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Gere a Deli

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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49 reviews for “Gere a Deli

  1. Nancy Napierala

    OMG this DELI is Simply Theeee BEST!!!
    we are vacationing here & thus has become our very favorite lunch spot…the Reubens Rock especially with the Reuben IPA !!! & let me tell you ~~the servers & sandwich makers & cooks and runners and everything in between are FABULOUS 👌 We love a DELISH Deli♥️
    You’ve got our hearts 💕

  2. G Shaffer

    Great sandwiches. Very very busy but well managed. Call ahead or order online to skip the long order line. There is a separate cash register on the right side for phone and online orders. A few local beers are available on tap. Several tables outside for that seating option.

  3. Ben Neff

    There was a bit of a wait – and I understand why. our Mozza was superb – we added Turkey to make more of a full meal out of the sandwich and they split the sandwich for us – wrapping it into separate sandwiches with sides as well. This worked great as we were headed out of town on bike toward Oak harbor and had quite.a ride ahead of us.

    Very nice people and excellent food, just be prepared to wait a bit for it – this is not McDonalds.

  4. Holly Scott

    Awesome BLTA, gobbler sammie, and desserts. The Greek salad was really great too and I could eat those till I got sick. They forgot the clam chowder and I’m hoping it’s an easy fix but they’re closed Sunday and Mondays!

  5. Alise S.

    Just a perfect day! We were able to eat outdoors in the shade and relax. Our food was visually appealing and yummy. We just sat there feeling sorry for all the other restaurants in sight, who had no customers! This place was bustling, and the many staff members were hustling!! 2 registers were going, efficiently taking orders from a line of customers that was out the door. Despite this being their busiest time, our order was delivered to our table in 15 minutes!

  6. Amber S.

    Good sandwich place. Large indoor space with plenty of seating. Has a fun, kitschy vibe with vintage food-related decorations. Id recommend for takeout or dine in, especially for families.

    I wouldn’t really call it a deli though (they didn’t have all the side options I would expect from a full deli). The sandwiches are very good though.

  7. Stefanie Shanks

    Great selection of sandwiches! And every single one is delicious! 🤤

  8. Erik

    My stomach grumbles just thinking about gereadeli. Great atmosphere and the food is heavenly. I’m hooked on their French dip sandwiches personally. Give them a shot, you will not regret it 🙂

  9. Susan Hunt

    Excellent lunch of BLT, slaw and chowder today. Carrot cake and a qt of chowder ordered to go. Good and quick service! Will visit again.

  10. Lisa Whittier

    Unbelievably good sandwiches and pasta salads!

  11. Jennifer Medeiros

    GERE-a-DELI catered our work Christmas party and they were fantastic! We had a few dietary restrictions we needed to work around and they helped us create the perfect menu for our event. Would absolutely use again!

  12. Ana Hobson Arnold

    Scrumptious sandwiches, and they can make them on gluten-free bread!

  13. Steven Lee

    Great salads and sandwiches!! Garden salad with chicken is my favorite. Tender, moist sliced chicken breast atop fresh greens. Served with a roll. French dip features flavorful sliced beef on a soft roll. Au jus is perfect. Sandwich portions are larger! Half size of selected sandwich available.

    Great desserts!

  14. Mel Noelle

    Love this place, best sammiches ever. Years later I’ve moved and I still make trips here just for this restaurant. We all have our favorite sammich and bakery dessert – go fidalgo cookies!!

  15. Deborah Hill

    One of my all time favorite deli and the staff is great as well. I’ve tried over a dozen different sandwiches soups and take home dinners I give a 10+ on taste, portion sizes, and most important consistency!!

  16. K Ohlemeier

    It’s busy and for good reason. This deli offers sizable and delicious meals. The French Dip is particularly good. I recommend going during off-hours to avoid the bulk of the crowds.

  17. William West

    Fantastic Ruben sandwich and the absolute best carrot cake I’ve ever tasted! Definitely coming back often

  18. Luke Doyle

    Excellent breakfast sandwiches and French dips! I’ve been told by friends the rest of their sandwiches are just as delicious, but haven’t ventured further into the menu yet.

  19. Curt Hayes

    Excellent service, great food, fun bright and open atmosphere. This is a long runing, well run operation that has been successful because they stick to what their great at! Open for dinner, nope! Open Sundays, nope! This is where locals and tourists alike hang out in a line, out through the door to get their favorite sandwich, a bowl of soup and an amazing pastry.

  20. Rich Muller

    I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was my third trip to Anacortes, and I had heard so much about the place, was excited to try. The east coast pastrami sandwich was spot on, great bread, fantastic flavor. Reasonably priced and received my order relatively fast. I highly recommend.

  21. Martha Schoenthal

    Reliably great food! My family has eaten here many times. The menu is large, but every item ordered has always been tasty. The pricing is modest. Very comfortable, community atmosphere.

  22. antwaun coutee

    I called in my order, it was ready in 30 mins. This is the first time actually visiting the restaurant. Very friendly staff, spacious, and clean dining area. And food was delicious. The best part is prices are reasonable, but the quality of the food is terrific. Will return time and time again!

  23. Ninar Nuemah

    Had great breakfast sandwiches, and their everything oatmeal cookie was super tasty

  24. Ron “ronskidude”

    They make one of the best sandwich on the island. The pepper jack Thursday special is 🔥

    Update: May 2022

    Ever since the start of the pandemic, I haven’t visited this place and I just did last May 17th. The place is still as good as it was 4 years ago when I worked for a company up there. I really loved their Thursday special that I ordered it on a Tuesday.

    The price still felt right for the quality and taste. They now have free coffee so for those who like having coffee during a meal, this is a plus.

    There’s a lot of parking space in the area so no problem with just parking on the street or their actual parking space.

    There’s a lot of choices you can pick on and they have specials on every day of the week.

    Seats are tough during the lunch rush but shouldn’t be a problem if you’re willing to wait. They have indoor and outdoor seating aswell as to go’s.

  25. Raman Pfaff

    Did lunch here on a day I’m visiting the city. Was crowded with people so it seemed very popular. Had to wait a bit in line, ordered at the counter, and then waited about 15 minutes to get my salad (sat outside). Did Caesar with chicken, and unfortunately the chicken was missing. Walked inside and they immediately fixed that. Salad was a bit heavy on the dressing, but it tasted good. If I pass through town again I’ll do a sandwich, since I’m sure those are the specialty here.

  26. John LaBarge

    Absolutely wonderful deli. I had a half Italian mix sub and it was excellent.

  27. Debbie Ford

    GERE-a-DELI is a delicious deli. Retro decor. Food ordered at the counter & delivered to your table. Very generous portions. Friendly atmosphere.
    Highly recommend.

  28. Douglas Smith

    I have.never received better value dor a full size Italian Sub…bar none!

  29. XT Fan

    Supremo sandwich is the best

  30. Brian Graham

    I highly recommend that you stop for a sandwich and dessert. You will not be disappointed. The line was consistently out the door!

  31. Misty Johnson

    Always a solid choice. I first started going when I worked in Anacortes 15+ years ago. I’ve since moved but whenever I visit the area this is a must stop. The Fresh Mozza is my favorite sandwich I’ve had anywhere ever, hands down. My partner loves the Italian Sub. And we both love the brownies 😉

  32. Lynn Paulson

    The sourdough bread. 🤤

  33. Gretchen Comstock

    Once again Gere a deli didn’t disappoint! OMG THE BEST SANDWICHES EVER!! We’ve traveled all over the world, and Gere a deli has the best sandwiches of all the places we’ve been! The “Beefaroom” is to die for! The roast beef doesn’t have the store bought roast beef taste. My husband got a gluten free “Some like it hot”, and it was the best gluten free sandwich he’s ever had! Best meal of our trip! Been coming since the 80s, and the quality has remained the same! HUGE THANK YOU

  34. Rakan Alduaij

    The best Deli. I am addicted to their Greek salad and I add chicken. Everything else I had there is excellent. You really can’t go wrong with anything you order from their menu.

  35. Amanda Puckett

    The best and cutest sandwich shop! Everything I’ve tried on their menu has been amazing, and their brownies are so chocolatey and chewy!

  36. Michel Gaboriault

    Well, that was a nice surprised. Perfect lunch break and delicious and fresh. Highly recommend. Had the Reuben / potato salad with a bowl of chowder. Both delicious.

  37. Helen Smith

    Really excellent deli! My friend got the French dip, and she loved it. I ordered the Californian BLT, and although they forgot to put the guacamole on it, it was a truly excellent BLT. The place was slammed with loads of customers, so it’s obviously very popular. I will be back next time I’m in the area!

    August 2022 update – still a fantastic deli – for me it’s a must-stop when I’m in Anacortes!

  38. William Calderwood

    When we visit Anacortes we always include lunch from Gere a Deli. Great salads and sandwiches….soups too!

  39. Courtney Smith

    Got the turkey chest delight, tuna melt and the daily special. All were fantastic! The place seemed very clean and the staff were super nice and friendly. The pickle spears were amazing. Definitely getting extra the next time I go.

  40. Sheila Lentz

    The portions are huge! After seeing how they were making the BLT, I just had to have one. The amount of Bacon they put on a BLT is A LOT! I definitely recommend this place. Please be prepared to wait in line because everyone loves this place. The dessert portion is huge.

  41. Matt Adams

    The best Reuben I’ve ever had, perfectly sized and melt in your mouth rye bread. Excellent value for the money, two adult sandwiches and two kids sandwiches totaled $25. Will be coming back!

  42. Kathleen Pullano

    Nice food stop in Anacortes, French dip is always a can’t miss,wife had pastrami which she enjoyed.One thing that I find mildly irritating is they ask for your tip when you order,if I feel the service warrants a tip I will leave it on the table or hand it to the person

  43. Oishi Roychoudhury

    All of the sandwiches we tried were great-except the French dip(they seemed to have missed everything but the bread and the meat on there- disappointing.) The fidalgo island salad was very interesting and the blueberry pie was very good too.

  44. Michael Oneill

    It’s so hard not to eat here for lunch when I go to Anacortes, it’s not fair to the other resteruant, but the food is so good. My wife and had the soup and French dip. Everything was perfect. Go and have fun.

  45. Jon Dye

    No I had a tuna melt and a clam chowder I have a big appetite and I could barely eat it all it was great!

  46. Nayara Montoya

    Alright the portions are HUGE! We had the French dip sandwich with was great! And the Clam Chowder was pretty good too! Perfect spot for a quick and yummy food break

  47. Vaellin The Bard

    Super busy but for good reason! Even with the line practically spilling out the doors, they were able to get the order out quickly. I got the special of the day–basically a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup, a classic–and it was delicious! Only been once but I will definitely go again if I find myself in the area.

  48. Debra P.

    Great sandwich place that also makes a killer tomato soup. Didn’t have room for dessert but homemade cookies looked delicious.

  49. Chris Williams

    This is the best place to get lunch before jumping on the ferry! Don’t forget to grab some desserts to eat on the boat. The carrot cake is amazing!

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