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Four Season Buffet

Chinese Buffet Restaurant in Burlington, WA







“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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49 reviews for “Four Season Buffet

  1. Christopher Walker

    Amazing Mongolian style buffet with lots of options!!

  2. Vincent Jensen

    We always love this place for family dining. Decent food, and the staff done always bother you..

  3. Jay Cochran

    I am disappointed. We placed a large order for chow fun noodles. We got a very different noodle, very very thin. When I called to talk about it I was told they are Chow Fun noodles. Be careful what you order we bc we trusted they were typical chow fun noodles and they are this restaurants version of Chow Fun. Taste was off, so disappointed and what a waste of money.

  4. Cheyenne Griffin

    Updating 6 months later; somehow even more delicious and they kept putting out crab consistently and fairly late! We love it here still

  5. Fern- Delilah Kit

    Loved the food, very plentiful and tasty. The staff though looked at us as their tip machines even going as far to demand a tip when they showed the receipt. Mind you we would have but what does one do whrn demanded to do something you already are going to do.

  6. Brett Parker

    The Four Season’s food is pretty consistent. It’s pretty darn good from a buffet perspective. I can’t get enough of their Mongolian Grill, and their sushi is as good as any grocery store sushi, always fresh and flavorful. Their buffet tables have a variety of options, from dim sum(just a few selections), to soups, rice, seafood, salads, fruit, desserts, and soft serve. My favorite dessert has to be soft serve with a fresh, hit, Chinese donut. They have an array of standard American dishes as well, ribs, beef, fried chicken, etc. Their prices have gone up over the years, and our stomachs have grown smaller, so it’s not a “great deal” any more, pricing is closer to what you would pay in a regular restaurant.
    I’ve attached a photo of the “fortune” in my “fortune cookie”. I could have done without that…

  7. Maggie Mendoza

    Stop forcing people to tip! People be careful because the new lady that works here force people to tip and if they don’t! She will write the tip herself!!! That’s wrong to do if the customer didn’t give their permission to write yourself a tip! Tipping is not mandatory and who would want to tip if they feel forced to?? Stop doing that!!!

  8. gideon odeneal

    Very good but expensive!

  9. Jerad Campbell

    Way better food than the other Asian buffet in town. My only complaint is that I almost never get my drink until I get my second plate if at all. The wait staff are always friendly though.

    Update: Giving another star. Wait staf has been very good about getting our drinks quickly and keeping them full the last few visits.

  10. MrGabbyBlart

    Awesome food and awesome staff! Very great place, family friendly place and definitely will be back there to eat!

  11. Don Mich

    Love this Buffet. Everything on the steam tables is delicious. Hibachi Grill amazing too. Can never get enough…..

  12. Panos Marinos

    Excellent service and very tasty food clean I loved it I will be back soon thank you

  13. Peggy Sue Jones

    Seriously disappointed with this place. My fiancé and I were in Burlington for his daughter’s wedding and decided to try this place in spite of some of the reviews. What I can say is we never sampled any of the food because I do not eat seafood and that was the bulk of what they had. He would have enjoyed it for that reason alone, but we left because he knew I wouldn’t stay at a place that had so little options for me. I was seriously disappointed because it looked like the steam tables were keeping the food at the proper temperature. I’ve eaten at other Chinese buffets where the food isn’t hot and I get sick every time. We ended up going to the Royal Star. While they also had quite a bit of seafood on their tables, I did find enough plentiful items to satisfy me. Unfortunately, their food wasn’t up to par temperature wise, and you guessed it. I got sick later. I would have liked to try the food here. I gave it 3 stars because of the lack of variety as opposed to a lack of service or food quality.

  14. Kevin Cavazos

    For the price it is good. Some things looked better than they tasted. If you are really hungry and you want a lot of food for a reasonable price, this is the place.

  15. Vince Crook

    Absolutely love this place! Reasonably priced Asian food with spectacular service. The food is constantly replenished with hot fresh food. There are so many choices you can’t possibly try everything. Clean comfortable atmosphere!

  16. Anton Poliakov

    Really hot chili oil.
    Tasty calamaris.
    Sweets. Rolls. And everything quite good!

  17. Hydia Shi

    Variety of food, fresh, tasty, friendly staff, easily to overeat 😛

  18. Zincyellowmach1

    I have been coming here for years and have always had a good experience but tonight was really not good. The food was not as good as usual and some of the seafood was cold which is kind of scary. The bathrooms are getting run down, there was garbage under the table and the table had sticky stuff on it. During the meal our plates were cleaned off but drinks were not refilled (I don’t usually buy drinks because this is common here) and the attitude was kind of just meh. The price has gone up substantially in the last few months which, to some extent, I understand but my other favorite buffet is $6 less per person so you decide. At the end of the meal I did not feel it was worthy of a tip, for the service, or lack thereof, and because of the cost. When I got up she rushed to the table to check the receipts (this is common here, benefit of the doubt says perhaps they have walkouts? Idk it feels like they are checking tips) when I returned to the table to get something I had forgotten, she frowned at me and confronted me about not tipping, I just walked away. This kind of attitude is unacceptable. They assume a tip is required, im sorry but look up the definition of tip. I work in a tip based industry and I understand it is often how wait staff makes most of their income, and I am more than glad to tip a good waiter or waitress, however it is not a federally mandated tax that you can chase your customer over. Bad service = no tip or reduced tip in my mind. You should NEVER act irritated at your customer for not leaving a tip you should do a good job and earn your tip. I hope it was worth it because I really think I’m done going here, I was on the fence anyway.

  19. Andrew V.

    Fantastic buffet, definitely worth the drive. Food is always hot, fresh, and definitely not greasy by any means. The service is excellent, as well as the price and selection. Give this place a try you won’t be disappointed.

  20. Dance Fire

    Either the owner or manager (the main lady that takes your payment at the counter) was not friendly or welcoming. She did not say “Thank you” after I paid, but because there was another customer who paid after I did, that was when she said, “Thank you.” Like excuse you lady – don’t do yourself a favor by making it seem like you appreciate your customers just because multiple of them are around.

    Some of the food lacked better taste in proper Asian seasoning. There are not a lot of dessert options either. Overall, there were only 3-5 items that I liked.

  21. Paul Huguenin

    Nice Chinese buffet with a Mongolian grill. Good sushi. Not the most authentic, but good enough to satisfy the craving. Many of the offerings are fried, but a discerning eater can still get completely stuffed. Worth a try if you like Chinese buffets. If you go after 3 PM you get a higher quality of food on their dinner service. Nicely cut sashimi was avail,which made me happy.

  22. Alexis Rigby

    I go to this place pretty often, they have a-lot of options even healthier ones. Would live to see more vegetarian/vegan safe dishes! the staff is always so nice ☺️

  23. Miki Moto

    The best buffet in Burlington. Their seafood is fresh and delicious. And the noodle grill is very good. The staff refills the pans quickly.

  24. Ming Meyer

    I did not expect to find a good Chinese restaurant here in Burlington but was pleasantly surprised to find this buffet place tugged in a shopping strip. Great variety of foods and well made. Good quality and choices such as chicken, beef, spare ribs, string beans, shrimp, clams, fried squid, etc. I also like the hot and sour soup. Fresh fruits were tasty. Very reasonable price. I enjoyed it so much I went back the next day.

  25. MotoHP

    Great Asia buffet. Good selection and fresh. Sit in and eat till you’re full or grab a to go container and pay by weight .

  26. Cthippo1

    All in all, kind of a “Meh” experience. Food was OK, but not outstanding, though this could have been somewhat down to personal preference. The menu was heavy on seafood with lots of shrimp items, and I don’t eat Seafood. They also had sushi and Mongolian grill, which I did not try. Service was adequate, and they had Dim Sum, which is always appreciated.

  27. Tezara Dell

    Went during dinner rush, wait staff was quick and on top of things. Lots of different options and they restocked the food regularly. Good food, some things hit or miss as to be expected.

  28. Steven Y

    Great value for money especially at lunch prices. The Mongolian grill bar was a nice touch. The waitress was very quick and attentive.

  29. Tony McGarry

    There’s a really big selection of food here. Many types of seafood, vegetables, other meats and even sushi and choose your own grill for the chef to prepare for you.
    The salad bar and desserts were kind of lacking in selection but the overall quality of food brings me to the conclusion that this is the best Asian buffet in Whatcom and Skagit county‘s.
    The service was really good in collecting the finished plates and turning over the tables. For the price it’s a pretty good value.

  30. Sage

    Pretty standard Buffet food, at a cheap price. But that cheap price hides the real cost… first time I came here I got sick after. I came back a second time to give it another shot and I got sick again. Plus it is super hot in there with no AC!

  31. T D

    Went in empty. Came out STUFFED. Everything tasted great. I will confirm the food is CLEAN. No post visit issues. I ate most items on display. Teppanyaki grill was awesome. Fresh! Definitely a bang for your buck at this place.

  32. Danielle Marie

    The food was hot and fresh. Standard buffet fare, but everything was surprisingly high quality. We will definitely be back!

  33. Courtney bryant

    Went in a week ago and bit down on a piece of curly metal that went into my gums. Told the waitress and when I got my bill they took 2$ off for a sorry for the inconvenience type of thing. None of them seemed concerned whatso ever and kind of treated me like I was being rude instead of the other way around.

    Previously, seated us and then made us get up and move for a other group. Didn’t even ask. Then they put us in a corner away from literally everything. We never got drink refills and no one came by until we were almost done completely eating to take plates away.

  34. Jonathan Cheng

    It’s a great experience for Chinese food buffets. As a HongKonger, the foods are great with very reasonable price

  35. Nathan E

    I normally love this place, and the employees. This time the gentleman making the sushi brushed me off and ignored me when I asked if he could give me a fresh pair of tongs to use. He looked and me and shrugged me off. So I decided to go and pick up a NEW CLEAN fork to use to grab some pieces and he screamed at me. Grabbed it out of my hand and threw the pieces I was trying to get on my plate. Last time eating here.

  36. Rocky J

    This was a great buffet for the price you pay which has gone up due to inflation but still a great price, affordable for the quality of good you get. I find it the better asian buffets than the others in washington. Flavorful food, great variety

    Con : Would be the desert section is limited and not the greatest.

    Pro : Food, variety, Quality for price.

    Also atmosphere is great. Across the street from the mall

    All in all I would recommend it

  37. Elisabeth TenBrink Kelley

    They have an amazing sushi selection and a lot of desert. The fried calamari isn’t great, but otherwise I always enjoy it. The butter shrimp and sesame balls are particularly good.

  38. Kathy Meyer

    **BE VIGILANT PEOPLE, YOUR TIPS ARE BASED ON THE FINAL TOTAL, NOT SUB TOTAL. YOU CAN’T TIP ON TAX ** the lady was very anxious and tried to be quick to take my ticket and credit card, but I took it back and told her I wasn’t ready to check out. That was then when I found out about the TIP situation.

  39. Joel Shivram

    If you love seafood then this is the place to go. They have oysters, mussels, snow crab, lobster claws, calamari etc.

  40. Josephine Ma

    It had been ages since we’d gone to a buffet so we were so happy to be able to try out the Four Season Buffet in Burlington, WA. We went for dinner and left feeling very full and very happy. So happy…that we came back again about one month later and tried the lunch buffet!

    Dinner: They had a large assortment of seafood at their buffet. Prawns, crab legs, clams…etc. It’s a Chinese buffet so a lot of the food is done Chinese style, but they do have a few non-Chinese options. There was sushi, garlic bread, and some Cajun seafood. Our daughter took a few pieces of sushi but my husband and I decided to skip the sushi. (Too much rice. Too filling!) One thing I really appreciated at this buffet was that they put out plastic, disposable gloves for customers to use. This came in really handy for eating things like crab legs where your hands might get really dirty and greasy. With the gloves we were able to eat our messy seafood and then move on to the rest of our food without having to stop and visit the washroom to wash off all the grease from our hands. My favourite part of the buffet is the grill where you can choose your meats, seafood, veggies, rice or noodle, and sauces; they cook it up right in front of you. I chose a big plate of veggies and sauces (skipped the rice and noodles) and plenty full from it. I did not miss the rice or noodles. Mmmmm…yummy, fresh and piping hot!

    The dessert section had fruits, jello, a few cakes and pastries, and a soft serve ice cream machine that serves chocolate, vanilla or chocolate/ vanilla twist. None of the cakes or pastries looked very appealing to me. I took a few pieces of fruit, one piece of jello and a bowl of chocolate/ vanilla twist. Our daughter liked the jello but to me it was meh…Chocolate/ Vanilla ice cream…can’t go wrong with that. From the fruit, I’d say that the watermelon was my favorite. Watermelon was very sweet and juicy. The other fruits were OK. Nothing bad about them, but the watermelon really stood out.

    Service: Good (We had sufficient water on our table, and they were attentive enough to clear away plates in good time for us to go and grab new plates each time we were ready to get more food.)
    Parking: Plentiful and free!
    Location: About 3 minutes drive from Costco, Kohls and several other outlet stores. Fairly convenient.

  41. david cavyar

    Buffet was fresh and good. Table service girl was polite and efficient. We tipped her well but the Sushi Cheff this time acted like he couldnt speak English after I asked if he could make a special simple cone roll. No tip for Cheff but what he had was fine.

  42. Sheila Dexter

    After reading some of the low score reviews I just had to say “GO AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELVES!” My fiend and I came for the first. Nothing less than excellent kind service, awesome pricing, and amazing food. I would choose this diningexperience over Anthony’s!

  43. Maisy Ward

    I gotta open this statement with I sincerely wish I could give more than 5 stars. Everyone whom I interacted with was sweet, and very helpful. Everything was very clean, also gloves and hand sanitizer is provided for the seafood. And now that I am speaking of the food…. OH MY GOODNESS THE FOOD…. I went in hoping that they had a couple of seafood options and praying that it was at least ok. What I found was a truly mind blowing variety of THE BEST seafood I’ve had in 20 years. The Cajun crab claws and legs were seasoned to perfection, NOT OVERCOOKED and tasted like a bit of heaven. The clams and mussels were fresh and sweet and tender and the sushi was phenomenal. Everything was fresh, flavorful and perfectly seasoned. The best part was I had failed to look at their prices when I went in and after eating myself half into a seafood coma I discovered that the entire meal for my friend and I was well under $40. With the quality of food and variety I would have happily paid that PER PLATE. So all and all, all I can say is if you love wonderful seafood at wonderful prices GO HERE!!

  44. Sandy Lin

    After a long, miserable trip with my father and sister, we were left starving and tired. Despite this, my dad kept trying to drag us to different buffets to try and find one with the best range of seafood for the best price (yes, he’s a cheapskate). We (finally) settled down in Four Seasons Buffet and found a decent variety of food (eg. ice cream, some seafood), but my dad now said it was “nothing good”. At the end of the trip, his stomach started hurting (he claims it was because of the seafood, but I’m not so sure) and he had to go to the washroom… I think you can guess what happened next… Honestly, I feel pretty bad for the person who went after him… and the worst part is, he only gave a $5 tip! I apologize to the staff who has to clean the washrooms. Price is okay, so I would consider coming here again. Attached is a photo of my dad laying down in distress while his stomach ached.

  45. Nordic Knights

    Great selection of food! But i will say that they are a little on the rushy side for you to pay your bill, other than that its a great place to eat

  46. Great White North

    We have been coming here for years and then Covid hit. We came back for the first time in 2 years and they have not skipped a beat. Great prices, good quality food. They have their fresh grill and sushi bar. A must goto if you are passing through or live in the area. You cannot beat it for price, quality and selection.

  47. Sarah Hardy

    Food is delicious 😋 service and price outstanding!! The restroom was very clean and the seating area was within safety control 👌 The cabbage was the bomb!!!💯

  48. Glenn Smith

    Jalepeno Chicken is my favorite, give it a try its only slightly spicy. Fried Calamari, Sushi and so much more. Rinse it down with a tall glass of Chocolate Milk. We eat there once a week and everyone get something the like.

  49. Alex Cortez

    Had a great dinner but at the end when I didn’t have money for a tip the lady got mad and threw the money back at me very rude waitress.

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