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Fusion Korean

Korean Restaurant in Airway Heights, WA







“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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37 reviews for “Fusion Korean

  1. Karol Thompson

    Food was very blah and overpriced. Might as well have gone to panda…

  2. Da Beek

    Small local restaurant, good food would eat there again

  3. KC

    I think about this place all the time. I used to go here about once a week… maybe a few times a month as a treat for myself. When I moved out of state, to be perfectly honest I miss this place the most. Food is fresh and amazing. I miss it so much. ;_;

  4. Daniel Schwartz

    Always fresh, great tasting food! Wonderful staff, friendly and excellent chefs:)

  5. Alexander Freeman

    Food was sadly sub par. The side dishes and the bland kimchi were a sad excuse for banchan. The service was equally dismal. Will not go again. One star. Very disappointed with the entire experience.

  6. Mark V

    Just found this little gem in airway heights hands down the freshest and most authentic Korean food I’ve had in a good minute 10 ⭐️

  7. Isaac Cook

    Terrific service, wonderful food and a pleasant atmosphere! 10/10 best restaurant I’ve been to this year! My compliments to the chefs!

  8. Brandon Anderson

    I just ordered chicken fried rice and some other items. This is the best chicken fried rice I have ever had. The other item is also very good. But real good chicken fried rice is actually pretty hard find.

  9. Stacey Davis

    Went on to eat tonight, only one other table with people in there and they already had their food. Man who seated us was grumpy and not welcoming at all. We waited almost 10 minutes and no one ever came back out. We left. Went 3 doors down and had a fabulous meal with really friendly staff. Needless to say we won’t ever come back here again.

  10. Carol Breeze

    The food is delicious! Especially like the bento combination. Number 1 is a must try!

  11. Mark Allison

    The food was fine but the service…ugh.
    I doubt we’ll return due to the atmosphere and the attitude.

  12. Tracy Blair

    A hidden treat. Good food at reasonable prices

  13. Alexander Illig

    Super solid and straight up Korean (visited S Korean for a few weeks). One of my fav spots close by.

  14. Chris Brooks

    Very surprised how good Fusion Korean Restaurant is. I love Bulgogi, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good their bulgogi is! Fantastic really. Not sure what’s going on with their rice, and the Kimchi was a little too pickled for my taste, but if you’re interested in excellent bulgogi, this place is easily one of the best in the area! Highest Recommendation!

  15. Glock Machine

    Makes panda express taste like…Burger king!!! AMAZING 10 stars

  16. Joseph McNamee

    This place is amazing! Everything tasted spectacular, definitely a new favorite place of mine.

  17. Savannah

    Great portions for a cheap price, service was great, the restaurant was very clean and tidy and it was a welcoming space despite being smaller. The person working kept up with filling water, taking away empty plates, etc. I would recommend this place to a friend. There is absolutely nothing I could complain about and the food was amazing!

  18. Liz M

    This place is delicious and amazing!! Come in and eat here the food is bomb and the restaurant is cute!

  19. M.A. Walser

    This is a surprise! Very good and fast dining in. I had spicy shrimp and it was very good, just spicy enough.

  20. Journey Nelson

    My first time eating here. Has come highly recommended and for good reason. Enjoyed the food very much! We will definitely come again….

  21. M Bailey

    Place is amazing, food is great and the portions are more than enough. Staff is always respectful and friendly as well. I’ve never had a bad experience.

  22. Kim Gilbert

    I do believe we’ve finally found our go-to Asian restaurant in the Spokane area!! It’s amazing!!

  23. Sergio Zapien

    Great hole-the-wall, food and service!

    Sure, gentleman who served us, was a man of few words and to the point – I like to think it was the best he could do; his English is much better than my Korean tongue. Ha.

    Anyhow, wife and I came in for dinner on a Saturday – empty but a lot of phone orders.

    We had the the steamed dumplings, spicy bo-go-gi and general taos chicken. All came out piping hot and extremely delicious. Definitely have to explore the rest of the menu.

  24. Sierra Roath

    Bulgogi and chicken katsu was amazing! Will be definitely coming back.

  25. Zero Cool

    Food here is pretty decent, worth the drop in. Go for the food not the service.

  26. Brandon DeRosier-Zahnow

    Fusion has great authentic Korean food! My wife is Korean and we love this restaurant. This is the place to go!

  27. Sarah Roberts Chlarson

    Fusion has been our favorite local Asian restaurant for about 5 years. The food is always hot and fresh and very flavorful. We’ve explored most of the menu and it’s all been excellent. Our favorite is the sesame chicken because it’s kid-friendly with just a tiny bit of spice to it. The sushi rolls and dumplings are so fresh, they’re definitely made in-house. We usually order several meals and share because it’s hard to only choose one dish. Kimchi and pickled veggies are served with the dishes too and I really don’t find that anywhere else.

  28. healthy YOU

    I absolutely love Fusion restaurant.
    I have been bringing my family here for years.
    We can ALL agree on this restaurant selection.The service is great,the food is amazing. Even the smallest of grandkids love it!

  29. O's Auto Glass

    The food was good, cooked well.
    Seems to be run by husband and wife.
    Very small restaurant.
    The service is ok, and the response when you ask a question is very abrupt and almost comes off rude, but after all is said and done the food is excellent.
    Look past the cultural divide and try this joint out.
    I had the general Tsos and was very pleased.
    (No hot pepper oil at this location )

  30. Ron LaMar

    Spent three years in Korea and this place is pretty damn close to authentic. Now the area just needs a Korean BBQ spot…they’d make a ton of money!

  31. Rebecca Bagley

    Wanted a different place to while visiting Spokane . Fusion Korean had some good reviews so we thought we’d try . Ordered the chicken yakisoba with veggies . Impressive plate presentation . Veggies were fresh . I had to search for the chicken. The dish was delicious ! Thanks !

  32. Allison

    One of those Hole In The Wall places you must try. Very fair price also. Highly recommend!

  33. Creativeone Shannon

    The modest exterior does not reflect what a wonderful place to eat this is. Everything was fresh and clean, and the waitress was friendly and ready to make suggestions when we weren’t sure what to order. I had the Beef Bulgogi combination, and my hubby had the (very) Spicy Chicken combination. Both were fresh and flavorful, and I was delighted to have enough left over to bring home for lunch the next day. I am looking forward to going back again and trying two more different entrees, and working our way through the menu, as I have a feeling you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu!

  34. LeadFARMA

    Really, really good food. We had the spicy rice cakes which were amazing! My husband had the sesame chicken and the california rolls, he loved all of it. I had the general tso’s chicken and it was super tasty! Would definitely recommend!

  35. Brandon Price

    Awesome small business restaurant out in airway. Got the thumbs up from the wife which is saying something.. great service and great food

  36. Amy Velasco

    very impolite,discourteous and rude behavior of the server..he just throw your food in the table,not even saying thank you to the customers,fried rice is super salty,side dishes served in very tiny portions and it’s only 3 kinds of varieties..requested for a spoon and he gave me a dirty wonder why there’s no people inside the resto when we arrived,we thought it was’s bec the way he treated the customers is not in a very pleasant manner

  37. Shawn Carter

    Best place around! Haven’t had chicken katsu like this since living over on the coast! Was driving through town, and was told my order for 6 would be ready in 30. Got there 5 minutes early and in 5 minutes I was paying and out the door with our food. The lady who works there always smiles and you can tell she enjoys life! Never eaten something there I didn’t like. ❤️ 🧡 💛💜💚❤️🖤🖤🧡💜💛💜🖤🧡💜💙❤️🧡🖤💚🖤💙

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