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Fieldhouse Pizza

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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115 reviews for “Fieldhouse Pizza

  1. Jan Briggs

    I’ve been here quite a few times, its a nice restaurant its clean, and has great atmosphere. I went last night with my son. Our waitress was awesome, normally everything comes out quickly, but I think they were short staffed so service took a little longer than normal. It was worth the wait. I had the Pasta Primavera it was really good, great Alfredo sauce and lots of veggies. The only thing I might do differently is to place a grilled sliced chicken breast on top vs little cut up chucks but it tasted yummy! I’ve had there pizza on numerous occasions and I love the light crisp crust and the generous cheese and toppings! I recommend Fielhouse Pizza!

  2. Robbie Elder

    Sweet and spicy meatball sub is awesome! and I always donate to first responders love this place

  3. Mel Cardenas

    Enjoyed our take-out drink to- go order. Hannah was amazing. Will defintely be back!

  4. allen harris

    On a random try we tried the Fieldhouse, their salad bar is gorgeous and fresh. After enjoying all you can eat salad bar, our pizza came out to the table and all ingredients are fresh! This is a crafted pizza and we will definitely be back.

  5. Trinity DeJong

    Horrible service, very disappointed.. Our server was especially terrible.. Our bartender was very sweet though.. Just disappointed that we couldnt get good service when the restaurant was empty anyways..


    I was drawn to the salad bar, wich was subpar. I opted for the soup and salad bar lunch deal, the soup was a poor excuse for a French onion soup, more like thyme broth. Tha salad bar offers little ingredients. My waitress legit vanished for 20+ minutes leaving dirty tables and never once checked on me. Such a let down.

  7. Kelli Jessen

    So I’m getting ready to move to Texas and decided to order food from different places. This place facility was beautiful, people friendly but my food was aweful. I got the bases loaded fries with added pulled pork. The food came soggy, burnt smoke flavor like something left in the oven. No green onion and covered in tomato which I don’t eat. So disappointed 😞. I hope they get the food fixed as the facility was really nice and people friendly.

  8. Taylor Duncan

    Food is amazing and so are the people! They just made my day, can’t wait to go back and try everything on the menu.

  9. Angela K

    Loved the pizza. Great service! Servers were phenomenal!!! So great to be able to sit down inside a restaurant again!!

  10. Donald Whitney

    Great Bar and Martini’s. Love all the T.V’s

  11. James Green

    Great facilities, service, and atmosphere!

  12. Hayden Carr

    Pizza was delicious and got my order really quick would recommend just wish there was one closer to my house

  13. Ross Johnson

    Very good food. Staff was friendly and very helpful with the choices that I wanted. The manager even brought out our food and even made us laugh. I will be back.

  14. Nancy Petticord

    Loved the place , great food.

  15. Roland C

    Loved the modern feel. The food was absolutely outstanding. They also have Keto options for us dieters! Now date night will never be boring with the amazing food options!!!

  16. Kristina L Nicholas Anderson

    Great pizza and nice casual dining.

  17. Graciela Mancilla

    Those mozzarella sticks are the best I’ve had. I’m an appetizer kind of girl and hands down the best.

  18. tj Wolsborn

    Great staff and even better pizza.

  19. Brian Morrow

    Awesome place

  20. Mary Jones

    Most delicious! Gotta have the stuffed portobello mushrooms! To die for…

  21. Kara Cassey

    Best place for pizza, sandwiches and pasta ever

  22. nicole lc

    This was our first time going to Fieldhouse Pizza & Pub and we loved it! We originally went for just the salad bar, but got the fries as well! They were COVERED in cheese & bacon and were insanely good. Definitely will be back.

  23. Kevin Sheehan

    Wow service and food was good, told the waiter no mushrooms on my Calzone, defiantly not his fault

  24. Demigorn (Demigorn)

    After spending a long day kayaking on the lake we stopped at fieldhouse pub and pizza.

    The staff is always bright, cheerful and knowledgeable. We’re able to order and recieve food in a very timely manor.

    The food which was hot and tasted amazing. Make sure you try the Portobello Mushroom Supreme Pizzas! #Yum

    #TekPirateDemi💻🏴‍☠️ Approved.

  25. Oliver Lawrence

    I have been here numerous times. It is a good local pizza place that is convenient with tasty food and salad bar. The beer selection is fine with taps rotating regularly. Give it a try.

  26. Debra Prentice

    I would have given them a ZERO if I could. Hair in their salad bar. Very unfriendly, curt female manager. Not a good way to treat customers in these hard times.
    DO NOT Reccomend this resturant!!!!!

  27. Steve Abbott

    Appetizers are really good, limited selection of darks and stouts on tap. Our waitress did a great job, didn’t hover and took care of us. Pizza was average.

  28. Tony Adams

    The G.O.A.T was the best pizza I’ve had in awhile

  29. Chris White

    Stopped in on a long bike ride, and found the salad bar fully stocked. Friendly staff, plenty of room for everyone.

  30. Chris Booker

    As usual, it was great! Have never been disappointed with any aspect of the entire place. Service, food, facility always amazing! Will keep coming back for sure!

  31. Arleen Fish

    To be fair I did not try their pizza or their calzones I had a sandwich and a cup of soup. It was not bad at all. It was okay.

  32. Tammy Mckinney

    The pizza is great cheesey. The salad Bar is great. Lots of stuff to add to your salads. Very friendly employees and the wIt time is pretty good.

  33. Bryan Hotchkiss

    Great food and customer service, super clean restaurant, new in town and the staff gave us a free appetizer. Definitely will return for another visit.

  34. Rachael Bruesch

    Ordered a pizza online & went to pick it up. It was amazing, cooked to perfection and tasted yummy,!

  35. Doug Gross

    Great prices and delicious food!

  36. Craig Morgan

    I highly recommend the taco pizza. It’s an experience!

  37. Nancy Wing

    Great pizza and salad bar

  38. Kait Stoker

    We ordered 4 different plates and everything was delicious. The cheese sticks are enormous and not your typical mozzarella. They make their Alfredo from scratch, in fact most of what they make seem to be from scratch. The owner was in and super helpful about ordering. He was a cool dude.. The only downfall of this place is that they won’t open a restaurant in my town.

  39. K

    Basic pub fare well prepared. Pizza is great with real canadian bacon instead of ham. Bar side service is friendly and efficient. Self serve casual side ok for families, good salad bar if it stays stocked.

  40. George Durr

    Good food selection.

  41. Seth Stewart

    Great place, amazing staff and management. They’ll make you feel more at home than Britney Spears any time she goes to her parents place for the holidays.

  42. Crookedfly

    Said bar is good. The pizza is amazing.

  43. Dick Ward

    I think it is the best pizza I have ever had!

  44. Roland Rueber

    Great pizza, friendly service. Many tv’s in the bar. Coldest tap beer i have found in the area.

  45. Phil Sanangelo

    Good food nice people

  46. Bark at the moon

    Very nice lounge, great food and excellent service. They get the food out fast so you can relax and enjoy your drinks afterwards. I should mention that the meals are hardy and they do not skimp on portion sizes. We have been there multiple times and have never had a bad experience.

  47. Annie Cavazos

    We ordered the pizza and it was warm not hot in the middle it was ok tasting it could’ve been hotter

  48. Gary Kender

    We used to love this place. I dont kniw what happened, but our visit yesterday had a terrible pizza. It was a par baked pizza crust!!!! Very few toppings and no flavor. The salad was good, but I didnt go there for salad! So sad .

  49. Justen Pritchett

    Loved the Octoberfest pizza

  50. Chris Gagnon

    Always have great food at Fieldhouse.

  51. Dale Dempsey

    I had never eaten here before. This restaurant was extremely clean. The cashier was extremely helpful in getting our order correct. The salad bar was well stocked and also immaculate. The pizza was excellent with an outstanding crust. My salad was great. The staff was very courteous. I highly recommend this restaurant.

  52. Ed Byrnes

    If texture and flavor are not important aspects of dining to you, then this is the place for you.

  53. no thanks

    A restaurant run by such incompetent owners that it cant even get the basics right. From the wobbly tables to the ghastly food this place is as bad as it gets. The pizza I ordered came over topped with cheap mozzarella and under cooked all the way through. My wife’s sandwich came with pulled pork that had a crunchy texture and her loaded fries had to be chiseled off the plate to eat them. Seriously, if you have any respect for yourself or the food you chose to spend money on skip this place.

  54. G Dawg

    Salad bar was unkept and messy, the pizza was ok, the crust was dence, almost like it had been pre-made or par cooked.

  55. Karen McLaughlin

    Great pizza & cheese sticks. Service and atmosphere is wonderful!!

  56. T Morley

    In town just for the night and we just by happenstance found this pizza place with a good rating. And it definitely deserves its good rating. The restaurant has a great ambiance with a bar side, a bistro side and a private room for parties. We started with probably some of the best homemade mozzarella sticks I have ever had. The pizza was a perfect mix of toppings and sauce with a great crispy, soft and chewy crust. One person in our party got the grilled chicken caesar salad and she said it was very tasty and fresh much better then she thought it would be from a “pizza place”. In the mood for pizza and possibly more definitely check this place out, you won’t be disappointed!

  57. Russ Baker

    One of my favorites. Always open later. Food is good and service is great 👍

  58. Claude Allen

    I’ve drank draft beers and eaten appetizers, pizza, and sandwiches here with my family. Overall, very good food and service. Thanks!

  59. David Nelson

    Food was good served quickly
    To many little kids running around without adults

  60. Jason

    Absolutely the best pizza CRUST I’ve ever had. I recommend the Hawaiian with real bacon bits. Dayum

  61. T B

    Quick getaway. Taylormade pizza or salad bar is the go-to.

  62. Tori Gaines

    Comfortable, friendly and outstanding service! They served the best G.O.A.T. Pizza!!! They had Gluten free crust that was the best I’ve found! Great find! We will be back!!!

  63. Karla Gulling

    Didn’t really care for the pizza crust. It was kind of hard.

  64. LoveMe Do

    Fieldhouse use to be a favorite spot when I worked in Liberty Lake. Our crew would always order the taco pizza and where always impressed. I ordered it tonight, three years later, and it was EXTREMELY salty with pretzel salt. It was very hard to eat and very unappetizing. I told a young woman at the front while asking for a Togo cup, and she said, “salty huh? Well here is your Togo cup” I didn’t appreciate the response. I will still go back to fieldhouse but be much more aware to ask for no salt on any pizza. Other than that the staff was friendly and accommodating.

  65. Alex Knapp

    Pizza was fantastic! Absolutely loved the taco pizza

  66. Scott Ring

    Pretty big fan 🙂 You should definitely check them out!

  67. Scott Keller

    Great service , excellent food, nice inviting atmosphere.

  68. Sophie Rambler

    This place is always so good a little pricy but worth it when it comes to quality food

  69. Johnny Marquette

    This place is awesome we go as a group and the staff is so awesome

  70. Darrell Flores

    Great food and service is always great. This place has great worker’s. We always enjoy eating here.

  71. Jennifer Durocher

    The staff are polite and the facility was clean. However, the food is horrible. There is no actual cooking happening in the kitchen. If you like reheated previously frozen crust and everything else coming out of a can/vacuum sealed package then this place might be for you, but if you have any sort of culinary standards… go elsewhere. Overpriced for the poor quality of the food. You have been warned.

  72. Cindy Rudi

    Loved the White Flag pizza 🍕 for lunch today. The crust had a perfect crunch, the white sauce wasn’t overpowering and the flavor of topping shone through. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  73. Nick Deubel

    Great pizza and sandwiches!

  74. Summer Young

    Nice place with a good atmosphere. The pizzas are good, but they are really adventurous. No one in our family was very impressed as we were looking more for like domino’s pizzas. These were definitely a work of art and I’m sure most everyone would like them, they just weren’t what we were wanting that day lol.

  75. Isaac Mann

    More of a cafeteria feel, but priced accordingly. Staff turn over is apparent if you are looking, but the meal was pleasing.

  76. Debbie Garvin

    Cute birthday area food was great. Service was also great

  77. B Cronk

    I really like this place.
    Has a small banquet room for your large group needs.
    Pizza is pizazz! Love the diverse flavor choices.
    Salad bar is a bomb shot! Yummy!
    TVs around for game day.
    Nice size side bar for the tune up! Get cha a bar back with that……!?
    Clean bathrooms!!
    Arcade is not way overpriced for the kiddos.
    What are you waiting for?

  78. Jeffery Emel

    Not really my style of pizza. Nice place though. Big sports bar. I prefer a thicker crust and more cheese. But that is subjective I think. Bartender was friendly. Pizza was prepared well. If you like a thinner crispy ish crust, definitely give it a shot. Great place to watch the game.

  79. Jerry

    Great people. Great pizza. Wonderful salad bar.

  80. ron damon

    I’ve been to this pizzeria a few times and they never have disappointed my friends or me ,this is a great place to come have lunch or dinner after work , excellent pizza and even better staff!

  81. Tami Rutt

    This place was awesome! My family was in town for a kids sports event. We happened upon this place by accident. Everything was exceptional! Food was great! Wish we had this in Tacoma.

  82. Dean Schmidt

    While under the same ownership as the north side restaurant, I would rate the pizza at the Liberty Lake site as good but not as good as the north site. Nevertheless a good place to eat and/or drink

  83. Script Keeper

    Very messy, understaffed, and pizza was not good at all. Staff claimed they were slammed while just sorta standing around chatting. Pizza was the worst I’ve had in Spokane to be frank. Not sure what’s up with the crust, but felt like we paid too much money for a saltine cracker with mayonnaise on it. Salad bar had some good toppings, but again very messy.

  84. Sandra Held

    Excellent pizza! The employees are very welcoming and will customize your order to meet you preferences. Our family highly recommends Fieldhouse.

  85. Jack Young

    Love feild house, go there every time I work in liberty lake. Awesome salad bar, good pizza, great different soup every day. Lunch special is a little spendy, more of a weekly eat rather than daily, other than that, good stuff👍

  86. MaryBeth Paulus

    Incredibly awesome margarita pizza. Only bummed because they ran out of basil and I wanted more on my pizza

  87. Matt Grebe

    I always love this place, it has a great atmosphere for a family dinner and their pizza and salad bar is always delicious.

  88. Chris Goodhue

    Awesome service and exceptional pizza in a very clean location. Will be back!!

  89. Larry Pike

    Excellent dining.

  90. Scott Poe

    Pizza was pretty good. Loved the taco pizza, did not love the Margherita pizza. Overall not bad.

  91. Megan Harnetiaux

    Service was good, but I couldn’t even choke that pizza down. Worst pizza I’ve ever had. Crust is hard and just awful.

  92. Brittany Gibson

    Our server was a delight, and so was the food!! Love coming here.

  93. Dave Nance

    Used to come here with a big group on a regular basis. No happy hour on craft beer forced us to change places. We also come less and order less beer since they can’t give any kind of a deal unless you want non craft beers. Really like the employees and bar area. Great pizza and french fries.

  94. Kathy Spencer

    Ordered a large Fieldhouse and added green pepper and pepperoni. The ingredients were not all over the crust like usual. Only in circle in center of pizza

  95. Megan Smith

    Delicious and easy. The kids love it and so do I! Great salad bar. Tons of choices. I have had a different thing each time with no complaints!

  96. G T

    I was served carsar salad with iceberg lettuce! It gets worse – globs of dressing, a burnt piece of garlic bread, no croutons, no parmesian, no lemon wedge, no pine nuts. Not acceptable! Caesar is made with romaine lettuce, tossed, and those missing key ingredients. Get it together, guys. This is shameful. And why serve burnt bread?!

  97. Tracy Grauf

    Great Calzone, it was the best I have ever had

  98. Rock-it Radio

    Ordered the super Supreme pizza and nachos, take out. The inside was very clean and nice, the nachos were good and the toppings on the pizza were very good. Would of gotten a much higher rating. But that pizza crust really downgraded it, the thin crust was not burnt but hard and dry and tasted like play dough.

  99. Randy Reynolds

    We always Love getting the Great salad bar with any other food we get whether it is pizza, pasta, or sandwiches 👍

  100. Jacob Brinkley

    My favorite pizza in Spokane.


    Great beer selection and food is always good. I recommend the Jalapeno Poppers which are home made or the Mozzarella sticks too.

  102. Deranged Psychopath

    Great Pizza fast and friendly service.
    This place is amazing for pizza will be going back for sure 💯 times better than other pizza places in Idaho and Washington area 😋

  103. Samuel Jeakins

    Field house has good food and the workers are very kind.

  104. Trevor Rogers

    The staff and food has gotten way better! I was never a fan of there pizza before, but it has gotten a lot better. My mom always says, “Fieldhouse, reminds her of Pizza Factory”. So I’m glad she gets a special memory coming here. It is semi family friendly, there’s a bar inside.

  105. Carrie Ruestig

    Amazing pizza! Great salad bar! Nice beer menu! Very cool staff!

  106. Denise Daniels

    Not the best. Service was so so, the food was okay but I really didn’t care for it much. The service should have been much better as it wasn’t busy while we were there

  107. Whitney Rud

    10/10 recommend you try the G.O.A.T.

  108. Arthur Shaw

    Love their salad bar

  109. Savannah Kimm

    Food is amazing, no matter which side you choose. They have the standard restaurant side and then a seat yourself salad bar and pizza or pasta specials with a soup of the day option. Very affordable and great for a quick lunch. Very open, lots of light, always quick and friendly service.

  110. Haley Amsel

    Very good! Would definitely go back 🍕🍕

  111. Monica Harper

    Best pizza crust ever!!!

  112. Ryan Anstett Realty

    Great Pizza. A go to if we are in Liberty Lake.

  113. Mike Hammons

    Had an issue with a to go order & Bad customer service on a busy night. Manager called next business day and addressed the situation. Happy with the outcome and especially being called. Weve only been here 4 times and our same boring order has always been amazing, so dont want to give up on here. Thank you for this customer service contact.

  114. Shelley Goodsall

    It’s a great fun place for the whole family, plus it also has the bar area with multiple TVs for watching sports. The food is excellent and they also have a salad bar.

  115. Rob Parker

    Good beer and bar food without a any vegetarian or vegan options

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