1817 Howard Rd, Auburn, WA 98002


47.292545977166, -122.21178859669


10:30 am – 10:00 pm


10:30 am – 10:00 pm


10:30 am – 10:00 pm


10:30 am – 10:00 pm


10:30 am – 11:00 pm


10:30 am – 11:00 pm


10:30 am – 8:00 pm

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Fast Food Restaurant in Auburn, WA

Home-Made style gourmet burgers, fries and milkshakes. Voted Best Burger 2019 in Auburn, WA




All combo meals include a regular fry, fry sauce, and a 22 oz. soft drink. For only $1.50 more you may substitute a 16 oz milkshake

1. ¼ lb. Frugal Burger $8.48

2. ¼ lb. Cheese Burger $8.98

3.¼ lb. Bacon Cheeseburger $10.43

4. ¼ lb. Mushroom Swiss Burger $10.78

5. ½ lb. Double Cheese Burger $11.48

6. Crispy Chicken Sandwich $8.98

7. Grilled Chicken Sandwich $8.98

8. BLT Combo $9.48

9. Halibut Sandwich $9.98

10. Garden Burger $9.98


Our sandwiches are cooked to order with our choice of: ketchup, mustard mayonnaise, pickles, onions, lettuce, and served on a sesame seed bun

¼ lb. Frugal Burger $3.98

100% Fresh beef

¼ lb. Cheeseburger $4.48

Real cheese

¼ lb. Bacon Cheeseburger $5.93

¼ lb. Mushroom Swiss Burger $6.28

½ lb. Double Regular Burger $5.98

½ lb. Double Cheeseburger $6.98

Gardenburger $5.48

Crisp Chicken Sandwich $4.48

Grilled Chicken Sandwich $4.48

BLT Sandwich $4.98

Grilled Cheese Sandwich $3.75

Halibut Sandwich $5.48


Regular $2.25

Large $3.25


American Cheese $0.50

Swiss Cheese $0.95

Bacon $1.45

Sauteed Mushrooms $1.35

Grilled Onions / Jalapenos $1.25

Fresh Sliced Tomato $0.55

Fry or Tartar Sauce $.35


Chocolate (small) $3.75 / (medium) $4.75 / (large) $5.75

Strawberry (small) $3.75 / (medium) $4.75 / (large) $5.75

Vanilla (small) $4.75 / (medium) $5.75 / (large) $6.75

Oreo (small) $3.75 / (medium) $4.75 / (large) $5.75

Butterfinger Crunch (small) $3.75 / (medium) $4.75 / (large) $5.75


(small) $1.65 / (medium) $2.25 / (large) $2.85

Available flavors: Coke, diet coke, cherry coke, coke zero, mr pibb, sprite, root beer, iced tea, fruit punch, or lemonade


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King County Restaurant Inspection Rating



“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

64 reviews for “Frugals Auburn

  1. Jesse Stillwaugh

    I went here tonight with my two friends the girl at the window was unbelievably rude. An audible sigh over the intercom when my friend when my friend asked for an add on his burger, she could not have rushed us any faster to pay in fact she was so rude I did not complete my order as she was so curt it made me borderline nervous. The milkshake was literally so runny it was like milk and Oreos in a cup. The burgers were really good though which is the only reason this place. Got two stars I WONT be back

  2. Paige Knight

    Fast taste fresh food really good

  3. Retcon Media

    Always good. Consistent.

  4. Tami Moore

    Great hamburgers, frys and shakes! Quick drive through service. Get the fry sauce!!

  5. Sara Huddleson

    Fries are weak but the burgers was very good, staff super friendly and quick service

  6. Miriam Butler

    Always good. Never had a bad experience

  7. Peter Radchuk

    I’ve been here a few times. Really like the food quality. The fountain drinks taste fresh. Skinny fries are so bomb! Overall a really good place to grab a burger. Only downside, please clean the floor. It’s nasty looking in with trash, food, napkins, and straws all over the floor. I wish I would have taken a picture to show.

  8. Tonya Norman

    Really good burgers.

  9. Finn T

    Good burger if you’re in the area, I got the bacon burger and fries. The bacon is perfectly crispy. Other than that it’s unimpressive.

  10. Marlee Degele

    Consistent, delicious

  11. Amanda Johnson

    This lil joint is fire! I added jalapeños to my burger they were a lil sweet but still just enough spice. I deff am coming back again. The fry sauce is a must try on the burger as well 😋

  12. Robert Bottomley

    Great fast food made well. Friendly staff too. Food is cooked to order. Always fresh tasting.

  13. Karl Peterson

    A true CLASSIC burger joint. Frugals proves that it’s possible to maintain the formula that made other burger places famous. Lots of options delicious shoe string fries. Fry sauce and a shake. I love swinging through and always leave happy

  14. Lil Olin

    The food is always satisfying. The service is quick and accurate. The fries taste like McDonald’s fries back when they were still good and fresh, peep the secret menu on their website for tasty combos. Note that there is ALWAYS a line, and they charge for sauces so ask for them when you order. (And there is something about their tartar…it’s so good)

  15. Melissa Boyd

    Great hamburger and service was fantastic

  16. Outtadasky

    Had to change my rating from 5 to 3. Last few times I’ve been here the burger’s & fries’ quality has gone down significantly. It no longer taste as fresh and at time sloppily put together. Makes me sad since this was my favorite burger joint. Was worth the drive from Newcastle.

  17. Matt Gorman

    I always stop at Frugals Port Angeles after a backpacking trip in the Olympics. This time I was up the Duckabush, so PA was a bit out of the way. Nevertheless, I went home by way of Auburn just so I could have a Frugals burger. It did not disappoint!

  18. Tasha Carmichael

    Frugals burger is probably the best burger joint in auburn. I love their selection.

  19. Kumplex Media

    Great fast food! This place has some delicious burgers at decent fast food prices. Don’t believe me check it out for yourself…

  20. Sunny baa

    Was a Nice burger place to hit before Covid. As of 8/2022 their quality sux and burger sux too. Not even with par too any burger! Bad Bad Bad

  21. bill bradley

    Was short changed $ 11.00 I though no problem I will call them called and left a message ,no response so called again the next day and left a message again no response so the following day I sent an email to frugals after two more days no response. This is very unfortunate if they dont care enough about their customers to at least return the messages I think I will need to find another fast food restaurant there are plenty as good and or better some near the outlet mall

  22. Kurt Moose

    Best burgers in town! Bacon Burgers are the best!👍🏼

  23. Dennis Tate

    This place used to have the best gut bombs (burgers), but the last two times I’ve been quite disappointed. Bland best describes their burgers 🍔 fries 🍟 tasty, but over salted, huckleberry shakes aaaaaa where’s the flavor??? Yeah I’d still go there if all the other burger joints were too buzy

  24. Angela Earley

    Best Burgers, cooked to order, fantastic shakes and the staff is always friendly.

  25. Jaecob Hageman

    Friendly evening staff, quick and fresh food! Always a great experience.

  26. Sam Van Ginhoven

    Pretty good halibut burger and buffalo chicken burger. Reasonable prices.

  27. Jeff Johnson

    You priced me out of buying burgers there, a year ago burgers were 2.98 now there 3.98.

  28. Chris Jacobson

    Always awesome and fast

  29. Big Tye 38 Tht Guy Tye

    Been Better , Don’t Add Extra Nothing Just Order Ragular Menu Stuff

  30. Raye Dewolfe-Molesky

    OMG! I haven’t been here for a while because I don’t work in Auburn anymore and oh how I have missed out. It is better than I remember!! Tonight I was driving past to go to another store and couldn’t resist. It was fantastic! Mushroom burger add grilled onions, fries and a diet coke. Literally heaven on earth!👍😋😋😋😋❤ . The line though long moved fast. The counter service at the drive thru was friendly and efficient. And OMG! Yummmmm was the food….. All of it. I will never go this long again without popping by! Thank tou for a wonderful dinner! Went there today for lunch. Still fantastic!

  31. Ted Wakenight

    Can’t really remember the food was on the way to a concert

  32. Carlton Bonney

    Food is great, but when they’re busy they mix up the orders pretty consistently and you get someone else’s order more often than you get yours.

  33. Michael Dal Cielo

    Love their greasy hamburgers French fry are delicious I always get the bacon cheeseburger Quick service

  34. James A

    Best burgers in Auburn!! Hands down!!

  35. Andrew Finley

    Amazing burgers and shakes

  36. Nicole Combeau

    Tasty fast food – nice employees

  37. Mikky Tallman

    Great milkshakes good job

  38. Jonathan Martinez

    Best place to get a quick bite. The burgers are fresh and delicious and the fries are great!!!! Just make sure to ask for extra fry sauce.

  39. beth l

    I had a frugal bacon cheeseburger and fries. The burger was mouthwatering. The bacon done perfectly. 5 of 5 stars is based just on the burger. Fries are meh. Lines (its drivethru only and there are two lanes) are wretched.

  40. Carmen Mateo

    Couldn’t eat my burger it was burnt. So frustrating because I live in Buckley didn’t want to drive back !!

  41. Philip Whitman

    I was looking for some solid lunch burgers and came across Frugals and I was not disappointed. The burgers were juicy and delicious. The fries were piping hot and perfectly salted. The soda was crisp and refreshing. This place was awesome!

  42. Dan W

    Best burger in Auburn hands down, live most of the monthly shake flavors as well

  43. Rezee Jenkins

    Definitely the place to go!! It was me and my lady friends 1st time there and we came all the way from North evt, they were friendly, the service was just as good as the food……A1!!! I definitely plan to come back whenever I’m in Auburn

  44. Megan Huffman

    For a local fast food if you will drive thru only option place, their burgers and fries are some of the best in the south end. I’m a huge fan of any place that also has fry sauce, so that gives them extra points for me. Tasty and hits the spot when craving a good Burger!

  45. James Hall

    Well, for the 1st time. Its been a bit since ive been there though. But it seemed a bit… lacking the usual taste of burgers from Frugals. Not sure what the issue was. But it was kind of a turn off. I tossed half of it. It was that much, lacking the taste I needed & wanted.

  46. Erica Lewis

    First time at Frugals and Beverly helped us out today. She was so incredibly nice and sweet. The moment we got up to the window she greeted us and asked us about our day. She gave us great food recommendations to try next time we come in and was such a bubbly person to talk to. You don’t get that in customer service anymore! I will definitely be coming back!

  47. Nick Butler

    I love this place for a quick burger and fries. Love the fry sauce and they rotate a burger of the month that is almost always a go to for the wife. I would make this weekly if I could! Try too avoid mid day Saturday due to the lines.

  48. mallory calhoun

    Just re opened and just as excellent as before

  49. Kristen Haggstrom

    I’ve been coming to frugals for years and it is by far my favorite burger joint that I have ever eaten at. They have the best milkshakes and the most flavorful, juicy burgers. It is always worth it to stop here. The wait in the drive through line is more than worth it.

  50. John Harburg

    5 stars because sometimes I want an old fashion griddle burger and there is none better than Frugals! Also good prices and fast service!

  51. Christina Mathena

    I used to love their burgers. This time it was over salted and the fry oil was extremely old tasting. Hopefully it will improve next time we try :/

  52. sheila curry

    Omg- I might be cured from this place. My burger was slime!

  53. Tim Scott

    Great burgers and shakes

  54. John Caudill

    Frugals makes some good burgers and fries.

  55. Alex K

    Food is amazing. Similar to Dick’s quality in meat. Line is always long, sometimes up to a 20 minute wait. Staff is hit or miss in the friendly department.

  56. jane smith

    Absolute best customer service around, they’re always so friendly and respectful! The food is always the best!

  57. Darryl Coker

    Great hamburger joint and the customer service from Tara was unmatched she is one of the best people in this place, asking for her!

  58. Jeremy Palmquist

    Quick service, polite staff, great food…enough said!!

  59. MrRob913

    I really like the burgers & fries. Milk shakes are great. But what bothers me is the guys with full beards making the burgers/cooking, or nobody for that matter is wearing hair /beard nets. I was so hesitant to bite into my burger because of that gross sensation of a hair in my mouth,,, but the food is great. 👍

  60. P X

    Fast food burgers and fries exactly as they should be. Fast, good, reasonably priced. I have been here a handful of times over several years, it has been consistent. I will be back again whenever I find myself passing through Auburn. The intersection is weird for making a left, but not any kind of a big deal.

  61. P X

    Went there tonight had to wait longer for the order so the staff could chat up some customer about where they are working now.
    And got mayo on a sandwhich when its specified no mayo due to food allegies.

  62. john Neibel

    Went there tonight had to wait longer for the order so the staff could chat up some customer about where they are working now.
    And got mayo on a sandwhich when its specified no mayo due to food allegies.

  63. Louis

    The best

  64. BJ Darien

    Menu online is not accurate. Food was greasy and burnt. Bacon was high-quality though.

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