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Farmhouse Cafe

Traditional American in Cheney, WA

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91 reviews for “Farmhouse Cafe

  1. Barry Lauderdale

    Excellent service. Felicia was our waitress and she was on top of the evening! The food was wonderful and was process great. We will definitely go back again and again!! So happy to have a nice place to take my wife out to dinner in Cheney.

  2. Brad Christ

    Great food, a welcome addition to Cheney! A nicely renovated space with attentive service and many great food options at reasonable prices. We had the pork chop, farmhouse fryers along with the cheese curds (a take on mozz sticks), and the peach cobbler. All were delicious. We’ll be back and not just because it’s close.

  3. Allie Speziale

    An absolute gem! Can’t believe we went this long without an establishment like this in Cheney. Wonderful food, wonderful service. Can’t wait to try everything on the menu. The bruschetta and peach coblers are must tries!

  4. Dominic Enright

    This place is amazing if god made a restaurant this is it(try there cheese curd you will thank me later)they are all so nice and fast to serve there food is great and there restaurant all around is the best in cheney!

  5. Keith Borgholthaus

    Just a warning, the Bleu cheese is strong. Everything tastes great and the waiting staff is prompt and friendly. It tastes like an upscale Zips. The prices match the taste so you should be ready to spend a bit to enjoy a meal.

    The farmhouse theme is unique. I enjoyed the plastic bull at the front. They also serve Jojo’s and fries in buckets. So it’s enjoyable to be there.

  6. Sandy Policani

    What a wonderful place to stop for a meal. The food was excellent and the staff working in there the day we visited were so attentive and friendly. All but 2 of their items are gluten free and you won’t miss the gluten! Please give them a try, you won’t regret it.

  7. Jessica Hatch

    Really close to being great, but not quite there. Took a pretty long time to get our food and my burger was kinda cold 🙁

  8. Jasen Stanley

    The food was great! You can tell that the food is prepared with passion, and you can taste the freshness in the food.The prices were reasonable and you get what you pay for and more. The staff were great,and the environment was friendly and inviting. Planning on return soon. Was told that they are going to have a open pit BBQ food coming soon cannot wait! GREAT PLACE TO EAT!👍👍

  9. Mollie Bivens

    My girlfriend invited me to this newly opened restaurant in Cheney. My Spaghetti Carbonara featuring guanciale was delicious. Our server recommended it over the daily special of Spaghetti with meatballs & he knew what he was about. My friend ordered her Carbonara with the chicken & got a lovely grilled breast spiced perfectly. Both pastas were al dente.

  10. Gretchen Jasmer

    OMG!! This place has amazing food and service!! The big A hamburger was the best hamburger we have ever had. We can’t wait to try everything on the menu!

  11. Dougie Hobbs

    Absolutely phenomenal restaurant! Saw this was new and decided to stop by. I didn’t make reservations and the place was packed, but they got us in right away! Drinks came quickly and perfect. Our food came out in the right amount of time for you to know it was cooked to order, but still very fast. My mom had the Top Sirloin, and you could cut it with a fork. Absolutely incredible meat quality. The seasoning was excellent and sauce paired well. The asparagus had that perfect cook to where it’s got a little outside char without ruining the flavor, and the bite was juicy and tender, meaning it was cooked to absolute perfection. The steak fries were melt in your mouth and delicious as well. Capping the meal off were the donut holes, and we left very well fed. The service was absolutely excellent, and you can tell that the wait staff and owners care about the establishment and its patrons. The prices were very good as well! I now have a new favorite restaurant over on the east side, and will be taking my family here whenever they visit. I have always wondered why nobody has opened a nice steak place in Cheney with it being a college town, and loathed driving to Spokane every night for a nice meal. I know now that we have an amazing place just up the block!

  12. Abi Peek

    Good quality food, lots of options for people who are Gf or a vegetarian! Ranch is so good house made and better then I’ve ever tasted! Make a reservation though!

  13. A Burnett

    Farmhouse Cafe is pretty good they have a great menu selection but I have only ate the Cheese curds and they are delicious so good I have been twice I am happy they are so close to where I live because now I don’t have to go allll.. the way to buffalo wild wings to get Cheese curds. Farm house cheese curds are delicious and the blue cheese is out of this world only nine dollars for an order. Why 4stars its just a regular restaurant and the staff is great there but try them out and let us know what you think

  14. The Horror King

    Great and Friendly staff! Only 2 working front and was able to keep everything under control! One family did end up taking a servers time up (about 15 minutes) to then just leave, so she could only do so much. But they food was fabulous!

  15. Jennifer Erickson

    We had a wonderful experience here for lunch. The atmosphere was very comfortable and the staff was very friendly. I am so glad there is a nice sit down style restaurant in Cheney! We will be going back soon.

  16. Jeremy Timmins

    This was really good, I would go back in an instant. Its good food and the prices are comprable to the quality. Not overly expensive for what you get.

  17. Debrah Stark

    Fried chicken is amazing. All the meat was great. Really everything was top notch. Amazing service, I also liked the wine. Clean bathrooms. I highly recommend this place!

  18. James Rosenzweig

    This new restaurant has a very attractive interior, tastefully decorated, with friendly and reasonably prompt service. I was there for lunch, and had a burger with jo-jo potatoes – the burger was really very good, definitely worth ordering again. The jo-jos were nicely seasoned, but the size of the wedges made it a little tricky to get them all cooked through perfectly (a few were a bit underdone for my taste, although not “crunchy”) – I tried the Mule Sauce for dipping, and while it wasn’t my preference, I think anybody who likes a little horseradish for flavor and zip should give it a go, since it’s well made (the server said they make all the dressings and sauces in house). All in all, definitely a place I’ll try again.

  19. Toni Cloud

    The food and service was amazing! They were super conscious of me being gluten free and made sure things were safe and delicious. Can’t wait to come back here!

  20. Bill Sharpe

    Anything less than 5 stars, the problem would be me…
    Thanks for the fun mems & nice peeps / clean new place.
    Home cooked meal blah, blah, blah.
    We drove round trip from North Bend Wa to Cheney 4 our son’s BD dinner. All was great in the HOT weather. Kids are new to Cheney and the Farmhouse is nice to look forward too.

  21. Melanie Cunnington

    5 stars from our full bellies and happy hearts. the farmhouse is equally delicious and adorable. we loved every minute of it and will be back soon.

  22. Kacie Pillar

    LOVE this place! Feels like an elegant farmhouse! Food is delicious. Portion to price is really good too. My only request serve SWEET TEA!! Front porch farmhouse sittin with sweet tea is a must!!!

  23. Amy Hagins

    First of all, the service was top notch. Staff was friendly and efficient. The restaurant had a low hanging smoke cloud, not entirely unexpected for a steak joint but could have opened a window and cleared it out. There was a guy in our dining area talking loudly wearing overalls and a sleeveless tee, obviously disturbing the other diners making conversation challenging.We ordered The Rancher with high hopes. It was a very thin cut that was overseasoned with something with a heavy pepper base. The seasoning took over the meat flavor as did the salt on the ” seasonal vegetables” . We were disappointed.

  24. Swamp0299

    Very good food grits and shrimp are delicious. The chicken fried steak is very good. If you don’t mind a rare steak. If you do ask to have it cooked a little well done. Mash potatoes are real good. Everything I have tried I liked.

  25. Kamee Bissell

    The item I ordered was delicious. The presentation was beautiful, the fresh vegetables were done to perfection and the meat was tender and flavorful! Staff was welcoming and incredibly helpful! Loved dining there.

  26. Jennifer Kizima

    LI👏🏻ST👏🏻EN!!!!!!! If you are driving out of Coeur d’Alene and going east for an amazing steak your going the wrong way! My husband and I went to the Farmhouse Cafe for our anniversary and had the most amazing date. Everything from the blue cheese dressing to the steak was absolutely amazing!!!!

  27. Jason Marsh

    Chicken fried steak was excellent. It has a brown gravy that is a little peppery but good. I tried a Jo Jo those were well seasoned. Coffee was excellent, I drink mine black. Also the cutlery and glassware is nice.

    Almost forgot. I hate broccoli. It is right up there with celery and kale. The broccoli that came with my chicken fried steak was pretty good. A little crunch, thin, and cooked in butter.

  28. Lauren McVicker

    The food was delicious! I couldn’t put my fork down. Kept saying how good it was and even the after taste was great. Service was wonderful and very friendly. She acknowledged us right away and checked in appropriately. I got the chicken fried steak and my husband got a burger. We also had the steak finger app and cobbler. No complaints!

  29. Mary

    First visit here. We ordered three starters and a dessert. The steak fingers and onion rings were terrific. The homemade ranch very nice. The bruschetta did not appeal to us and neither did the peach cobbler. The service was super friendly. Cute decor in this small local spot.

  30. Andy Lincoln

    Waiter was awesome, he knew the menu, and was on point, don’t happen to much nowadays and food was really good

  31. Zachariah Martinez

    Absolutely terrific service. The quality of the food is outstanding and prepared graciously. The decor and atmosphere is both relaxing and enjoyable. A wonderful addition to the Cheney area.

  32. Melissa “Joe” They-Them

    Great atmosphere, great food! Only mild complaint was that we had to send our steak back 2 times to get it well done (blasphemy, i know. You can keep your still mooing steaks to yourself lol)

  33. Bryan Lukezich

    I had the best burger I’ve had in a long time here. The food is amazing.

  34. Ilai Shai

    Nice atmosphere with an excellent dinner. A very pleasant surprise to stumble upon for a rest stop. Worth taking the extra few miles off the I-90. Great service too.

  35. Debby Spencer

    Food was good, but lunch menu has dinner prices and I was even charged for the BBQ sauce I asked for… $26 is too much for lunch on a weekday.

  36. Herrick Band

    What a wonderful place! Had the chicken and it was the best I have ever had. If you are in Cheney Washington and want a perfect meal. The Farmhouse is the place to be!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. Kyle Jenkins

    Went there for the first time with my parents. Good food, maybe a bit expensive for the portion size, especially the bruschetta appetizer.

    My carbonara was excellent, mother’s BLT was a bit stingy on the bacon, and my father’s chicken fried steak was very good but the portion size was a bit misleading from how large the plate was.

    Overall the food is very good and they are a hometown business so you should give them some support.

    Very busy on a Friday night so high volume nights its definitely worth it to make a reservation.

  38. Paul Evans

    Had the meatloaf and apple cobbler, very delicious. Service is very good.

  39. Mike Kline

    Atmosphere was amazing. The service was outstanding, and the food was amazing. We started with cheese curds with gravy dipping sauce.
    I had the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower. It was so good I could not set my fork down. My wife had the farmhouse salad with chicken which she raved about.
    The presentation was impeccable and the price was reasonable. We will be regular patrons and rave to all.
    Great job this is just what our community needs.

  40. Mary March

    Oh my goodness!! If there was a 6-star rating I would use it! Darling decor without being cheesy. Great food, great service. We’ll be back for sure!


    It was our first time and it won’t be our last. I ordered the “Not Your Mama’s Meatloaf” or something to that effect haha. It was really good. The portions were big enough to warrant what we had paid. The food had great flavor. The Cafe has a really nice and simple white farmhouse aesthetic accompanied by dark woods.

  42. Ungracefully Surviving

    Absolutely LOVELY!!! I could not say enough good things about this place. The service alone was 5 stars and the food was beyond delicious. I wanted to try everything on the menu but I was definitely satisfied with the cheese curds alone. I mean – I’ll get those all day! PLEASE stick around Farmhouse Cafe you are a much needed and welcome addition to Cheney!!

  43. Joshua Klinge

    It was a great experience and worth the beautiful drive from the airport. I felt welcome when I entered the warm, relaxing environment. The service was top notch. And the food…. AMAZING! I don’t usually order dessert, but I couldn’t resist because I didn’t want the experience to end. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if my wife was able to experience it with me.

  44. Melinda Ziemann

    It was our first time here and loved the carbonara! It all was wonderful, but was a bit disappointed in the pumpkin donut hole dessert… we got it to go and received 5 small donut holes for $7, seems a bit crazy!

  45. Janie Vandeberg

    Great service and atmosphere. The food was wonderful. Whatever you get, make sure you get the mashed potatoes, they are scrumptious! 4 if us eent and all had different food… everyone loved what they had! So glad Cheney has a good restaurant!

  46. Dave Imas

    I had a caprese salad and pasta with chicken. Great presentation and absolutely delicious! Our wait person was delightful as well. Wonderful experience.

  47. Marks Girl

    Food is great Service is fantastic just tryed the tar tar and it was delicious

  48. Sean Fulton

    Rad little local spot that has great coffee and even better baked snacks. Add in the festive touches and this is a rad place.

  49. Antonio Garcia

    Love this restaurant! Great atmosphere, service, and food. If you are looking for a great steak cooked perfectly this is your spot. It’s worth the drive to Cheney!

  50. Kenzie Higginson

    The food is good but it takes forever to get out to you. Everytime I have gone in I feel like they are very overstaffed, they have employees just standing around. The Customer service is good.

  51. Gavin Loco

    What can I say? Mamas Meatloaf Is more BOMB than Hiroshima.

  52. Celia Rose

    Very good home cooked food. A little more expensive than other places but good

  53. Victoria Oleynik

    I love small local places- and this places is fabulous with the meats!! Really good!

  54. william wilson

    Had an amazing steak and loaded baked potato dinner.

  55. Ashley Counts

    Everything about this little gem is wonderful. Locally owned and operated. Only the best ingredients used. Until I sampled the Sausage and Andouille appetizer, I had never tasted grits in my life. I had only heard of them in books and on tv. They serve them here and my first impression was very positive. The grits are soooooo creamy you could serve them in a giant bowl alone with a spoon. I would eat them styled with a savory or sweet flavor. The entree portions are made for a hefty appetite. We chose the pork chop and steak this time. I was extremely pleased with the steak and baked potato. That spud was so big, I couldn’t finish it and still fit in the yummy dessert. I chose a sundae with berries. It was the perfect finish to our meal. We will be back again to support this cute cafe in Cheney.

  56. Jenny

    Hot damn! Went to dinner with the family and none of us could say one bad thing, everything was amazing. I personally had the Chicken Fried Steak. It was an actual steak that was breaded. I was unsure about it but I’m so glad I got it. The mashed potatoes were rustic which I love. And the mixed veggies had the best seasoning on them. Besides the food, the staff was great. It’s about a 45 minute drive from my home and I’m already planning my next trip. So yummy.

  57. Dru

    Local, delicious food. It’s always cooked well, and seasoned well. Presentation is successful as well. Staff is friendly.

  58. Lori Ewing

    This was my first time trying this cafe and I was not disappointed! I wanted to find a good, local restaurant to bring out-of-town visitors to. I ordered the steak finger appetizer, pork chop with mashed potatoes and gravy and peach cobbler for dessert. It was all very good, seasoned just right and the portions were generous. It’s a little expensive, but the ambiance is nice and the service was excellent. I will definitely eat here again.

  59. Ken Rablin

    Newer resturant in Cheney. Great food and service. Had the chicken fried steak and it is real steak cooked to prefection. Mashed potatoes and a light gravy with steamed veggies. They have taken a classic dish and classed it up so it tastes so much better than the classic!

  60. Matt Williams

    I really enjoyed my experience at Farmhouse Cafe. All the food I sampled was simple but had a level of complexity that raised it above similar fare from other establishments. Definitely worth a try for an above average lunch.

  61. Jodie Carpine

    The entrées were excellent. The desserts were under whelming. Service was good. We can recommend the pork chops and carbonara.

  62. Dolly Perry

    Food and service were excellent. Our only complaint was that the portions were a tad small. Highly recommend!

  63. Jackie Kennedy

    Such a cute cafe! Waitress was adorable and helpful. My girlfriend and I were looking for something to eat for lunch on the way to Spokane from Seattle to Spokane and we didn’t want fasr food so we stopped in Cheney for more options. We found this place and I’m so glad we did. We started with the donut holes with berry jam (served warm and perfect…bc.. you know…dessert first! ) I ordered the prosciutto with fresh berratta (sp? Motzerella) and it was sooooo good! Perfect little farm fresh ingerdiants and a good sized menu. We loved it.

  64. Deven Smith

    Very wonderful place, server was nice and friendly, food is amazing. Worth the price

  65. Terri Worl

    Great food and excellent service. Fish and chips are amazing. The bbq chicken was good too.


    Delicious and very high quality food! Even the kid food was really quality. Prices aren’t super cheap, but that is to be expected with high quality food, and you pay for what you get, so I wouldn’t call it over priced for that reason. Very impressed!

  67. Aimee Thompson

    The food was so good! The presentation was excellent! The waitress was very attentive. All of the staff were very friendly and welcoming. Came here for my husband’s birthday. Definitely coming back!

  68. k g

    Great food. Fairly big portions. Try the cheese curds. 67$ bill for 3 entrees, 1 app & 1 Pepsi.

  69. Alexandria O

    Farmhouse Cafe has the best chicken fried steak and baked potato and gravy … in the world !!! It will send you into orbit.

  70. Robert K

    Best burger in town excellent service never an empty glass

  71. Christa Edwards

    Was in there about a month ago while on a trip visiting some friends, three of us order the same thing and all were pleased with it. Great food, wonderful service and cute esthetic. I will defiantly be coming back to try some more food!

  72. Heather Flake

    Some absolutely amazing food with just as good service. Thank you for the spectacular experience.

  73. Charlene Lange

    Excellent food, The taste of heaven runs through your mouth and you not wanting to stop eating the deliciousness.

  74. R. Wright

    I’m a southern chic, whom had a craving for meatloaf. If you’re thinking about it… then make a visit. It’s definitely worth it. You won’t be disappointed. Food and service was great!

  75. Jeri Schwinden

    Food was great!! Try the grilled tuna sandwich…

  76. Kit Frantzich

    Great home cooking with flair. Air fried chicken is plentiful and tastes great, even the dark meat. Beverage selection is mostly bottled/canned and the peach cobbler is great.

  77. Lila Carter

    We have been to the Farmhouse a handful of times and have never had a bad meal. I would say this is definitely worth the drive to Cheney!

  78. Brandy Jones

    Food was alright, the staff looked exhausted. The ranch….. is the best I’ve ever had!

  79. Paul Means

    We have looked forward to getting a really good restaurant in Cheney. The Farmhouse exceeded our expectations by a bunch. Service was excellent, the food was outstanding and the price normal for the quality received every time we dined there. I’ll try everything that’s gluten free before I am done, then I’ll start over again.

  80. Shea Bristlin

    Great service! Amazing food. We will definitely be back soon. It’s nice to have local food, and a great new place to come often! Definitely recommend!

  81. Cody Passey

    Great menu, burger was cooked perfectly. The cod tasted fresh and delicious. A pleasant, quaint American bistro. I can’t wait to try the macaroni and cheese next time

  82. Kelly Inglis

    Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoesabd vegetables NY wife liked. Steak bites were good. And peacher cobbler was very good. Served were nice, friendly and helpful. Will go back there again

  83. Tiffany Thompson

    We stopped in here when we decided to take the back way home from Spokane. It is WELL worth the side trip. Steak on the salad was cooked perfectly. Had a delicious gazpacho. And the NOLA was a perfect balance with a creamy, slightly sweet sauce to contrast the briny Olives and salty meats. We will definitely be back!

  84. Carole Bond

    This is a great spot. The food is delicious and the staff and owners are amazing. They put a great twist on a classic – the meatloaf is fantastic with a sweet and (not too) spicy sauce. The kids had chicken tenders which were delicious and a good sized portion. The wings special and desserts (sundae and donut holes) were great as well. I will be back for sure!

  85. Yourmomdotcom

    This place is amazing!! The fries are to die for and the food is old fashioned greatness.

  86. Barb Christensen

    What a cute place! We were in the mood for fish and chips and simple search found this little diamond in the rough! Modern farmhouse theme restaurant. The food was hot and it was fast and you can tell there’s a chef involved because my salad was not overdressed! Joe Joe’s were definitely hand cut potatoes! For first time here we were really impressed!

  87. Rick Mount

    We have been to the Farmhouse several times and have never been disappointed. Had the meatloaf and would recommend that to anyone. The peach cobbler was oh so good. The portions are very filling.

  88. Rachael Hatcher

    Excellent place. Generous potions. Had a great burger here cooked to perfection. Attentive service.

  89. Ashley Berland

    So many gluten-free options. I was literally in paradise. My only complaint is that it’s 30 minutes from my house lol.

  90. Syril and Annette Galindo

    Stopped on while driving through on a road trip. Good food, nice, friendly service.

  91. Thad Brannen

    Great food, excellent customer service, and nice atmosphere. Highly recommend!

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