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Corner Club Tavern

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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120 reviews for “Corner Club Tavern

  1. packerdude /Packerdudeissimo 9000

    Lexi and Carrie were the two that were working on the night that me and my family went to celebrate my birthday last year. Lexi was great. But Carrie was just downright rude. I’m not gonna go into the details of what happened but she was not my cup of tea. Lexi however was amazing! She is the reason this place is getting 5 stars!

    She truly knows how to make an amazing burger and mazzarella sticks. I’m hoping that I get to go back there again someday and that she is the one who serves me because she was amazing and made my day unforgettable!

  2. Becky swanson

    For some reason my last review was taken down… this place has terrible service by the owners. Spend your money somewhere else.

  3. Harharlan Pelletier (Dumb ass)

    love this place good food and nice staff

  4. Steven Bristyan

    Great service very friendly

  5. Brian

    Great place…the bartender let me and a buddy play pool and still hooked us up with beer and don’t don’t rush us…good bar!

  6. Anshuman Bhatia

    It’s a dive, so you get what you get. The burger was really good though, and was surprised with the special sauce and the horseradish sauce. Can’t complain for a draft ipa and a burger for 15 bucks.

  7. Paul Horning

    Good bartender and atmosphere

  8. Doug R

    Good hand made burgers, friendly and quiet for a late lunch on a weekday afternoon.

  9. Corey Lewis

    Yup greatest bar in MillHood. Y’all know what’s up when you get a real piece of beef with your burger. Just tell them you know Phill he will hook you up;!!! Love you phildo

  10. Tim Dunn

    Good little dive bar. Fast and friendly service. Had a burger and it was great.

  11. Andy Horka

    Had an absolutely wonderful rest stop evening and enjoyed possibly one of the best burgers ever and and an evening of open discussion with the brilliant Lexi and later a kööl dude named Larry. Couldn’t have asked for a better evening.

  12. Wesley Burkes

    This is a super nice family owned bar with a great atmosphere stop in and grab a cold one !

  13. corinne clark

    Excellent food. Good service. Nice place for family dinner.

  14. Trent Nielsen

    Conley’s Place is our family’s go-to restaurant. The food is delicious and the portions are generous. The mozzarella sticks should be renamed “delicious slabs of fried mozzarella”…. they are soooo good! My favorite is the Boss Burger. Excellent restaurant.



  16. Margo Dreis

    Good food and pies also beat service

  17. Ervin Stradley

    Great family friendly place. With a gift shop and excellent food.

  18. Sam Harris

    Best restaurant in the valley!! Been eating there since I was a kid. They never disappoint!!

  19. Nicole Ortega

    Amazing food. Pie was delicious. Chicken was moist. Irish soda bread was so good.

  20. Nina Ironheart

    I LOVE Conley’s! Their food is so frickin’ good, everyone is super nice, and I’m gonna go to them for eternity. That chicken n’ chips medley?? Best dish. My mom loves the soda bread. And fish medley, too. I just love that place.

  21. Bosslady Arts

    Amazing food, amazing service, and best cornbread on the planet!

  22. Jeanne Sandblom

    Love it!!! Make sure to get the scones.

  23. Leah Beck

    The food was amazing. I had the stew and cornbread and it was spot on. You cant beat the prices. No lie this place is a gem and our server alisha was very kind and always there for what ever we needed. Love this place

  24. J&L Cleaning

    All visitors and staff wearing face coverings, they are regulating distance protocol, every other table. Food is yummy. Staff very attentive. Interesting all the guest were over age of 50. Lots of seating. Yet seems to be a kid friendly environment. But no children or young people there eating the sunday afternoon we visited. Their take home, home made pies looked fabulous.

  25. Noneofyour Business

    Wow I loved this place! The atmosphere of the entrance is and the music had me smiling and wanting to explore. I ordered the chicken and waffles and fell inlove. Perfectly prepared the way I asked. Then my waitress told me they had pie.. I almost moved in. Great place Conley’s and welcome to my top 5 in America!

  26. Susan Hodgson-Morgan

    Customer service was excellent! Food was delicious. Prices reasonable. Highly recommend.

  27. Bryce Morrison

    Great atmosphere, and I’m glad we could eat here on Saint Patrick’s Day. I had an Irish bacon burger, and my wife enjoyed the fish and chips. The waitress was great, and even understood us through the masks.

  28. Jessica Lane

    Food was overall good. But we found a hair in the pots of gold appetizer. We told our waitress and there was no emotion or sympathy and she simply responded “Okay”, we then had to say we didn’t want it anymore. I get that things happen and hair falls into food, but for the waitress to not be understanding and rude was the worst part.

  29. Tracy Kinswa

    This was my first time here and I’d have to say the staff was very inviting. Courtney our server was excellent and the young lady behind the counter was great as well. I’d definitely be returning because of them.

  30. David Baldwin

    Large portions, not large price and awesome service!

  31. Karen Mishler

    Fresh, hot, delicious food w/ GREAT service, we eat here every single chance we get!!

  32. Edgar Thompson

    A great place to eat breakfast. Had Chicken Stake. The portions were good. The service was great. I would go back for lunch

  33. James McIntosh

    This place is so great each and every time! Today the service was absolutely exceptional! Our waitress Ciara, really went above and beyond in making this a great dining experience. She had great suggestions and also reassured my kiddo there would be enough food lol The food was incredible as always !

  34. Annika Steffen

    Absolutely amazing and friendly staff, great preventative measures following the governor’s mandate, the food is always delicious and filling. Great choice no matter what time of day.

  35. Jennifer Smith

    Beautiful restaurant! Enjoyed our lunch today with great service and wonderful Food!

  36. Mark Roach

    Love this place👍😃🍀 food great large portions service excellent.I visited spoken valley for 6 days and ate at Conley’s 3 time’s.ill go back when I’m visiting again👍👍💚🍀💚🍀😃

  37. Cheryl Capoocia

    We’ve been wanting to visit Conley’s for quite a while but with their closing for covid-19 we had to wait. We finally got to try it today and we’re very happy we did. I ordered an best in Spokane Irish coffee which I really enjoyed. The fish platter was very good. Everything was cooked perfection. We also enjoyed the zucchini chips which were lightly battered and not greasy. We will be back again!

  38. Ken Eberhardt

    This place is super incredible, it was my first time there and the ambiance was awesome…

  39. Joselyn Christiansen

    Food was amazing, the people were ver nice and the decor feels like your at grandmas house. Love it!

  40. Mylissa Rayman

    Conelys was fabulous! Their service was great along with the food

  41. Amber “Nikki” Walker

    Its hit and miss here i get amazing food the next under cooked amd burnt

  42. Shirley Wilkins

    The halibut fish and chips was so undercooked it was cold inside and still liquidy. We brought it to their attention and they offered to “warm it up” or “drop it back in the fryer” (yes, even after a bite had been taken out of it). They really acted like they didn’t care. Won’t be back!

  43. Jody Gilbert

    Everything we had was delicious no problems with the food and the waitresses was nice. I got the lasagna and chocolate peanutbutter pie my friends got the fish with sauce. She doesn’t normally eat sauce but it was really good. Would definitely be returning.

  44. Freddie Hampton

    Went in for fish and chips. Always get a good serving size for the price and for halibut the price is amazing

  45. Terry Cooper

    Family owned, good food at fair prices. Great pies.

  46. Charlie & Mary Walker

    Price is up and quality is down

  47. Esther Zerbst

    Such a cute place! There’s an Irish theme with the Irish cream soda, Irish soda bread, and corned beef and cabbage. Good variety on the menu, food is flavorful, and prices not bad.

  48. susan nute

    If your looking for comfort food this is the place for you.

  49. christina sach

    The chicken pot pie was delicious!

  50. Jimenez Jimenez

    Places like these are the problem with Spokanes Restaurant industry. Spokane is extremely scarce in finding good, quality restaurants, & it can be frustrating 😤 Spokane should be demanding more out of these places, for it seems like these places cater to the elderly more than anyone else, and the whole experience gives that vibe. Tried eating there twice and couldn’t do it. If you don’t care about being greeted by your server, having her fingers all over the rim of your glass of water, nor about what’s in your food, go here. We will never eat there!

  51. Eric G

    Great food always. I recommend the baked spaghetti 🍝.

  52. Brent Reser

    We hit up Conley’s for brunch on Sunday, July 18. We went with two other families after 9 a.m. mass. Our party consisted of 6 adults and 5 kids/infants. Despite a large party and peak “church crowd” time, we had excellent and prompt service. Our server, Mary, did a fantastic job and brought plenty of humor throughout the meal. Conley’s offers a large breakfast menu…both in the number of entrees offered and the portions. I ordered the croissant sandwich, my wife ordered a waffle and hash browns, and my children ordered off the very reasonable kid’s menu. Food came out hot and tasty. Our check was $36, not bad for a family of four. We will be back and I recommend this spot to others.

  53. Kathi Maxwell

    We loved it. Chicken pot pie was delicious. Pies outstanding. Service was excellent.

  54. Jennifer Swanson

    Love the quiche!!!! Dessert pies are delicious as well!!

  55. Patrick Blum

    Some of the best food in the Valley in my opinion. Definitely the best blue cheese anywhere outside of Wisconsin

  56. John Beaudry

    We had never tried this place so we went for lunch. The restaurant is clean and the staff was friendly. We both had the so described butterflied shrimp. However it was not butterflied it was tempura style and seemed like it just came out of a box. SadlyWe did not have time for pie. I would go back and try the pie but I’d skip lunch.

  57. Nik M.

    Great breakfast with great service! Highly recommend the country fried steak.

  58. Adam Taylor

    First time back in years and they did not disappoint. Many restaurants have struggled with customer service with all the challenges that have arisen from Covid, but not Conley’s. Staff was efficient and friendly. The food was wonderful, just as I remembered as a kid.

  59. Phaedra Ward

    The food was AMAZING and the service was fantastic! Our server was very sweet and informative.

  60. J Froewiss

    Great service, food not so much. Two visits ago, breakfast was served cold, last visit the blueberry muffin was stale and dry.

  61. ks loa

    We usually eat here regularly and love it. Today we ordered 2 chicken pot pies to take out. They smelled bad and were watery. We returned them and waited for new ones. The second order was cold in the middle. When I brought the second one back, there was only a half hearted gesture to warm it up, after being the second time sending undercooked food back and having to wait another undetermined amount time. The food and service has really gone down hill. Sad.

  62. Ali Fox

    I got my friend her favorite french silk/ chocolate pie from there and she along with everyone else loved it!

  63. Rachel Gordon

    This is an amazing restaurant. The soda bread is so yummy, and the banana pie is my favorite.

  64. Julie deBurgos

    This was my second time at the restaurant. It wasn’t very busy but I saw several wait staff working. Our server was excellent. She had a great sense of humor and was spot on with everything we needed. Both my sandwich and fries were delicious.

  65. Jacob Garcia

    Excellent small Irish restaurant that has plenty of dishes to satisfy your needs. The portions are great sized and the staff is super friendly

  66. Victoria Callaway

    Delicious food. The best pies around! They really went above and beyond for me today.

  67. Rebeka Arnold

    Very inconsistent with the quality of their pies; we’ve had great ones from them–and we’ve had terrible ones… Unfortunately this Thanksgiving was the latter.
    We ordered a Pumpkin and a Lemon Merengue pie and both were inedible. How bad can a pie be? I mean even a bad pie is still PIE, right? Wrong. Our pumpkin pie consistency was mush. Despite being in the fridge until dessert time, it didn’t hold up to being cut, it flopped on the plates like pudding in a shell. That would have been ok–but it had zero flavor. It did not taste like pumpkin, it somehow wasn’t even sweet. Between the texture and lack of flavor, it was a mess.
    The Lemon Merengue was not much better. I don’t think the merengue had set as it was also a bit strange in consistency and the lemon wasn’t very tart. I don’t know what happened, but it was embarrassing to watch my guests slowly wander to the trash can with their half eaten pieces and try to discreetly throw them away.
    The store manager offered to replaced them if I brought the leftovers back, which I appreciate…but to be honest it will be a WHILE before anyone wants another Conley’s pie.

  68. Leah Carnagey

    Chicken was old and gray…apples were bruised and un fresh looking. Service was okay.

  69. Tom Pope

    Great food from a local business. Has a nice cozy feel to it and the staff are great. We usually have breakfast here.

  70. Art Randall

    We had a birthday dinner here. The food was yummy and the waitresses were friendly. I had the Pioneer Club. I would highly recommend it.

  71. dee tee

    It’s a gorgeous restaurant that feels a lot like home (even though I’ve never lived in such a house). Lunch was a Reuben with fries and coffee. The fries are the battered and crispy variety that holds salt very well. The sandwich was nicely toasted, filling, but not sloppy with the sauce and cheese. I may need to make a checklist so I don’t order the same thing twice. It’s my 2nd time here, and the first time for lunch. Visit number three won’t be too long from now.

  72. Jack Sikes

    A comfortable, friendly place with excellent food and a small bar. Menu is extensive with an Irish slant.

  73. Rick Brown

    Only gave it four stars because of the cold and not tasty hash browns

  74. Elaine Cartwright

    ALWAYS great food and service here. I like breakfast choices best, scones and traditional Irish breakfast.

  75. Alex Dayton

    Stopped by here last night and grabbed a club sandwich. The sandwich was solid, the blue cheese and ranch dressing were both solid. The fries are amazing! I’ve also previously had the almond joy pie. All…..Solid! 🙂

  76. Tawnya Becker

    Always friendly and welcoming! Enjoy their spiced hot tea. We’ve been here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  77. Rose Carlson


  78. Lance Hough

    Super cute local restaurant! Great menu with lots of fun, unique, and delicious food. Friendly and attentive wait staff. Very reasonable prices considering the huge portions!

  79. Jacob Shollenberger

    My favorite restaurant! Great food and service. Big portions, fair price, overall value, 5 stars. Best breakfasts in town.

  80. rhonda lewis

    This place is AUTHENTIC! The flavor of the food was on point and they even offer REAL rashers (not that Canadian bacon garbage) on their menu! My husband and I loved every bite of what we ordered and cannot wait to go back again. Seriously, I don’t understand why this place doesn’t have 5 stars across the board.

  81. Sherri Goetze

    Such a cute Irish theme restaurant with good scratch made food. Great people. Had the fried halibut and shrimp and it was yummy. The navy bean soup also was delicious.

  82. Karen Mcdonald

    Service was amazing, food was good. Only complaint the potato’s we’re cut unevenly so they were not all cooked. The ones that were cooked were yummy

  83. Mike Hammons

    First time here. Cozy place. Friendly waitress and the menu was incredible. Difficult to decide on one thing. The food (breakfast)was delicous, so filling and very reasonably priced. Will be back for sure. Highly recommend!

  84. Pixel Stephens

    So glad I discovered this place! You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu – everything I’ve tried is authentic and delicious. The atmosphere is cozy and the staff are very friendly. If you come here, ask for Chrissy! She is such a sweet waitress 🙂

  85. David Randall

    Did a family dinner Friday. Staff friendly and accommodating. Food was terrible. I had a fish combo, fish was passible, clam strips were not recognizable, shrimp overcooked. Fries okay. The
    The only person who got a good meal was Chefe only person who got a decent meal was a c

  86. Laura M C Dusek

    Delicious. Everything was really good. Got a table right away. Staff is friendly and helpful. Prices reasonable.

  87. Brian cole

    Cold coffee! Waitress wanted to talk about getting pregnant more then serving customers.we could not hear ourselves over them talking the whole time. What a shame the food was like home.

  88. Richard Brantley

    What a great place for breakfast lunch or dinner! Our server Nicole was awesome and deserved a nice tip!!!
    No mood lighting just a clean nice family restaurant!
    On our last visit my bride and I had a half sandwich soup and boysenberry pie! My bride substituted soup for a salad! We both had Ruben sandwiches…. Since the meal comes with a free slice of homemade pie we expected it to be small! We were pleasantly surprised how big the slices were!
    Follow me for more restaurant reviews; I won’t lead you astray!

  89. Kacey Titus

    Just got breakfast here and I was so impressed from the moment I walked in. It’s such a warm homey feeling place. It was fairly busy so our waitress had a lot going on but she remained so sweet and kept checking on us and thanking us for our patience. The food was 100% worth the small wait. We will be most definitely be back. I think we found our new favorite breakfast spot ☺️

  90. Bill Rabe


  91. Kelly Miller

    Delicious sandwich, Clam Chowder and pie!!! Just left and already planning when to return for more yummy goodness!

  92. bi0hazard9

    Huge portions for a more than affordable price. Solid family friendly restaurant, no thrills or anything outlandish. Just big portions, a large variety of great food, and a calm welcoming atmosphere. Perfectly quiet enough for conversation even at max capacity. Would be a perfect spot to take parents or the elderly.

  93. Miss Cyanide

    Pretty obvious a lot of the food was microwaved. Nothing was hot and it was soggy. Service was not bad.

  94. Raymundo Henderson

    I always go to Conley’s Place for breakfast. I’ve probably dined in around 30 to 40 times now and always gotten friendly and professional service everytime. I always get the Hearty Irishmen Breakfast. Warning you, it’s a lot of food if you order it. 😉 Prices at Conley’s Place are great 👍
    and not too expensive. I plan on coming in every Wednesday from now on with my friend since she has the day off now too.

  95. Marlys Buzby

    The food is always dependably delicious. The prices are reasonable The wait staff is attentive. The atmosphere is homey and relaxing. We enjoy dining at Conley’s Place.

  96. Doug R

    A great, locally owned Spokane restaurant! Took my son here for his birthday breakfast. Portions are huge, prices are ridiculously fair, and our server Ciara was just great. If its your birthday, you even get a slice of one of their homemade pies!

  97. j swift

    Now one of my favorite places I was more then impressed both times I went now!! So good!! Can’t beat this stuff

  98. Michael Delamere

    Quality sandwiches and fries. Enjoyed the pioneer club. Prices are fair. Was not busy when my friend and I stopped in during lunch on a Thursday. Service was friendly.

  99. tay o

    one of my favorite restaurants in town! the staff is always very friendly. i have never had a bad meal in all the times i’ve been here. great food at a good cost!


    I often forget about this gem out in the valley. Great food, a huge menu, great service and HOMEMADE pies that are worth the trip alone!

  101. Sarahi Hollingsworth

    The root beer I got was good but when they served my corn dog it was broken open and burned a bit the ketchup was horrible well in my opinion the fries were okay they said they had such good fries but no it was just normal they lied when it said patio when outdoor seating which is very upsetting. I didn’t try the pie so I don’t know about that. The chips were way to salty and greasy. Don’t try there I’m never going there again.

  102. Brett Schoenberger

    I love Conley’s, I would recommend it to anyone. The food is decently priced, the staff are friendly, and everything I ordered was well portioned and delicious.

  103. Margie Peterson

    We came in about 1:30 in the afternoon. About twenty five of us. . Our waitress stayed calm, focused, very friendly and efficient. Honestly, well done. The food all around me looked delish.

  104. Jessica Robertson

    I’m not sure why I’ve never tried this place before being in Spokane. As long as it has been. The Irish food is amazing. The staff is really nice. I had the Irish breakfast and the meat was great, actually it was all great. My husband had the quiche Lorraine which was awesome as well. We will definitely be going back to try lunch and dinner.

  105. Tyler Vanwert

    I have been coming to Conleys Place 2-3 times a week (sometimes more) for the last year and a half. The staff is friendly, and the food is great & fair priced. Nothing beats supporting a local establishment either!

  106. Jeri Stabler York

    Service was slow. Had to ask for water refills twice. Got our main meal BEFORE our salads cause they had to “cut more lettuce”!??? Not sure how long our meal sat in the kitchen but it was only lukewarm by the time it made it to our table. Food was good besides being being lukewarm, service could’ve been better. They weren’t busy.

  107. James Green

    Grandma’s budget friendly lunch spot. Great soup, salad, sandwich and burger options followed by a large selection of homemade pies.

  108. Laura Azar

    I Love Conley’s! They have the Best Food, I had the Irish BLT, it was Fabulous! I have been going to Conley’s for many years and I have never had a bad meal! I Definitely Recommend Conley’s for a Good Meal, and Friendly Service!

  109. RaNae LaMar Brooks

    Actually not a good place for a single diner. My food was delivered cornbread and chicken noodle soup, without honey or enough butter. She told me she would be back with the honey and I finally had to get up and request someone bring me some. It wasn’t my waitress so I had to wait until she told my waitress before it was brought. The waitress was slightly rude and said she had forgot this honey and was bringing me extra butter… Like it was her idea. The cornbread was pretty heavy, but the soup was good.

    I probably will go back at some point but it will no longer be my place to go

  110. Tom Robertson

    Very friendly wait staff. The food was excellent reminiscent of family style home cooking. The Irish soda bread is the Boss! So good.. the pies are the best anywhere..

  111. Fuzzy Bunny

    Great food and service. Love your menu choices. Been coming in here for years and have never left unsatisfied. One of my favorite places to eat.

  112. Molly Scarpuzzi

    Sadly, I have been here multiple times and the customer service here is awful, especially if you have someone who is handicap (such as needing a walker). Ghe portions are nice and big and the food was good but the AWful customer service I experienced here today. And the last two times I have gone, have made it enough for me not to come back .

  113. Jani Hamilton

    Huge portions if good food and served quickly too.

  114. Downward Spiral

    This was a really good experience w/ a great atmosphere. So far my children & I have only experienced their dinner experience & we will be going back again later this week. It’s an Irish family style restaurant, that has a cozy feel & was not busy at all for what would usually be a typical dinner rush.
    The back of the kids menu’s had various nusery rhymes on them that the kids began to tell me stories about as we read them. We then proceeded to look into the origins which have deeper roots & meaning behind them that most might believe. It was fun. Not recommended for the typical family today, but I don’t shy away or shelter my children from the truths & reality of the world they face.
    Unfortunately the ribs I ordered & received was over cooked & tough. They were seasoned good, but I needed a fork & knife just to attempt to eat my meal, of which I wasn’t able to succeed with. Again I’m going to try again this weekend, because I already enjoyed this establishment, but to be honest, I was there for a meal. I have a sneaking suspicion that whoever is incharge of the kitchen & cooking, maybe is being like everywhere else & being stretched thin being short staffed.

  115. Tara McIntosh

    Delicious food! Excellent service! Great atmosphere! Definitely a hidden gem in the Valley.

  116. Nicole Dompier

    Server was beyond amazing! The chocolate shake was the best chocolate shake ever, it had hot fudge and was topped with whipped cream and had one of those frosted animal cookies on top! My inner child was ecstatic!!

  117. chris anderson

    Ordered the sauteed seafood platter.. The scallops werent even browned, the shrimp was WAY over cooked and still had their poop vein. 100% frozen seafood is served here. Veggies were bagged baby carrots, not washed or skinned and under cooked, the broccoli had rotten spots on them. The garlic bead was the only thing good about my meal. Wanted to try this place for years….my wife and I wont be back. Shame.

  118. Code Kuznicki

    Great food. There is a lot of items to choose from. Big breakfest. We all left full and them some. Will go back soon. Service was ok but the wrong drinks were sent out a couple of times but not a big deal. Easy fix.

  119. Nicholas Gamber

    Warm homie, Irish theme food was very good,warm staff, homemade pies and cookies

  120. Trish Was Here

    A nice, very Irish, restaurant. Comfy. Pie was served warm without my even asking.

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