201 A St SE, Auburn, WA 98002


47.305392372937, -122.22871907259


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm

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Cow and Cod

Fast Food Restaurant in Auburn, WA



Make It A Combo $4.39

Hamburger $2.79

Cheeseburger $2.99

Double Cheese $4.39

Classic Cow $5.39

Big Cheese $5.79

Bacon Cheese $6.99

Farmer $7.99

Piggy $7.99

Texan BBQ $7.19

Mushroom Swiss $7.19

Bleu Cheese Bacon $7.99

Sourdough Bacon $7.99

Maui Hawaiian Beef $7.19

Fire Alarm $7.19

Veggie Burger $5.39

Grilled Cheese $3.99

BLT $4.99


Make It A Combo $4.39

Original Chicken $5.39

Bacon Chicken $6.99

Maui Hawaiian Chicken $6.99

Texan Chicken $6.99

Fish Burger $6.99

Halibut Burger $8.99

Oyster Burger $6.99


Small Fries $3.29

Small Curly $3.49

Small Onion Rings $4.49

Small Fried Mushroom $4.49

Small Fried Zucchini $4.49

Large Fries $3.59

Large Curly $3.99

Large Onion Rings $4.99

Large Fried Mushrooms $4.99

Large Fried Zucchini $4.99

5 Pc Poppers $4.99

7 Pc Mozzarella $6.99

5 Pc Mozzarella $4.99

7 Pc Poppers $6.99

Corndog $1.59

1/8 Patty $1.29

1/3 Patty $2.79

1/3 Patty W/Cheese $2.89


Fish & Chips $8.79

Prawn & Chips $9.49

Halibut & Chips $14.49

Oyster & Chips $9.49

Clam & Chips $7.99

Lg Fish & Chips $19.98

Lg Prawn & Chips $18.98

Lg Halibut & Chips $28.98

Lg Oyster & Chips $18.98

Lg Clam & Chips $15.99

Extra Fish $3.99

Extra Prawn $1.99

Extra Halibut $4.99

Extra Oyster $1.99


8 Pc Chicken Nuggets $5.99

16 Pc Chicken Nuggets $11.99

6 Pc Chicken Strips $12.99

3 Pc Chicken Strips $6.99


BBQ $0.23

Cocktail $0.23

Fry Sauce $0.27

Honey Mustard $0.23

Hot Sauce $0.23

Ketchup $0.23

Malt Vinegar $0.23

Marinara $0.23

Mustard $0.23

Ranch $0.23

Sweet & Sour $0.23

Tartar $0.27

Hand Sanitizer $6.37


Big Cheese Combo $9.99

Classic Cow Combo $9.99

Original Chicken Combo $9.99


Hamburger $5.99

Cheeseburger $5.99

Corndog $5.99

4 pc Nugget $5.99









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King County Restaurant Inspection Rating


“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

64 reviews for “Cow and Cod

  1. Kaasij Ra

    Best burger place I’ve been. Service just as good!


    Best halibut around. This plate is neat and customer service is first class. Food is not cheap but its quality and the portions are hugen

  3. Kylie Sperling

    Amazing! Everyone was so nice and friendly and the food was great!

  4. Ellis Jean Bryant

    Delicious! Fish n chips, onion rings and a fire alarm burger! And watch out, that burger has a kick!!! Yum yum yum

  5. Theora Palmer

    Good food and nice building. Loved the peanut butter shake.

  6. Jenaia Davis

    Always yummy!! Always cooked to perfection!! And the staff is always friendly!! 😊😊😊

  7. Kacey

    good food, terrible customer service. Both times I have visited, the woman in charge of the front (during the weekdays) is very unfriendly and rude. Seemed annoyed with every single customer. You need someone up front that doesnt seem to hate working with the public. It’s not a good look for your business.

  8. Mark Gagnon

    The fish and chips are very good and good portions for your money. Each trip we try to have something different and are never disappointed. The Hawaiian burgers are great and their onion rings are a must have!
    The building was in bad shape, inside & out for many years when it was known as Herfy’s, but it has recently been renovated after becoming Cow & Cod making it a much nicer place to dine in. My wife and I miss the Christian music they used to always play. That was one of the reasons we always patronize the restaurant to support our fellow Christian businesses. Hope they will reconsider bringing that back.

  9. Briana Gibbs

    If you catch the drive thru at a good time then you won’t be waiting long. Great food. My son loved his nuggets. The fry sauce was delicious. In a great spot by downtown auburn and the freeway is around the corner too.

  10. Jojo Bradshaw

    Great frys and burgers good service when not a lunch rush

  11. Toloa T Jr Leota

    My family enjoys the quality and the quantity of our meal. It’s super delicious and the services is wonderful.

  12. Stephen Zhu

    I haven’t tried their beef burgers yet. On the way home after work I stopped by with my coworkers and jfc. We got the chicken burgers and halibut burgers. Phenomenal to say the least. You go in to joints like this without the high expectations, know the type of restaurant as “it is what it is”. It isnt just what it is in this case. Excellent small burger joint especially at it’s price point.

  13. Cassondra Hamel

    This used to be Herfy’s and to me still is, the new owner has spruced it up and has a really friendly staff and all the great food is still on the menu.
    I do have to take out a second mortgage to eat there with my kids LOL BUT I will say this, it seems ALL “Old Fashioned” hamburger joints are pretty expensive and Cow and Cod is still the best around for portions, flavor and service. That secret sauce is off the chain and their fish and chips are no joke and I wish I could eat a big cheese but it’s TOO big. Been coming here for 30 years ain’t never gonna stop, just bring a benjamin for 5 people who want dinner and milkshakes! 🙂

  14. Gizzie Gizard

    Great food
    Great service
    Milkshakes are excellent. Comes with a wide straw.

  15. felinda rehon

    Great burgers and fries

  16. Johnnie Schaeffer

    Great food and enough to full you

  17. Melody “MJ” Voss

    Bland. No flavor in our cheeseburgers, except for the pickles. Had to add more condiments at home. Husband said all he could taste was the onion. Ate piece of burger patty by itself & there was no flavor… just nothing. Fries were decent. So disappointed.

  18. marquia brown

    Had a great experience 😌 the best clam strips and fish I’ve ever tasted 😋 and the shakes were amazing 👏
    It was well worth it because the quality and quantity 👌 😌

  19. Warren Rusk

    Based on the quality of the food, the value for your dollar is wonderful. The Cod and Chips were fantastic and the burgers are delicious. Bring an appetite!

  20. Eigroeg Eip

    Thank you for the good food, and fast service! You guys rock!

  21. Tom Yenk

    Had the fish and chips. The portion was generous, reasonably priced, and very tasty. Service was fast and friendly.

  22. Kennie Ulrich

    This place has gone down hill with new ownership. We have been coming here for years and through multiple new managements etc. Coming here used to be a treat as it should be for the price honestly. I was totally disappointed today the regular cheese burger was so small they forgot to put it in the bag! I went back to retrieve my sandwich only to be met with a burger that looked so thin and flimsy. The took away the fried oysters, their fried mushrooms are cut so small and over cooked. The chicken sandwich was good but we Won’t be back any time soon.

  23. Christopher Light

    First visit. Got the basic hamburger. Didn’t care for the specific condiments, which I’m not sure what some of it was. Tasted okay. The burger was excellent (i.e., the meat patty). I’ll definitely try it again, with my own selection of add-ons.

  24. Josh London

    Great Food. Always a Treat eating here but 18.49 for a 6pc chicken tender???

  25. Hope Roberts

    One of our very favorite burger spots. Fry sauce is so good.

  26. Abdulhadi Abdulhadi

    Today was our first time here , food was good and customer service was really great , thank you “mika” for making our visit wonderful.

  27. Michele Barlow

    Seated ourself as sign said. My husband made eye contact with the server. Server took meals to 2 tables. Didn’t acknowledge us. 2 more customers came in and sat at another table. Server took them menus. Talked with them for a minute. Still did not bring us menus. We waited for Server for about 10 minutes from sit until we decided to leave.

  28. Derick Ramirez

    I got the original chicken sandwich (grilled) and it was decent except for the chicken breast was half the bun size! I literally tore half of my bun off and ate a half of a sandwich tonight 😩😩. Also, fries were old and unsalted. No flavor at all… Usually is a great place but tonight was awful guys. Should’ve just got a shake and nothing else if I would’ve known. Burgers here are 🔥🔥🔥 though guys, really good.

  29. jenny hart

    Employee’s really friendly the food is really good

  30. Chris Dubs

    We came in a group of us from work have to admit definitely like the fact that they had fried zucchini that was kind of cool. Little concerned because they forgot to give me my burger but mistakes happen especially in a time when there’s a lot of short staffing going on.

  31. dolla316

    The food was delicious and quick with a very happy portion which gives you a really good bang for your buck the service was very nice polite and inviting the atmosphere was very clean and not bad this place is definitely worth a try they have so many varieties of burgers and Seafood and Shake options this is definitely All American Eatery I can’t wait to go back

  32. Pink Floyd

    On October 29th at 7:30pm I took a friend there for dinner she liked her meal I was disappointed with mine I ordered the #1 it had 1slice of tomato instead of 2 like you used to also put more lettuce on there and mayo very dry hamburger not the quality hamburger I had 2 years ago
    you guys are Skipping being cheap with your toppings the prices went up quality went down also
    give out more napkins don’t know if I will be BACK

  33. Jeffrey Vera

    They have very tasty food! Ordered to go, was satisfied with the customer service!

  34. Heather Hesse

    Great krinkle frys with sauce and excellent shakes. Its on the expensive side but worth Every penny.

  35. Matthew Reynolds

    Farmer burger double was delicious, particularly with good beefy char flavor. Chicken bacon sandwich was reportedly great. Fries were crispy and hot, and the fry sauce was flowing.
    Staff was particularly friendly. What more could I want in a post-parade burger stop?

  36. Wildcraft Rose

    They have great fish (Cod) and chips….and you get a lot !! Special sauce for fries. The staff are on the move, picking up & cleaning. It’s a relaxed at home style atmosphere, good service and pricing is reasonable.

  37. Bianca A

    Friendly service!
    Amazing burgers!
    We had The Texas and The farmers burger!!!!! Yummy! Support them they are Great!

  38. Bob Tla-quahujin

    I have never seen such a great crew. Every time I go there the employee’s are so kind, I just love it when young people are kind

  39. Great Chikaka

    Loved the new look of the place. Huge chandelier in the dining area made it feel like a much more upscale burger joint. Really big expansive menu, lots of fried food choices, including shrimp, fish and clams. I had to get the namesake meal, a classic cow (made it a double) with crinkle cut fries and a coffee shake. I was very pleased with the flavors of the meal. The one knock on the place I do have are the prices. I paid almost $22 for my meal. Its a must try if you can afford it or are okay with paying over $20 for a burger meal at a fast food place. Go check them out.

  40. Valerie Pflughoeft

    Super fast service, tasty food! They have fish, chicken, and burgers. They are happy to make a burger to your order.

  41. Jorden Goodrich

    If you can, I highly recommend eating inside, their dining area is unexpectedly beautiful. Curly fries for the win, and the BBQ burger was delicious. Rare to see 1/3 lb burgers served, which I love. I’ll be back again.

  42. Jenna Templin

    Some of the best old fashioned burgers and shakes I’ve had in a long time. One of my new fav places to get a burger! Everyone was very friendly who worked there too. Fast service as well!

  43. tory cook

    Great customer service food was great and alot of it. Came right out and cleaned up after people left the dining area will be back

  44. Justin L

    I often come for lunch and get the fish and chips. It’s so good and prices are really reasonable for the amount and quality of the food. Great place for burgers too!

  45. Gennadiy Mironyuk

    French fries delicious 😋

  46. Aj Bond

    Honestly my favorite place best food and customer service anywhere hands down if your lookin for an old fashioned dinner this place is it plus they have the best milkshakes anywhere🙅‍♂️

  47. Liz Clark

    Extremely clean inside, quick service. Food was delicious and crispy (fried foods).

  48. Gabriel Padilla

    To much $$ but reaallllyy good

  49. Kelly Lashua

    Best cheese burgers, chicken burgers, halibut & chips, even the BLT’s delicious! So many options! The staff has always been friendly & they are fast! Best malts by far! It’s just so filling & worth every penny

  50. Saad Alomair

    Real food good food, i strongly recumend them, fair prices!!!

  51. Karryn Anderson

    We are new to the area and had heard good things about this place. We ordered 4 burgers: Texas, Maui Pineapple, regular hamburger, and Swiss mushroom. We couldn’t taste the pineapple or the swiss cheese on the two burgers. All four were very overcooked and dry. It’s possible it was just a down day, but it’s hard to decide if we should give them another try.

  52. K S

    Never thought I’d find a classic American burger joint in Auburn. Consistently tasty so it seems like they tightly control how ingredients are handled. So far I’ve tried 4 different burgers and love them all. The other best part is the price; reasonable considering the size and the taste. One time I had to order via Uber, and the portion was the same as I would’ve ordered it from their drive-thru. The only downside would be the outdated mic/speaker; but my orders always came out right, and drive-thru staff were always nice so no complaints there!

  53. Merrilee Tyrolt

    Great food! Great Service. Great Place!

  54. Curt Russell

    Great customer service!

  55. Traci B

    I went here when it was Herfy’s. The fries and shakes were great but I swore I’d never go back because the burgers were medium rare. Nasty.
    I decided to try them again when they changed their name. I asked for well-done. I got home and the fries were SO GOOD but the burgers were only brown on the outside. My hubby and I ordered different burgers and they were both pink as heck. Disgusting. I think I am done with this place which is sad because the Herfy’s in Kent was so amazingly delicious and the owner is so sweet! (Although I haven’t been in years since I moved to Bonney Lake.)
    I went through the drive-thru which was a bit of a wait but the lady at the window was super nice and the lot was clean.

  56. Sarah Richstad

    Clean and quick service, with generous portions sizes and tasty food. This has become a family favorite for sure. They even have a drive through!

  57. Andrea Cottle

    Delicious food! Big portions! AND friendly staff! I will definitely be coming here again in the future.

  58. Tobin Solkey

    Good fish and chips, and good burgers. My wife says the milk shakes are top notch

  59. Matthew Shawman

    Great halibut fish and chips!!

  60. THE EARL

    Different name (Herfys). Same great food.

  61. Cheryl Peterson

    Always fresh food! Fries a tad bit salty! Otherwise good!

  62. Rusty Shackleford

    I paid extra for the halibut and chips and they gave me the cod. They said there wasn’t anything they could do.

  63. Thomas Kapski

    I’ve been a customer for years same great food.

  64. Elexis Harding

    Food was vary vary good and the employee’s were vary helpful and polite 😋 best restaurant in Auburn

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