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De Leon Foods

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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46 reviews for “De Leon Foods

  1. Eric Hoppe

    We ordered food for 12 people; a party tray, a tray of tacos & enchiladas. It was amazing! The staff were very friendly & professional. We would recommend De Leon Foods to anyone wanting delicious Mexican cuisine.

  2. A B

    I come here all the time and they have the best food without a doubt but for whatever reason the last time I came in i was just standing not being acknowledged at all while people kept going straight to the cashier and ordering meanwhile I’m standing in the same place I have always stood and nobody paid me any attention at all stood for a few minutes and then decided to walk away, noticed about 20 seconds after I walked away then they start helping everyone that was behind me, that makes me feel good. I won’t be coming back

  3. Meghan Sahlberg

    Dropped by today to get some carne asada, and found that they were all out. I spoke with this amazing lady, who just so happen to arrive to work a few minutes earlier, and she asked if I could wait a few minutes. Five minutes later, she whipped up an entire tray of carne asada so I could buy some. I didn’t catch her name, but she saved our dinner tonight. The staff here is so helpful, the food is delicious, and the store is always so clean. I highly recommend.

  4. David Sizemore

    This place is amazing! I go here at least twice a month for lunch and the ladies working the kitchen are the nicest, most accommodating people there are. It’s no surprise that De Leon Foods has the outstanding support of the Spokane community. Oh and the food is AMAZING!

  5. Maria Richter

    Best Mexican food in town due to the staff. Friendly and helpful. Will give you your food the way you want it.

  6. Tricia Ward

    Love this place. Staff is always kind and the food is awesome. So far I’ve had the torta, mole enchiladas and nachos. Highly recommend! No wonder it seems to be a local fav.

  7. Cody Wagaman

    Hands down the absolute BEST Mexican food I’ve found since moving from Southern California! Arguably better than most places down there even though I used to live like 2 hours from the border! Their pozole is the absolute best thing on the face of the planet and their shredded beef is marinated and tastes so good. You have to go there for the restaurant!

  8. m00n Child

    Absolutely love this place !food is amazing authentic Mexican food . Decent prices friendly staff and it also has a store inside that has really amazing aloe Vera drinks and many flavors to choose from. They also do catering.

  9. Jojo noneya

    It’s nothing special the tables weren’t clean the food’s not that great nor is it very flavorful. Has an incredible wide variety of authentic Mexican food and hot sauce

  10. Anna Lorenson

    Very good street tacos. That’s all I had, butbi also got a package of their tortillas. Also very good.

  11. Jennifer

    If you order the large fiesta platter you wont be disappointed. So delicious

  12. Wade Stolz (Oldarmy)

    We love going to this location. The staff are friendly and the food is fantastic.

  13. Jerry Green

    Fresh authentic food. Excellent 👍👍👍

  14. Tina Vetsch

    Beautiful clean store with an amazing variety of foods. The chicken enchiladas with red sauce are the best I’ve ever had!!!

  15. Shanna Quinn

    Very generous portions and very tasty!

  16. Thomas Felix

    Delicious authentic Mexican food at very reasonable prices

  17. Rachel

    I waited 30 minutes for 4 tacos and a fajita. They had to tell someone to make it when someone I was with finally said something to them. I didn’t even get the correct order and they forgot the extra spicy hot sauce and I had made sure to mention it twice. My brother got his food in less than 7 minutes and he waited outside. The folks behind me also got their food before me.

  18. Scott Jones

    So cool… A restaurant AND a specialty food store. Super nice and friendly staff.


    Best Mexican food in town…hands down!
    There pork tamales are so good even though i asked for pork 🐖 they kept giving me chicken 🐔

  20. popcorn girlly

    I order the tamales with beans and rice! It’s perfect everytime! My bf orders different items and they are perfect everytime we eat here. Cinco DeMayo you have to stop by for huge party,live band.

  21. Jeff F. Olson

    Totally Authentic cuisine.

  22. JW Schultz

    Hidden gem in the mountains of Spokane, WA. Super sweet family owned and operated business!

  23. Patrick Blum

    Great Mexican food. The store itself reminds me so much of the markets in the Southwest. Just an awesome place.

  24. Josef Gilliland

    Amazing food and even better horchata. Will definitely be eating there again.

  25. Ken Nestor

    Mexican grocery store with all the standard goods, and a deli counter with hot ready bulk food by the container or order a plate for dinner or lunch dine in or take out to eat elsewhere. Good stuff!

  26. BorninthePNW

    THIS PLACE!! This has everything that we used to get in Mexico when we used to visit. Everything here is authentic. The Cheetos are what we lived on in Mexico and have not found them anywhere else in the US. So my family and I were ecstatic to find these. The Duritos are better than any other market we have found. I went into the store by accident and they have now gained a customer for life!!

  27. Brent Reser

    On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, my wife and I plus a few friends went to De Leon Foods for dinner. We had been to De Leon’s Taco & Bar up north before and kind of expected a traditional family restaurant experience at this location as well. However, it is a little different. You do order up at the deli and then go up and retrieve your food once it is cooked. But don’t let that dissuade you from going because this place is awesome!

    Even though you aren’t assigned a server and even though the restaurant is within a grocery store, it is actually a really nice atmosphere. I ordered the enchiladas with green sauce and they were delicious. Perfect amount of spice and the rice and beans were tasty. In addition to my wife’s dish she ordered for herself, she also got “Rebel Fries” (covered in cheese and chicken) to share with the table. It was a unique item that you don’t see at most Mexican restaurants.

    The prices are cheap compared to what you would pay at Azteca or other family Mexican restaurants and the plate presentations are really well-done. I would definitely recommend De Leon Foods!

  28. Kelly Boyle

    Great authentic Mexican food. Cafateria style eating for the most part and a little spendy, but delicious

  29. LA CA

    Hit the spot had the vegetarian burrito. They said there were back beans in the burrito but there were only refried beans another friend had a chicken burrito and said it was good too.

  30. Hillary White

    I used to love this deleons location, but the last couple times we have ordered it had been so disappointing. We ordered off uber eats, we got our food and it was so cold, they didn’t even stop for another delivery. None of the cheese was melted, the bean, cheese and rice burrito had almost nothing in it. My husband’s rebel burrito also wad cold and he had to warm it up before he could eat it. Again, shredded cheese had no melt to it. I feel like because we ordered through a 3rd party, they don’t treat the service the same. It was just terrible this time around. Very disappointing.

  31. Hayley Young

    I’m pregnant and have been craving REAL Mexican food and yes yes yes. I am so satisfied. ❤️

  32. Maggie Larkin

    Always delicious! Mahi mahi tacos and chicken enchiladas! Yummy

  33. Alex Dayton

    Love having lunch here and trying this and that. Also, they have Inca Kola!!! 🙂

  34. Lori Leigh

    Fantastic authentic Mexican food 👌 clean and very friendly staff 😀

  35. Sydney Buchmann

    House made tortillas and a great selection of meats! They have a restaurant and good selection of groceries for Hispanic eats!

  36. Valeria Valiente

    Their carnitas special on Wednesday is such a delicious bargain; $8:50 for 3 bomb real deal carnitas tacos with rice and beans. I drop a star because service is spotty and their tortillas are not top notch, even though they’re home made. Their tortilla chips and housemade salsa are overpriced. I do love their fully stocked Mexican grocery stores items and I come here weekly either to shop or grab a quick bite. Oh, their pan dulces are just okay. I’m still hunting for the best pan dulces in the region.

  37. Katelyn Waco

    If I can give this place a zero I would. This place had dry food tasted like it set out for days. I wasted my money here. The rice was hard. The food was blend and gross. Also there are flies everywhere. I wouldn’t recommend this place. I saw workers not using gloves to while handling food!

  38. Thomas

    Really expensive, mediocre deli food.

  39. Andy Sims

    Good selection of menu items. Shop here for business lunches. The platters are a great price and plenty of food. Medium size platter feeds 6 people no problem. Store always full with product.

  40. breianna alcorn

    Ordered from uber eats for my first time and wow was this awful! Everything down to the tortillas was cold. I wasted my money and I called and they took no responsibility so sad.

  41. Samantha Marchand-Katzler

    As soon as you walk in the door, you smell amazing food, and their homemade Tortilla chips are a must….

  42. CCXVI

    Very good tacos at a great price

  43. Aundi A. Garcia

    Reminds me of being back home! Great authentic Mexican food at a low price! Always love to come shop around to find my childhood favorites!

  44. Peggy Dorman Ramos

    Picked up rice & beans for our taco night. Delicious as usual.

  45. Rae Copsey

    The street tacos are amazing!! You can also get a bunch of groceries and good quality meats that have been pre-marinated and seasoned that are so yummy!

  46. Rick Ruler

    Very good food in the restaurant. Good service. Fresh tortillas and baked pastries

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