17313 SE 270th Pl, Covington, WA 98042


47.3585548, -122.1108704


10:00 am – 8:45 pm


10:00 am – 8:45 pm


10:00 am – 8:45 pm


10:00 am – 8:45 pm


10:00 am – 8:45 pm


10:00 am – 8:45 pm


10:00 am – 7:45 pm

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Gyros House Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean Restaurant in Covington, WA



Grilled Pita and Feta $4.99

Hummus and Pita $7.99

Baba Gannouj and Pita $7.99

Dolmathes (6 Pieces) $6.99

Falafel $6.99

Sample Platter $13.99

Lentil Soup and Pita Chips (Cup) $3.99 / (Bowl) $4.99


Greek Salad $11.99

Caesar Salad $11.99

Gyros Salad $13.99

Chicken Salad $13.99

Falafel Salad $13.99

Salmon Salad $17.99

Prawn Salad $17.99


Carved Gyro (Beef & Lamb) $10.99

Grilled Chicken Gyro $10.99

Fish Pita $10.99

Veggie Gyro $9.99

Hummus Sandwich (Vegetarian) $9.99

Falafel Sandwich (Vegetarian) $10.99

Burger $9.99

Shawarma Sandwich $11.99

Fish & Chips (1 Piece) $8.99 / (2 Pieces) $10.99 / (3 Pieces) $12.99

Prawns & Chips $11.99


#1 Spanakopita, Salad & Rice $12.99

#2 Gyros, Hummus & Pita $12.99

#3 Falafel, Hummus, Salad & Pita $12.99

#4 Souvlaki, Dolmathes, Spanakopita & Rice $14.99

#5 Souvlaki, Salad, Fries & Pita $14.99

#6 Gyros, Spanakopita & Dolmathes $14.99

#7 Grilled Salmon, Rice, Salad & Pita $17.99

#8 Gyros, Souvlaki, Salad & Rice $17.99

#9 Nachos $12.99

#10 Gyros Plate $15.99

#11 Shawarma Plate $16.99

#12 Greek Gyro’s Fries $12.99


Beef Kabab (2) $16.99

Lamb Kabab (2) $18.99

Kafta Kabab (2) $15.99

Chicken Kabab (2) $16.99

Prawn Kabab (2) $16.99

Lamb Ribs Kabab (4) $25.99

Mixed Kabab (4) $25.99


Fresh Cut Fries $5.99

Rice (Small) $3.99 / (Large) $6.99

Dolmathes (6 Pieces) $6.99

Falafel (5 Pieces) $6.99

Spanakopita $7.99

Greek Fries $7.99


Junior Fish and Chips $8.99

Junior Chicken Strips $9.99

Junior Shish Kabob $10.99


Baklava $4.99

Our baklava; made fresh daily

Flan $5.99





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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

30 reviews for “Gyros House

  1. Sonny J

    Ordered via Uber eats for the first time. Order came with 1 out 3 items correct. The whole order was screwed up. Food is ok but bad experience. Just very sad when you order shawarma with extra garlic sauce on the side and get a rice plate with funny looking strips of meat on top of it. And a salad for baklava. No requested utensils either.

  2. Benoni Napitupulu

    It is a gateaway for me and my wife to go further middle east cunilary , their portion alot !!

  3. Jessica Beard

    They crew tonight went above and beyond for a small mix up with our order. We love the Gyros house!

  4. thomas bohnbrown

    Got some amazing gyro fries. And the falafel is on point for sure. As what the Greek says they say αυτό είναι το καλύτερο that means this place is the best. I luv middle eastern food like this.

  5. A J Moschette

    We had falafel, calamari, gyro meat and a greek salad. The food was perfectly cooked and service was excellent.

  6. Theresa Kennedy

    I’m really disappointed in this restaurant. Twice, in the past year, we ordered delivery from here and both times they completely missed giving us items that we had ordered and paid for. The first time, we drove there week-of and ordered more food for dinner and were given (for free) the forgotten dessert. The second time, we took pictures of the receipt and food when it arrived at our house, but by the time it arrived, the restaurant was closed for the night (I did try to call, and there was no option for a voicemail). Fast forward to tonight, a few months later, but with proof of previous purchase, I tried to order multiple meals for my family at full price and asked that they include the one that we previously paid for but did not receive ($22 value). They refused, stating that it was too far in the past. I understand that I should have acted sooner, but they can verify the original order and I wasn’t even just requesting that they offer me free food – I was ordering multiple other complete meals. No apology or offer of anything else, simply “We can cancel your order for tonight.” Absolutely, and all future orders from our family. I recommend looking elsewhere to feed your family.

  7. Amy Helwig

    Wow!! 5 Stars for real.

    Back home we have Niko’s but if we had a Gyro House, there would definitely be competition.

    Staff was very friendly as I stood there like a newbie not knowing how to order. He very politely walked me through what I knew to get where I wanted. There was a little confusion about things but I decided to let him help me get where I was going.

    I headed in thinking about a classic Niko’s gyro with the usual tomato, onions, feta cheese, kalamata olives, Greek pepperoncinis and of course two tzatziki sauces. What I got was a little bit of that and a lot of delicious. Gyro House serves it up a little differently than Niko’s. The sauce is poured right onto the gyro and covered in shredded cheese, not sure if it was feta but it was good.

    The fries were seasoned with something amazing and smothered with a delicious white creamy sauce. I didn’t ask for that and was just looking for regular fries but I was also just saying to the guy, “uh huh sure”. 😅 Had the fries been really hot they would have been divine but the fries were a little cold. It didn’t really matter at the end of the day and my son devoured his.

    My son hasn’t had much Greek or Mediterranean food as I usually get Niko’s when he’s not around. Until the last year or so he was your average American picky eater kid ordering burgers, chicken tenders or pepperoni pizza when going out to eat. I’m so glad his taste buds arrived and he’s now willing to just try new things, and as it turns out he’s a spicy guy.

    He’s also a big Marvel fan. Why does that matter in this review you ask? Well…..let me just quote Tony Stark and say. “Have you ever tried shawarma? There’s a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don’t know what it is but I want to try it.” We too did not know what shawarma was but tried it. He took one bite and muttered, “wow…just wow.” He’s still a picky eater so he said he doesn’t want to know what’s inside but asked if we could go back again before town. (If he found out something inside was something he didn’t like, he’d never be able to enjoy it again) 😆

    We’re going back….if you’re craving a gyro or Greek food you need to check this place out. I read the reviews and need to try their falafel, we were just too full we didn’t even finish our fries.

  8. J. Can

    Gyro sandwich was tasty but very small and very little lamb slices. Very disappointed for the pricing and not enough lamb slices.

    Going to Olive Tree Mediterranean where the size portion is much more.

  9. Vicki Cunningham

    Great food. Service was fast, perfect if you only have a half hour lunch break. The Baklava is amazing.

  10. Gireesh S Babu

    One of the best falafels I have ever had 🙏🏻👏

  11. Hannah Varian

    Fantastic food, quiet space and friendly staff members. Could you really ask for better? Will be here again soon. The photo is the lamb kabob dinner, and I would get it again. The lamb ribs sounded good too! Maybe I’ll try them next time.

  12. Safiya Hussein

    Friendly workers and make sure to give you exactly what you order. Ordered take out 15 minutes before closing and they still made my order even when they were busy

  13. Bill Burkard

    Standing at the counter the host was so busy on the phone, didn’t even acknowledge us, then walked away from the counter still jabbering on the phone with customers waiting to order and the cook staring at him with laser vision. We walked out and didnt bother the overtasked host.

    went there for lunch didn’t spend a dime.

  14. David Pendleton

    I had the falafel side, baba Gannouj and pita, hummus sandwich and Greek salad. Baba Gannouj was excellent and so was the hummus sandwich but the rest was just OK. The utensils were plastic and inadequate

  15. Lucy Homan

    Delicious Dolmathes, tzatziki and Greek dressing. Absolutely recommend

  16. eddiesut13

    Pretty much what I was expecting. Nice staff. Good food. Decent prices. Hit the spot. Recommended

  17. Terry White

    Excellent gyros. Good staff.

  18. Bhupinder Singh Oberoi

    Pita bread was hard, meat was not juicy @ all and one of us got a bad stomach. We ordered Gyros.

  19. Zack French

    i got the gyro value meal, 1 beef and lamb shaved gyro, it comes with lettuce onion tomato and tzatziki sauce, and a side of fries, it tasted good like they actually cared about the food they make, it was very filling too and well worth the money, man behind the counter was very friendly and the dining area was spotless, this is definetly one of my favorite places im really glad i stopped by for a plate

  20. Jacob Partington

    Hit and miss. I’ve had this place be pretty great and sometimes be really un-impressive. Customer service is not great. Their prices have gone up from already being expensive.

  21. Alex hh

    Overpriced, payed extra for dressing and got charged 3 dollars more for one of the dressing. I spent over 70 dollars and they nickel amd dime me here wow, never coming back

  22. Steven Friedrichsen

    Picked up a gyros plate and mediterranian salad. Tasty and the service was quick and very friendly.

  23. Alicia Messner

    Super good, fast, convenient. So nice having this place right down the street.

  24. tharnge cool

    Food is good but
    Need to train how is customers service

  25. C A Schmit

    Food pretty good. Reasonably priced. Service excellent. Inside seating area very clean and neat.

  26. Thomas John

    This is your house! 😃
    Pretty good Gyros, good spanikopita.

  27. Akash

    Would highly suggest the lamb gyro combo with greek fries and the pita and hummus. customer service was great and food is amazing.

  28. JRT

    Shwarma was lit and the staff are super friendly

  29. Dan “Aka” X

    Place as a great Mediterranean salad and the gyro is real good.

  30. Melissa Walker

    We had a chicken shwarmma and a gyro value meal they were both really good

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