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Ding How

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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59 reviews for “Ding How

  1. todd telow

    Been going here for 20 years. The food is the best Chinese around, but the prices went up and the portion size went WAY down. Now we will only go for lunch. They should have only gone up on price, not sure if it is the same owner.

  2. kitten kai

    Small portion, no soup, expensive, not good service. I DON’T complain much but Not good for families 😕

  3. Joseph Zuniga

    This place is honestly horrible. The sushi tastes like tap water and the service here is horrible. The waitresses are very rude I have had plenty of rude encounters with their staff and just recently I ordered food to go through the phone and within 10 minutes had other plans come up and tried to cancel. I called back to back to back 25 times and was being sent straight to voicemail where I couldn’t even leave a message because their inbox was full. The waitress eventually called me back and I explained to her the situation and she was very rude and very persistent in the fact that I did something wrong when I explained I tried to call and cancel for over an hour and she just couldn’t seem to understand. So I don’t know if I’m on the do not serve list at this point I don’t care this place is trash and I would 10/10 never recommend coming here.

  4. Ian Dumont

    Extremely disappointed with the food and service. I ordered beef teriyaki, lemon chicken, and crab wontons. The wontons were burnt. The beef teriyaki was swimming in a liquid of soup teriyaki sauce when typically their sauces are thick. And the meat was chard to a crisp. The lemon chicken was crisp and tasted rancid when typically the lemon chicken is light and fluffy.
    When I called to let them know They replied “okay what do you want us to do” in a very sarcastic way.
    I told them I do not know with it being 8:15pm at night. They offered to remake it. And when I declined then asking if they would be willing to remake it tomorrow the owner informed me that is not what they do. I find this very sad to say but I will never go there again.

  5. Kerry Green

    Waited out in my car for close to 2 hours, $80.00 later the orange chicken was burnt, fried rice, as far as, the other entrées were average. Hopefully, it was just an off night for the staff. However, I won’t be back.

  6. Lorilee Technetium

    I really wish that these guys were open longer but I had a really great time. Delicious food and wonderful atmosphere

  7. Green

    Thank you for serving our community and make very delicious food. 5star.

  8. Jeffrey West

    Something going on a Ding How? New cook? New management? Tonites take out was cold……ordered Black Pepper Garlic Beef. Very. Overcooked…..tenderloin tasted like sirloin……..overcooked……Spring rolls overcooked, Very crunchy…….steamed rice cold & very hard & crunchy.

  9. Mark

    This is an excellent Chinese food restaurant and is perhaps the finest in the Spokane area. Everything they serve is fresh and absolutely delicious. The restaurant is clean and the service is great (and they do offer take-out). They are conveniently located in the Safeway plaza in Liberty Lake. We highly recommend this eatery gem for an outstanding dining experience. (Ding How or Ding Hao roughly translates as “The Best”).

  10. dani whatever

    Quality sushi!!! I’m in love with the Vegas roll

  11. heather harmon

    Impressive flavor! Great Mongolian Beef

  12. Reanna Whitehead

    This place is a joke. They just lost a couple of customers my husband is a lead supervisor at Acra-fab and they ordered 100 dollars in food. They messed up everything and then added a extra dish and refused to fix it just disrespectful, bad customer service never again will the company order or my husband and I.

  13. Kris

    Sushi is medicore and general tso’s chicken is not good. Wouldnt eat there again. Good service and friendly staff.

  14. C L P

    The best Chinese you will ever have!

  15. Linda Loreida Morris

    Food has been great in the past, but this time the food was pretty bad. Sweet and sour pork was fried in bad oil and overcooked. Sauce was runny. Wor wonton soup was overcooked and tasted like microwaved. Threw it all out except the walnut shrimp which was great. Don’t know if I want to bet another $60 that next time will be better.

  16. Wilma Carle

    I ordered savory soy-based lo mein and instead received unseasoned spaghetti noodles. I ordered take out and they messed up my order. Gave me rice which I did not order. I had to wait for correct order. The food is over priced, the wait is long, they are not accommodating and the waitress seemed bothered to correct order. Second order, I said no onions and guess what.. it had onions. I did enjoy the California rolls, but price went up from $6 to $8. The fortune cookies were stale. One disappointed former customer.

  17. darwins cartoon

    Best sushi from Airway to CDA. The only reason i dont give it a 5 is because their hours are a let down now. Pre-covid, you could actually get something for lunch. Now they dont open until 4PM and because of that, they usually have a ridiculous wait time. Its worth the wait in my opinion, but dont expect to get your food anywhere near their open time on a weekend.

  18. RAM RAJU

    Nice ambiance, great staff and above all the best food. I’m definitely coming back for more.

  19. Natalie

    My husband loves what he’s had from here. Their hunan.beef was ok. Get way better in rathdrum Idaho. The gal that said their sushi is correct. Extremely disappointing in the quality especially for the price. “Raw Dead Fish” in Cda so far best sushi EVER!
    Sushi here over priced and disgusting!

  20. Trent Grandstaff

    The thing I hate about Ding How is that it made me realize just how awful all the other Asian restaurants in town really are. I’ve been coming to this restaurant since it opened and last year I made the ultimate commitment, moving within 3 minutes of their location so I can eat there even more with less inconvenience. They did recently raise their prices, but like a heroin addict it didn’t affect my decision to continue to eat there more than any sane person ever would. If you doubt anything I’m saying here go, go and order the bomb roll and then try and tell me, through the glorious ecstasy you are sure to experience immediately upon it touching your mouth, that I am wrong. Please, I will wait….. see, you can’t do it. It’s literally food from the emperor himself, brought back to ease our tastebuds suffering. (Also check out the orange chicken and combo chow mein. Off the golden chain yo!)

  21. Bro Wilson

    Get that honey sesame chicken ! It was fire 🔥 🐔

  22. Colton Clark

    This place is way to expensive for what they are. Wont be going back. Just utterly disappointed.

  23. Joshua Kautzman

    We’ve loved this place for years. I tried something new tonight, the spicy Thai basil beef and it was fantastic. Of you like spicy, you should give it a try!

  24. Jennifer Quinn

    The drive out there & the wait to be seated were totally worth it. Every single item we ordered; apps, entrees, sushi…freaking delicious. I mean quality ingredients, complex flavors, perfect spiciness. Great portions, worth every penny. Dude, just go there now.

  25. Hailey Gosch

    Decent sushi especially for waiting over an hour for it. We have been coming here for years but they must have changed something because the service was horrible. Waited 30 for beer and the waitress wasn’t even apologetic sushi was very over priced too. I never have been the type of person to write a bad review because I am a waitress at a sushi restaurant but I DEFINITELY would not recommend this place.

  26. Benjamin Humphrey

    This place… lets put it this way, is the bomb, the hunan beef is so good, along with everything else ive tried, and the staff is great as well… keep it up!

  27. SV

    Great location, but get ready for long weeks before getting seated, we got our food relatively on time, but was still kind of slow because they had on chef making sushi. Overall very good sushi!!

  28. Liberty Lake Lash & Hair Extensions

    Best Vegas Rolls! Always popular so plan ahead, call ins take a while but definitely worth the wait! Great service and sushi!

  29. Matt Jones

    Not sure what happened to this place. They used to be the best sushi in town. Now they charge you the best sushi around rate but provide you with barely above grocery store grade product.

  30. Jessica Masden

    While the food is always phenomenal, service is absolutely awful. We waited 25 minutes today for water, and my entre was forgotten. Some things cannot overlooked, no matter how devious the meals.

  31. kevin vaughn

    Been going here since they opened. Although food is good, service has really slipped. Phone orders for pickup are usually hours out and dine in isn’t much better. Want to support them but it’s becoming to much of a hassle.

  32. Damon Carlson

    If you like orange chicken come here and get the tangerine beef, it is a little spicy but so damn good. They do get a bit busy with takeout so it can be a bit slow, but worth the wait. Sushi is fresh, rolls are delicious, and the chefs always have top notch presentations.

  33. Sharon Coatney

    I had the baked Lobster sushi yum!

  34. Sally Bean

    Service would be a 2, the dinners are a 5. We try calling in for takeout at 4:00 and cannot get someone to answer. We keep trying and often get disconnected when we do get through. Sometimes we give up and order elsewhere. It is a shame to lose customers.

  35. George Sabin

    Shame on the “so called” sushi chef for giving me bad tuna that had soured in my Avacado Tuna Roll. There was a good piece in the roll and a grey soured piece. (Having a soured spoiled fish flavor) Saving food costs and poisoning customers is just plain stupid. The Pineapple Red Curry Shrimp was quite good. The rest of the table received good food.

    Be careful folks of cheapo dangerous food handling here with the sushi.

  36. Dan Ramage

    Sushi was very average, took over an hour to get our food, service was horrible.

  37. Teresa Bell

    My son and his wife were there last night celebrating their ten year anniversary. She got all dressed up for their big night! They waited 40 minutes after ordering, and still no food. They had to leave without dinner because they had show tickets. You need to compensate them. Make this right!

  38. Sam Poffenroth

    Absolutely horrible service. Trying to place a to go order over the phone never fails to be put on hold for 10 minutes plus. They always say whatever we order will take an hour if not more with no guarantee on time. The food is great but we can never actually get any.

  39. Nancy Combs

    Ordered cashew chicken. When I got it the chicken was barely warm so I sent it back and the cook was very upset and said he cooked it perfectly. We could totally hear him, he was a jerk. The waitress put it in the microwave to heat it. Won’t be back.

  40. Becky Saville

    Husband had his dinner for 15 minutes before we canceled my dinner and left. Worst customer service so far this year.

  41. Amy collins

    Ordered here for the first time in 2 years. The wait for take out was a hr. I spent $120.00 and what we got was unbeatable. The shrimp in the shrimp fried rice tasted like it was past the sell by date, the rice was over cooked, everything had an odd unpleasant taste. We ended up throwing it all out. I will not be eating here again.

  42. Ron Griffin

    I was extremely disappointed that for orange chicken (extremely dry and greasy), teriyaki beef (beef was very tender but absolutely no sauce), combo won ton soup (good), and a California Roll I paid over $97….they even charged me $5 for a half a cup of tea. Ridiculous and very disappointing. Suffice it to say we will not be back.

  43. Matt Hepler

    Gee I hope a little polystyrene in my diet won’t harm me…? Heads up you take out folks! Please ask the chef not to place the food in the poly styrene plastic containers until it’s cooled under 150°.

  44. Jorden Goodrich

    Pad thai was amazing, best crab Wan tons I’ve had in the state. Highly recommend eating at the place, really awesome vibe inside. I’ll be back again

  45. Chris Jones

    The Una Don was… ok. The fatty tuna was WARM and smelled/tasted rotten.

  46. stefani capi

    Delicious! Really tasty food and big portions! This definitely filled me up. One thing that stood out to me was our server, she was so sweet, very attentive and she did such an amazing job running all the tables on her own! The food was pretty good! It was overall a great experience. Definitely come check it out for yourself!

  47. A N

    Good food, good service, and good atmosphere

  48. E H

    Server warned us that the wait might be long due to short staffing issues; but we had our food in a completely reasonable amount of time. The two rolls I had were amazing and my husband’s general Tao’s was great!

  49. Koby Robles

    Said they were too busy to do a take out order, so we got dragon inn instead 🙂

  50. Michele Goffinet Schartung

    Seated and served quickly at 430 on a Saturday. Wait time for food was mostly good. Everything was served hot!! Now on to the food:

    Ding How Tso’s Chicken: chicken breast, lightly battered, with an amazing flavored sauce this is not thick and gooey like the average Tso. This was not spicy spicy, but very tasty. This is now my favorite Tso.

    Sichuan Beans: Oh My Flavor! Wonderful. Tad bit spicy. This arrived late and I almost cancelled it, so glad I didn’t. Everyone loved this.

    Crab Cheese Wontons: Generously stuffed, mostly cream cheese with a light amount of crab and green onion. The wonton wrapper was a little chewy, but guessing the dough needs to be thick due to the amount of stuffing. The combined taste of the wonton in their sweet and sour dip is magic!

    I’m not into sushi, but word is the Bomb is the bomb! It was visually appealing.

  51. Van Nguyen

    New owner. Really bad service. Waitress are rude. Food super salty. Our last time here.

  52. Myra myra

    bad customer service and awful foods

  53. Taya Sharp

    Won’t be coming back after being a continuous customer. I called 10 mins after they opened with a 50 min wait time for take out, when I arrived I talked with the server about how oddly slow it was for Friday. Pretty bummed they changed their menu as well and that they do not allow substitutions on their sushi rolls. The Godzilla roll came with imitation crab but does not state that on the menu. It’s very frustrating paying $17 for a sushi roll that is filled with imitation crab, just put more shrimp in it (at least thats real seafood). BE CAREFUL what you order, apparently you won’t be told everything that’s in your food.

  54. Dawson Criddle

    This place should be called “Ding Dongs” because all they do is Ding you. I asked for steamed veggies and she said “it’s an extra $10, but you can get steamed or fried rice”. I said “ok, I guess we will get fried rice”. Then she said “ok do you want veggies or chicken with that?” I said “uhhhh on veggies?”

    Well I get there and the total meal was $64! She charged me $10 for fried rice, and $8 for veggies! So dishonest.

    Only giving this 2 stars because the food was actually good. Dishonest and expensive.

  55. Leann Molnar

    Food was good. Received meal had mushrooms which were not listed on the menu- highly allergic. Let server know he apologized. Asked if i wanted something different . Was able to get it cashew chicken without mushrooms . I advised them how dangerous that was to someone with allergies very politely. Brought me a seperate dish without mushrooms and charged us for 2 full meals not even a discount for their mistake..did not mention it when we got the bill , was disappointed. Paid and left. Dont know if we will return. Should not have paid full price. Or they could have taken the original dish and replaced it with the proper dish on the menu with ingredients listed.

  56. Jere Johnston

    My order has always been on time and as I ordered it. Always fun to see the youth working there…

  57. Icey Brice

    Best food I’ve ever had. You can tell these people put love into their food.

  58. Jenny R

    Hands down best sushi I’ve had… and I love sushi. Order the lobster roll🤤. Fresh and delish. They don’t skimp with too much rice. These rolls are the bomb.

  59. Ryan Bordner

    Solid 3, first time was amazing. Second time, not so much. We got noodles with some sushi and it’s good food, but like said- the second time service was subpar. We were sat down, Weren’t offered drinks, we ordered a starter- that came out fairly quickly- sushi came out probably 12-15 after the starter, and then our main dish, I believe was just flat out forgotten about. We asked the waiter 2 times for an update, and she told us that they were busy (take out seemed to be their priority that night for sure) we Then noticed the larger party that came in after us was also being served their main dishes way before us- so that was another indication we were forgotten about. By the time we got our main dish, my appetite was lost. Main dish was good, but ate it fairly quickly cause I was super hungry- and it wasn’t really warm at all. I’d say try this place, take out seems to be their strong suite.

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