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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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58 reviews for “Ferraro’s

  1. Brian Moeller

    Good service, good selection, excellent food. Closer to authentic Italian food than other places I’ve visited.

  2. Shnouser Wah Wah

    Great food and great service… top notch

  3. Michelle Maynard

    Amazing, clean, and delicious.

  4. Triston Chavez

    A lovely family run Italian place. Super clean, friendly staff, the bruschetta was delicious, topped only by the spaghetti and meatballs. This place is a real gem 💎

  5. DeeAnn Robinson

    Family Italian, nothing special, nothing awful. Kind of expensive though. Went with a group and it was quiet enough to all visit. I had two appetizers for my meal, bruschetta and calamari. $20. Calamari was nice, but bruschetta(though tasty) had been sitting on the toast for too long so it was really soggy. It would have been better with the toast on the side.

  6. Pat

    We took our son out for his birthday dinner… fantastic Server that made our dinner very memorable. Food was great but the Server made it special. Thank you.

  7. Raquel Rice

    This time it was not very good. The food was cold and the waitress was rude. Too bad because I used to love this restaurant.

  8. Sue Gordon

    Dinner was delicious. Service was amazing. Thank you very much.

  9. Ben Swiader

    Fantastic restaurant. The minestrone soup is the best I’ve ever had anywhere is usa.

  10. Pam Melville

    Had a great meal. Service was good just didn’t get our drink refills out but was very apologetic about it.

  11. John Barry

    Dinner with son’s family, packed house, loud, glad we made a reservation. The grandkids enjoyed their dinners. Good job Ferraro’s

  12. Debra Miller

    Chicken Parmigiano with spaghetti was delicious 😋

  13. Lizard Galaxy

    Got the manicotti, on point. Worth visiting.

  14. Rob Rohrback

    They have the most amazing and authentic Italian food in all of Spokane. Everything is made from scratch; sauces, mozzarella sticks, meatballs, etc. also, their steak is AMAZING! Our family loves coming here. Their customer service is way above par too. I once had a steak over cooked by a new employee and they made sure to have a new one cooked immediately by a vet and comped the meal. Owners are from Italy too. Worth the trip, better than Tomato Street and that says lot.

  15. Dawn Stubblefield

    Great food with great service! Menu changed and it seemed there wasn’t a whole lot to choose from.

  16. Barbara Norton

    Excellent service. Great food. Very nice atmosphere friendly waiters. Quick service.

  17. Ashley Brerland

    The food (gluten free) I ordered tasted pretty good but would have been better if it wasn’t cold. The server was attentive but unfriendly. My daughter was super happy with her birthday fettuccine and desert tho! Unfortunately, I was happier with the north store so that’s the one we’ll stick to.

  18. ENB traveler

    Food is very good. Family friendly and staff is amazing. Haven’t had Italian food this good in a long time.

  19. Junix Luzon

    Looking for authentic Italian dish? Visit this place. Cost is reasonable.

  20. Daniel Silvestrich

    We went there for my sons 11th birthday for the first time and we unfortunately were pretty disappointed when we were getting ready to leave…..appetizers were pretty good, soup and salad were very underwhelming, and then the entrees came out. While the waitress brought out our sampler she was very abrupt and actually hit my father in the forehead with the plate and never said sorry! When the entrees came out my poor father was again accidentally bumped into by a plate but this time leaving sauce on his shirt! I believe our waitress was very overwhelmed and a bit scattered not sure if she was new or not. Everyone’s entrees we’re looking ok except I ordered the seafood fettuccine (as requested by our waitress) and there were literally 2 clams and 2 shrimp in my pasta bowl. A little disappointed especially when I see a table that had ordered my same dish and yet it was covered in clams and shrimp! We finish up our food and our waitress finally comes out to check on us and asks if she could bring our son chocolate cake. We said sure and out she comes and she just kind of slides it in front of him….no singing, no happy birthday, nothing. Doesn’t ask if anyone else wants anything just brings us the check. Then to top everything off we are sitting letting our son finish his cake and out comes another waiter to let his table know that every entree comes with dessert?!? Wait what we were never offered a dessert menu let alone a dessert that should have come with the meal we paid for?? Our entrees were great but be a of everything else we probably won’t be returning or recommending this place to anyone.

  21. Brittany Adams

    We finally tried Ferraro’s, and it was fair. The decor and ambience was great, and the service was excellent. The food was ok. The garlic butter for the bread was delicious, but the house dressing on the salad had almost no flavor. My chicken parmesan was really good but the spaghetti sauce on the pasta was nothing special. My husband really enjoyed the sauce on his chicken fettuccini but felt there was very little chicken in it, so it wasn’t worth paying the extra $5 versus the plain fettuccini alfredo if he only got a few pieces of chicken. Overall, it was a nice experience, but we weren’t blown away and didn’t feel it was worth the price.

  22. Ali Duhrkoop

    I needed to write a review specifically for our server Jen, who goes above and beyond every time. We visited on my birthday, January 2nd; it is now May 5th and she not only remembered us, but provided the same amazing service. The food, service, and atmosphere has made this our go-to date night restaurant. Thank you Jen!

  23. Cathy

    Food was delicious and service was spot on..Great job..will definitely share with others

  24. brett g

    We just had an amazing mothers day date here. They even brought out real roses for all the mother’s. The staff was amazing. The food was delicious and the biggest part is when real Italians show up to eat you know its good. This is not the dog food olive garden serves. Never seen an Italian eat at olive garden. Keep up the great legacy.

  25. Pam K

    Great food and reasonably priced. (Unusual for an Italian restaurant!) Nice atmosphere and very friendly staff.

  26. Zach M

    Service was good, however the food itself was a disappointment. The sauce was bland, the pasta did not taste fresh. For the price of the food I expected a bit more.

  27. Tami Hastings

    If I could give it a 10, I would!! We are on vacation, a trip around the borders of WA. Our 4th night was in Spokane. Chose Ferraro’s for dinner. Very busy but only a 10-15 minute wait for a table. Quick table service. Ordered salads with our dinner, they brought nice, soft bread with it. My husband had spaghetti with browned butter and Mizithra cheese. He said it was way better than Old Spaghetti Factory! I had good, old spaghetti with tomato sauce and 2 large meatballs. EXCELLENT!!! Spokane is a day trip from home (Auburn WA). If we come this way to stay, again, will DEF eat at Ferraro’s!!!

  28. Brittney Mercer

    Price was good, service was good, and food was good but wish that they had more options.

  29. Michelle Washburn

    Always great food here! The chicken marsala is my favorite. A little spendy, but delicious. Wish they opened earlier. 😊 Great Italian food.

  30. Scott Woodward

    Chicken fettuccine was amazing. Bread with pesto garlic butter the best!!

  31. joanne zupanc

    We were very happy with our dinner and service! Our waiter was very attentive, something you don’t always see now days. Our food was tasty and hot. The atmosphere of the restaurant was very nice. Not loud, very relaxing. They have both booths and tables. Highly recommended!

  32. Austin C

    Kid-friendliness: Awesome food for the entire family. Server was the best. I literally told him “he should teach service” I’m a critic everywhere I go; this place set the bar higher and I will be back!!

  33. Sandra Berger

    They went the extra mile to make up for my birthday dinner. Their food is AUTHENTIC and delicious and their service is impeccable.

  34. Nicole Yasmenko

    Food tasted homemade, each meal comes with salad or soup, bread and ice cream. The service was excellent and pricing was very reasonable!

  35. Jacob Elliot

    This place is okay – not terrible, not great. If I had read all of the reviews about this place before visiting then I feel like I would have been disappointed. Even though decent Italian cuisine is difficult to come by in Eastern WA, folks saying “Best pasta and sauces” and “most authentic Italian in Spokane” are being VERY generous.

    It is cool that most meals include an appetizer and ice cream, but the salad dressings were kind of bland. The garlic butter for the table bread was nice and flavorful. The clam sauce was fine and tasty, but the red sauce and accompanying meatballs were lacking flavour and appeared to not have many/any herbal seasonings. For how seasoned the bread butter was I kind of expected more in either the sauce or meatballs.

    All that said, I would totally give this place another shot, just to check consistency. The server was very nice (He seemed to get along better with the older crowd than he did with my partner and me who were younger, but it could have been an awkward day, idk) and the restaurant seemed very clean. Definitely not a bad experience, but to me, boxed pasta and canned-tasting sauce would not qualify this as “authentic” or “homemade” Italian food. Also their Monday deal – two meals for $27 – definitely made the price worth the experience and is great for newcomers trying things out.

  36. Steve Hunt

    The pasta was undercooked the chicken was overcooked and the spaghetti sauce tasted like it was poured straight from the jar of Ragu

  37. Sarah Colhoff

    Delicious food. Not many GF options but, Italian food so expected. Higher price but great food and service.

  38. Caitlin

    Came here on Valentine’s Day this year. Friendly service and nice bread and Italian sodas but the chicken diavolo was probably the most unremarkable dish I’ve ever had at an Italian restaurant and was very expensive even for just two people.

  39. Patrick Austin

    Awesome food great prices and a wonderful attentive staff, really great Italian family atmosphere.

  40. Diana

    Enjoyed a nice dinner here! I love their mozzarella sticks! They are so delicious and the sauce is awesome too! Always my first pick for an appetizer.

    Many people say their sauce is weird but.. I feel it’s really yummy and tangy! 😋 Not sure why it wouldn’t be good.

    Loved the pastas! If you need to add more flavor.. there’s salt and pepper! 😁👍 Comes with unlimited bread with their herb butter. As well as soup/salad and ice cream! 🙂

  41. Jo Ann Stanley

    Very disappointing. I’ve ordered Spaghetti Alla Pomodoro here for years. It used to be awesome. Spaghetti tossed in olive oil with fresh tomatoes and peppers with shrimp in a LIGHT tomato sauce. But tonight it was basically spaghetti drenched in heavy marinara sauce. I commented that it didn’t look right when it was served and was told that the chefs were experimenting with the recipes. I tried it but ended up just eating the shrimp and leaving the rest. In my opinion, changing this item so drastically was a huge mistake! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!!

  42. Adrian Dryden

    I love this place! The food is so good! If you want to come to a family owned- real Italian kitchen, come here. It’s way better than olive garden. Service is great and helpful.

  43. Douglas Iverson

    We absolutely love Ferraro’s. It was the restaurant I choose for our first date and every anniversary since.

  44. Steven Draper

    This place was amazing! The lasagna portion was perfect! The bread was delicious. The icecream at the end was not as good as the Spaghetti Factory but everything else was perfect!

  45. Jenn Whetstone

    One of the best restaurants I have found in Spokane. Great food and friendly staff.

  46. Dayann Grammes

    Food was ok. Service was amazing!! Ordered the spaghetti & meatballs, cheese ravioli, spaghetti with meat sauce & seafood Alfredo. Salad was fresh & cold. Bread & garlic butter was delicious. Might try again.

  47. Josh Foshee

    Everything here is made spectacularly. Real authentic cuisine and can help if you have gluten free diets. The staff is family and makes you feel like you are. Best Italian food period.

  48. jule silbernagel

    The atmosphere was very nice. Seemed to be a lot of regulars as the staff knew them! Food was terrific and our server was awesome! Can’t recall his name, maybe Caleb? Delightful! Great experience, Thank you!!

  49. Jessica Kennedy

    Love the food. The staff was so nice. The atmosphere is my favorite. Oh, and I love the blue ceiling.

  50. Misty Groscop

    We were there to celebrate our anniversary. Dinner was so good and the ice cream was a nice ending to a great dinner.

  51. Liza Detomasi

    Food was delicious. Everything we ate was homemade (maybe not the ice cream). Definitely will eat here again when in Spokane.

  52. Douglas Bass

    I waited two months for perspective before posting this, thinking my opinion might mellow with time. Didn’t happen.

    Service was good as was the spumoni, and the waiter spoke about “Grandma’s Italian recipes” at length. That said:

    • Salads were mostly iceberg lettuce (the white parts)

    • Spaghetti with mushrooms had flavorless sauce and what appeared to be canned mushrooms

    • Baked lasagna had the same flavorless sauce

    Will never return, and shared that with the staff when we departed.

  53. David Zack

    A pleasant surprise to find decent Italian food in the valley. Friendly family oriented restaurant. I especially liked seeing customers from toddlers to totterers. And it’s very affordable too.

  54. Daniel Rhine

    My wife and I have went here twice for date nights and have loved it both times. The bread you get before dinner is soft amd a great start to dinner. The entrees are filling and filled with flavor. The environment makes the night even better. The service has been exceptional, the waitress has been friendly and knowledgeable on the menu items.
    We will be back again for sure

  55. Sarah Taylor

    The atmosphere was fun, the service was great, and the chicken parm was good!

  56. Holly Moro

    We were in last week and had the best service (as always!) with super delicious food and yummy wine. Our server was the kindest person. Our daughter got sick at the table and she rushed in (along with everyone else behind the scenes) to help us smoothly get through the incident without other diners even aware it happened. What a gracious and wonderful server! She made sure our meal was still just perfect even afterwards. We LOVE Ferraro’s!

  57. Connie Mayfield

    Great food, excellent service! Awesome chocolate cake, too!

  58. Ronna Jo LaBree

    It wasn’t bad food, and it wasn’t great food. Our waitress was great!

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