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11:00 am – 9:00 pm


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Flamin Joe’s

Traditional American Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA












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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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29 reviews for “Flamin Joe’s

  1. Brandon Neves

    Best wings in town no debate. Everyone is friendly helpful and fun when dinning in. This is typically my go to for take out over pizza or anything else as well and my family never complains.

  2. Haley Walker

    It’s “seat yourself” and we chose a spot mid restaurant. There was one guy at the bar and MAYBE three tables seated. All four servers made eye contact with us multiple times.. never a word said. We finally gave up and walked out! Bummer.. we’re wing people and local, but won’t be back! Happy Holidays!

  3. Travis Patterson

    Go to for wings in the valley. The jumbo wings are incredibly satisfying. The nachos are legit and the people that work there are so friendly!!

  4. David Grimminck

    If you aren’t originally from the West Coast, chances are there’s a type of restaurant you’ve been missing from back home, but you haven’t found yet.

    This is that kind of place. It has well made food that isn’t ironically overpriced, (I’ve seen a place in Seattle that had chicken and waffles for twenty dollars… just regular chicken and waffles) and it’s consistently good as well.

  5. Shawn Newberry

    David Grimminck

  6. Kyle Hanning

    Been coming here for more than a decade and never disappointed. The waitstaff is always personable and listens to every extra ask I might have. The cooks do their best to always make the excellent standard we ask for. Had a ton of different wing sauces, and their Habenero base is the best I’ve ever had. I base every other sauce to this one.

  7. T K

    Our server was fantastic. My rating is in no way a reflection of the service provided. I rated only 3 stars because our food was past the point of well done. I got a 12 pack of wings and waffle fries. My daughter got a burger and fries. My daughter said her burger was very good. But we both agreed that our fries were very overcooked, some were even burnt or too crispy to chew. They were more like potato chips than fries. For me, it was much the same with my chicken, over done, and so crispy it was bordering on burnt. Ordinarily I would have rated this based on the food, but our waitress was phenomenal and the rating received a 3 star solely based on her service. It otherwise would have been a 1 or 2 star rating.

  8. Aartje Kamperdijk

    Been to this place twice now and they have a few trinket games for the kids up front. they have chicken lay an egg, put a quarter in, get a prize kind of thing. can someone tell me why the eggs in this machine are wrapped up with Scotch tape?

  9. Valentine Nikkithia

    First and last time there. Wings were not worth the price, nothing special about the burgers and fries and onion rings tasted so basic and dull. Its a Nope!

  10. Raelyn Davis

    We hadn’t been to Flamin Joes for a long time so we decided to go tonight to celebrate our daughter’s new job. We ordered the 24 chicken wings and our son in-law got a wrap. We got the chicken wings.and they looked like they got them off an anorexic chicken! Very little meat on them. They were pitiful! In the good ol days they served carrots and celery with them. On the menu it said that the wings came with celery and carrots which we did not get. We asked for them and they came with mold🤮. The waffle fries didn’t have much flavor either. Needless to say, we will not be going there for dinner again. For $120.00 for 4, I rather go someplace where we will walk away feeling somewhat full! The waitress was sweet and my husband did give her a tip. It wasn’t her fault the food sucked

  11. Nonna

    All 4 of our burger orders were delicious. Thick meat patty & lots of waffle fries. Service was good.

  12. Ashley Robin Schrock

    It was literally “okay”
    We ordered wings and fries, I would describe the wings as high quality soggy chicken nuggets.
    Paid way too much for what we got… I would eat here again if it wasn’t so expensive for what was served.

  13. Amanda McKiddy

    Their wings and burgers are really good! Especially the spiral wedges. I would however steer clear of the nachos.

  14. chelsy parker

    Kid-friendliness: Very good place love coming here always a great experience the service was the best we got in a long time just over all a good place to come and enjoy a meal

  15. Patrick Ward

    I love the food and drinks. I love looking at all the firefighter stuff and firetrucks, all the funny signs and the different colors and brands of beer caps inside all the tables.

  16. SV

    Pretty basic, the curb appeal should tell about the place, just like other reviews here, drumstick look like it came out on the freezer, not really fresh, boneless were okay. We got parmesan garlic huckleberry barbecue and sweet chili, honey barbecue way too sweet! But chill was good. Maybe would come back here again just to try a burger.

  17. Diana Carveth

    This is by far the worst food in Spokane. We didn’t say anything when our cheese curds were burnt and the waitress knew. Food came and none of us liked it. Hamburgers aren’t smashed but just a regular hamburger 2 of us didn’t eat because it was so dry. The wings… tasted like frozen chicken nuggets with sause poured on top. I said something to the waitress and she stated the cook is struggling. Brought our tab. For 4 adults and 3 kids 7 and under with no alcohol 156 bucks!! I called twice and left a message for Salli Guthrie (owner) who refused to return my call. I obviously will never return. Buffalo Wild wings is much cheaper and soooooo good. Spend your money there for good wings/food!!

  18. Charlie Catchpole

    I hate doing this … horrible service , Ordered wings and a beer… Never came back not even once to ask how the food was or if I would like another beer… Come on guys do better… I used to love going here, much better out there for the price

  19. Michelle

    BEWARE Don’t OMW go!! ORDERED WINGS TO PICKUP THEY DIDNT TELL ME HOW MUCH!! Picked up 50 wings menu says 57..They charged 98 dollars for 50 wings ridiculous in price!! If they would of told me the price I would of went somewhere else. Make sure you ask the price! I’m still in 😲!! I called to speak to the manager they blew me off! Took my number I doubt they will call back! I used to love this place no more for us!! And wings were not good at all

  20. Sydney Buchmann

    Love their food! They have so many different flavors for wings!!!!!!

  21. Kelly Graham

    Great food not too busy around lunch, great place to entertain out of town coworkers.

  22. Aundi A. Garcia

    I’ve lived in spokane for 20 years and always passed by this place. Me and a friend finally decided to give it a shot and I regret not coming sooner!

  23. Sir Pesci

    Love the atmosphere and the best food they’re thai-peanut sauce is to die for.

  24. Mike Larsen

    Great nachos, wings were average. Hard to find good meaty wings anywhere these days it seems.

  25. Nikolay Zhuravlev

    Great place to go to watch sports and eat. Chicken wings are really good. Definitely a unique place to visit.

  26. R L

    I’m giving them five stars because the food was really good. I wanted to melt my face off but not regret it for the next three days. I went with a 5 on the heat. I should have gone with a 6. This place is definitely where the Raiders fans meet. That’s the only hesitation if you don’t want to be in the middle of an NFL game, avoid game time.

  27. Brooke Blyzes

    Went with my sister last night and when we walked in we were told to sit anywhere we wanted so we did. They seem to have no system for servers taking tables because it took about 10-15 minutes for anyone to notice we were there. I started telling my sidter taco bell is 1/5 mile down the road and looking at my watch. That is when a server finally came over brought us menus and asked us if we wanted to start with water. We said yes then we got out waters and she never came back. About 10 minutes later another server went to check on the table next to us and the guy said we’re good, but I think they’re ready to order and pointed at us. So she came over and took our order at it was another 15-20 minutes before we got our food. The jerk chicken wings and 3 alarm wings and sauce were really good. In fact I got a bottle of the 3 alarm sauce to take home to texas with me. The garlic parmesan wings were flavorless and when our server camr back to check on us she replaced them for us. Also our server was very nice but the service was still so slow. All in all food was good servers were nice but service was very very slow.

  28. Marcia Driver

    I had to give it a star but I didn’t want to. Flamin Joe’s Rib dinner SAYS it comes with house slaw but I didn’t get it, so I called. Employee said no it comes with house slaw, salad or waffle fries which I didn’t get either.

  29. Zach Johnson

    Frozen rubbery chicken. Frozen poor quality beef smash burgers that arent actually smashed. Avoid.

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