21801 E Country Vista Dr, Liberty Lake, WA 99019


47.666759892791, -117.11177491321


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm


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11:00 am – 10:00 pm


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Fujiyama Japanese Steak House

Japanese Steakhouse in Liberty Lake, WA









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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121 reviews for “Fujiyama

  1. Hillary White

    The food is good. Nothing special compared to other hibachi grills. The reason for my 2 start rating is the fact that we have ordered to go twice from them and both times they have told us the order will be ready at a specific time, and consistantly it has been 30+ minute wait at the restaurant passed when it was supposed to be complete. They REALLY need to work on their time frame expectations. We ordered our food at 445. They said it would be ready at 6. It wasnt done until 645. Just ridiculous.

  2. Marty Johnson

    Excellent food. Quick pick-up service

  3. Bryce Fager

    Best sushi in spokane. And I’ve been everywhere. Try the tiger if you want the best roll imo.

  4. Rhonda Dillon

    Inside dining staff and food was the best‼️ Take out food was ok.

  5. Green

    Best food for a Lunch time. Always supporting locals and enjoying life moments. Very recommended.

  6. Dylan Pierce

    This is a Great sushi spot. Bartender eric is great as well.

  7. Sparky Pax

    As a business owner with multiple businesses I must say, this place has the absolute worst service of any restaurant in the entire Spokane area. The employees I’ve encountered are very quick to judge not only age but also quick to turn people away because they do not want to serve them. I have been to the Kennewick location and did not experience nearly as horrible of service. The Spokane location also has not updated its hours of operation, this is the 3rd and final time I have driven 35 miles to visit this restaurant and I highly recommend anyone that values their time, to stay far away.

  8. Ron Miller

    We moved from Vancouver WA & were looking for a place to replace Kyoto’s, a Japanese steak/sushi house. We liked it & Fujiyama was very similar in style & menu. However, when arriving home did not find the salad or soup that was included in the menu pricing. I called & they do not include in to go orders, Kyoto’s always included. I don’t like paying full dine in price with part of the meal missing so will continue looking for a place.

  9. Dwayne Broomfield

    Really good sushi and fast service just don’t think they won’t be busy sometimes

  10. JR Thomas

    Always great service and the food is SO good. Land and sea is my go to when in the area.

  11. Richard Lee

    Food was awsome! Cant wait to try thier habatchi!

  12. ashley vent

    The service and food were outstanding! Can’t wait to go back

  13. Melissa Chadwell

    My aunt and uncle took my son and I there, for a belated birthday dinner. Never been there before, GREAT food and the cook was funny too. Well be back again, told my aunt let’s go again tomorrow wink wink. We will be back thanks for a great evening.

  14. Anthony Harrell

    This place has a good atmosphere and the food is always made the way I want it and it is always hot, fresh and delicious

  15. Robert Walker

    Numerous tasty options, and friendly staff

  16. Jackson Kadel

    Great food, great service, and a fun environment.

  17. Bobbi Washington

    Wonderful dinner at Fujiyama! Staff was friendly, food was excellent and good atmosphere. We made new friends from the other side of the table, too! Our chief Brian was entertaining and knew his stuff. Very engaging. Highly recommend for a celebratory evening or just because you want a treat. I’ll be back!

  18. McKenzie Busby

    Great Food but how can a family restaurant in Liberty Lake not allow anyone under 21 years of age for lunch. I took my daughters in for lunch and they were so excited to only be turned away because they were under the age of 21! This makes no sense for a lunch place in Liberty Lake WA of all places.

  19. Chad Primmer

    Great food, excellent host and chef! Highly reccomd this place! Makes the sho-gun look like a metered hour!!

  20. Jamie Brickner

    Great hibachi food and happy hour appetizers.

  21. Tyrion Lannister

    My partner and I came here twice in 2019 and once in 2020 and had a great experience! Tonight we came in to have dinner and were quite disappointed. We had a 1900 reservation and weren’t seated until about 1910 (which isn’t a big deal but it gets worse!) When the waitress finally decided to take our order, she did not acknowledge my existence when asking my partner what HE wanted to drink. I guess she assumed I just wanted water? Speaking of water, I had to put his water into my cup since no water refills were offered. The woman who didn’t acknowledge me when we ordered drinks came back with our starter salads and soup; the soup was barely warm and when she set the items down she just let them drop onto the table like she didn’t care and didn’t want to be there. The chef came over at 2000 (an HOUR after our reservation was) and started on our food and didn’t know who ordered what. The table contained 6 people all together. My partner and I, a Mom and Dad, and two boys next to us. When cooking up the veggies, the chef miscalculated the portions and gave the Dad of the family about 1/4 of the veggies, then had to split what was left between the two teenage boys, myself and my partner. Of course I was given my veggies last so I was screwed out of my appropriate portion; to make up for it I was given more rice (even though rice isn’t my favorite thing in the world but oh well). Then the original waitress who seated us came back with drinks for everyone, she literally reached across me to give my partner his iced tea… (kind of destroys the 3ft or 6ft distance bs…) When I say reached across I mean her arm was right in my face! Finally towards the end of the meal when we were expecting the ice cream dessert for our “ordering for two” special we got, a new waitress just wanted to give us the check and not ask what kind of ice cream we wanted when the ice cream is part of the deal. My partner politely brought it up and she just said, “oh yeah… what flavor do you want?” We then waited for another 15 minutes while the dishes around us were being cleaned up after the family of four had left, which is rude. The table kitty corner to us didn’t have staff members cleaning things up while they were still seated. We decided not to wait and just got up to skip the ice cream and just pay up front. When we went to pay the lady at the front rolled her eyes and asked “which table were you at?” (Like we had to give her a number when the tables aren’t numbered for customers to see as far I know..?) My partner said “That one.” And pointed. So THEN the lady who forgot the ice cream came from the kitchen to us and held up the ice cream and said “you don’t want your ice cream?!” We politely declined because it was almost 2100 and we were too irritated to stand being there any longer. Not sure what was going on. We are just a regular, working, caucasian couple. Each time we have gone in there we have always spent at LEAST $150.00, and that’s not counting the tip. We always tip well too since we appreciate those in the service industry. However, tonight was ridiculous.

  22. Jen Gordon

    Amazing all around! My kids absolutely loved it and the chef was great. Make sure to call and make a reservation.

  23. Matt MaCurdy

    Highly recommend this restaurant!

  24. Julie Sanders

    I had a crunchy roll and spicy tuna roll; lunch special is $10.50 for 2 rolls from a list. Included onion soup.Both were good and fresh. Had a nice glass of house Chardonnay. All was good. Friendly environment.

  25. Cassandra Bucklin

    I adore a great Hibachi grill! Fujiyama has the perfect environment to entertain friends & family of all ages. They provide a unique dinner & a show experience! Our chef had great dad jokes and his skills were above par, he definitely made the night memorable. I usual get the surf & turf hibachi but tonight I went with the Salmon. I was not disappointed & I walked away with enough leftovers for lunch. I highly recommend this Grill for everyone!


    We just finished the most delicious and fun meal at Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse!… We’ve eaten numerous times at Fujiyama and it’s has always been great but this dining experience was so amazing I just needed to post a review about it…If you’ve eaten at Japanese Hibachi Steakhouses quite a bit you know the “show” can become repetitive… Our chef Rian on this visit managed to make the table side cooking experience fresh, exciting and just a blast!… Rian did tricks we had never seen before… he looked like he was really enjoying his job!… we loved his jokes and sense of humor!… I also have to say Rian is really fine chef… this was by far the best meal we’ve had at Fujiyama… Love this guy!

  27. Jennifer Coleman

    Amazing food!! And wonderful staff!! We had never been here before and so glad we tried it!!! Highly recommend

  28. MariLou Y.

    Delicious food! I’d say this is the best restaurant in town. And the place is very clean.

  29. Denise Garner

    Staff was polite and professional. Hibachi “entertainment” was… entertaining LoL. Food was fresh, delicious, and generous. And, price was commensurate for the total experience. 5 Stars!

  30. Kendall Parrett

    Family and I went here to celebrate, the chef did a great job cooking our food. We came here based off reviews. They didn’t disappoint. Soild 3/5 stars. Had a good time. I would come here again.

  31. Michael McNeill

    Fabulous experience! A must for any celebration and connection with those you love. The staff will engage and make the dinning experience that much more exciting! Trust me – worth it!

  32. Sarah jones

    We frequent here a lot, but today was made extra special for my son’s birthday. He has Autism and enjoyed the chef and food so much, he even ate his veg which never happens Thankyou!!

  33. Lenka Kirchner

    Good entertainment with excellent food and great staff and service 👍

  34. Amanda Smith

    Good and tasty food. Reservations required to sit at the grill

  35. David Folsom

    Always a fun time. Dinner with a show. Food is excellent. Service spot on. Very much enjoy going.

  36. Annelisa Riddle

    Sushi rolls were great quality and beautifully prepared. Chef was entertaining. Fun for our whole family

  37. Ashley Stoutimore

    We go there all the time and have never had a bad experience. Last night me and my family went and not only did we not get the ice cream that we paid for, the hibachi cook was rude and there was no entertainment from him. If that wasn’t bad enough from the prices we pay, my entire family got super sick from dinner. I am not returning anytime soon.

  38. ramiro briones

    Other than a small mistake on our meal, we were seated in a timely manner and our chef was a good sport and even fire juggled for us after the meal.

  39. Shaun Lorraine Brown

    Huge portions, very friendly staff, exciting Hibachi chef -loved the skill in tossing eggs and lighting onion volcanos. I had the hibachi chicken, and asked for extra veggies. They definitely gave me extra everything. My husband had the steak and shirmp and my daughter had the scallops. It was all delicious. I don’t do sushi but they enjoyed it as well. Very nice pressentation on what I heard was a very spicy Bruce Lee roll.

  40. Shelley Goodsall

    We always have super waitresses and incredible food. We love it there and will continue to go back. It’s one of our favorite ❤ restaurants.

  41. Cason Verhaeren

    Amazing! When I got there I asked for gluten-free options and they were very knowledgeable about substitutions needing to be made, and they said they’d just make it in the back. Except when the chef came out to the hibachi grill, he said he was just going to use GF soy sauce (tamari) for everything, which means I got to feel like a real person and get my food straight off the grill with everyone else. I literally can’t remember the last time I had asian food, and it was delicious too! Everyone loved it.

  42. Dan Hahn

    Dynamite food and a fun atmosphere!

  43. Sabrina Hutton

    Great Experience, Excellent Chef, Wonderful Environment, Delicious Food! Highly Recommend!!

  44. Food-N -Frass

    Good food, great show, friendly staff, how can it get better?

  45. Valerie Cobb

    I always like these places. I gave four stars not because of service. Service was fantastic. I’m someone who likes savory and the Northwest places like these tend to add more sweet to the food. I also expect bean sprouts and whether it is supply chain issues or whether it was just not part of their menu, no bean sprouts. I have gone to quite a few of these places in the Coeur D’Alene area as well and the spices used are not quite what I like based on Benihauna flavors. But that is me only. Like I said, for me bean sprouts are a must. The service was fantastic! And the rest of the people at the table loved the food as well.

  46. Carson Estes

    Food and waitress were great. Was told a 30 minute wait by the hostess as they took down my name and number, waited 45 minutes to come back in only to find that they gave my table to somebody else because I didn’t answer their calls. They wrote down the wrong phone number and had to wait an additional 20 minutes for a table. Should make sure they double check phone numbers are correct. Did not seemed to concerned with my extra wait time.

  47. Lara Spradlin

    The service was so slow. Our chef did not come to our table until an hour after we were seated. The waiter was also very slow and did not attend to our table hardly at all. The chicken was very over done.

  48. Katie McDowell

    This is a generous 1 star. Ordered dinner for two, took 45 minutes to finally be served. The food was luke warm, not seasoned and the shrimp appetizer was literally 2 small shrimps put on the main plate. Highly disappointed. Service was dismal as well. Don’t waste your time coming here.

  49. Stephen M. Robinson

    This was our first time going to Fujiyama. We had a great time. Our hibachi chef was really entertaining and engaging and the food was delicious. Great family experience.

  50. Alex

    Great food and great show from our hibachi chef. We filled out an entire grill and our chef made sure everyone was engaged and enjoying the experience.

  51. Cheryl Capoocia

    We had a great time here celebrating my mom’s 80th birthday. The Chef was entertaining and really got us all involved in the show. The food was also delicious, especially the shrimp and the salmon.

  52. tyler kondelik

    Bomb. What else can I say, the sushimi rolls were spot on awesome, every course u get at the hibachi table is cooked to perfection, and the price you pay for the quality and service you receive here are very reasonable. From the first bite I took from my rainbow roll, I was sold. Great experience, wife loved it. Will be back and recommending to friends as well.

  53. Oliver Lawrence

    First time visiting Fujiyama. Hibachi style Japanese food and sushi. Busy place. Good food and mildly entertaining while they cook in front of you. Loud with big parties around the cooking area make it difficult to hold a good conversation. Price was more than expected. Server was attentive – thank you Cole!!

  54. Aaron Nazzy

    you may think the food tastes good, but you would be mortified if you saw what goes on in the kitchen. hope you like spit in your shrimp and food that has been dropped and picked back up off the floor. 👍🏻

  55. Brenna S

    Surf and turf was great outstanding even! But that soup and salad has got to go. Or a alternative option would be nice. Ive never seen anyone really enjoy it. Sorry to say that but it needed to be said.

  56. Iliana Aragon

    Went for dinner last week with my boyfriend, friend and her husband and we all really, really enjoyed it! Our chef’s name was Curry, he was hilarious! Everything he cooked for us was delicious. The service overall was great. Will definitely be going back when in Spokane again. Thank you Curry for all the great food and jokes!

  57. Kyle Ziemer

    It was entertaining watching the food cooked right in front of us.

  58. Karen Jay

    Went there At 1:55 this afternoon 12/10/2021. Was going to buy some gift cards. Stood by front desk for over 5 minutes. Walked in bar stood there for a few more minutes. My husband said let’s go. This is ridiculous. We will be spending our money somewhere else. I heard employees in another room laughing talking instead of doing there job. I was going to get a couple hundred dollars of gift cards. There loss another restaurant gets our money

  59. cody szabrowicz

    Went here for a birthday dinner. Grilles were dirty around the edges 4 out of the 6 of our meals were messed up. Half of us ordered chicken and didn’t get it. Drinks got delivered with our checks. Terrible service paid over 100 dollars for 6 pieces of steak and a plate of rice. Had to ask twice for a 10 dollar discount. Terrible will not go back

  60. Jennifer Churchill

    Went for what was supposed to be a New Years Eve celebration. Turned out to be an awful experience. Service was slow even though the restaurant wasn’t full. Several grills not even being used and only a handful of other customers. The chef spilled sauce all over the table when he filled out sauce cups. Completely messy and looked so unappetizing. Then the rice was over seasoned with soy sauce and very salty. We ordered scallops, shrimp and steak. Some of our party wanted rare steak and they were served steak well done. Shrimp was over cooked and dry. But the absolute worse was after our food was served the chef sprayed the grill down with water to clean it and that created a steam that covered me and my friends. It was like a cloud of wet steamy smelly dishwasher. Then he began scrubbing the grill with a grill scrubber that looked like it had been used for months without washing. But the final straw was when his scrubbing resulted in dirty grill water slashing into our plates of food. Then to add insult to injury the other wait staff came by and cleaned the floor with the stick vacuum right next to our table and grill while we were still eating. And the bussing totes they used to clear the dishes were covered in black smears and grim in the outside. Overall, the place looked dirty and gross and the food was not worth $87. Bad experience.

  61. Mark Montejano

    Tonight was exceptionally well. Generally you go in, seated and either the waiter/server or cook is really good but not both. However tonight, both were exceptional. Greeted at the front, awaited until our party was ready and seated promptly. They checked on our drinks and refilled quickly, food was cooked perfectly. My wife generally doesn’t eat all the vegetables that comes with Jackie’s choice and she ate them all! Cook had the right set of entertainment and personality. Best time yet and that’s not saying the other times weren’t good. Seems like they took a good restaurant and made it great. Thanks as always!

  62. Tee More

    Went here with 4 other people. The cook had to have been drunk as a skunk. He squirted sauce all over the tables as he was filling the sauce cups, almost burnt 3 people with boiling water while cleaning the grill and soy sauce was pooled on everyone’s plate. 30 minutes after our meal, the first person got diarrhea, then the next person and then the next. All of them had the chicken. Two of us ate the shrimp and steak and thought we were safe. Nope, diarrhea ensued. It took 25 minutes to get a drink here. I read the other reviews about people getting diarrhea but thought it might have been a fluke. Stay away!! They were going to bring my daughters bday cake out. We waited over 30 minutes after we ate. I finally told them to put the cake back in the bag because they took so long and the first person started in with the diarrhea. They didn’t return her “16” birthday candle that was over 15 dollars. This was not worth the over 200.00 I paid for dinner. The awful and slow service can’t be blamed on lack of staff, there were workers everywhere. Only a few grills were going also. I’ve been to many hibachi restaurants and never smelt so much burnt food. I couldn’t stop sneezing from that awful smell.

  63. G N

    Food was good. Seemed a little short staffed, but it was a Thursday. Took a while for drinks and sushi to come out, but it was still delicious

  64. Jeffrey Primm

    My sushi was served to me on a dinner plate instead of a sushi plater. Not what i expected but then last time i was there again served on a dinner plate. Not a good experience.

  65. Kelly Wakefield

    Had a great time tonight celebrating ourvson’s birthday. They were awesome in every way. Thank you for everything.

  66. kitesurfusa

    Last night my wife and I unexpectedly wound up going to dinner at Fujiyama restaurant and to our surprise had the best night. The food was excellent our hibachi cook Aaron was amazing entertaining and just a great guy and a great chef. Highly recommend this restaurant because of him and the food. Also cookie our waitress was so pleasant and amazing. Such a great dining experience, we will be back

  67. annmarie rabe

    Slowwww. The food was good but the service was so slow almost 2 hours, on a weeknight.

  68. Stephanie A

    Great food! Even the kids chicken and French fries included extra items from the grill. The only downside was waiting for our entree, as there were only two cooks between all of the tables.

  69. Jen Holyoak

    Took our kids here for dinner! Will definitely be going back!

  70. Peggy Winkel

    Lovely service. Chef at table was skilled and entertaining. The sushi was delicious and did not affect my sugar alarm. Everyone else relished their hibachi meals and I enjoyed what was shared with me from the grill. We plan to make it a regular experience.

  71. Tyler Nixon

    Worst place to get pick up. I ordered food at 6 for my food to be ready at 6:50 and when I got there they hadn’t even started it. 20mins later they’re still not done with the food. There’s maybe 20 people in the whole restaurant. Waste of time and money.

  72. Mark

    We ate here not too long ago but due to Covid restrictions we had to sit alone in the bar. (We couldn’t sit and enjoy watching the Hibachi Chef as customers had to be spaced out and they simply couldn’t fit us in). The service was great in the bar and the food was good. It was kind of a disappointing experience, however, so we plan to return and hopefully edit this review up to 4-5 stars.
    (UPDATE) We recently were thrilled to be able make it in to eat (and actually watch the Hibachi Chef prepare our meal). Our entertaining Chef was AJ and he was beyond amazing. We can’t wait for our next opportunity to come back again. We highly recommend Fujiyama to all who desire an exceptional dining experience.

  73. Fuzzy Bunny

    My Fiancé and I just stopped in after shopping at Home Depot. I we had the best dinner. The Bar was the best place to sit in and just enjoy a night out that we hardly get. The bar staff where excellent and very knowledgeable on the menu. Not very loud and very good atmosphere to be able to sit back and have good conversation at the table. Most defiantly will be back.

  74. Vicki Singer

    Excellent food excellent service in the bar

  75. Trish Itve

    Yummy food, excellent service!

  76. Bill Strobeck

    Our hostess treated us with more respect than any other restaurant around. I did not get your name, but thank you red. You are an asset to this great place. Good and showmanship was top notch to boot.

  77. Dan Redmond

    Great food and good when you go inside to eat. But when you get to go they are awful. Twice now they never put in the order so I have to wait 25 mins when I show up

  78. ZnH Hockley

    The hibachi show is totally worth it. Chef was funny and kept us laughing, When he wasn’t trying to set us on fire. Try the hot saki!

  79. Jim Oberst

    The service was impeccable friendly quick not pushy and knowledgeable the hours could be improved

  80. Jared Hundrup

    The sushi and drinks here are great.

  81. Joshua Taylor

    1st time and will totally come back! Marcelo rocks! Excellent food and fantastic service.

  82. Ethan Korneichuk

    My boy Aj was the best. Not only was the food great the show was better. He gave me food and told me to say his name. The whole restaurant heard Daddy DADDY. He even let me play with fire. Aj will forever be my daddy.

  83. Kacey Titus

    Had a great time and great food. I didn’t even get a chance to have my leftovers because they were gone by family the second I got home! Hubs and I got the steak and chicken date night meal. Definitely will be back.

  84. Don H

    We had a family gathering around the hibachi grill. We enjoyed a personal show from the chef and had a great meal.

  85. Heather Dalager

    Don’t bother going here if you have had a gastric sleeve or bypass. They will not let you order smaller meal portions and require that you purchase a full meal. The woman and the manager I dealt were extremely rude, told me they didn’t care about my “medical condition” that this was their policy. With that said I decided I would “share” with my husband because I literally eat 1/2 to 1 cup of food maximum. Then she informed us that if I shared off his plate that she would charge me for a meal. She stood in front of me and said “now what do you want” I replied I didn’t want anything. She was mad about me refusing to order and walked away in a huff. This was a celebration for my daughters birthday and we had a group of 15 people, they weren’t losing money with our group. My husband did give me a small amount of his meal, as did my son to try things they were getting. When we received the bill there was a $7 charge for a “side of vegetables” which we never got. The same woman huffed away when I informed her that the check was incorrect. Vegetables came with both meals that were ordered for our check. We did not order an additional side of vegetables, nor did we receive such item. Also, they automatically put an 18% gratuity on your check but when they run your card they ask for a tip on the credit card receipt as well. Several members of our party did not notice the gratuity already on their bill and tipped twice. Finally, to top the evening off at least 6 members of our party ended up with stomach issues for the remainder of the evening from the food. The food is over priced, staff is rude, manipulative billing practices, and not worth ever going again.
    The only positive to this experience were the cooks who were entertaining and friendly.

  86. Michelle D

    Food has been outstanding both times we went, once for lunch and once for dinner. The chefs are friendly and energetic. The wait staff is attentive.

  87. Gus Gus

    Hunting or one night here food was excellent service was prompt great place to eat and relax

  88. Jeffro HoHo

    Absolutely my fav habatchi. Used to go to Shogun for birthdays, etc. No more. Fujiyama rocks

  89. Daniel Worrell

    No words as to how nice this place is from the cooks and staff to how well the food is prepared just awesome!

  90. Colomba Aguilar

    Fun place to take the family! We celebrated Fathers Day here and were the last table seated. As the rest of the tables cleared, many of the servers came to help and make sure our table was good, without making us feel rushed. They obviously needed to clean up and shut down after a busy day but they did so while making our table (us plus another family we got seated with around the grill) feel like we could take the time to enjoy the experience. The food was great, the hibachi chef was of course hillariously entertaining and overall great!

  91. GreatPNW Adventure

    Let me start of by saying the food was great. No problem there. The service was just terrible. The waitress would not take no for an answer. We had to say no a least 7 different times just get her to stop trying to sell us Alcohol. The hibachi chef was really pleasant and funny but he was new you could tell. he kept dropping stuff. We didn’t get two orders of white rice as he made it all into fried rice. Which they did charge us extra for even though it was their mistake. Overall it was a great experience. Just be clear with what you say and firm on your stance. Or you’ll end up paying for their mistake and or buying drinks you don’t want

  92. Jason McCray

    6/23 outside in the bar area. Half of our order was never brought out and after we ordered we did not see the waiter for almost 35 minutes. Food we got was delicious and It looked like other servers were doing their job nicely but this night our server was absolutely horrible. We have been there 2 times and have had the same server and both times his service was horrible.

  93. Glen Reser

    A couple days ago, my wife and I dined at Fujiyama in Liberty Lake for the first time. The restaurant was clean and a good size. We were seated right away.

    Overall, we had a really good experience. The food was delicious, our cook was entertaining, and the prices were as expected.

    The only downside of our dining experience was our waitress. She was very slow and seemed loss. We waited over 15 minutes for our beers.

    All in all, we loved the experience and we will be back.

  94. Kind SupplyNW

    Portions were weak as hell tonight, seemed like half the amount as normal and I’ve been here over 20 times. If it’s like this one more time I’ll start going to Shogun instead. $180 for these small portions?? Bad experience tonight definitely!!

  95. Patrick Blum

    Might be the best Hibachi restaurant in Eastern Washington!

  96. Tiffany D

    Great food, we prefer to dine in the bar. Less distractions, we can talk and spend time as a family.

  97. Katie Richardson

    My boyfriend and I are frequent patrons of Fujiyama and have always had a great time until last night. We sat in the bar (which we usually do) and realized it was more busy than usual knowing it was a Friday night we took that into consideration knowing service would be a little slower which we were totally fine with. I’ve been serving since I was 19 (now 26) and understand the industry fully. We were greeted by our waiter and he got the drinks promptly. Everything was great until food. I ordered sushi and he ordered the ribeye with rice and veggies. My sushi came out and our waiter said that it would be a little for my boyfriends food since the grill was backed up. I was a little shocked as to why he brought my sushi out (an item that I’m assuming could have been held) but I was fine with it figuring it would just be maybe 5-10 mins of a wait. So I sat there and ended up sending a photo to my friend of the sushi (this is important). A good while goes by and my boyfriend still hasn’t received his food. Thinking I’m being over dramatic I double check the time I sent my photo to my friend ( cause ya know when you’re hungry and waiting time feels longer than it is) to my shock I sent the photo about 25mins ago. I was stunned. Our server never checked in with us through our the wait. Finally his food came out and the ribeye left a lot to be desired to say the least. Over half the steak had fat on it (see picture below). I’m sorry but if I’m waiting around 30 mins for a 30 dollar plate that food better be close to perfect. The fact that the quality went from the kitchen, to the plate, to our server checking it and still proceeding to bring it out is astonishing to me. In my opinion as a server I wouldn’t have served that and definitely would have been communicating with my table through out this ordeal. My boyfriend said everything else on the plate was great, except the fat. At the end the server came over and I told him “I’m not trying to be that person and everything was great except for the steak it was …” and he looks down and sees all the fat pushed to the side and goes “fatty” and I said “yea…maybe just let your kitchen know?” And he goes “yea it isn’t usually like that” and turned walked away an brought me the check. No apology at all. I totally get it wasn’t “his fault” but again as a server myself that’s a reflection on your service. Sadly at the end my boyfriend and I said we will only go when they are slow if we go at all. Super disappointed.


    We had guests in from out of state, got in to town late and they took us in close to closing without hesitation, they were extremely welcoming and we never felt rushed. Food was great, service was excellent and friendly. It’s been about a year ago now but I wanted to make sure to give them this five star review because it’s important that they know this treatment makes us absolute fans and faithful regulars! 🙂

  99. Lauren Lovelady

    Kid-friendliness: Definitely fun for kids. We took our 3 year old and he loved the soup, rice, and steak! The chef was very attentive and worked hard to entertain our kid who only cared about his soup and rice 😂

  100. Korey Devine

    Great place! My new favorite spot on Liberty Lake! Fresh seafood + competent sushi chef = great sushi.

    But that’s just scratching surface!
    They put on a delicious show as well!

    Go get ya some Fujiyama!

  101. Mike Mooney

    One of the best meals I have ever had. The service was great and the guy cooking the food was awesome. Fresh healthy food and great entertainment.

  102. Tim Wheeler

    Website says they close at 9 o’clock. We called ahead and were there by 8:30. We told him we needed a table for two and they said they weren’t sure if there was clean tables. The two hostesses sat and talked for three or four minutes and then told us they weren’t sure if they were still seating people. by the time they came back with an answer it was getting close to 840. Then they said they were no longer seating people so I asked for a manager, the manager tells me they stop seating people at 8:45 I said oh great it’s only 840 now. She said her cook had a rough day and she wanted to send him home but we gladly do a take-out order I asked her what the difference was between us standing in ordering and sitting in ordering it wouldn’t keep the cook there any longer and she couldn’t give me an explanation . Poor customer service won’t go back

  103. Nikolay Zhuravlev

    They cook in front of you. It’s fun and very good food. The sushi is best in town.

  104. Evan Smith

    Very fun environment, and tasty food! The lunch menu from 11 till 3 is affordable and you can still get the hibachi show. Great for any group outing.

  105. Larry Epperson

    Really good food. The chef was excellent.

  106. beckymc03

    First time to this restaurant. LOVED the dinner and show. Lana was our chef and Jordan was our server.
    Lana was amazing. Very engaging and definitely entertaining. He remembered my children’s names and included them in the experience. My daughter was thrilled to celebrate her birthday at Fujiyama. The food was delicious and the servings were generous. Def will return!

  107. Kas S.

    It was very good
    Our service was excellent our food was better… Dbl rice who knew … Our chef was very personable and each person had a very nice experience

  108. Jenna Thorson

    Food was amazing, sake was delicious, service was great!

  109. Diane Strobeck

    We had a great time here. The chef was funny and punny.

  110. Savannah Kimm

    Always excellent service when I’ve visited with family or friends. Great food, always tastes fresh.

  111. Allen

    Pro Tip: call in an order about 2 hours before you want to eat. They will tell you it will be ready in about an hour. Go in after an hour and give them your name to pick up your order and they will tell you it will be ready in about 20-30 mins (more likely 45 mins) This had happened three times where I’ve called in an order over an hour before hand, they give me a time to pick it up, and I’ve had to wait at least another 30 mins everything. Makes no sense. Unfortunately, the food is great and the service is great so I keep going back, just give yourself 2 hours of a window from when you order to when you actually want to eat.
    !!!!Update 9-26-22!!!!
    Have ordered several times since as the food and sushi are incredible. Have not had any issues with wait times. Service is prompt and food is hot and ready within a couple minutes of pickup! HIGHLY recommend Fujiyama!

  112. Tiffany Boonvisate

    The food was fantastic the chef was amazingly friendly and funny would definitely recommend this place

  113. Vicki Slater

    This place was good… the chef was going to move back to Illinois in a week so he wasn’t very interactive very nice man but experience maybe could of been better $$$

  114. Kandis Hill

    Very good food and amazing atmosphere. Overall a lovely place to be. Even with kids

  115. Taylor Lunceford

    Went in last week with my boyfriend and waited over 20 minutes before we left. No one, but the buss boy came out to use to see if we had been helped. The gentleman with the Mohawk made eye contact with us several time but never came to our table just to cash the people out beside us. Very disappointed

  116. Karin Foss

    Had an amazing time. Very entertaining and delicious.

  117. kimn nguyen

    Service is painfully slow. Restaurant is practically okay empty (1 table) and they told us 40min wait. And they took forever to take order and basically ignored during the entire time

  118. My kim Ho

    Host was so rude. Restaurant is short staffed. Food and service weren’t good for the price

  119. Eduard Korovnik

    wow, great food, fun experience, awsome customer service

  120. Vins Oh

    food and performance was good. The asian server today was so mean. when we order she pushes us and sigh many times. It was our first time be here and the last visit. never come back

  121. Jeff Davis

    Just delicious EVERYTHING including the cocktails which had a kick to them.

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