18222 120th Ave NE, Bothell, WA 98011


47.760541133562, -122.17550661759


10:30 am – 5:00 pm


10:30 am – 5:00 pm


10:30 am – 5:00 pm


10:30 am – 5:00 pm


10:30 am – 5:00 pm


10:30 am – 5:00 pm


10:30 am – 5:00 pm

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Dandy Dogs

Hot Dog Restaurant in Bothell, WA

42 reviews for “Dandy Dogs

  1. Eric King

    Superb all beef hot dog. Mid chili cheese dog, wouldn’t order that one again. But I will be going back.

    2nd visit. All beef dog with with cream cheese was great. The side of baked beans was unbelievable.

  2. T D

    I live in the apartments near here, and it’s honestly really fortunate to have such a cool and high quality place right next door. I’ve been a few times, and the food is always excellent, the staff are always super friendly. I understand they’re approaching almost 10 years of business, here’s to another 10!

  3. Tim Eagan

    Go here. You Will have the best hot dogs of your life. Also the owners are total sweethearts

  4. Carter Lundberg

    Super friendly and genuine owner met us with a smile. Great food and local as can be. Highly recommend.

  5. Giovanni Fanara

    Fantastic dogs, wonderful folks who own the place

  6. Simranpreet Singh Mann

    Best hotdogs

  7. Paul Zenone

    Awesome little parking lot spot 👍 Great service and a KICKASS Dog

  8. Macaw

    Very good very kind very fast

  9. M (Tzeck00)

    Great dogs, recommend brauts with the “kitchen sink”, add a bit of sauerkraut, mustard, onions and jalapenos. Tasty..

  10. Tommy Nguyen

    Best Red hot sausage in Washington hands down. Spicy but not to the point where it’s unbearable and has a snap to it. and there variety of mustard they got straight fire. 10/10.

  11. Anastasia M.

    Really good dogs and really kind folks!

  12. Mrs K

    Conveniently Located just off the 405

  13. Claude Lasry

    Exceptional hot dogs and friendly service!! Deserves its high rating.

  14. momo

    The folks here that run this place are nice. They sell beefy hotdogs and buns are toasted. Folks on here will tell you it is a bit overpriced, but so is everything else these days.

  15. Gaiana Morales

    Delicious and very friendly service! I wish we had found sooner 🙂

  16. Tim k

    Too expensive

  17. Donna Fong

    I love dandy dogs! Nice owners. Cute stand. Colorful picnic tables and, of course, delicious sausages and dogs.

  18. Mykal & Ashlynn Long-Graves

    This place is simply the best. Reasonable prices for eating out at lunch, excellent customer service and perfect variety of items available. One of my favorite lunch spots!

  19. Will McNae

    Great bratwurst!!

  20. Carre Scheidegger

    Hot dogs are delicious. Toasted buns and all the condiment options for your favorite. I love me some hot dogs and these are quick and to die for. Service is extremely friendly. Def recommend!

  21. rrmeach2

    Always tasty and staff is very friendly.

  22. Lalila Barron

    Delicious! condiment bar is vast. Fast and friendly service, they also serve ice cream floats!

  23. Dana Dispenza

    Great Hot Dogs, toasted buns and plenty of condiments to make it your own! Super friendly service!

  24. Heidi Turner

    My favorite place for hotdogs, hands down.

  25. Russ Johnson

    Great Hot Dogs and great owners!

  26. tani loves books

    We finally visited this place a month ago and fell in love! I don’t know what took us so long to come get a hot dog… Everything is amazing and seriously we get dogs, but really we come here for the baked beans! They are the best thing on the menu. The only thing I wish is that they stayed open later than 5pm. I’d love to come by and get some dinner on weekdays but I am not even off work until 5pm. So no dogs for me 🙁

  27. Dean Maxwell

    Awesome dogs! Great people!

  28. Surugiu Sebastian

    Best dogs you will ever have.

  29. Monica Roland

    Great people, great hotdogs. Best Seattle dog I’ve ever had. Will recommend and will be back- Chris Duffy HOK

  30. Brandon Guizzotti

    One of the best hotdogs I have had. Hands down. The food is so good that I been telling all my friends and coworkers about it.

  31. Eva Gold

    I was craving hot dog.
    Was totally satisfied with the one they made for me:)

  32. Phil Hanlon

    The best hotdogs shack in the NW! Okay, it’s not a shack, but they still have the best hotdogs in the NW! All the condiments you can imagine and wonderful people own and run the place. Give it a try. They’re located across the street from Home Depot in Woodinville/ Bothell.

  33. Gerard Ostebovik

    If you want a fantastic dog, braut, or hot link… this is the place

  34. Chuck Heller

    Best hot dogs I’ve had probably ever! I recommend the red hot, spicy, crisp and delicious, goes great with the baked beans!

  35. Andy Steen

    Their jalapeño mustard is great made me go out to the store and try and find some.

  36. Robert Pahlow Jr

    Dandy Dogs are sooo good. Always a treat to eat there. Good happy folks serving. Easy parking. In the lot across from the Bothell Home Depot.

  37. alex butler

    Quick and easy, super friendly staff. Lots of condiments and sauces to try. Don’t forget to get a loyalty punch card

  38. Jeremy Sjol

    This little gem of a hot dog stand was fantastic. 7 or 8 menu choices and they cook it all in front of you. Very well done establishment. When I’m up in the area again. I will undoubtedly stop by again

  39. Jackie Hales

    I went for the first time today and definitely wish I had checked this place out sooner. I got a brat and the bun was so nicely toasted! The potato salad is also really good and the person there was so friendly. Absolutely will be returning to try their other options.

  40. Sharri Amaro

    Friendly service, great Hotdogs with alot of condiments!

  41. Casey Tompkins

    These are the freaking best dogs ANYWHERE. 20000 stars. And the people are nice too…

  42. Eduardo Miranda

    This place makes one of, if not the best hotdog i’ve ever tasted in my life! Owner is super friendly and service was quick and on point! I got a red hot sausage bacon dog and put some sweet hot mustard and sriracha sauce on there, highly recommend giving it a try if you are a fan of spicy flavors. If you’ve been looking to try this place don’t miss out! Gonna be my go to lunch spot from now on. Make sure to ask for a punch card too, get a free hotdog for every 10 you buy👍

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