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11:30 am – 8:30 am


11:30 am – 8:30 am


11:30 am – 8:30 am


11:30 am – 8:30 am


11:30 am – 8:30 am



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German Diner Menu

Menu current as of 5/2024


Schnitzel and Cordon Bleu are standard breaded pork cutlets. Chicken is available on request add $2.50. All Schnitzel are served with one side and a side salad. No substitutions

Rahm Schnitzel $16.00
Rahm Sauce

Döner Schnitzel $16.00
Tomato, Onions & Döner Sauce

Onion Schnitzel $16.00
Onion Sauce

Jägerschnitzel $16.00
Mushroom Sauce

Bolognese Schnitzel $16.00
Tomato-Ground Beef Sauce

Zigeunerschnitzel $16.00
Tomato Sauce & Green Bell Pepper

Schnitzel Wiener Style without Sauce $16.00

Bacon Schnitzel $18.00

Holzfäller Schnitzel $19.50
Bacon, fried egg, onions

Cordon Bleu with Ham & Cheese $17.00

Gulasch over Spätzle $15.50
Bacon & Onions with Tomato Sauce

Meatloaf $16.00
with your choice of one side and Red Cabbage or Sauerkraut, served with Mushroom or Onion Sauce

Pork Roast $17.00
with your choice of one side and Red Cabbage or Sauerkraut
Every Tuesday and Thursday

Sauerbraten $17.00
with your choice of one side and Red Cabbage or Sauerkraut Every Friday and Saturday

Rouladen $17.00
with your choice of one side and Red Cabbage or Sauerkraut Every Saturday


Döner Plate with Chicken $14.00
Add Feta Cheese $17


Alfredo Cream & Cheese Sauce $13.50

Bolognese Meat Sauce $13.50


Hamburger $8.00
Add Cheese $1.50, Add Bacon $2.00, Add Meat patty $3.50

Schnitzel Sandwich $11.50


Chef Salad $13.50
Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Ham, Cheese & Egg. Add Chicken breast
Tomato Salad Tomatoes & Onions $7.00


German Bratwurst $5.50

Thüringer Style Bratwurst $5.50

Nürnberger Style Bratwurst $5.50

Bacon Bratwurst $5.50

Garlic Chicken Bratwurst $5.50

Currywurst $5.50
Add any side dish you like for only $3.00


Served with one kids side dish. Side Dishes: Applesauce, Bratkartoffel or Mashed

Kid’s Schnitzel $6.50

Hot Dog $4.00

Hamburger $4.00

Pasta Bolognese no side $5.50

49 reviews for “German Diner

  1. Bearly Noticeable

    We had an excellent dinner here. Great food. Great people

  2. Anthony Kwiatkowski

    The owners are just as amazing, as the food. Would highly recommend!

  3. Katelyn Johnson

    Great food, awesome service!

  4. Malachi Snodgrass

    Fantastic experience, I live an hour away and will be making the trip to go have her food more often.

  5. Shane Whisler

    Best everything. Love the food and staff.

  6. Carolyn Correll

    Very enjoyable…will return again!

  7. Stephanie Kwiatkowski

    The owners here are such amazing and kind people!! Food was authentic, delicious and so rich in flavor 🤤 We will definitely be coming back!!

  8. Keith Bachman

    Great German hot potato salad

  9. EDUB

    Thought I was going to have a terrible review! First time here and didn’t know what to expect. Waited for 50 minutes unaware everything is home made and made to order! When I got the food all worries and concerns went away as I’m not a German food fan usually but this was amazing!!! Will definitely be back and now know it takes time to create perfection!!

  10. David Moran

    Well I got a free lunch, because everyone was paying for someone else. Service is slow. Food took too long. But worth the wait

  11. Michael Ellis

    If you like German food, the German Diner is a must sample! The team is German,too.

  12. Ashley Blank

    Truly such an amazing and traditionally cooked German meal. Lived in Germany for 3 years and this is the only place in the states that compares. I will absolutely be back!

    If you complain about the wait- you have never lived in Germany. This is how it is when it’s fresh!

  13. Nathan Hagen

    Talk about nostalgia, felt like I was back in Germany and Switzerland. Portion sizes were just right! The schnitzel was so delicious along with the gravy and potatoes. I added some sauerkraut on the side and it was perfect. This is comfort food at its finest. Even better is you don’t leave feeling overly stuffed.

  14. Brandon Cox

    Took over an hour to get our food. Waitress did not give and updates or apologies. The food was ok, the schnitzel was great but the bratwurst was trash. It was old, hard, and flavorless. I wouldn’t go back to be honest.

  15. M T

    My experience was outstanding. The food was exceptional, each dish bursting with flavor and beautifully presented. The service was impeccable, with attentive staff who made us feel welcome and cared for. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a top-notch dining experience..

  16. Marlow Eggum

    The food is always great here. Not good, but excellent. Try the Rouladen on Saturdays, it’s delicious.

  17. Anonym Anonym

    thats real authentic german food! loved it!

  18. John F Haberlin

    We drive an hour and a half to eat here.

  19. Cody Wirth

    It was everything I hoped for. A very cozy and clean little diner, and such sweet hospitality from the staff. I had Goulash over Spätzle, so filling and yummy. The beer is authentic to German quality. The cost was reasonable, and I will happily visit again when I can. 🇩🇪❤🇺🇸

  20. David Benson

    The best German food I’ve ever had – the jagerschnitzel is out of this world!

  21. Irene Strickland

    Love the German food need to go back soon

  22. Brad LM

    It is absolutely delicious and a hidden gem of authentic German food. Make sure to call for a reservation on Saturdays.

  23. Simon Pan

    Wow. Amazing fresh homemade food.

  24. Dia Mortensen

    Had the Döner which is more Turkish. Strong garlic flavor, which I love, so that was great. Their idea of mashed potatoes is closer to our home fries, also delicious. Beers were typical German selection. Also had the curry and sausage, another winner. Overall A+. Family owned, so win win for everyone.

  25. Kathy Atkins

    Absolutely wonderful german food, even the coconut cream cake was amazing and not too sweet

  26. Don F

    The food was delicious and reasonably priced.

  27. Penny Buell

    Always either dine in or take out. Either way food is amazing. The nice lady that works the floor is always running around taking care of everyone all by herself, she is so nice always makes sure your happy and have everything you need.

  28. Anthony Romans

    Very quaint little deli with great German food!! Great service and relaxed atmosphere!!

  29. Ryan

    Great food, great service. It’s always good. Try it if you haven’t.

  30. Pamela Foe

    Best German Food outside of Germany ❤️

  31. Anita Dunger

    Took too long to being out. Cant be done in a lunch hour. Spatzel was cold but meat was warm. Really wanted sauerkraut with dumplings but no longer available. If you have time to spare its worth a try.

  32. Robert Mcintyre

    This place is a gem. Great selection of dark stouts. Amazing homemade cakes, the food is fresh and consistent. I’m trying to find the best words to explain the quality of the food
    Trust me this is a goto for great German food… 👍

  33. Hunter Klitzka

    It’s a small quaint little place that I believe is family own and serves all authentic German cuisine! My husband and I went here a while back and aim to dine here again before moving. We had a great time and the food was very good! Menu is easy to read and offers great options. Parking is a bit sparse, and they only serve in the evenings, great eating, tho, certainly a great option for a casual night out. (Had photos but having a hard time finding them, but the food was great!)

  34. Savanna Lineberger

    Delicious dinner, dessert, and beers. Everything was wonderful, we will definitely be back!

  35. John Luke Reviews

    The overall smell is amazing! The staff treat you like family. This place is like going to a relatives house on a cold day, getting that home-cooked, inner-peace type of meal. I can’t wait to go again.


  36. Jason K

    Gf and I like stopping by small inconspicuous “hole in the wall” spots. We drove past this establishment countless times and always wanted to try. Today we got a chance and dear God this is what we live for.

    Great comfort food, delicious German beer, cozy atmosphere. Definitely reccomend trying it. You won’t find any big signs or advertisements but it’s a feel good home cooking diner.

  37. Denise Wise

    Best German food in the State of Washington!! Try it for yourself if you don’t believe me. I promise you will not be disappointed.

  38. Paula McKinney

    I didn’t give it 5 stars because the place is so small. The food is the best since we left Germany. Schnitzel, rouladen wasn’t dry, sandwiches, red cabbage, potatoe salad all are delicious. It is always busy.

  39. Mishelle Pasinato

    THE BEST GERMAN FOOD YOU’LL HAVE IN WASHINGTON. Bring your patience because they are BUSY & POPULAR for a reason. The waitress is friendly, lovely, and busy as hell. Reasonably priced, outrageously tasty food, ice cold beer 🍺 (yes, we know in Germany they don’t tend to serve it this cold so clearly they are catering to our American been drinking tendencies). We can’t wait to come back.

  40. Flowered Drapes

    What a delight! Unassuming building, simple no fuss dining room and delicious comfort food! Everything is homemade, portions are large, beautiful desserts and the vinegar and oil salad dressing is amazing! Our first visit, but not the last! Highly recommend!!

  41. Heike Nolcini

    Best place and best prices for German food around!!! Friendly owner who will do anything to ease her customers!!! Our favorite restaurant in the PNW

  42. Drew S (Portastormo)

    Incredible hole in the wall place, fantastic schnitzel. Just when you thought the dinner was great, try their cakes… Knocked my socks off.

  43. Tracy Morris

    The food – Comfort! Delicious. Reminded me of childhood.
    The service – Very friendly but they’re understaffed when busy (as they were when we visited on a Saturday afternoon) Will go another time to see how it is when less crowded.
    Atmosphere – Throwback back the 1970s. Shoestring budget. Basic needs met. Food is the focus

  44. asotint

    This place has the most amazing German food. I was completely surprised. I don’t eat much German food but I was blown away. Location may not be the best but I will hopefully come here again soon. They need to sell the Dill salad dressing!

  45. Aj Heath

    The food was absolutely delicious, so worth it! Everyone was super kind, and attentive, we will be going here regularly.

  46. Alyssa Heath

    Food is delicious! Definitely made me nostalgic.

  47. Gaby Rubio Diaz

    The Place Is very dated. It is not a big place but enough for sitting down and enjoying your food. Food took a little while to arrive. Now to the good part. Many dishes to select from! The food was very flavorful and the meat was tender and juicy! Definitely recommend and will be back! Highly recommend

  48. James

    I’m blown away by how good the food is here. We were stuck in traffic and wanted something nearby and luck so happened to land us here. Everything we had was AMAZING. The cream schnitzel sauce and mash potatoes were amazing. The weinersnitczel itself was cooked perfectly. They make a bolognese sauce that I’m still thinking about days later. I live in Florida or else I’d be here once a week.

  49. Randolph J.

    The food was delicious and worth the wait – it seemed like it was made absolutely fresh and with love. The ambiance is deceiving because it’s so simple and bland; don’t let it fool you! There was only one server (I’m assuming it’s a mom and pop organization) and she took care of everything. The cost was pretty fair for the quality and freshness. I will be back! I didn’t even finish it, and got to take it home with me to finish later.

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