Tow see Har $11.95

Fresh shrimp in black bean lobster sauce

Chow Toy $9.75

Fried Chinese Greens with pork or beef

Ho You Niu Yoak $12.95

Beef in oyster sauce

Curry Beef or Chicken $12.85

Slices of beef or chicken, celery, and onions cooked in a curry sauce

Chow Har $11.85

Fresh shrimps with green vegetables

Har Q $10.95

Fresh breaded grilled fried shrimp

Foo Young Har $9.95

Fresh shrimps, eggs, onions, bacon, mushroom sauce

Foo Young Hai $9.95

Crab meat, eggs, onions, bacon, mushroom sauce

Green Pepper Steak $10.95

Chinese Style mixed vegetables with sliced beef

Kung Pao Chicken $10.95

White meat with diced vegetables, peanuts, and spicy sauce

Mongolian Beef $12.85

Sliced beef, onion, green peppers, and mushroom with spicy sauce

Teriyaki Chicken $12.85

Gar Li Har $11.95

Fresh shrimp in curry sauce

Hang Yen Guy Ding $10.75

Chicken, almonds, vegetables with mushrooms

Chow Hsueh Tow $11.5

Crispy tender pea pod with pork or beef

Har Ding $10.85

Diced fresh shrimp, almonds, vegetables with mushrooms

Har Look $11.75

Fried fresh shrimp, tomato sauce

Chow Guy Pin $10.95

Bonelss chicken with green vegetables

Hang Yen Guy $10.25

Alond-fried boneless chicken with sweet & sour sauce

Gee Ma Guy $10.25

Fried boneless chicken with sesame seeds with sweet & sour sauce

Sumgum Sweet & Sour Chicken $10.35

Boneless chicken with pineapple sauce

Broccoli Beef $10.35

Stir fry broccoli with beef

General Tso’s Chicken $10.95

Fried boneless chicken in spicy sauce


Order by number

#1 $8.85

Pork chow mein fried rice, sweet & sour spareribs

#2 $9.55

Chicken chow mein, fried rice, chicken drumsticks

#3. $9.65

Pork chow mein, fried rice, sweet and sour pork

#4. $8.75

Pork chow mein, fried rice, egg foo young

#5. $8.75

Pork chow mein, egg foo young, sweet & sour spareribs

#6. $8.75

Sweet & sour spareribs, fried rice, egg foo young

#7 $10.35

Chicken chow mein, fried rice, egg foo young, sweet & sour spareribs

#8 $10.35

Pork chow mein, boiled rice, egg foo young, sweet & sour spareribs

#9 $6.85

Pork chow mein, egg foo young

#10 $6.85

Pork chow mein, fried rice

#11 $6.85

Fried rice, egg foo young

#12 $7.75

Sweet & sour spareribs, fried rice

#13 $7.75

Sweet & sour spareribs, chow mein

#14 $9.65

Pork chow mein, fried rice, hang yen guy

Dinner A $9.75

Chow mein, egg roll, sweet & sour spareribs

Dinner B $9.75

Fried rice, egg roll, sweet & sour spareribs

Dinner C $9.75

Chow mein, French fried prawns, sweet & sour spareribs

Dinner D $9.75

Fried rice, French fried prawns, sweet & sour spareribs

Dinner E $11.35

Pork chow mein, egg roll, sweet & sour spareribs, French fried prawns



Chop Suey $7.95

Egg Chop Suey $8.25

Green Pepper Chop Suey $8.25

Beef Chop Suey $9.25

Chicken Chop suey $8.85

Shrimp Chop suey $8.95

Side Fun ala Canton Long Rice $10.95

Green Pepper Chow Yoak $11.95

Subgum Chop suey $9.95

Ginger Beef ala Canton $12.95

Tomato Beef ala Canton $11.25

Tofu with Vegetables $10.95


Egg Foo Young $7.95

Chicken Foo Young $8.65

Shrimp Foo Young $9.25

Crab Meat Foo Young $9.25

Ham Foo Young Chinese Style $9.65


Sweet & Sour Spareribs $9.15

Green Pepper Spareribs $9.55

Sweet & Sour Pork $9.85

Chinese Style Spareribs $9.95

Pineapple Spareribs $9.25

Sweet & Sour Shrimp ala Canton $10.15


With mushrooms Add $3.00

Boiled Rice $3.00 / $4.25

Rice with Cream $6.50

Fried Rice with Pork $7.95

Fried Rice with Chicken $8.25

Beef Rice with Curry $9.75

Fried Rice, Ham, or Bacon $8.55

Fried Rice with Crab Meat $8.985

Fried Rice with Shrimp $8.95

Beef Rice, Mandarin Style $9.85

Fried Rice with Beef $9.25

Fried Rice, Canton Special $9.95

Cup of Fried Rice $4.25


Pork War Mein $7.95

Chicken War Mein $8.25

Beef War Mein $8.95

Shrimp War Mein $8.95

Bean Sprouts with Pork $9.55


Pork Noodles $7.85

Egg Noodles $7.85

Noodles, Extra Fine $8.55

Beef Noodles with Curry $9.95

Noodles Canton Special $9.95

Chicken Noodles $8.85

Spanish Noodles $8.95

Shrimp Noodles $8.95

Beef Noodles $9.95

Wonton Main $9.95

Tomato Beef with Soft Fried Noodles $10.25


All chow mein with crisp fried noodles. Soft noodles add $1.50. Add mushrooms $3.00

Soft Fried Noodles $6.25

Pork chow Mein $7.95

Chicken Chow Mein $8.25

Shrimp Chow Mein $8.75

Side, Crisp Fried Noodles $4.25

Beef Chow Mein $9.35

Subgum Chow Mein $9.75

Almond Pork chow Mein $9.35

Almond Chicken chow Mein $9.75

Chow Mein Canton Special $9.75


For 2 or more people

#1 $10.85 Per Person

Canton chow mein, sweet and sour chicken, fried rice

#2 $11.75 Per Person

Hang yen guy, egg roll, har look, steamed rice

#3 $11.35 Per Person

Har ding, gee ma guy, fried rice

#4 $12.25 Per Person

Sweet & sour pork, har ding, chow guy pin, fried rice


Egg Flower Soup $6.75

Wonton Soup $6.25 / $8.75

Seaweed Soup $8.50

Green Soup $8.50

Chili Con Carne $7.25

Vegetable Soup $6.25

Chicken Noodle Soup $6.75

Chicken Rice Soup $6.75

Dinner Soup $3.95



Smoked Pork with sesame Seeds $7.85

Fortune Cookies (12) $3.00

Fried Wonton $6.25

Onion Rings $7.25

Pot Stickers (6) $7.50

Side order sautéed mushrooms $6.25

Deep Fried Fresh Mushrooms $7.25

Egg Rolls Canton Special with Shrimp $7.75

Deep Fried Chicken Drumsticks $8.85


All steaks served with soup or salad

T-Bone Steak $20.80

Top Sirloin Steak $17.85

New York Cut Steak $19.85

Rib Steak $19.95

Small Steak $16.95

Canton Supreme Steak $19.85

Ground Round, Hamburger Steak $14.75


Pork Chops $16.85

Breaded or Plain


Chicken Fried Steak $16.95

Boneless Chicken Steak $15.95


Ham or Bacon & Eggs $8.95

Two Poached Eggs on Toast $7.25

Two Fried or Scrambled Eggs $5.85

Two Soft Boiled Eggs $4.50

Plain Omelet $8.25

Shrimp Omelet $8.85

Minced Ham Omelet $8.85

Bacon Omelet $8075

Cheese or Spanish Omelet $8.85

Side Order Ham or Bacon $6.75

Side Order 2 Eggs $4.75


Manhattan Sandwich $8.95

Club House Sandwich $8.55

Chicken Sandwich $8.25

Steak Sandwich $8.85

Open Steak Sandwich $9.25

Ham or Bacon & Egg Sandwich $8.25

Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich $8.25

Denver Sandwich $7.95

Smoked Pork Sandwich $8.55

Fried Ham or Bacon Sandwich $8.85

Hot Turkey Sandwich $9.25

Ham & Cheese $8.35

Lettuce Tomato Sandwich $6.95

Grilled Cheese Sandwich $6.25

Egg Sandwich $6.55

Deviled Egg Sandwich $6.75

Bread & Butter or Toast $3.25


Plain Hamburger $6.25

Hamburger with Everything $7.25

Deluxe Burger $7.75

Cheeseburger $6.55

Cheeseburger with Everything $7.50

Cheeseburger Deluxe $7.75

Chili Burger $9.75

Child’s Vegetable Plate with Patty $7.95


French Fried Prawn Dinner $15.75

Fried Prawns with Spanish Sauce $10.25

Fried Prawns with Fried Rice $10.25

Fried Prawns Sweet & Sour Sauce $10.25

With steamed rice

Fish and Chips $13.95

With French fries

Shrimp Cocktail $6.85

Side Order Prawns $9.95


French Fries $3.50

Mashed Potatoes $3.50

Hashed Browns $3.50


Shrimp Louis $10.95

Combination Salad $7.75

Shrimp Salad $9.75

Chicken Salad $8.25

Dinner Salad $4.25

Bean Sprout Salad $7.25

Lettuce & Tomato Salad $6.25

Sliced Tomato $3.95

**Consuming raw or undercooked meats and seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness. **

Courtesy of PNW Menus. Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes. Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions. We tried our best to keep our menu database as current as possible. Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

15 reviews for “Canton Cafe

  1. Harbor Made Designs

    The sweet and sour pork and plain rice were about the only two items that were decent. The shrimp chop suey was like a bucket of soupy, slimy, over cooked onions, celery and bean sprouts with a handful of super tiny, canned shrimp thrown on top. Very disappointing(photos attached to this review)! It looked like slimy maggot casserole. No one in my house would touch that dish. The soft chow main noodles tasted of metal and salt. The beef dish had mostly mushrooms and onions with very little beef. Being a local, I like to support family establishments, but I will never return to this place and cannot recommend it.

  2. Dan Penner

    first time visiting there. made my order then after 5 mins was asked to wait outside… i was fine with that i was wearing a mask but ok what ever. then 20 min later i watched a couple without masks walk out after they got their food that they where waiting on. and then another couple leave after eating. worst first impression. the food was cold after i waited an hour to get it. i will never return.

  3. jo vanucie

    Love my egg rolls!

  4. Mathew Moehnke

    Love the food here never had a bad meal yet! Really love the house fried rice.

  5. Aaron Doull

    While the staff is very nice, the food was probably the worst chinese food I have had in Aberdeen.

  6. Piper56

    My husband loves Dinner E, little bit of everything he likes. I always order Hang Yen Guy, the portions are fair and the sweet and sour sauce is awesome!

  7. Tevon C

    The egg rolls are the main reason to go here but they have very friendly staff and great customer service.

  8. Jamie Leigh Broten

    Best Egg Rolls and Egg Foo Young!
    Canton Special Chow Mein 😋

    Don’t forget quarters for the jukebox!

  9. Jake Doomer

    Sweet & Sour Pork use to be tender and delicious. Last order was hard as rocks and we could not eat them. Sad to see such a good place go bad,

  10. Mike Dooly

    Really good food. The staff is really nice.

  11. Greg Salo

    Great, tasty food! We will order again.

  12. John Delia

    Almond chicken was my favorite 40 years old. Yes I have been coming there for 40 years. Tonight it was dried out and not good at all!

  13. Robert Lake

    My new favorite is an old favorite.
    I think the food is great and the atmosphere is just what I’ve been looking for ..
    Thank you

  14. Marc Kurth

    After dining there at various times over 40 years,,,,, it has not changed.

  15. Claudia lillybridge

    Good egg rolls,the best ever tempura on prawns. Need to be open more.

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