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Dragon Inn

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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68 reviews for “Dragon Inn

  1. Loretta Carrillo

    Their food is always on point but when my family & I went one Friday the service was horrible!!! Wasn’t that much people in to be super busy but none of the ladies would take our order and even went over to the table that got seat a while after we arrived until I asked if we could get someone to take our order. I always loved this place but I’m going to avoid it for a while after this last experience.

  2. angela Cagle

    Egg flower soup is always delicious! Coconut shrimp was great but the dipping sauce they brought us was moldy… the waitress was extremely friendly but the restaurant could use a deep cleaning.

  3. Bobbi Washington

    Very excited! I’ve eaten here several times but just now tried their Honey Walnut Prawns. Quite expensive but worth every penny. The prawns are fried in corn starch so you get the crisp exterior and sweet soft interior without a ton of breading to muddy the flavors. Each order comes with a good amount of Honey Walnuts and it’s all highlighted by that sweet tangy mayo sauce. You have to try them. They are excellent!

  4. Ewan M

    But we won’t be returning. Stood at the counter for 20 minutes waiting to be seated without a word being said or any sort of acknowledgment. Then once we were seated our waitress was nice and we got our food in a relatively quick way. Once our food was brought out I realized it wrong and we told the waitress. After that we had a different lady come to our table and she preceded to tell me to pick around what was wrong because if we wanted it done the right way she would charge us $5. Pretty outrageous for THEIR mistake. Also not to mention was very expensive, you pay $20 for small portions without getting any soup like a normal Asian restaurant would. Seems to be a greedy restaurant with weird practices that I don’t want my money to support.

  5. Taylor Sablan

    Food was terrible, had really strange flavor. Couldn’t believe they’re charging $15 a plate for that trash. Got bad service, too, and it was just a takeout order.

  6. Richard E Garnett

    Service was good. Food was excellant and portions were plentiful. I eat kosher and was alowed to alter selections. To me the hot tea had an odd fishy taste to it. I ask for another cup and tried again. No change. My friend said he didnt notice that off flavor but i noticed he didnt drink even one smal cup of it. That was the only negative to me. This was my second time there in 6 months. Ill go back again but drink coffee instead of tea.

  7. Carl Eggers

    The place is still has good food. However for dining in, the place looks like it’s getting run down. Have eaten there for at least 15 years. Back then it was very impressive place to going into. Now it looks like care of the place isn’t being kept up. The food is a little expensive, however it was always that way. And always give you a fair amount of food. The place was pretty packed and only had one waitress for noon meal hour. Management did come in and help out some on the floor. All in all four stars.

  8. Savi Denny

    I was craving for just straight forward good Chinese food and this place delivered and then some. Staff was sweet and very eager to help. Food was great. We will be coming back!

  9. Tawnya Feldman

    Good ingredients, put together well. We had garlic shrimp noodles, fried rice, egg flower soup & steamed potstickers. All were nicely done. Large servings!

    Excellent quick service, even though only 2 waitresses were managing the dinner rush.

  10. Ha McG

    There was only 1 waiter when we arrived. It was 20 minutes before we ordered. Food was quick, but tasted like it sat for an hour and then was reheated. Place use to be delicious, but no longer have our service.

  11. Sarah Haney

    Not impressed with any of the food here and I’ve tried it a few times and VERY OVER PRICED!

  12. Miles Pointer

    The waitress was very kind and the food came out quickly. However, that is where the good stops. The food was not good at all. The chow mein dishes had hardly any meat. The chow mein itself was not what one would expect: soggy vegetables, crispy noodles. They charged an extra $2.50 to have soft noodles instead. The fried shrimp was about 1/2 bread, 1/2 shrimp. And to top everything off, the fortunes in the cookies were terrible.

  13. Victoria Callaway

    The waitress was nice. The food was really overpriced and very mediocre. I was looking forward to honey walnut prawns and they tasted like they were rolled in bacon. The orange chicken was dry and overcooked almost like it is pre-cooked then re-heated. The fried prawns appetizer is very expensive for mostly breading. The garden chow mein was the best thing we ordered. I won’t be back and I do not recommend.

  14. Jon Cooper

    Are there twice in a month. Place was filthy. Both times. Second time both of us was I’ll. The whole place needs help. Used to love it.

  15. Nikki J Clure

    I like the sweet& sour chicken
    Almond chicken, always good piece of white meat

  16. Heather Vandermark

    No flavor to the food and the place wreaks of cigarettes so bad it choked me up. Too bad because it had great potential to be an amazing dining experience.

  17. David O'Dell

    Picked up some takeout on the way home from town the other day. Don’t often order out, if we do it’s from the local grocery store deli. We settled on the Dragon Inn because of the price points here and it’s location on our route home. We ordered 3 entrees, 2 egg rolls, fried rice, and an order of chow mein noodles from the little brochure menus they had at the hosts desk. (Found it odd the prices weren’t easy to find, but we had already decided what we wanted before we got there so I admit I didn’t dig too deeply) Wait wasn’t too long, yet I was shocked when the total was tabulated and the same amount of food I get from safeway for $25 was $100 here (apparently enough of you rounded down here yall squewed the results) Food was good except the $20 order of fried rice was just steamed white rice. Other than that it was food… No glaring reason it should be 4x more expensive than the grocery store equivalent. Considering the huge bill as a stupid tax and I will not be returning here again.

  18. Bill Rabe

    Worst Chinese food I have ever had in 74 years. Almost cold almond chicken tasted like it had been reheated & left to hill before being served. Very tough tasteless chicken &nasty gravey. The very dirty windows should have been a clue. We live close & always heard not good reviews
    We will drive clear up on Division for good chinese.

  19. Dorie Woytovech

    After consulting Facebook and asking and looking at posts for the “best” Chinese restaurant in Spokane Valley, my hubby and I decided to try Dragon Inn since alot of posters said that this place was excellent..Let me say that this is the WORST Chinese food that I have had in a long long time…let me explain why. I ordered the Moo Goo Gui Pan (Chicken with vegetables) and paid EXTRA for “fried rice”. When I got my meal it was barely warm, the chicken tasted like it was made days before and was not at all tender. I called our server over and asked to have this done again and she said “we can throw it in the microwave”…really? I was flabbergasted…also the fried rice was also barely warm, where I could stick my finger in it and it was definitely not 140° (like it should be). I’ve included a pic of the fried rice (which I would definitely NOT call “fried” rice. It has just a tiny (and I mean tiny) bit of fried egg in it. And I paid EXTRA for this? When I got my plate back, i knew that they had not made a new one and just threw my plate in the microwave…also the cook came out and tried to justify her cooking…which at this point I wasn’t going to make a scene so I just said its passable. I will NOT be going back to say the least…oh, btw, when I got home I looked up their inspection report online…let’s just say it wasn’t the best…

  20. Dr. Wade Larson

    Food is fine. As one waiting to pick up the food, everyone else was sure a priority before me. Excessively long wait as I watched everyone else get their orders. That and. Very dark parking lot didn’t make a positive impression. I’ll go elsewhere.

  21. Krystal Funk

    Great service really good food portions. Food tasted fresh. I would come back and eat again. And recommend other to go.

  22. Richard Brantley

    One of our favorite places to visit! Prices have gone up a bit but so have all the other restaurants! My bride and I order a combination plate! We always have enough left over for us to have lunch the following day! Good service and great tasting Chinese food!

  23. Nancy Fautch

    Something has changed. The food wasn’t as tasty as it used to be. 🙁

  24. Jennifer Bell

    Great prices and good food. Thier 2 person family dinner easily feeds 4 and I’ve never left disappointed. Best Chinese we’ve found in the valley.

  25. Debra

    The food was very good. I ordered a combo plate so I was able to taste a little bit of 6 items on the menu. The portions were so big that I was able to have a a complete dinner the next night. I do recommend this establishment.

  26. Tamarra H

    It was delicious and made to order. I had the chicken fried rice. Will be back for sure.

    Up date – So I did end up coming back multiple times and everytime since they have gotten my order wrong. Making me have to drive the food back to have remade. The last time I just got my money back. They had waisted my entire lunch driving back and forth. I had to remove my 4 star rating and replace it with a new one 😢 don’t get me wrong the food is good when they get it right. I will no longer be waiting my time to find out if they can get it right

  27. Randy Miller

    Generally good food, service, staff.
    *Yesterday was very busy. Waited 1.5 hours for a phone-in order 🙁

  28. Jonathan Sumner

    Best service and food in town hands down love this place.

  29. Ukrainian BORSCH

    One of the servers was extremely slammed, as our orders took a while to cook–she was a sweetheart. My buddy and I enjoyed her service, even when the restaurant was short-staffed.

  30. Ms. Douglas

    This was the most disgusting food I have ever placed an order for! I ordered shrimp fried rice and egg rolls. I can’t tell you what I received because after the first bite of both …. TRASH CAN is where it went! I wasted 28.00 on a meal from the garbage! I am not from here and this place came recommended….NEVER AGAIN!!

  31. Sandee Ruchert

    Food was good for the most part. Prices a little high. Staff was decent, but seemed to be agitated at each other.

  32. Leenda Horton

    Best coconut shrimp I’ve had! Service was great and portions great!

  33. sandra sweeney

    I do not live here but the food was good and the service was also good.

  34. janet ECKERT

    We love the food and service at Dragon Inn. We have been eating there for years! Shrimp Chop Suey is my favorite! My husband’s favorite is Cashew Nut Chicken. Both dishes have plenty of vegetables! Both dishes are large portions and served with rice. Reasonably priced too! We were ordering take out for the last 18 months. Just started going back in recently! Friendly and thoughtful wait staff! 💞

  35. Lynnette's Politics

    It was 3:30 so we had to order off the dinner menu, and it was a combination plate. Chow mein , the old fashioned kind I remember as a child, but the celery and sprouts had crunch, and the crispy noodles underneath were just as I remembered them, good flavor. Sweet and sour chicken was good, fried rice was good, but the egg foo Yung patty had flour in the mixture, so it had that stiff texture I don’t care for. It makes it taste like something out of a box. The restaurant itself was clean, decor very old school but not shabby. Good waitress. I guess if you’re in that mood for old fashioned Chinese it would be a good choice. Music was a radio station, somethings that made it feel “cheap.” That combo plate was “$17.00 I think.

  36. Lori Forness

    Good food, great service! Nice place for family gathering.

  37. Eric Votava

    Wonderful food and service. Great old school Chinese food. They still serve delicious hot black tea in a pot. Not many places do that anymore, but they should.

  38. Zheka Nechytaylo

    Wouldn’t recommend especially if you want to eat good food. Chicken was “cooked” in like 10 minutes and it tasted like it’s just been warmed up and the sauce was thrown on top of it. Price isn’t cheapest in here as well you can literally eat out in a nice restaurant for probably less than what we paid

  39. Thomas Maresh

    The WORST Chinese food I’ve had in the Spokane area. Everything I had was bad, except the egg flour soup, which was mediocre. The service wasn’t great either.

  40. gcleff11

    Typical weak asian offering that people with zero knowledge of this cuisine seem to enjoy. Egg Fu Yong was overpowered by industrial hash browns, which was quite bizarre honestly. That dish is not supposed to ‘crunch.’ Wife’s wonton soup seemed like their egg drop, with a few wontons, char sui, and vegs thrown in. Rangoons were overdone, but probably the highlight of the lunch. I did not choose to go here…

  41. david rusk

    A goto chineese food place i deff recomend it .place was clean people freindly and wasnt long a wwit to get food

  42. Luke Lovejoy


  43. Christina Clark

    Have been going to Dragon Inn for over 20 years. Have never been disappointed in their food or service. Food is always hot whether we eat in or take-out. The staff is always running to help take care of their customers. Love, Love, Love their food.

  44. Michael Fowler (WARCHIEF)

    Food came fast the server was fantastic and the cook what do I say about the cook wow it wasn’t much to talk about while food was about it was just absolutely fantastic thanks dragon inn

  45. J P

    Great food. The sweet and sour sauce is my favorite.

  46. Earl Herman

    Not worth visit. Poor service, had to repeatedly ask for basics like drinks and condiments. Won’t be back

  47. Jean Moffitt

    Allways my go to when I want a good chinese dinner!! Almond chicken my fav!!

  48. Casey Frederick

    My favorite Chinese restaurant for dining in or takeout. Very large portions. When we get takeout, we eat half for dinner and half for lunch the next day.

  49. Frank Frias

    Yes excellent setting and restaurant style atmosphere with hospitality. The food was good and most likely will experience the other meals.

  50. Dennis Chambers

    Decent food for the price

  51. Jessica Boyer

    This was probably the worst meal we have ever had. Everything tasted OLD. Hoping a health inspector comes by to double check how things are prepared. Waitress was nice, but as we left she was smoking in the grass, when the door says no smoking with in 25 ft.

  52. Darla Buck

    The only Chinese place I will go to in Spokane Valley. Fresh ingredients from the peppers and pea pods to the beef and shrimp. Sauces are so nummy and actually unique! Try the beef w peapod or kung pao shrimp! I don’t eat breaded meat as usually more breading w meat scraps, however, their almond chicken is amazing and large strips of chicken!

  53. Mary Bosaaen

    So disappointed in this food. I ordered a subgum chow mein for my main course. The vegetables were straight out if a fro,en mixed veg bag, you know the one with peas, carrots, lima beans and corn. The broccoli looked the same, previously frozen. The only thing that might have been fresh was the chicken and the onion. Another member ordered tofu chicken curry. Curry is supposed to have a kick, not this one. Our plate of veg fried rice didn’t come til the meal was nearly over. The only thing that was reasonably tasty was the appetizer, crab wonton, I think it was called. Service was so, so. Not a fan.

  54. Marlys Buzby

    Love the food here. The service is great. They offer vegetarian options. I highly recommend Special Dinner A. My fave. Enough leftovers for two more meals at home. Delicious!

  55. Ashlie Farris

    Significant other and I went to eat here, we shared a plate of garden chow mai, sweet and sour pork, almond chicken and pork fired rice. First appearance the restaurant was dirty and unkept, it was concerning that not 3 mins after placing our drink order they were already bring out our food, almond chicken and chow main were bland, sweet and sour pork was goopy and unpleasant. To be honest the best part of the meal was the fortune cookie. In short will not be returning.

  56. Kellie M

    I’ve eaten here several times over the past 5 years, and each time it just gets worse and worse. Today’s meal there will be my last. I ordered one of the dinner specials with almond chicken, teriyaki chicken, and steamed rice. My food came barely warm, had no taste, and I suspect, wasn’t fresh. Our waitress was nice and attentive though, so that is a plus.

  57. Jessica Jackson

    Took my kids in for dinner. Every single one of us thought our food tasted old. I complained and was still charged full price for stuff we didn’t eat. Reverse out of that parking lot and go through a drive through it tastes better.

  58. Roy Sánchez

    This is the worst place to eat, I would never recommend it, all the food was super old, I paid them to be honest but I ate only 10% of the food. Never in your life eat here is the worst

  59. Kristina Cooper

    Great food. Super friendly Staff. We come here at least once a month if not more. Definitely recommend checking it out


    Without a doubt, the worst food I have ever eaten in my life! If I could give it 0 stars I would. Do not go, food without flavor, reheated, refried, something impossible to eat.

  61. Kim Collins

    I don’t typically leave reviews unless something is exceptional and rarely a bad review but this is the exception because it was absolutely the worst Chinese food I have ever had and the service was just as bad.
    We ordered a family meal for three. Served ‘Won Ton’ soup first. Disgusting. Tasted as if they had been freezer burnt.
    The meal included plates of sweet n sour chicken, Almond chicken, noodle chow mein, fried rice and fried shrimp. Two portions were set before us. Then we were left for over 10 minutes, to stare at the food in front of us. We waited patiently for the entirety of our meal before my daughter gave waitress a wave to remind her we were there. Then she brought rest of our dinner portions. By then the food that came first was cold and the other food arrived cold. Everything was disgusting. Not even the fortune cookies were tolerable.
    Was way over-priced and we couldn’t even eat a thing.
    Horrible in every way!

  62. brett lawler

    This place has some of the worst food I have ever had. Fake Americanized Chinese food. Yuck

  63. generic student

    Amazing food. Made a big order for our anniversary and was not disappointed. The service was wonderful, very kind lady. The duck was especially fantastic and flavorful. This will be our go-to from now on

  64. Rae Presnell

    Its okay, it’s in the neighborhood so we go, but its definitely gotten way more expensive and the food downhill …they charge over 20 bucks for sizzling plates and then show up with something different and say they got rid of the sizzling plates, and don’t bother mentioning any of this when you order.

  65. shea torres

    The worst chinese food I have ever had.

  66. Sally Furman

    We ordered takeout and it was good but it was just warm when we got home, but that happens when you have take out!

  67. Jonathan Power

    Very Americanized, but still good tasting. Their hot dishes can be made hot enough for the truly masochistic to taste it, but not beyon that

  68. Kenneth Drobny

    Worst dried out old lunch served for fresh dinner! This was last time here…it’s been steadily declining over time, will not waste time or money on this fodder!

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