18321 WA-410, Bonney Lake, WA 98391


47.174844899696, -122.18482721433


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm



Crazy Taco

Taco Truck in Bonney Lake, WA

35 reviews for “Crazy Taco

  1. Rose Gibson

    Stopped in for gas and saw a taco truck. So glad I did not resist picking up food for dinner, Ordered the street tacos with green salsa and I am not disappointed. The chicken is so tender and flavorful. Already thinking about when I can go back again.

  2. Jorge Bustamante

    Oh my oh my! Great food, great story, gray people!

  3. Teshia Reed

    Great food great people.. I went for like two weeks after once a week.. mmm it is good.. thank you again for the food..

  4. Vorxy

    I work on the road and the kids quesadilla was perfect. Didn’t get sides and they reduced the price for me. For a quick meal that will make you wanna come back for more.


    I gave a 4 star because it was raining.

  6. Alicia Monreal-Howard

    This place is the best! Food, service OMG!! I haven’t had a good tamale since leaving California or when I used to make them with my dad. This place makes them perfect and takes me back. Everything there though is amazing. I wish she had locations in Enumclaw and North Bend my town and where I work LOL

  7. King Diamond Him

    Very good food, people are nice, and fast service. Would recommend 100%

  8. Carrie Gemin

    Quick service and tamales and street tacos were great.

  9. eddiesut13

    Have only tried a few things on their menu so far. But it’s all been good! Friendly staff greets you at the window. Prices are competitive in this day and age. Asada is well seasoned. Birria was good. Carne Asada Fries overall were a tad salty but so so good! I personally prefer a little over seasoning versus bland. Would order them again for sure. Recommended

  10. Mark Belousov

    I got the california burrito with steak. It was a pretty big burrito, and was really filling. I was pretty suprised with the price since it was a food truck, but after tasting the burrito, the quality was well worth it. Definitely a good spot!

  11. DespicableNik

    Came in about an hour before closing, they were absolutely very busy. Which made me very excited for the thirty minutes I waited to receive my food. Ever since leaving tukwila, I have been craving good tacos because the predominantly white area I live in doesn’t have any authentic spots. When I found crazy tacos online I was super excited because I saw the extremely high rating and foolishly believed that this would be like the tacos trucks I would eat at daily in tukwila. When I got home I realized that pollo tacos were ordered instead of pork which is an understandable mistake, I could’ve misspoke on my part so that didn’t kill my excitement. What killed my excitement was the dryness of the beef while only being given 1/4 of a lime in a 5 taco plate the hardly cooked tortilla that might as well be raw, and the lack of spiciness in their habanero sauce that they refer to as “hell” on the spicy scale. Prices weren’t awful but i made the mistake of leaving a tip before I tried the food. It makes me sad because I really wanted to love this place. If I go here once again, I will come earlier in the day and that will make the chances of the tacos being juicy higher. Until then I will continue making my own or driving 40 minutes to Tukwila.

  12. clara tidd

    Had a great lunch today. Will definitely be coming back. Food and service was awesome 👌

  13. Danielle Embury

    Amazing tacos and carne asada fries!

  14. DD Wilson

    So delicious! Clean picnic tables and friendly staff. Well worth stopping, so much better than a fast food drive-thru!

  15. Derek

    Delicious birria tacos, full of flavor. Ready in 15 min even with a few orders in front of me.

  16. Mark Martin

    Got the beef burrito. Large and delicious!

  17. MATTHEW Colles

    Gem. It gets busy; order ahead if you can.

  18. AllGates Family

    Good food!

  19. Fly'n high

    Vegetarian options: Vegi burrito,Tacos & torta where awesome not mention the hand made taco shells. Excellent food 🙂

  20. Benjamin Fuller

    This is THE BEST Mexican food in Bonney Lake Hands down. Not just the food is awesome, but the staff even remember customers names and are so friendly, YOU NEED TO GO HERE!!!

  21. Valerie Stewart

    Sooooo good!
    I got the Fajita Burrito and it was muy BUENO!!

  22. Nikk ryan

    Fantastic burrito. Slightly overpriced for a taco truck in my opinion.

  23. Steven Gilbert

    Very helpful and thoughtful staff.
    Dem is some big burritos!!

  24. David Click

    The food was solid. The quesadilla was very good, but the beans and rice were pretty standard to what you get at any Mexican restaurant.

    Several people who ordered after us were served before us. Didn’t appreciate that.

  25. Juan Avila

    Go stop by and get some delicious food.
    Alot of good food on the menu.

  26. Benmarine Marine

    Great Boreotoes 👍 👌 👍 👌 👍

  27. Nicole Pennington

    Probably my favorite taco wagon to date. Always nice and helpful, quick service, delicious food.

  28. Paul

    Food is hands down best in Bonney lake and quick I come here 3 times a week!

  29. Matthew Meeker

    Stopped in on my way out of Lake Tapps, surprisingly delicious taco truck. Got the California Burrito, most of which are lacking in Washington, but this one was excellent, especially with the addition of their Hell (habanero) sauce 🔥🔥

    And thank you to the young lady working the front. Her perky kindness made the experience great from the moment I stepped up.

  30. James Harding

    Great service, great food, will definitely be back…

  31. Crystal Pasic

    Awesome food! 😋

  32. Annie King

    Tacos are great! The asada fries weren’t that good tho.

  33. Randy B

    I had been hearing this place was good but just didn’t believe that a taco truck next to the Bonney lake chevron station was going to be that good.

    Well I was completely wrong. Walked up and was greeted with a smile from the friendly woman working there and the nice smell of the food. Got a burrito and a taco and both were great. Easily the best Mexican food you’ll find for many many miles. I used to hit chipotle maybe once a month but I doubt I’ll ever go again now that I know about crazy taco. The meat was well seasoned and cooked. Everything tasted fresh and wasn’t greasy or overly salty. The portions were large. Everything was carefully wrapped and packed up for the ride home. Great experience in all categories.

  34. Tim Hillebrant Jr

    Superior, that’s my take away from Crazy Taco. The food was superb, the service great, and this created the best food truck atmosphere I’ve ever experienced.
    Quality all the way.
    Definitely worth the trip!

  35. zach schlosser

    I have been to this food truck(trailer) location multiple times now, Really good food! The burritos are huge! Nice people that work there, always have been greeted with a smile, Very decently priced as well for the food portions you get, my only wish is that they would be able to get set up for a delivery option through doordash, uber eats ect. Nonetheless, very good and recommend to anybody looking for fresh tasting, good, fair priced, mexican food.

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