1516 W 2nd Ave, Spokane, WA 99201


47.654656281001, -117.43438045102


6:00 am – 8:00 pm


6:00 am – 8:00 pm


6:00 am – 8:00 pm


6:00 am – 8:00 pm


6:00 am – 8:00 pm


6:00 am – 8:00 pm


6:00 am – 8:00 pm

Price Range





Frank’s Diner Spokane – Downtown

Traditional American Diner in Spokane, WA



Starter Fried Green Tomatoes $11.00

Four of our hand-made classic white cornmeal fried green tomatoes topped with Creole hollandaise. Fun to share and served family style.

Crispy Deviled Eggs $11.00

Crispy panko eggs, cayenne deviled egg yolks, and smoked bacon topper. Served with sriracha aioli

Starter Country Fried Steak $13.00

Four pieces of chicken-fried steak served Cloak & Dagger style.


Eggs & Browns $12.00

Two jumbo eggs cooked the way you like them. Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Bacon, Sausage or Ham $12.00

Your choice of meat served with jumbo eggs the way you like them. Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Hobo Scramble $17.25

Three jumbo eggs, sausage, Cheddar, tomato, peppers and onion. Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Fiesta Veggie Scramble $16.75

Spinach, mushrooms, jalapeno, grilled onion, Pepper Jack, cream cheese and salsa. Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Classic Joe Special $13.50

Jumbo eggs, spinach, onion, seasoned beef and fresh shaved Parmesan. Served with hash browns and grilled biscuits

Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs $20.00

Delicious 1/2 lb. country fried steak with cream gravy and two eggs. Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Conductor’s Derailer $22.00

Belgian waffle or classic French toast, bacon or sausage, hashbrowns or fresh fruit and two jumbo eggs cooked your way. Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Corned Beef Hash & Eggs $19.50

House-made recipe with potatoes, onions and peppers. Served with two jumbo eggs. Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Frank’s Breakfast Combo $20.50

Two jumbo eggs, eight silver dollar hot cakes, three strips of applewood smoked bacon or two jumbo sausage links. Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

German Sausage or BBQ Kielbasa & Eggs $16.00

Authentic fried greens with spicy Creole hollandaise and eggs Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Pepper Steak & Eggs $24.00

Center cut sirloin on a grilled biscuit with Elkin’s pepper sauce and eggs. Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Fried Green Tomatoes & Eggs $12.00

Authentic fried greens with spicy Creole hollandaise and eggs Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Smokey Mountain Boar Bacon or Crispy Pancetta & Eggs $14.00

Smokey Mountain shoulder bacon or cut Pancetta with eggs


Chicken & Waffle $20.00

Crispy chicken on a Belgian pecan waffle drizzled with caramel. Served with fresh whipped butter and warm Wall’s maple syrup.

Classic French Toast $12.00

Choice of cinnamon swirl or egg bread. Served with fresh whipped butter and warm Wall’s maple syrup.

Gourmet Belgian Waffle $12.00

Real malted whole egg batter. Served with fresh whipped butter and warm Wall’s maple syrup.

Orange Cranberry French Toast $13.00

Sliced and battered with whole cream egg wash. Topped with whipped butter, cream cheese icing and fresh orange zest. Served with fresh whipped butter and warm Wall’s maple syrup.

Original 1886 Hot Cakes $8.00

Scratch-made batter, silver dollar hot cakes. Served with fresh whipped butter and warm Wall’s maple syrup. Short Stack = 8 Full Stack = 12

Rich Pumpkin Spiced Waffle $14.50

With house-made Creme Brulee cream cheese icing. Served with fresh whipped butter and warm Wall’s maple syrup.


Classic Eggs Benedict $16.75

Toasted English muffin, grilled pit ham, basted eggs and fresh hollandaise. Served with crispy hash browns.

Country Benedict $17.25

Grilled biscuits, sausage patty, basted eggs and cream gravy. Served with crispy hash browns.

Great Nana’s Meatloaf Benedict $17.25

Grilled meatloaf on biscuits with basted eggs and brown gravy. Served with hashbrowns or fresh fruit.

Creole Benedict $19.50

English muffin, lobster, rock crab, basted eggs and our Creole hollandaise sauce. Served with hashbrowns or fresh fruit.

Florentine Benedict $17.25

Toasted English muffin, spinach, tomato, mushrooms, fresh avocado topped with basted eggs and pesto hollandaise Served with hashbrowns or fresh fruit.

Irish Benedict $18.00

Grilled rye, shaved corned beef, basted eggs and Dijon hollandaise. Served with hashbrowns or fresh fruit.

Salmon Benedict $19.00

New. Grilled wild Alaskan Salmon filet, diner-style poached eggs and lemon caper hollandaise on a grilled English muffin. Served with hashbrowns or fresh fruit.

Crispy Pancetta Benedict $18.50

Roasted in-house whole gourmet pork belly Pancetta, cut extra thick and grilled crispy. Served on a toasted muffin with basted eggs and fresh lemon caper hollandaise.

Smokey Mountain Boar Benedict $18.50

Crispy thin-sliced Pecan smoked Boar shoulder bacon on a toasted muffin with basted eggs and lemon Dijon hollandaise.


Meat Lover’s Omelets $19.00

Bacon, ham and sausage with your choice of cheese. Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Diner Denver $17.00

Grilled ham, green pepper and sweet onion. Most omelets served with hashbrowns or fruit.

The Works $19.00

Sausage, ham, bacon, onion, tomato, peppers, mushrooms, Cheddar and Swiss cheese topped with sour cream and salsa. Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Creole Seafood Omelets $19.00

Lobster, rock crab, tomato, Cheddar and Swiss cheese with Creole hollandaise. Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Florentine Omelets $17.25

Spinach, tomato, mushrooms and fresh avocado topped with pesto hollandaise. Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Salmon Omelets $19.00

New. Wild Alaskan Salmon filet with bacon, spinach, tomato and lemon caper hollandaise. Served Texas style. Served with hashbrowns or fruit.

Garden Pancetta Omelet $18.50

Crispy diced pancetta, ripe tomato, fresh avocado, and parmesan cheese topped with our lemon caper hollandaise


Biscuits & Gravy $11.00

Grilled biscuits topped with our sausage country gravy.

Classic Oatmeal $9.50

Loaded with goodies.

Little Frenchy $11.00

French toast, choice of sausage link or bacon and one egg.

Purple Oatmeal $10.50

Huckleberries or blueberries.

Tiny Track $11.00

Four-dollar hot cakes, sausage link or bacon strip & one egg.


Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato (BLT) Sandwich $17.00

Thick smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and whole egg mayonnaise. Loaded on grilled sourdough and served with Cascade chips.

Grilled Meatloaf Sandwich $13.50

House-made meatloaf on sourdough with rich brown gravy. Serve with your choice of sides.

Hot Turkey Sandwich $13.50

Whole turkey’s cooked daily in our kitchen. Served with turkey gravy and cranberry sauce. Serve with your choice of sides.

Alaskan Salmon (BLT) Sandwich $19.75

New. Grilled wild Alaskan Salmon filet with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on fresh hoagie roll. Serve with your choice of sides.

Reuben Sandwich $18.50

Grilled house-made corned beef on rye with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and dijon hollandaise. Serve with your choice of sides.

French Swiss Dip $18.75

Top rounds cooked daily in our kitchen. Thin sliced and piled high on a fresh Alpine hoagie roll with melted Swiss cheese and hearty au jus. Serve with your choice of sides.

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich $13.50

Top rounds cooked daily in our kitchen. Served open faced with rich brown gravy. Serve with your choice of sides.

Boar Bacon Club $19.50

Pecan smoked Boar shoulder bacon, house roasted turkey, fresh greens, tomato, and rich mayo.


Great Northern Hamburger $15.50

Special dressing, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle. Serve with your choice of sides.

Bacon Cheddar Burger $18.00

Thick smoked Daily’s bacon, aged Cheddar cheese, special dressing, fresh greens, tomato, onion and pickle. Served with your choice of sides.

Jalapeno Pepper Jack Bacon Burger $19.00

Grilled lean beef with jalapeno’s, pepper jack cheese, bacon, fresh greens, tomato, onion and chili pepper aioli. Serve with your choice of sides.

Frank’s Breakfast Burger $19.50

Half-pound lean ground chuck, crispy hash browns, basted egg, smoked bacon, Cheddar cheese and special dressing. Serve with your choice of sides.

Hawaiian Chicken Burger $18.75

Grilled pineapple, ham, Swiss cheese and chili pepper aioli. Serve with your choice of sides.

Patty Melt $18.00

1/2 lb. lean beef with melted Swiss cheese and grilled onion on rye. Serve with your choice of sides.

Fried Green Tomato Bacon Burger $19.50

Half pound of lean local ground chuck hand-shaped and topped with our classic fried green tomato, smoked bacon, Swiss cheese and Creole hollandaise. Serve with your choice of sides.

Free-Range Bison Burger $22.00

1/3 Pound lean grass-fed 100% natural hormone-free buffalo with grilled onion, fresh greens, tomato pickle and special Creole sauce.


Chicken Fried Steak $21.00

Crispy half pound chicken fried steak served with vegetables, mashed potatoes and rich cream gravy. Choice of toast or grilled biscuit.

Fish & Chips $19.00

Hand cut Arctic cod served with fries, tartar, coleslaw and lemons.

Meatloaf Dinner $21.00

House-made meatloaf with mashed potatoes, brown gravy, seasonal vegetables and choice of toast or grilled biscuit.

Roasted Turkey Dinner $20.00

Cooked fresh in our kitchen! Served with potatoes, gravy, seasonal vegetable, cranberry sauce and choice of toast or grilled biscuit.

Diner Style Turkey Pot Pie $19.50

Fresh roasted Turkey, carrots, potatoes, corn and peas in a rich whole cream gravy. Loaded in a grilled Artisan bread bowl.


Classic Caesar Salad $12.00

Entree size Caesar with house made croutons and Parmesan cheese. Served with toast or grilled biscuit.

Frank’s Chef Salad $18.50

Turkey, ham, Swiss, Cheddar, tomato and hard-boiled egg. Served with your choice of toast or grilled biscuit.

Wedge Salad $13.50

Ask restaurant for today’s soup selection.


Tiny Tyke $6.75

One egg cooked your way, 2 pieces of bacon or one jumbo sausage link and a piece of toast.

Corn Dog & Chips $6.75

Chicken Fingers & Chips $7.95

Hotcakes & Egg $5.75

Six (Yeah 6) dollar size hotcakes & one egg too!

Kids French Toast $5.25

Choose between 2 pieces of our cinnamon swirl or egg bread. Top it with powdered sugar and YUM!

Little Train That Could $7.50

Our engineer says “Four-dollar size cakes, hash browns and an egg make little engines purr!”

Grilled Cheese Sandwich $6.75

American cheese, melted between two pieces of lightly toasted bread. Served with Fries.

The “Just for Kids” Burger $7.50

Just the burger and bun! Served with fries!

Kids Bacon Cheeseburger $9.00

Just meat, cheese and bun. Served with fries.


Franks Diner Hot Cake Kits $9.00

Make them at home. Net proceeds help support local non-profits.

Thick Cut Bacon (3) $6.00

Sausage Patty $5.00

Sausage Links $5.00

Pit Ham Steak $6.00

Two Jumbo Eggs $5.00

Hashbrowns $5.00

Grilled Onions $0.00

Side Gravy $0.00

Basket of Fries $6.00

Fresh Avocado $3.00

Cup of Fresh Fruit $5.00

German Sausage $6.00

Gf Toast $3.50

Smoked BBQ Kielbasa $6.00

Sub Gluten Free Bread $2.00







Uber Eats


“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

126 reviews for “Frank’s Diner Spokane

  1. Monica Hillard

    Who wouldn’t want to eat the town’s best breakfast or diner food in a historic 1906 presidential train car? Fun atmosphere and great food…it just doesn’t get better than this!

  2. s Stanley

    Great food, atmosphere and service. Comfort food with excellent quality! Definitely a destination.

  3. Troy Dumont

    Go! Just go. food was excellent. Very personable staff. Very authentic Railroad atmosphere. Reasonable price.

  4. patrick conroy

    Service was excellent even though they were short handed. Food was very good just like the North Spokane location. Place was clean and well maintained. People were very friendly.

  5. The Earth Stars

    This place is a lot of fun…and amazing food. The staff was very busy…but awesome to all the guests! We sat at the counter…which I highly recommend. We live out of state…but if we are back in Spokane, Washington we will definitely stop at Frank’s Diner. There are two locations in Spokane and we ate at both…and we enjoyed both locations. We sat at the counter at the downtown location and that was the most entertaining…however the booth at the other location was relaxing. If I had to choose…I’d say the downtown location at the counter is definitely worth trying first!

  6. Pamela Johnson

    Love Frank’s. From the Rueben to the chicken fried steaks.

  7. Shantell Omalley

    This place is probably the Best Breakfast I had ever had!! Not to mention eating there is an experience in itself! The dining cart is very little but they make up for it with a super sweet waitress, the most amazing, flavorful, and melt in your mouth food you have ever had!! Even the toast was amazing, I think it was homemade sourdough. It was light and fluffy and came with homemade jam. I normally don’t eat the toast that comes with breakfast, but I couldn’t help myself! The grilled onions on the hash browns are a must, it adds great flavor! The chicken fried steak and the works omelet were amazing! I highly recommend and we will definitely be back everytime we are in town!!

  8. Steve Barnes

    One of my top spots to eat in Spokane. Food – 5 stars – have tried nearly everything on the menu and it is all spectacular. My favorites are the Creole Benedict, hash browns, and any of the burgers. Service – 5 stars – have not had a bad experience here with the staff. They are always welcoming and accommodating. Atmosphere – 5 stars – may feel cramped to some but to me it is perfect for the vibe/feel of the place. It’s a train car for Pete’s sake! Prices – 5 stars – very reasonable for the portions you get. I never leave here hungry!

  9. Serene Serene (Breaker)

    Best place to go to for diner style food! The inside was super cool, I loved the atmosphere and the waiters/waitresses were super friendly! Everything tasted delicious and we will be back again next week 💖

  10. Randy Brown

    Fun environment, profesional service, multiple portion-size options, good quality food.

  11. Tiago Shade

    Amazing food. Very well prepared. Not the regular thing you will get at regular breakfast spots. Really loved it. The fact that it’s in a train wagon adds up.
    Had the eggs Benedict and the hot cakes.

  12. Farrell Heide

    Authentic vintage location, staff was absolutely amazing and accommodating. Located in an actual vintage railway car so space can be tight in places, but it is available for wheelchair or disabled patrons. Food was FANTASTIC. Expect standard diner menu options BUT with local and unique ingredients and flair. I highly recommend coming back again and again to try all of their versions of Eggs Benedict.

    This restaurant is a local favorite so come early or expect a decent wait time for a time. We waited about 30-40 minutes on a Friday morning but it was so worth it! They do have a gazebo attached to the train with coffee while you wait so you can wait outside without needing to worry about the weather.

  13. Marty “Marty”

    Delicious food, friendly staff, cool environment. Only complaint are the wait times.

  14. Brittney Mercer

    Cute interior and good service. However, very busy, long wait times, and not a lot of options.

  15. Izabela Oliveira

    Cool atmosphere and staff. Awesome food! You may have to wait a little to get seated, but still a great experience!

  16. David Specht

    What a cool place and what great food. Stopping at Frank’s was the highlight of our Spokane visit. The service was terrific. Did I mention the food was great? You gotta check out Frank’s.

  17. Keziah Stice

    Everything about this place is just fantastic! Amazing food (I recommend the biscuits and gravy 😍) . Servers are always upbeat and nice. And the inside is super cool to look at. My go to place to eat when I’m downtown Spokane!

  18. Tom Trimble

    This place is fantastic. Old school diner vibe. Great food! Friendly staff. Definitely a gem in Spokane!

  19. Jenn Reem

    Great food great service, waited 20 minutes for a table, worth the wait

  20. Andy Greenwald

    Enjoyable traditional breakfast in a cool location. My wife and I ate here after landing at the airport and enjoyed our meal. The biscuits are off the charts fantastic. We both had breakfast items at lunch and were happy with the service and the food. Have a blast.

  21. Kelly Swapp

    I had the lobster and crab creole benedict, and it was fabulous! The hollandaise had a little kick, and the eggs were perfect. I substituted half of a pumpkin spice waffle for the hashbrowns and it was amazing, with cream cheese frosting lightly drizzled. Expect to wait awhile to be seated, but the food is worth it!

  22. Amy Jacob

    Delicious eggs Benny. The blueberry pancakes were a bit with my 20 month old picky eater too.

  23. Tom Brascher

    When we come town we look forward to coming here for breakfast! Try The Works Omelet.

  24. MiKayla Harris

    Food is expensive had to buy each of my breakfast items separately which made it super expensive. $52 for 2 people is ridiculous… but the food was okay, my hasbrowns where burnt and I couldn’t eat them, the server was forgetful and for got 3 of our food items which we got after we already finished, kinda disappointed. I got sick for a few hours after we ate here.

  25. wyatt holtkamp

    In town from San Diego for vacation with my wife. We like to try local breakfast restaurants that can’t be found anywhere else. Frank’s definitely met the expectation in all categories. We were seated sooner than expected, food was delivered fast, staff was kind, and above all the food was delicious. The only thing I didn’t try was the coffee because I made my own before arriving. This will be the place I bring family when I visit in the future.

  26. Suzanne Summers-Martens

    Delicious food, breakfast, never charge for extras …first time for me of course my companion had been there many times and had a favorite waitress named Gage. Love her now also.

  27. sophie bryant

    I expected $$$ and touristy…
    But for a Tuesday, it was fine, food excellent, I like the fact they give u the option of full-sized or half-sized breakfast.
    Nice vintage decor!! (Friendly service) 😊

  28. Blake D.

    Good quality food, good portions, and wonderful service. I am so happy I stopped in for breakfast at this unique and beautiful traincar.

  29. Zach Linehan

    Franks is always a good spot to have great food and awesome service. Franks employee will never let you leave hungry and good story to hear

  30. Drita D'Alessandro

    So glad I found this place, and I can’t wait to go back. My husband LOVES diner’s, but it’s hard to find legit ones nowadays. This place for the bill to a T. Food was perfect, ambiance of the old train car was great. Just an all around enjoyable experience.

  31. ReaNae Taylor

    Kid-friendliness: I love the menu options for children & a family member who has health problems that only allows her to eat small portions (smaller than a child) that she can choose one of these off the menu. The food & service is 100% fantastic. If you have to wait to get a table, it is worth it!

  32. MariaM

    Great food service and atmosphere. Would highly recommend if your passing through Spokane

  33. Tim Callahan

    The place is unique with it’s decor and it seems like a favorite local spot. The service was friendly. However the food was as one might expect from anyplace that makes hash browns. They do have some unusual items, like duck bacon, but it is in too short a supply for everyone to enjoy.

  34. Adam W

    Awesome. Food was excellent. Ambiance was awesome. Only thing to complain about was wait times. If you can wait it out, it’s TOTALLY worth it!! 10 out of 10 would highly recommend!

  35. R K Nibbe

    Great lunch, gregarious wait staff. I ordered the new item on the menu, Boar Bacon Club (on rye). With a side of homemade potato salad and a sprinkle of paprika! My wife enjoyed her Reuben too. Seating was tight at the counter but hey, the restaurant’s an old train car.

  36. Jim Darrell

    I just happened to be driving by the other day and thought this place looked cool so I wanted to try it out while I’m in town.

    Brought a party of 9 of us, which is amazing if you’ve ever been here before.

    We were blown away by the food and the service.

    First of all, we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have Gage as our server. She is top notch both with friendly service, menu guidance and historical tidbits about the restaurant.

    She hooked us up with ample amounts of the seasonal huckleberry jam for our biscuits.

    Now these are no ordinary biscuits! These are the most amazing, melt in your mouth biscuits you’ll ever taste!

    The most extensive Eggs Benedict selection I’ve ever seen. The best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever eaten.

    The fried deviled eggs were amazing!

    The fried green tomatoes were the best I’ve ever tasted.

    Even though we were at the back of the train, our coffee cups were never empty.

    This place is the #1 reason for a return trip to Spokane!

  37. J R

    Worth the wait! It’s a busy diner, but this place is worth waiting for. Delicious meal and friendly staff.

  38. Bob Parker

    Wow, so many good choices to choose from and the service was the best I’ve had in awhile. If you’re in Spokane this is the place to go, just expect a wait because there is usually a line.

  39. Shawn Thompson

    Delicious food and the brownie was to die for! The service was every bit as good as the food. If I find myself in Spokane again anytime soon I’d eat here again without thinking twice.

  40. Isaiah Vanzandt

    10/10 awesome burgers and the fried green tomatoes were to die for!! Definitely making this a weekly ritual

  41. sophia jerez

    Yummy breakfast , friendly staff , loved the pancakes and coffee.

  42. Michael Moore

    Great service. Amazing food. Love the east coast diner vibe. Sitting at the counter was fun too.

  43. Rob L

    We were seated right in front of the flat tops, where the action is. So fun

  44. Carlisa McCauley

    The place was very busy, but the employees work hard and they really work you in. The place is just cute from outside. Then the food. It was so delicious and comforting. after over five hours of on a motorcycle and then a friend takes us here, it was so worth it. I wish it was closer to me. I definitely would come back.

  45. Michael Southgate

    A funky little place in an old presidential railcar with wood panelling and private booths. The food was well priced and plentiful, honestly you won’t need lunch after you grab breakfast here!

  46. Jose Garza

    Well, I am visiting my sister who lives here, myself California.
    I ordered the Chicken Fried Steak. OMG!!! the best I have ever had ever. And our waitress Miss McKenna the absolute Best I could not have asked for a better waitress.
    Thank you Miss McKenna.
    In my opinion the food is as only as good as the service. And the service at Frank’s Diner is better than some of the super fancy restaurants I have been to.
    May GOD continue to richly bless Frank and the entire staff at Frank’s Diner.

  47. Kevin O'Brien

    Very cool old-time diner. The place has limited seating but it moves pretty quickly through. The food is really tasty and the service staff is very friendly. The portions are very large, you never walk away hungry. Only downside is that it’s a little pricey, but it’s probably the best breakfast place around.

  48. Eric Krage

    Food was fantastic and fresh good size portions but not too much to slow you down the staff got us everything our group needed and frequently check on us.

  49. Jim Zimprich

    1 egg lemon caper salmon.
    Yes… 5 stars !
    What a taste treat.
    Wait staff… Fantastic.
    Will return…

  50. Kay Marie

    This place is incredible! The food is delicious, the staff is nice and witty. They cleaned their stations constantly and overall great atmosphere. Will visit again!

  51. John E.

    Great food made from scratch. Seating is limited so there is usually a bit of a wait but it’s always worth the wait.

  52. Heather Mires

    Best breakfast in Spokane! Unique setting, great service & amazing food! Good gluten free options too!

  53. Jessie I Garcia

    I had a waffle. It was pretty amazing. The staff were so kind and happy to be there!!

  54. Izzy Zanin

    The place is beautiful inside. The food was great! We sat at the counter and watched as the cooks prepared our food.

  55. Brian Nelson

    Great food, plenty of it, and the service was excellent.

    I had the chicken-fried steak and eggs, but everything I saw the waitresses bring out looked delicious.

    My coffee and water cups never got below 1/2 full.

  56. Tee More

    Spokane is obsessed with this place. Not sure why. Price wise, it falls into line as every other food spot in spokane, OVERPRICED for no reason. A few things I like there: Biscuits, pork bacon, duck bacon and the Pepper jack Jalapeño Bacon burger. I would avoid their Hollandaise.

  57. Rob Farrell

    This place is starting to lose it’s luster. It used to be the go-to everytime we were in Spokane. The prices are quite steep for breakfast, and the quality seems to be waning. Hopefully they can turn it around.

  58. David Simmons

    A Spokane Breakfast Favorite. Great service, Excellent food. Best hashbrowns around especially if you add gravy and onions for free. Denver omelette was delicious.

  59. Maureen Shaughnessy

    If we are hungry when we’re passing Spokane – or stay overnight in Spokane – of course we must stop at Frank’s Diner. It’s a tradition. And truly yummy breakfast all day. Huge pirtions. We should have split our French toast 😎 Easy on and off the freeway. Friendly, hoppin’ place. If there is a line, it’s worth waiting. Enjoy!

  60. Mike Gundersen

    Salmon Benedict is spectacular! Very cool place to visit.

  61. Janet Cornish

    Frank’s Diner has great food, great service, good Karma, and a fun playlist. Loved sitting at the counter, watching the cooks prepare breakfasts — all perfectly choreographed! Don’t miss this wonderful experience.

  62. Becky Elder

    I love the food and the ambiance, but it can get pretty crowded. I recommend going a bit before or after the rush.

  63. Brett Callanan

    Best diner breakfast in the region. Not just a gimmick train carriage. This is the real deal folks. Has everything you want. Some times popular or new items are out of stock but there’s always stuff to get.

  64. Michael Schaub

    Decent burgers, better milkshakes. Service was exceptional.

  65. Christine IsAQueen

    I want to start out that I was in tears pulling up.
    It was only myself, so I was offered a space at the counter. When I asked for a table, the server, busy as ever, kindly says ok and leads me to a large table. I nearly declined as folks came in behind me. The server was so pleasant and her aura told me I deserve a table if I want one.
    I ordered, celiac, so gluten free. The next server who takes my order was so nice and didn’t flinch when I said gf. No judgements or asking if its an allergy.
    I stayed fir a while, studying my book, trying to step away from my terrible day.
    Every person in this establishment was kind and I felt loved when I left.

    Thank you so much for treating me so well. I know people under stress are visible and you were just kind kind kind to me. I feel so blessed to have found this place.

  66. Connor Riedlinger

    Classic diner feel in an awesome venue, wait times can be extreme but the food is well worth it! One of our favorite breakfast and brunch spots!

  67. Tim Kling

    Amazing old railroad car , so bitchen inside . Real good food and good prices too .

  68. Mark Cone

    Well it’s a train car, first part is counter seating and you can watch and chat with the cooks. Then there is a booth seating. Frank’s is a classic diner breakfast anytime. Chicken and waffles is always great. Best jelly, I don’t know for sure but it appears to be homemade. Marion Berry and raspberry are the bomb. It’s great food and good service so expect to wait, although usually no wait in the evening.

  69. Sarina Ross

    Great breakfast, husband had omelette and Hash browns. I had a sandwich. They have great gluten free bread, pancakes and waffles. Great friendly staff and cute train cart diner. Highly recommend!

  70. Lady Cherston

    Great place. Always busy. I got a to go order. Very good food. Recommend highly.

  71. Robyn Hitchcock

    Best diner in town. Try the fried deviled eggs, and fries green tomatoes. Both fairly unique and great.

  72. Wonk

    Wonderful food and wonderful people. Amazing place for breakfast. They have large portions so come hungry!

  73. R M

    Insanely good food!! I almost stayed the night so I could eat breakfast here in the morning. My server couldn’t have been nicer. So many great option to choose from as well.

  74. Laudente Gallegos

    What an awesome way to start the day! The ambiance of the train, beautiful woodwork, stained glass etc., etc. Not to mention the amazing food and awesome service (Thank you Sara!). We’ll definitely be back when we are in town.

  75. Santiago Rodriguez

    Tasty food: I had a strawberry waffle, my partner had a meatloaf benedict. Friendly fast service. Fun atmosphere.

  76. Cedric Dunmore

    Was visiting from Texas. My wife suggested this place after researching. The atmosphere was inviting and the food was delicious as the reviews suggested. Our server, Sam, was a delight from the beginning to the end. She was attentive and displayed a happy disposition. She made our morning breakfast experience a joyful time.

  77. Adam Butler

    Best chicken and waffles!!

  78. Ren DeCristoforo

    Frank’s is a hometown favorite. The food is consistently good and worth the inevitable wait. When my partner and I drove through Spokane during our road trip we made sure to stop by Frank’s!
    Our server, Sam, is a ROCKSTAR! She was killing it during the lunch rush!

  79. Zeb McClure

    Amazing experience. The old train, the service and the food. We come here whenever we can and Frank’s never disappoints and is always worth the wait.

  80. Frank Woner

    If your ever in Spokane, we recommend this diner for breakfast. Food was outstanding and excellent service

  81. M. B.

    We read great reviews about Frank’s Diner and thought it would be the perfect spot for breakfast. What a disappointment! The food was cold, so cold the butter wouldn’t even slightly melt on the French Toast. We asked our server if she could warm up the cold French Toast and I’m pretty sure she just threw it in the microwave. The Eggs Benedict with hash browns were cold and that meal just tastes terrible when it’s not hot. With 1600 positive reviews, we expected a better experience. Sadly, I won’t be returning and won’t be recommending this place. Paid $40 for breakfast and didn’t eat most of it and didn’t enjoy the little we did eat. Sorry Frank’s, wish we’d had a better experience.

  82. Tyler J. Sison

    One of the best restaurant experiences I have had. Everyone was kind. The building itself is absolutely gorgeous and timeless. And the food is on another level. Frank’s is the place to be. Guaranteed.

  83. Aaron Eleazer

    Very good food and super fast service. The train car feel was really cool. I was in a group of three and we ordered and our food came in about 6 minutes. Way faster than I expected. We were rushing to get to a concert so we were in and out in less than 30 minutes.

  84. Blake Thornton

    Every time we’re in Spokane for work we make a point of eating here for breakfast absolutely the best hash you can find, in the eggs benedict is also a huge favorite of mine

  85. Jane Mathias

    Amazing diner in Spokane. Visited this place during a not-so-busy Thursday for brunch and they still had a 15 min wait time. The place was busy. We were seated at the bar and immediately loved the ambience. Brunch vibes in a train car – why not?

    We ordered the orange cranberry French toast, salmon benedict, hash browns, biscuit and home made kam & hot chocolate. Every god damn thing we ordered was delicious and freshly made. Special shout out to their orange cranberry French toast – I felt like I was eating a cake which would melt in my mouth. Delicious burst of flavors. The salmon benedict was divine and their biscuits – top notch. That jam they served with their biscuits was beyond amazing and one of the best jams I have ever tasted. Their side of hash browns is huge so plan on ordering accordingly.

    Service was quick and food comes out pretty fast. I am sure getting a table here during the weekends will be a task – but worth the wait for sure. All in all highly recommend this place.

  86. Joseph Wind

    Amazing service. Absolutely gorgeous wood work inside. Staff was so friendly. Expect a long wait. Portions and pricing were great as well!

  87. John Deakins

    First time visit. Truly amazing atmosphere. The food and service extremely good. Recommend to anyone traveling through area to put on their places to eat.

  88. Jason McGary

    Way more fun than it should be. Sit at the counter and watch the show! Tons of Gluten Free options that are actually really good!

  89. Christopher Matrumalo

    Awesome breakfast! The eggs benedict were bomb!

  90. Alan Koslowski

    I nice variety of standard and eclectic breakfasts. The Creole omelette is delicious.

  91. Cassidy Logsdon

    The ultimate breakfast spot!!! Great options, breakfast all day, awesome setting, big portions, friendly people. Plus, gluten-free options and quality meats. Everything you could ask for.

  92. Kathy Kangas

    I have been wanting to come here for a very long time. Today we decided to go. So glad we did. Both my husband and I chose breakfast as our meal. It was fabulous. Not only was the food amazing so was the service. We had to wait about 20 mins to be seated but so worth the wait. A beautiful train car from years gone by. We will be back with my brother and his wife when they come from NE to visit in a couple weeks. He is gluten intolerant and Franks diner has many items on their large menu that can be made gluten free. We know they will not only enjoy the food like we did but the ambiance of this beautiful train car.

  93. Hazel Schifferle

    We’re traveling through the area and weren’t looking for anything fancy. The old railroad car with a counter to watch the line cooks was perfect for our family. Very reminiscent of Waffle House for any Southerners. The place was busy and they were moving quickly. The food was great and we chatted with Tony and Sway when things calmed down. I would love to go back and try some other things!

  94. Oliver Smith

    As a flight attendant who travels the world, this is my all time favorite diner. I get my Spokane layovers just to come here for the atmosphere and the amazing selection on the menu. I bring my crew members and they leave happy and with full belly’s. The staff is super nice and if you sit at the bar, you can watch them cook the food right there in front of you! This is an amazing place to visit. You’ll be wanting to come back for more!

  95. Jeremy J

    Great food, attentive staff, and a Train Car Dining room all at up to a great breakfast experience.

  96. Shaun DeVos

    Fast service. Eggs Benedict was fantastic. Average price. Standard diner experience. Can’t wait to eat here again!

  97. Cameron Turner

    One of the greatest eating establishments I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The service is second to none and so is the food. Special touches everywhere from unique menu items to homemade jam just like my grandmother used to make. I’ve met some of the most beautiful hearts in this place, I recommend sittng at the counter, you’ll be entertained by the highly skilled cooks and chatted up by friendly locals and travelers from around the world. At Franks they treat you like family, truly a very special place.
    5 stars and 2 thumbs up!!!

  98. Jimmy Morrison

    Best french toast in town

  99. Sheryl Traum, JD, Realtor

    Frank’s Diner is a Spokane Classic, but come prepared to wait, especially on weekends or during peak breakfast hours. You won’t be disappointed but the food, well prepared, served hot and fairly promptly. TIP: blueberry pancakes are “the real deal”, like Mom used to make, but no gluten-free option 🙁 But, to my fellow gluten sensitve folks, you’ll find some delish safe selections on the menu.

  100. Wanderer

    Best breakfast in Spokane by far. Unique experience in the train car, friendly staff, really good food. Long wait on weekends for a table, but counter space spots went pretty quick. Worth the wait for sure!

  101. Laurie Gronewold

    Good service, delicious food, big portions. Chose franks because they’re the only breakfast spot in Spokane I could find with a healthy option like oatmeal. Did not realize it was a train car, but it was a highlight.

  102. rebecka williams

    Amazing atmosphere, amazing waitstaff. Amazing food. A must eat whether you live in the area or are just traveling through.
    Update: 10/2022
    Still amazing. Lucas waited on us, and was very quick and very helpful with a picky 5 year olds restaurant needs, as well as keeping my hubby’s coffee cup full!

  103. T Hammond

    Excellent food and I loved the train car atmosphere. A card on the table gave a little history, too. A bit spendy, but Large portions and good diner food.

  104. Tanya Stegemoller

    Visiting from KY. Enjoyed the history of the diner. Hamburger was huge and delicious. Fish was very good. Service was excellent.

  105. Simona Kostakieva

    It’s a novelty experience. Food was pretty good. Atmosphere felt like stepping into a time machine. If that’s your thing you might like it.

  106. Shain Shapiro

    Some of the best diner hash browns I’ve ever had. 8am on a Sunday and it was packed. Fantastic.

  107. Craig Swoverland

    Had the hobo scramble. Very tasty. Spinach, sausage, bell peppers, onions and topped with cheddar cheese. The works omelette with sourdough toast, bacon cheeseburger with fries and kids pancakes were also ordered at our table. All were happy with their choices. Stole a few fries that were delicious. Great history about how it began if you pick up the reading material next to the menu. Atmosphere was welcoming. A must try when you’re in the area. A bit of a wait but worth it.

  108. Badar Manzar

    Comfort food at it’s best. We came for dinner one night, breakfast one morning. Dinner was so good – we had the hot roast beef sandwich and the meatloaf. Amazing. Breakfast was great too. And it’s a beautiful old train car. Service was top notch. The downtown location was an easy drive off of the highway. If you find yourself in Spokane and are hungry, this is your place.

  109. Nanette Elkins

    Great setting. Beautiful stained glass windows. Amazing breakfast options. Love the deviled egg variation and the creole Benedict especially!!
    Our must stop/ go to for breakfast when we’re in Spokane.

  110. Shelli Hulse

    I have to admit…I’m a Frank’s virgin..grew up in the area pretty much my whole life, had heard of Frank’s and I’m pretty sure most all of my family has eaten at Frank’s Diner and of course I have driven by for year’s. Took my daughter here for lunch for her birthday and had the Frank’s Breakfast Burger…wow..
    It was an amazing messy burger of deliciousness! The fries…I don’t know how they’re delicious crunch on the outside and creamy potato yum on the inside! Now I want to go back and try a few other things on the menu. And our server Sarah was a delight!

  111. Unbiased User

    This was our second time at Franks, but the first one at the downtown location.

    Extremely busy, but since we ate at the counter, we were able to have a minimal wait, less than 3 minutes.

    The sit at the counter was an great experience all in itself. Both cooks, Tony was one of them, did a great job pushing out the orders. It was a joy to watch them coordinate the cooking on both grills and work with the other staff to push out the orders.

    Although we had to wait about 20-25 minutes to get our food, it was fantastic. I had the hotcakes and hash browns and my wife had the omelette (kind of like a western omelette).

    Both were very flavorful and we really enjoyed the hash browns . Very crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside.

    I would definitely recommend Franks to anyone for breast, lunch or dinner (see my dinner review for Franks North Spokane).

  112. Dotty Scott

    Went to Frank’s diner on a Sunday. Expect a 1-hour wait to get i for Sunday breakfast/brunch. Once we were seated, the experience was great. The food was very tasty and plentiful. I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger. The rest of my party ordered breakfast foods. Everyone was happy with their orders.

  113. Sue M

    Get the Orange Cranberry French toast!! Absolutely amazing. How they make French toast light and wonderful is beyond me but just get it!

  114. Lara M

    The food that they offer has good flavor. Very few options that are healthy. It is mostly comfort food. Portions are huge

  115. Brandon der Blätter

    great location, good food. I got a breakfast burger. a bit on the greasy side but that’s kind of what I’d expect here. service is very friendly and helpful

  116. Kim Kelsey

    Best Eggs Benedict I ever had and the service was outstanding. A little expensive but SO worth it!!

  117. Cheryl Lartigau

    Excellent food and service. Chicken fried steak was huge and made two meals out of it. The raspberry jam outstanding.

  118. Reena

    Fantastic meatloaf Benedict. The atmosphere in the train car is amazing. The stain glass and wood accents are gorgeous.

  119. Jennie Rogers

    The perfect diner! The food was yummy (I ordered the little Frenchy & my boyfriend ordered a burger) & the atmosphere is perfect & cosy. Definitely one of my favorite dining experiences.

  120. Lily

    The chicken and waffles was so good!!

  121. margie marrujo

    First time eating at Frank’s Diner, I had the Alaskan Salmon and Bacon sandwich. Delicious! Great food, great service!

  122. foridul islam

    Comfort food at it’s best. We came for dinner one night, breakfast one morning. Dinner was so good – we had the hot roast beef sandwich and the meatloaf. Amazing. Breakfast was great too. And it’s a beautiful old train car. Service was top notch. The downtown location was an easy drive off of the highway. If you find yourself in Spokane and are hungry, this is your place.

  123. Ty Lane

    Awesome place, had the meatloaf special – ultimate comfort food.

  124. Whitney

    Super excited to try duck bacon but they were out. Interesting atmosphere so we endured a wait for a space, but the food wasn’t anything special to me.

  125. Juniper Do'Urden

    Amazing food! Had probably the best burger I’ve ever had, the staff was super friendly and did a great job! Very highly recommend!

  126. Megan Smith

    This is a Spokane staple and it only took me three years of living in town to visit. I have been missing out. I and adding it onto my list for friends visiting from out of town for sure!! I had hot chocolate (cutting down on caffeine, but it’s cold outside) and the Smokey Mountain Boar Benedict. Delicious!! My friend had the hash browns with a ton of stuff added and loved it. It was a fun and friendly atmosphere. Tight space but that’s even part of the fun!!

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