13112 W Sunset Hwy, Airway Heights, WA 99001


47.642976250508, -117.59219439817


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


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Fusion Korean

Korean Restaurant in Airway Heights, WA


19 reviews for “Fusion Korean

  1. Natia McMahon

    Absolutely amazing food and service. Everything was perfect and the portions were generous! Our new favorite place!

  2. Erik Black

    Great food and service

  3. James S.

    This is my first time stopping in Spokane for some food. I travel destination was actually Coeur d’Alene, but I flew in this time and decided to grab a bite to eat before I drove to my hotel. I guess I decided it’s time to experience Spokane for a change.

    I wanted something healthy, and something Asian. A quick search found several options near the airport, including Korean, one of my comfort foods, so I picked this place. Plus it had decent ratings.

    Arriving at the location. I noted it was a dated building with difficult access and a small parking lot. Never mind, I just want good Korean food. Sometimes your best dining experiences are old mom and pop locations. Once inside, the “mom” greeted me nicely and gave me a seat.

    I was excited to see on the menu hot stone bibinbop. I haven’t had this for a long time. Likely the last time I was in California.

    When I ordered I asked if it came with “banchan,” which are the small plates of vegetables or different pickles items accompanying an entree (e.g. kimchi, sesame bean sprouts, kimchi, cucumber, etc). She gave me this cute smile and said absolutely. To that I became excited, and said please bring me a bunch. Note to those trying Korean food for the first time, good Banchan is really the reason you get Korean food. At least that’s my opinion. Banchan are awesome and delicious and good Korean restaurants refill them regularly throughout your meal. Plus they’re very healthy being all vegetables. Kimchi in particular as a fermented vegetable has excellent probiotics.

    At any rate about 10 minutes later out came a large platter of bonchon, and my hot stone bibimbap. I joyfully begin to stir it up putting some spicy sauce to give it a little kick, mixing up the rice, vegetables and meat.

    First bite, hot, and yummy. Second bite, still nice and hot due to the hot stone bowl, and even more tasty. Adding a little more spicy sauce, I mixed it up and began to dig in heartily. Halfway through, I had completed eating most of my bonchon. She came out to ask how my meal was, and I asked if I could have more banchan. To which she said of course, giving me another huge smile. I sat there gorging on banchan and hot stone deliciousness, until I was just absolutely stuffed. What a wonderful little gem here in Spokane. Who would have known.

    As always the question I asked myself is would I come back again? My answer, absolutely. In fact I want to come back just for this place lol 😂. There isn’t a place like this down in Boise unfortunately. Oh well, till next time Fusion Korean Restaurant. You’ve got a die hard fan.

  4. Lyn Lyn

    I absolutely love the food here. I always order the tofu and pork stew 🍲 and kalbi. And they never disappoint on the flavors. I’ve also ordered more on their menu but these two dishes are my favorite.

  5. Klement Monroe

    The food was okay, but there was nothing to write home about. The butterfly shrimp were pretty good. I found the California roll to be a bit tough and bland. They didn’t give me enough kimchi or fermented cucumber. The waiter felt kind of short with me like I ruined his afternoon. If you get a combo meal, don’t expect to be able to substitute anything on it. I don’t think I’ll be going back there.

  6. Mayfrost

    We came to try their Black Bean Noodles(jjajangmyeon) but when we got there they said they were unavailable, when we asked if we could have a few more minutes to order since we were all hoping for the Black Bean Noodles, they asked if we were willing to wait 30mins for them, seeing as that’s what we came for, we said yes! They came out piping hot and were worth the wait! We really appreciated that they were willing to make them for us 💕 We also got their Vegetable Kim-bap and their sweet and sour chicken, both were just as delicious as the Black Bean noodles! We are super pleased with our experience and will definitely be coming again to try more Korean food. 💕💕

  7. Phil

    Delicious bulgogi! The beef roll is delicious as well! I recommend this place!

  8. Legend squad

    Beef roll and egg rolls….soo good!

  9. Dino King (Dino401)

    That Ramen be spicy.

  10. Brian Clark

    The food was really good and was fairly priced The portion size of each meal was a good size .I would definitely recommend this restaurant

  11. Christine

    Great kimchi pancakes!

  12. Hex Barragan

    Been here mutiple times and I cannot recommend this place enough. Great taste, great service.

  13. ed washington

    Food was really great. Was expensive but it came with nice appetizers and they even let us bring our own sodas in. The restaurant could have looked better in the inside. The atmosphere was not the greatest

  14. Ivy Northcutt

    We love this place, very authentic Korean food my son’s dad said it’s the closest he has gotten to what he had in Korea when in was in the Air Force

  15. Kristen Manning

    AMAZING food. We order the bulgogi and chicken teriyaki to go frequently and it’s consistent, hot, and delicious every time!

  16. Tialannah Griffith

    My family will never do that again. The egg cheese ramen had a plastic slice cheese on top and almost half or more of the hard boiled egg shell in the soup. The teriyaki sauce is bland and idk how that’s possible. The cream cheese roll is not what you think and it’s fake Crab. Everything in there is cheap. But the way the food is plated looks pretty but … that’s the least of my worries.
    The potstickers tho… I’ll say weren’t bad in all fairness.

  17. Jaehan Park

    Authentic Korean food with good service!

  18. Sean K

    Delicious food with great service. They also have a variety of ceramic pieces (i.e. vases, mugs) that are made by local artist, Chang-Hee Kim.

  19. Brandon Anderson

    This is obviously a family owned place. Got shrimp fried rice last week. I’ve been here about 5 times and this food is exceptionally fantastic.

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