2908 Commercial Ave, Anacortes, WA 98221


48.498516103118, -122.61275232089


9:00 am – 8:00 pm


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Fidalgo Drive-In

Hamburger Restaurant in Anacortes, WA






“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

70 reviews for “Fidalgo Drive-in

  1. Chris Finckbone

    Bought 4 burgers all of them had bone in the burger meat cool little place they just need to change where they get there burger at

  2. Clark Precision

    Great burger joint, they have a good food selection for everyone and amazing milkshakes! They staff is friendly, check then out next time your in anacortes.

  3. sharon gastkill

    Great food and staff. Milkshakes are the best!!

  4. Shelly Mackie

    Such a nice menu with lots of choices and the food always tastes great! Get the sweet potato fries!

  5. Eric Hughes

    Pretty good food. They got the dole pineapple ice cream as well. Kinda rare to find.

  6. haley Hh

    The sign says “the best fish and chips” and they are not kidding!!!! Absolutely perfect!!!!

  7. Jeff Emel

    Good burger, inexpensive ( as burgers go these days) shakes are good too. The ridiculously small straw they serve the shake with (straight faced mind you) has to be a joke. It’s like 1/8″ I’d. They do give you a spoon for backup though. The fish and looked really good. I’ll be trying that next time

  8. Aaron Jacobson

    There was a long piece of hair in my fish and chips. It wasn’t found until eating the last of the chips. I don’t know how many hairs may have already been eaten by my wife. I wonder if it was intentionally placed by one of the teenagers working there or a disgruntled cook. Gross😝!!!


    Save your coupons that you get in the mail! Shrimp basket and salmon burger coupons are totally worth it. So much good food for so cheap.

    Their milkshake is one of the best in the world, a must try.

  10. Cassandra Fennewald

    Very good food and speedy service will be back soon

  11. Cathy Barker

    Really enjoyed the fish an chips with chowder

  12. jolie fish


    Parking: You can drive up and oder on screen like the old A and W used to have and a wait person will come to your car window!!

  13. Lelani Camacho

    Spent to much money 💰💰 on lunch here for five people! I don’t think I will be back wasn’t worth the money I spent at all.

  14. Tree A

    Burger was so delicious, juicy!

  15. Donald Kimball Jr

    Fantastic Fish and Chips.

  16. Fredzo

    This is a good drive in! I had a Cheeseburger and a Chocholate Shake.
    Real good, great service. I’m glad I stopped ! 👍

  17. Timothy Boyd

    The best fish and chips I have tasted. And don’t forget the clam chowder.

  18. Jackie Owens

    Good service and fun to order from your car. Lots of food – really loved the chowder and the fish and chips were pretty good as well

  19. Kayleigh Bullard

    SO good, the prices are fairly high, but you get a good amount and great food for it!

  20. J.E. Markus

    Got the shrimp basket tasted great!

  21. Elizabeth F

    Over priced food not very good quality….and terrible service….I ordered food to go key words TO Go not to wait….they took 35 minutes to get my fish & chips and they weren’t even very good…they were low quality and very pricey….Go elsewhere

  22. Harrison Spencer

    One of the best burgers I’ve had in a while! Fresh tomatoes and lettuce and burger seasoned great! Amazing burger and they were really quick to accommodate our big group!

  23. Carl Sgambelluri (Spamlover Spambelluri)

    Really good fish and chips. Generous portion of chowder with the Alaskan Fish and Chips.

  24. Charley Owen

    Ordered the fish and chips….fish was all breading and very greasing.

  25. Cliff Lee

    Great old fashion drive in. Eat in car or at tables inside.

  26. Brendan Perry

    There’s always amazing food here, and that classic American diner feel. The burgers are some of the best I’ve had, and the milkshakes are too. The workers are always polite and cheery, and it never seems fake.

  27. Lachlan Stuart Waterbury

    Go for the shakes!

  28. J Me

    They have deep fried mushrooms!!! That’s all I need to say

  29. Samantha Wesselink

    It was a great experience. The food was bomb (good and delicious). Get the fry sauce!!! People were super friendly too! 🙂

  30. Baron Parker

    Service was good and friendly but food was suspect…….

  31. Phil

    I’ll keep this one short and sweet. I’ve been driving past their sign for “Blackberry Milkshakes” for the past week; and I finally gave in.
    It was 2 minutes to close, and I’m very hesitant to keep people late. But there was a few people inside and the “open” sign still on.
    Suffice to say, the shake did not disappoint (YUM).
    I ordered a medium it was more than enough for one. The menu looked good, will definitely be back to check out the French Dip.
    They have the dine in your car option, as well as outdoor patio seating, and some indoor seating too.

  32. Kenny P

    Good food good service good prices, just $4 will get you a pretty big burger so they have my approval!

  33. Duncan Pope

    It’s the traditional small town drive in diner, complete with curb side service and great homemade food. The farthest thing from a national chain that you can imagine in the best way. Fabulous fish and chips with clam chowder. Friendly staff pretty quick service. Don’t miss the hand made real ice cream shakes, no soft serve in these!!

  34. Ellen Conry

    Small local restaurant. Very good fish & chips.

  35. Licigbadassb

    I’ve only been here once but I’m pretty sure this place has been here forever. A classic drive in with smiling teens serving burgers, shakes, fries, fish & chips with clam chowder. We actually came here for the chowder on a cool dreary day. They serve Ivars so I knew it would be good. The food was hot and tasty. The shake list was heckin long, impressive. We’ll be back to try the burgers soon, but the fish & chips and chowder hit the spot that day.

  36. Todd Jumper

    Always friendly and prompt waitresses. Decent food and no long wait times

  37. Lindsay Y.

    Pretty pricey, but worth it in my opinion. I just wish they were open later and that they offered delivery with doordash!

  38. Nayara Montoya

    The must stop in Anacortes ! Vintage, Cool and Delicious! Always help with my sweet tooth ordering the peach milkshake 🤤 also the burgers and the fish are AWESOME!
    And the staff super friendly and nice! Great job!!

  39. Tonya Bayley

    Burgers are good kinda greasy, tater tots were decent! Great strawberry shakes!

  40. Teresa Tysinger

    Great, drive-in food. Loved the HUGE BLT. Glad we found this place!!

  41. Brad C.

    The hamburger and french fries were average at best. But the chocolate milkshake was really good. Little bit of nostalgia parking in the drive-in like the old days but not quite the same.

  42. Michelle Evans

    Best fish sandwich I have had. Good fast service.

  43. Kiwi S

    Food is at best okay, and at worst inedible, only thing worth ordering is a milkshake, sometimes. It’s located in a nice spot, but the quality is lacking. It’s also a pretty open secret that the owner is a creep.
    Also his responses to bad reviews is extremely telling, rude and unprofessional. Not to mention the INSULTS. This man is out here insulting and condescending to people who say the service is bad or the food is overpriced.
    Well, sir, your food is bad, and your behavior is pathetic.

  44. Angela Smith

    So good! An original drive thru. I loved tots and they are now my favorite! I will definitely go back. I also had a straw banana milkshake that was thick and made with real fruit. So so good!

  45. Matt Levey

    The food was great and prices were reasonable. A good selection too, especially for kids.

  46. Connie Ethridge

    I’ve been to Anacortes a few times but not tried Fidalgo’s yet. I’m certainly glad I went on this visit. Their double cheeseburger basket with choice of tator tots, reg or steak fries was so good. I ordered it my way, steak fries,and the burger loaded with grilled onions, sweet and juicey. Of course i had to have a cold luscious blackberry milkshake with that. You really need to give Fidalgo’s a try. There food is made fast, hot and delicious.

  47. Michele Tillman

    Great burgers and I looovvveeeddd the tater tots!! Yummmmm!!

  48. Elliott Jackson

    It’s an old school drive in. The ambiance is retro, 50s style. The food is good. Their stand out item has to be the Dole whip floats that are exactly like the ones Disney serves at their parks.

  49. Karen Mahood

    The worst drive in burger place I have ever been to. I actually wish I had gone to McDonald’s instead. My bun was rock hard and the burger patty was ice cold. Toast has more flavor than my burger had
    Edit after owners response: is the pattern you’re seeing that you’ve been grouped into the category of really bad restaurant chains? Congratulations, you’ve lowered your bar to compete with restaurant chains that provide the lowest quality food service

  50. Kenneth West

    The best pineapple whip soft serve since I visited Dole plantation in Hawaii.

  51. Kathie Nunn

    What an amazing place. The food and service was unlike any other. Small towns that keep these icons open and thriving, rock.

  52. Firedawgys Girl

    Great place, delicious food and great service. Prices are a bit high but its good so worth it.

  53. Becca Barrett

    We stopped on a whim after seeing a “blackberry milkshake” sign. 10 out of 10 recommend! The shakes were so good- not too sweet and not too rich. Tasted almost like a blackberry cheesecake. The chunks of blackberry were so good. We plan on stopping on our way back south. The menu looked great and I can’t wait to update this 😋

  54. Lanae MYLES

    Everything was original old school feel cost for 2 movies was 36.00 2 adults 2 12 year Old there price was somewhat same or more then matinee price food a little cheaper but then as I say it was no updates. Oh bathrooms toilets don’t work properly

  55. Richard Steen

    This Place was Amazing. So many milk shake options, and the Burger was cooked perfect! The young lady who was working on Labor Day, was working hard and got our order as soon as possible. She deserved the $20 tip that I gave her. I will dine again & I do recommend this Drive In, like the drive In’s of days gone by! A+

  56. Rusty Sin

    Used to be great but has completely gone down hill. Caesar salad was soggy with nasty lettuce, severely overdressed, gross old tomatoes and they didn’t put my dressing and croutons on the side like requested. Also it is $20!!!!! Completely unacceptable and disappointing. Do NOT waste your money.

  57. Jonathan Sullivan

    Butterscotch milkshake and fish and chips super hit the spot! No fuss fish and chips hit the spot!

  58. Vincent Randy Heslop

    Old school burger joint serving all your favorites in a drive up format. Onion rings, burgers, fries, milkshakes, fish and chips and fountain drinks among a few others are on the menu. Not the best ever, but good. FOLLOW ME for more thoughtful recommendations as I travel the world 🌎

  59. Brenda Cole

    Took the family here to eat and we all got the burger basket. We each got a drink.. a shake, root bear float, and 2 sodas. Overall, it cost us $70. I was so shocked. It was for lunch none the less! That is insane.
    The burger was okay but I wouldn’t say that it was worth the price.

    Per the response of the owner- we tried to call and verify why we paid so much for 4 burger baskets. His response… “I don’t know.”

  60. Jon Brandon

    Good service, friendly staff and Good food. I ordered 2 Fish and Chips, included in the price and meal is Garlic toast and a cup of Clam Chowder. Drink is separate price. Plenty of food for the price and tasty. Surprisingly good food, for a Burger place. It was my first time there, I usually get a Burger, but I felt like Fish and Chips. It was worth it. Next time I’ll try a Burger. It used to a A&W restaurant, so you can order from your car and they bring it to your car.

  61. Eric Regalia

    Love this place best burgers and shakes in Anacortes for sure and there breakfast sandwich is super awesome too

  62. Sarah Hardy

    I did an outside order. My server was kind and very knowledgeable of the menu. The strawberry shake was mega delicious 😋

  63. Jason Jongeward

    Stopping at Fidalgo Drive-In is usually one of my favorite places on my way to or from the Ferry at Anacortes.

    But on Sunday, October 9th at 10:15 am they were “temporarily closed.”

    I guess next time I will have to make sure this business is, in fact open before I assume I can purchase food here.


  64. Tammy Kristensen

    Visiting from IL and family spoke highly so drive an hour for dinner. Food was excellent and staff was exceptional!!!!

  65. Makayla

    Love the food and the service is great! Can be on the more expensive side.

  66. Michael H

    First time here I really enjoyed it service was great people were very friendly, prices are very reasonable especially right now going out to eat for a family of four used to be around 50 to 60 and now it’s around 90 t0 100.

  67. Morgan Anderson

    Awesome angus burgers and shakes. Yummmm!
    Edit: don’t order the dole float they dont do that anymore.

  68. sky -

    Amazing food but poor service, I sat here for 40 minutes nobody came to take our order.

  69. Christine Rae

    Terrible customer service! Beware of overpriced food and then attempting to over charge your Credit card by 1K. I have a receipt to prove it! Posted a review and manager posted my personal address.

  70. Rebekah Williams

    Expensive and food is sub-par.

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