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10:00 am – 9:00 pm


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10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm



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Caruso’s Sandwiches

Sandwich & Pizza Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  

118 reviews for “Caruso’s Sandwiches

  1. Jessica Andrew

    Always open to and kind about personalizing orders. Great food great service 👍

  2. D Clinton

    The Caruso salad and Vinnie pizza was great but they were over 15 minutes late on their estimated pick time. Giving only 4 stars for missing the pickup time.

  3. Matthew Dullenkopf

    Fresh baked bread and great ingredients make great sandwiches. Local brews go great with the menu.
    Limited outdoor seating is available.

  4. Xandria Dumler

    Great neighborhood place. Sandwich ws good but not worth $15. Expensive and no healthy options to go with sandwich.

  5. Scott Coy

    Poor customer service online order waited in online pick-up line nobody would recognize me.had to wait in line while people ordered. 10 minutes while food is getting cold. Watch them wait on customers in online pick-up after I was in the other line. Prepaid order and even left a tip and it was take out. They won’t get my business again

  6. Ted Morgan

    Yummy comfort food. Really good pizza. Everything is fresh, the staff on Argonne are super friendly and inviting. i really love this place

  7. Kristina Phay

    The carrot cake was slicedsmaller than the Coeur d Alene location

  8. Astra Porta

    Amazing taste. I always thought getting a sandwich was silly because I can make them at home… well, I cannot make them like this! WOW!

  9. Bill C

    Fantastic sandwich I bought there. Got a whole.. it will last me 4 meals. Have a pizza there, I almost bought.

  10. Esther Salinas

    Love this great friendly place to have my lunch at! My favorite is the turkey sub sandwich on their freshly baked sourdough bread with
    Chipotle provolone, lettuce, tomato,cucumber a dash of pepper, and AVOCADOS! I love the taste of the bright green ripe avacados on my sandwich. You can build any item how you want! Shout out to Tyson for ALWAYS being extra friendly and welcoming at the register when I order my food! CARUSOS MAKES MY HEART SMILE. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT CARUSO’S!!!

  11. Robert Harris

    Ordered a half Italian stallion sandwich. It was filled with many toppings, and was made quickly. I ordered this on a combo meal, but unfortunately the drink machine ice feature was not working. I had to have a warm soda, as they did not have any ice available.
    I believe the manager should have had a solution to the issue, during the time the ice machine was not working.
    Otherwise this would have been a better review.

  12. Alex Shannon

    Not bad, took a little long to get food out and the substitutions we asked for did not happen, but quality of the food was good. Willing to try again to see if we can get 5 stars.

  13. Matt Mckoon

    Love this place, always delicious and have great healthy choices.
    Friendly staff and quick service.

  14. Chad Carle

    Great sandwiches, soup and salads.

  15. Jennifer Taylor

    Super friendly staff great attitude clean store. Fast service and excellent food. Best sandwich I’ve had in a really really really long time

  16. James Glover

    Friendly staff and low wait time. The sando I got was super tasty and just worth it. Seems a little spendy but quality and amount of food is worth the cost. Thank you Caruso’s for such a great meal!!

  17. Caitlin Timlin

    Tomato Basil soup is DELISH!!

  18. Sierra Sanchez

    Love this place! The food is amazing. I’ve never been disappointed with an order. Highly recommend the plain ol’ French dip and the chicken caesar wrap. They are to die for!!! I think my favorite part would be how fresh everything tastes.

  19. Charlene Nielsen

    How do I put into words how amazing this place is? The food is BEYOND amazing, customer service can’t be beat. Prices are very reasonable. Good selection of menu items. I’ve never been unsatisfied after eating Caruso’s!

  20. Robb Hovland

    Absolutely amazing huge sandwiches, well worth the money and beats subway hands down, add some extra sauce to the pasta if you like it saucy 😋

  21. Sean Duncan

    Always good food, fresh bread daily and awesome staff. A go to for my lunch

  22. A G

    My favorite pizza in the area 🤩.

  23. Dan Becker

    Had two pizza’s from there. Rather expensive.
    Taste was just OK . Have had comparable pie from chain locations for half the price.

  24. Sarah Neelands

    They make their sandwiches with homemade bread, really yummy.

  25. Jeff Owens

    Top notch pizza and sandwiches. Have eaten here several times and have never been disappointed!

  26. Mark Sherman

    Very disappointed on my first experience. My wife and I ordered dinner online here tonight. I had a pepperoni and pineapple pizza which tasted like pizza crust and pineapple. There was very little sauce and even less pepperoni. The mozzarella cheese was 2 pieces of sliced cheese torn into 1 inch stripes an laid on top of the crust. My wife ordered a turkey sub on wheat with all the fixings and paid extra for avocado but when we got home it was on sourdough with no avocado. When I arrived to pick it up, I seen other people eating pizza that looked amazing and was looking forward to an amazing pizza! Negative Ghost Rider… I was denied!!! Not sure if I will give it another shot. 😬

  27. ej

    Went for ths first time last week got there at 7.05 they told me they had no bread sort of funny

  28. Andrew Stockman

    Quick service, no hassle, & great sub: The Italian Stallion.

  29. CK

    Expensive. Small servings. Long wait.

  30. Brandon Blasberg

    Family loves their Backpacker and Smokehouse pizzas.
    Pasta is great too

  31. Cindy Dailey

    A little spendy but well worth it as a once in a while treat. The food was delicious and service was good. Staff was very friendly.

  32. Cassy Lukenbill

    Thanks for lunch!
    Always fresh ingredients, always made to order. Always fast and friendly!

  33. Willard Hogan

    Great sandwiches and great pizza. Fresh bread is always yummy. Something for everyone.

  34. Cameron Pehl

    This was the best sandwich I’ve ever place in my mouth, ever. And if I could leave an extra star I would….. The bread….. CHRIST. The crackle and flake…. The soft middle…. I’ll leave my wife for you, dear Caruso.

  35. Scot Tabert

    Had the God father and Italian stallion. Both were very good.

  36. Deborah Newman

    I had the beef with onions, mushrooms, etc. I took the chipolte sauce off because I can’t handle spicy food….the sandwich was delicious. One of the best pieces of carrot cake I’ve had also. Kind of expensive but worth the money in my opinion.

  37. Jack Taylor

    Always awesome food. Their pizza is friggin awesome!! My only complaint was that we were a few minutes late for picking up our food so by the time we drove the 6mins home, it was cold. But love the place, and would absolutely recommend Caruso’s to everyone!!

  38. Dakota Goodwin

    I called in an order for 1 and a half sandwiches and was estimated 10 minutes. I arrived 10 minutes later and they were not finished. Within a couple minutes I saw them finish an order that appeared to be mine, but no one called out my name and they set it to the side on their rack behind the counter. I watched that bag sit there for 30 minutes while I waited until one of the workers finally made eye contact with me and noticed I was still there. She grabbed my food, set it in front of me, and then shuffled away quickly. Great food, but this is the 2nd time I’ve received SLOW service like this from this place. The first time I received a gift card and an apology at least…

  39. Gabi Van Wert

    Being a person with many food intolerances it’s very common for my food order to get mixed up, which is what happened today with my salad. But fortunately our Caruso’s server was very gracious and promptly got it taken care of, so I could enjoy a delicious Spinachi Salad.
    This restaurant is amazing with their customer service! So, thanks, guys!

  40. T

    Best caprese sandwich I’ve ever had! The bread and other ingredients are super fresh. Big portions.

  41. Abi Peek

    Biggest best sandwhich I’ve ever had! 10/10 recommend the valley one over the one on division. Had same thing at both and the one in the valley is way better!!!

  42. Cameron Goodnight

    Best. Pizza. Ever! Totally worth every penny!!!!

  43. William Strasters

    I loved them when they were in Utah and loved that they are in Washington now. Best sandwiches ever

  44. Doug Brown

    The Motherlode pizza was fantastic. Subs are good too.

  45. greg luna

    After rafting the upper Spokane river, I was “camping hungry,” and so happy I had seen a Caruso’s on Argonne while we shuttled our cars for the trip. I have been a big fan of Caruso’s in Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene in the past; consequently, I was looking forward to what I have had before at the Idaho locations. I ordered a large meatball and Godfather, but even starving hungry, neither sandwich was appetizing whatsoever. The meatballs tasted like something out of a bad TV dinner and the deli meat made Subway’s meat look like Egger’s. Both were worse than what you would get out of a last chance gas station vending machine. I will not be wasting 30$ again at the old Wolfey’s (because thats not even a Caruso’s as far as I’m concerned) and would advise you to do the same. If you’r gonna spend the money get Jersey Mike’s or bite the bullet and drive to Idaho to get some real Caruso’s.

  46. Jonathan Robideaux

    If you’re stuck in an airport and you need a sandwich quickly, these might pass. However, this isn’t an airport and you’re not stuck. Go somewhere else for a real sandwich. Overpriced and under delivered. Yuck.

    Edit: I am all set on the offer for a different sandwich, but thank you. There’s too many go-to sandwich spots that I don’t need to take a flyer on. Lesson learned. It is unfortunate that after all of this preparation, I ended up with something that terrible. Not trying to be super harsh here. I spent a lot of money, and I am trying to keep the sandwich community from making the same mistake. I will say that it wasn’t just one sandwich. I got five sandwiches, and they were all awful. Multiple people didn’t even feel like finishing any of them. So there that is.

  47. Troy Kaufman

    WOW … I’m not from the area my friend told us about Caruso’s .
    Hands down the BEST sub I’ve ever had 10 ☆… If I could I would move to Spokane just to be next to them…

  48. Brittni Grace

    This restaurant has amazing food! The staff is also very pleasant. Never had a bad experience due to their focus on customer service. Great place to eat anytime of the day. Definitely recommend!

  49. Penny King

    I was hoping for a lite lunch… on the heathy side. My companion wanted something more substantial. We found both here! Loved the Pierce salad with freshly cut strawberries and lots of blueberries. The almonds and Gorgonzola were delicious. There were croutons made from their fresh bead baked daily. Great customer service. The owner came over and chatted.

  50. Devin Hannas

    Online ordering through the app is great. Food was put up on the counter exactly when it said it would be. Only negative was that we didn’t get the drink, but I’m not sure if I was supposed to ask for a cup or what. The food was perfect regardless.

  51. Mackenzie Fite

    The pizzas fine, nothing spectacular but tasty. I’d definitely recommend skipping the Mac and Cheese though. Essentially bland pasta covered by a hard top layer of cheese. Very disappointed.

  52. Mark Conrad

    Consistently great food here and appreciate the recognition with a service member discount👍🏻

  53. michael

    Today August 9th, I went to this restaurant because I was craving spaghetti and I found it was very clean and the customer service was excellent everyone was really friendly and my food was delivered to me quickly the place was clean and I would definitely go there again the next time I want spaghetti however their mac and cheese is lacking cheese you could very well just call it Mac with a little tease of cheese.

  54. Jennifer Bridges

    Caruso’s is a great place for sandwiches, salads and artesian pizza. I love their salads, the large size are a meal by themselves. They are filled with variety and have amazing dressings!

  55. Dean Schmidt

    These guys have a wide variety of sandwiches, pizzas, pasta bowls, and salads and having sampled most of them, all are very very good. My personal favorite sandwich is The Godfather made on sourdough freshly baked bread, with beef, turkey, and bacon, with provolone cheese, served warm with pickles, onions, lettuce, and mustard. The one and only slightly bad comment I have is I wish their meatballs had a little more spice to them.

  56. Jeff Dixon

    Owner must really be hurting for money by telling the cooks to put a skimpy amount of everythong on the pizzas. I had the Mediterranean last weekend and the pizza was so dry I had to refill my glass of water several times to finnish it. There was hardly anything on my pizza and all I tasted was olives and crust. I also noticed that the hand washing sink was blocked off and unused which is a huge no no when preparing food and a health code violation because employees need to be frequently washing hands when making food. The sandwiches are also microwaved, not grilled, and the microwaves are absolutely disgusting. I wonder if anyone there has heard of cleaner. Gloves were also not being disposed of properly when someone would handle the till and turned around to immediately start making more food without putting new gloves on. There was also a crusty container of lemon slices by the soda machine that looked days old and a perfect way to spread germs like ecoli and not under any ice . I wonder how many people got their food handling permit 🤷‍♂️

  57. Stokey

    The food is always amazing. I’ve had the French dip sandwich, Italian stallion, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken salads and pesto chicken sandwich. Everything is always tasty af, perfectly seasoned and cooked, and all with excellent customer service. One evening, I ordered via ubereats and one item was forgotten and the manager personally drove it out within 10 minutes. I love this place. Just order Caruso’s. You know you want to….

  58. Rahul M

    Tyson and team are doing a great job serving up fresh, delicious food. Ordered the Cajun chicken wrap and definitely recommend it.

  59. Artemis

    Absolutely fabulous. Ordered via Door Dash, the food was not only exceptionally tasty (I got the Pardon my French dip), but they followed all my special instructions. Will definitely be ordering here again!

  60. Caitlin Gordon

    Caruso’s makes one of my favorite salads that I have delivered to my office almost once a week so I decided to try their mac n cheese. It was absolutely horrible. Not even melted cheese put on top of buttered noodles with a cold hard breadstick. Super disappointing

  61. Steele Express LLC

    Arrived cold, like it was delivered on the back of a bicycle or motorcycle. Not warm, cold.
    And they must of run out of cheese,, if there was chesse on the pizza I couldn’t tell..
    Very disappointed

  62. Macee Ahrendt

    After waiting for over an hour for my Uber Eats driver to drop off my food, I called Caruso’s and they were amazing with figuring out what happened and they said they would deliver my food to me instead. The customer service was unmatched and food was delicious and warm! Y’all have my business for life!

  63. Stephan Reckie

    The pesto chicken sandwich was warm but the chicken pieces were tiny and sparse

  64. Cindy Hulce

    Their garlic knots are outstanding! We had the Mother Lode pizza this time excellent!

  65. Nita Przybyla

    Delicious food and good service! Love the Mac n cheese! Trying different pizzas and sandwiches has been fun.

  66. Keshia Anderson

    Don’t order takeout from this place. They don’t care about the quality of food being delivered.

  67. Braden Gunyan

    Small pizzas, great sandwiches

  68. Seth Stewart

    Having Jared from Subway behind bars has paved the way for local sandwich shops to really step up their game, and this is one of those places.

    Have you ever had a sandwich or food that you crave EVERY single day? Let me welcome you to Carusos. The best sandwiches, locally sourced ingredients and a staff more upbeat than the Jerky Boys. They’ve earned a lifelong customer here.

  69. Loren Miller

    Food was just so-so and was expensive for what we got

  70. Jason Tipton

    The best pizza and sandwiches I’ve eaten in all of Spokane County

  71. Maxine Bignall

    I have been going to this location for quite some time and have always had good food. Until tonight. I ordered my favorite, Pollo Pasta. It was the worst. They must have changed their alfredo sauce. It tasted like it came out of a can. Disgusting.

  72. Alicia Lasko

    Caruso’s cares and it shows! Excellent service; they go above and beyond! Excellent food; the entire office raves when we order from them. Great selection; many vegetarian and carb conscious options. You can’t go wrong with Caruso’s! Our pick up orders are correct: EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!!!

  73. Deborah Kirwin

    Tried Pardon my French dip and Chicken Pesto sandwiches. Neither one was as tasty as they sounded. Disappointed.

  74. Jeremy BA

    I went there for lunch with my mom yesterday. My lunch was fairly decent, but my mom’s lunch was awful all around. The salad was not very good for her, but the macaroni and cheese with bacon was really good. Only complaint I really had was the place is a lot smaller than the one in town.

  75. Nicole Ortega

    I love everything they offer. We’ve ordered pizzas, salads, sammiches, pasta. You cant go wrong here.

  76. Marisol Perez

    The pizzas and the outdoors seating together make this a really nice casual place for a bite. And I recommend the garlic Margherita pizza and their tomato basil soup is such an amazing combination!

  77. Amber Gardner

    Friendly staff and delicious food. When you ask for double extra pickle, you get it!

  78. Jerry Walton

    Awesome french dip sandwich. omg sooooo good

  79. Dustin N

    I gotta tell you I love Carusos! They have great salads and pizza(that’s all I have tried so far). I love the Carusos Salad(dressing is blue cheese and vinaigrette). This is a great place for a fast delicious meal! I took my son there to this one! They have a great kids meal and he got a pizolo (half pizza) and he ate the whole thing. Ok honestly, I had a slice of it! The crust and sauce was really great! They have beer and wine and you make your order at the counter then pick your table and then they call your order! All the quality is in the food and you clean up your table. The prices are great as well! A large Carusos salad with chicken, and a kids pizza meal was $26 or so.

  80. George Strickland

    Great and affordable food! I love the pepperoni pizza which was fresh, delicious, and loaded with toppings. I also love the Caruso club. I’ve been going here for a couple years and will continue.

  81. Bill Levine

    Huge thank you to Jesse Eggers and the entire crew at the Spokane Valley store. We hosted the Northwest Nazarene University Men’s soccer team for dinner as they traveled to Spokane to play against Gonzaga. We had Caruso’s cater the food and it was spectacular. We fed 40 people and the food was hot, fresh and delicious. All the extra fixings were provided and the food was a huge success with the team. We couldn’t have done it with out you and we really appreciate you working with us. We most definitely recommend you for anyone catering needs.

  82. Linda Dire

    Today was the first time I have had lunch at Caruso’s. I had the Caruso sandwich and was delicious. I definitely will have lunch here again

  83. Art Krueger

    Lackluster sandwich but gluten free pizza was surprisingly good. Friendly service.

  84. houstonlc241

    I look forward to coming here every week and trying out new items on the menu. The pizzas here are works of art. I appreciate the effort they put in and the employees are amazing!

  85. Floyd Owens

    Excellent food. Great atmosphere. And you can get Irish Death by the pint

  86. Brystol Myers

    Yum could never come close to describing the food. Made from scratch wholesome goodness

  87. Jamie Pirtle

    Excellent French Dips. I thought it was a little expensive for just a sandwich with no sides until they served it. It was enough for 2 people and delicious!

  88. Trevor Pirtle

    First time eating here. Best frechdip I have ever had!! Excellent service, friendly staff. I will definitely be returning to try many other dishes!!🤔👍👍😉

  89. Trevor Pirtle

    The sandwiches and pizza are on point. I love the atmosphere and point system. Caruso’s is the best, both locations.

  90. Charles Canaan

    We tried this place about a year ago when visiting Coeur d’Alene. Now when we go to Spokane, we look for the nearest Caruso’s. We have gotten the “Vinny” , “Mediterranean”, Caruso salad, focaccia and the chocolate cake. Everything is delicious every time we’ve eaten here. I like how I can taste fresh ingredients when you eat here. It tastes like it is home made also. We would definitely recommend this place.

  91. Mike Voigtsberger

    Friendly folks…fast service…I had the turkey bacon wrap. Diced turkey chunks is different but it was ok. I’mma try a pizza next time.
    I came back and tried the pizza…I am not disappointed….was so amazing.

  92. David Shepherd

    I ordered lunch for my crew and had delivered to my work place. I loved the sandwiches.

  93. Eric C

    Great sandwiches and super good service. The restaurant was very clean. We ordered lunch to go on a Friday and it was less than 10 minutes. I csnt rate the pizza since we’ve never tried them. Staffing has increased and service/wait times are better.

  94. Bryan Masino

    Yummy, unique, and lots of options! From sandwiches to salads to pizzas this is a great one-stop for lunch even if people are in the mood for different things.

  95. Sarah Lawson

    I’ve done both takeout and dine in here and love the food! The pesto chicken sandwich is my fav and I’ve also had the caprese and pollo chicken pasta. A family says the GF bread is also very good for folks who need that option.

  96. Madison

    My partner and I went to this Caruso’s for the first time today. We were immediately greeted with friendly and attentive service. We could overhear the presumed team leader encouraging staff and giving cudos. It was a great atmosphere to be in! The vibes were immaculate.
    Officially my favorite Caruso’s in Spokane.

  97. Brent Reser

    On Saturday, July 2, 2022, we (my wife, two small children, and myself) tried Caruso’s in the Spokane Valley for the first time. We had wanted to try it for at least the past year so we were glad to finally give it a try. The restaurant itself is spotless, comfortable, and smells really food. You order up front at the counter. We were given excellent service by the guy who took our order. When we were ordering pizza for our 5-year-old and 2-year-old we planned to order them a cheese pizza to split but the employee suggested we would get a better deal if we ordered them each a half cheese pizza as a drink would come with it. We appreciated that suggestion!

    So, as you probably know by now, my kids got cheese pizza. My wife ordered a half sandwich and a half salad. Both items were large for being halves! They offer pasta bowls and I ordered the Italian Bowl which is spaghetti pasta with meatballs, Italian sausage, marinara sauce, onions, feta cheese, and olives (I held the olives). It was served with a big, fresh bread stick. We all really enjoyed our food. The total was $50…so I would say that the prices aren’t cheap but they aren’t too pricey either. We enjoyed our experience and would probably return.

  98. Katie Scott

    Love the food and customer service was awesome!! Our family went to dinner here last nite. We actually got asked when we were leaving if everything was good, and they thanked us for coming in. Can’t remember the last time I was in a place like that. Thank you!

  99. Kim Johnson

    We really want to stop by and try this amazing looking food,do you offer gluten free options for your bread or pizza crust?

  100. Tim Pearson

    The food is always fresh and amazing. The whole family can order from one place. The staff are always friendly no matter how busy. I will be returning.

  101. Jacque K

    I was picking up orders for UberEATS. It was a long wait but the manager let me have a free fountain soda as a thank you for delivering for them. The food that was coming out looked and smelled amazing. Im gonna have to try them out myself!

  102. Terry Beach

    Great food especially the plain old French dip. The cheese cake is awesome too. The cherry on top was the fast and friendly service. I’ll definitely be going again!

  103. Nicole Dompier

    I do love their sandwiches, however it’s only worth it if you get a whole sandwich, if you order a “half” a sandwich it’s so small and pathetic and so sloppily thrown together it was a huge disappointment for spending almost 10$ on it, the portion was just seriously so small, not worth the money! But if you get a whole sandwich then it is worth it! Have not tried anything other than sandwiches form them.

  104. John Faur

    Unfortunately this place has gone downhill. My fiance and I went here last night for dinner. They charged $40 for two small pizzas and the young gal with tattoos and short hair, taking our order was rude. Maybe she had a long day but, go home or take a break. Don’t act rude. Then I asked if she could turn the fire on outside, she replied, we don’t usually run it during hot weather and it was suppose to be 89 today. I said, well it’s only like 70 outside and it rained earlier, would you guys mind turning it on for us. She reluctantly stormed outside and turned it on. All while doing this with her entitled attitude. We won’t be going back.

  105. Evander Simmons

    Okay I love Caruso’s! I usually get the Godfather sandwich its a big sandwich but also has the option to get half but I mean come on… Go big or go to sub(par)way right!? Thank me later! The pollo pasta which is chicken and pesto pasta is awesome as well. I always add extra bacon of course. A few good beer options on tap if you dine in and boom awesome lunch or dinner!

  106. Alyna Ohanian

    Sadly, this is the second time I’ve paid for their pricey tiny cup of soup and there’s quite literally 2-3 spoons of soup in this tiny cup. It’s like a sample. They did this before with tomato soup. It tastes good but a huge rip off. Photo is before I tried any, just for reference. The bottom of the photo is the bottom of the cup that fits in the palm of of small hand. Just crazy.

  107. Angel Roupe

    Yum yum yummy. How I so enjoy their food. Pollo pasta delicious. The pizza’s scrumdiddleumpicious. They forgot one of my orders but we got a lot and it was just refunded. They were so nice.

  108. Jason Ross

    They had gluten free versions of everything, food was great! More importantly the guy at the counter had the best most upbeat attitude

  109. Valerie Peters

    I had the Pierce salad which was delicious with amazing gorgonzola cheese, blueberries, homemade croutons and a great poppyseed dressing. I chose to add chicken for a full, satisfying meal. I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to try something new.

  110. Joanie Scotson

    This was a great place. Wish I could go often but I live on the other side of the state. I had the chicken pesto sandwich which was wonderful.

  111. Dave Farmer

    I loved everything about Caruso’s, the food was absolutely fantastic and so was the service. I love the ambience and they’re prompt in keeping the establishment clean! Plenty of options for the family, definitely a family friendly environment. I’d recommend this location to anyone anytime. They do things 110%!

  112. miles kelsey

    Delicious Mac and cheese! Good sandwiches!

  113. Douglas Iverson

    We’re so on love with Caruso’s sub sandwiches. Since the very first one, WOW!

  114. Pat Mudd

    The sandwiches are great and salads very tasty

  115. Joe Mama

    I had a great experience at this Caruso’s. The owners daughter was very kind and sweet. She just sat down with me on her break and we talked and laughed. She has a great personality and definitely deserves a raise.

  116. Rachel O'Hara

    Love the staff here! Very friendly and in a warm happy environment. Food is outstanding. It’s hard to pick a favorite, yet I find the Lloyd with Turkey sandwich a personal best. And all of their brickfired pizzas are prefect.

  117. William Montgomery

    Favorite place to eat in Spokane Valley for me. They’re so charismatic and efficient. Very talented team. Beautifully delicious food and lovely employees.

  118. Lorna Farris

    This is my all time favorite sandwich place! No exaggeration. Fell in love when I went to school in CDA 17 years ago.
    I can’t recommend highly enough!

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