1883 1st St, Cheney, WA 99004


47.497954034875, -117.56262557883




11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm

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China Buffet

Chinese Restaurant in Cheney, WA








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40 reviews for “China Buffet

  1. Cap'n Duck

    Yum! So good! Hot, fast, plentiful & delicious. How can you go wrong?

  2. Sarah Wells

    Food was wonderful and extremely fresh. Seems to be ran by a Wife and Husband they were very sweet. Huge portions, price value is fair, Classic American Chinese food, and clean. They are up to Covid-19 regulations also! I hope it continues to be this great!

  3. Adriann Jackson

    The food is superb! The staff is helpful and friendly. Service is quick and affordable. Take the whole family!

  4. Christina Ellis

    Egg foo young. Crazy seductively GOOD.

  5. Todd Price

    Very helpful staff. Portions were large, fresh and flavorful. Great choice for family!

  6. Life according to Cassidy

    This is a small family owned restaurant. Owned and operated by an older couple and a wonderful high school grandson helps out at times. This place is clean, great food, and the grandson, Colin has the best customer service ..he is very polite,well mannered and really cares about the customer.. he made me feel very welcome.
    I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who likes this type of food and wants a family atmosphere.
    We will definitely be back!

  7. Wyloking

    Great food awesome atmosphere I really feel like I’m In Asia eating here 🙂

  8. Erica Northam

    Went to grab lunch. Ordered off the menu as well as got off the buffet as well. Food was all tasty. Staff were all very polite. We will be back.

  9. A Burnett

    China buffet is a good place so good I went back the next day for seconds they have a small selection but you have all of your main Chinese dishes plus more.

  10. michelle dague

    Their food is awesome. Just like over on the other side of the mountains, Szechuan and Mongolian. Buffet all you can eat absolutely excellent. Very clean. very helpful and polite people. will come back every chance I get. Spokane has nothing this good.

  11. kj7vj

    Always enjoy this place. Met Colin today and yes he is very good at helping his Grand Parents. Very nice young man and Colin if you read this it is never too late to play basketball at your school. You are only in school a short while so do not have any regrets about woulda coulda shoulda. Try everything you want to.
    Mike & Mia

  12. Kurumi Aoyama-Baker (くる/Kuru)

    Foods were great and the place was very cozy. Fried rice noodle was my favorite. Kids loved varieties of ice cream. The people at the restaurant were very polite and sweet. Price is very affordable.

  13. Rosalia Garcia

    It was a little warm in there for me. By then I was already done eating, the food is good. People are too, even though they don’t really understand you lol 7 of us and everyone loved it. Even my picky one.

  14. Don Brown

    Great Food. Smaller place, friendly people. Been here a few times now and highly recommend. Today is Sunday just at noon and we were the only table here. Please visit these smaller locally owned and operated restaurants, they need local support.

  15. Charlene Evans

    Best food ever. We have been coming to the China Buffet ever since they opened many years ago. Not the best atmosphere as most furnishings are original. We came for the food, not the ambiance. Great service too. Love this place!

  16. Jeremy BA

    I went here for lunch with my teammate and his mom before my job interview.
    Definitely will come again with my fiancée when we go to Cheney next time.

  17. Tracy M

    We love this place, been coming here when pregnant with our daughter , the lady is so sweet and always goes out of way to say hello to our now toddler… family run and you know they care about every customer. Food is good and the soup is the best. We usually do the buffet so everyone gets what they want. Family favorite for sure!

  18. Dave Reagan

    A wide variety of tasty food, but if you go in for an early lunch you might get the previous day’s leftovers.

  19. Jace Sumner

    The food is 10/10 I love the customer service, cute family owned business

  20. Cory McDaniel

    $30 for two people and water. Must have been about 6pm food was scarce not being refilled after I assume dinner. Soup was well you can see the lines in the pan where it’s been heated up, put in fridge, heated up, and put in fridge. What I did eat was good. Price is whatever they feel like putting.

  21. captain Tattertot

    Great hot food decent variety but a bit of a language barrier with the one gut that goes around and was confused on the drinks and the ice cream wether it was self serve or they got it for you but so far it’s a good place only 40 bucks for 3 people to get stuffed

  22. Bruce Lien

    if I could rate it lower i would food didn’t have much flavor. Allot was over cooked dining area didn’t seem to be clean.

  23. Danielle Blair

    Love it. My favorite place in Cheney. The buffet is always stocked with fresh food and many choices.

  24. Colleen Anderson

    This is a very good restaurant. Food is fresh and hot. There is a little bit of everything. From soup to dessert, just all around good.

  25. Roy Santiago

    I went here on Sunday with my family, and staff was great and food was delicious. I really recommend this place! And it wasn’t as expensive as other buffets. Love this place

  26. Kenneth Jadin IV

    Good service but cramped and poor food quality.

  27. Terry Smalley

    Nicely priced small town buffet. Nice variety with polite and efficient owner and staff.

  28. Joy Vanlandingham

    Best Chinese in Cheney! Wonderful family owned business.

  29. Julie Evans

    Still good to know buffets are allowed. Food is pretty good. Service is excellent.

  30. Bob Johnson

    This is a great smorgasbord plenty of food real clean

  31. Erica Jones

    This place is a rare gem! The food is fresh, the owners are friendly, and the atmosphere was very nice. The price is more than fair. Best China Buffet I have EVER been to.

  32. David Bingham

    First time going after driving by it a bunch of times. Great service. I was seated promptly and my drink was refilled every time I got it down to the quarter full point. All the dishes were quite good. Great beef and broccoli and spicy chicken. Will definitely be coming back.

  33. alvaroecab

    Little selection but everything is very fresh and well cooked. Excellent choice for the price

  34. Mike Monroe

    Welp, I would rate this place five stars but I’ve officially been priced out from eating here. The price of a plate has gone from 12.08 after tax to 14.15 over the last 6 months and is unlikely to stop there. The food tastes good, and the soup is killer, but with the rise in prices I can’t continue to support this establishment.

    If you don’t mind paying the premium, they’re pretty good though.

  35. Gretchen Jasmer

    I jave been going here for many years. Today was the last time. For the last 3 years it has been going downhill. Today, which is a Friday night at 6pm, we saw that every table was dirty and the buffet was virtually empty of food. We were able to get a little from the salad bar part while we thought we would be waiting for fresh food. We sat for over 20 minutes and they never brought out any fresh food. I tried to ask the waitress if they were going to put any food on the line and she didn’t appear to understand English. The man from the back came out and I asked him the same thing and he too acted like he couldn’t understand English. I had to take him to the buffet and SHOW him all the empty food trays. He then went in and made 2 dishes to put out. This place is going under for sure, which saddens me, because years ago it was a great place to eat.

  36. Europa

    Yeah it’s the only buffet.I eat at, you hear horror stories of buffet food but this place is well managed and the food is good and no problem with management either, good eating experience.

  37. Crookedfly

    Good food. I’m not into buffets, but this is the exception to the rule. Very good.

  38. Brittney Z

    When we order pickup it’s usually done in 15-20 minutes. We love their house lo mein and Mongolian beef. Soooo good!

    Don’t recommend their buffet. But ordering pick up is the way to go!

  39. Jacob Grantham

    Fresh food got brought out right after we got there. They didnt have black peppered chicken so the cook made the table a plate enough for 5 of us.

  40. Therrisa Christine

    Has great food staff is friendly it’s kinda small but not bad for the price

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