530 W Main St, Auburn, WA 98001


47.307282732883, -122.23669671005


10:30 am – 9:00 pm


10:30 am – 9:00 pm


10:30 am – 9:00 pm


10:30 am – 9:00 pm


10:30 am – 9:00 pm


10:30 am – 9:00 pm



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Happy Express

Japanese & Sushi Restaurant in Auburn, WA



Served with steamed rice & salad

Teriyaki Chicken $10.99

Spicy Pork $12.99

Spicy Chicken $11.99

Spicy Beef $13.99

Chicken Breast $13.99

Teriyaki Beef $12.99

Teriyaki Pork $11.99

Beef Short Rib $17.99

Gyoza Plate (10) $10.99

Teriyaki Salmon $16.99


Egg Roll (2) $5.99

Pork & Veggies

Gyoza (6) $5.99

Pork & Veggies

Edamame $5.99

Egg Roll (2), Gyoza (4) $8.99

Shrimp Tempura (4) $7.99

BBQ Pork (8) $7.99

Vegetable Egg Roll (4) $5.99

Chicken Wings $7.99

Potato Croquette $5.99

Calamari Tempura $8.99

Hamachi Sashimi (6 pieces) $15.99

Salmon Sashimi (6 pieces) $13.99

Tuna Sashimi (6 pieces) $13.99

Fried Crab Rangoon (4 pieces) $5.99

Appetizer Plate $15.99

Egg Roll (2), Gyoza (2), Shrimp Tempura (2), BBQ Pork (4), Wonton (4), Fried Crab Rangoon (4)


Served with steamed rice or fried rice (add $2.00)

Mongolian Chicken or Beef $13.99

Broccoli Chicken or Beef $13.99

Szechwan Chicken or Beef $13.99

Garlic Chicken $10.99

Almond Chicken $10.99

Cashew Chicken $10.99

Kung Pao Chicken $10.99

Curry Chicken $10.99

Sweet & Sour Chicken $11.99

General Tao Chicken $11.99

Orange Chicken $11.99

Sesame Chicken $11.99

Breaded Almond Chicken $12.99

Honey Garlic Chicken $13.99

Tofu with Vegetables $13.99

Shrimp with Vegetable $13.99

Szechwan Shrimp $13.99

Sweet & Sour Shrimp (8) $13.99

Orange Shrimp (8) $13.99

Happy Family $16.99

Chicken, beef, shrimp & vegetables

Bulgogi $14.99

Tender Korean Style Beef


Served with steamed rice & salad

Chicken Katsu $11.99

Curry Chicken Katsu $13.99

Spicy Chicken Katsu $13.99


Served with steamed rice & salad

(Fried rice add $2.00)

Teriyaki Chicken & 1 Egg Roll $11.99

Teriyaki Chicken & 4 Gyoza $11.99

Teriyaki Chicken & Spicy Chicken $12.99

Teriyaki Chicken & Teriyaki Beef $14.99

Teriyaki Chicken & Teriyaki Pork $14.99

Teriyaki Chicken & Chicken Katsu $14.99

Teriyaki Chicken & Beef Short Ribs $18.99


Served with steamed rice. Fried rice add $2.00

Teriyaki Chicken & Veggie Chow Mein $10.99

Teriyaki Chicken & Chicken Chow Mein $11.99

Teriyaki Chicken & Garlic Chicken $12.99

Teriyaki Chicken & Kung Pao Chicken $12.99

Teriyaki Chicken & Sweet & Sour Chicken $13.99

Teriyaki Chicken & Honey Garlic Chicken $13.99

Teriyaki Chicken & Mongolian Beef $14.99

Spicy Chicken & Szechwan Chicken $14.99

Teriyaki Beef & Kung Pao Chicken $14.99

Teriyaki Beef & Sweet & Sour Chicken $14.99


Served with steamed rice

Vegetable $9.99

Tofu or Chicken $10.99

Pork $11.99

Beef $12.99

Shrimp $13.99

Combo $14.99

Beef, chicken, shrimp


Plain $8.99

Egg, peas, carrots

Vegetable $9.99

Chicken $10.99

Beef $11.99

BBQ Pork $11.99

Shrimp $12.99

Combo $14.99

Chicken, beef, BBQ pork and Shrimp


Egg Flower $6.99

Miso $5.99

Wonton $8.99

Hot & Sour $9.99

Chicken or Beef Noodle Soup $11.99

Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup $15.99


Fried Rice $4.99

Steamed Rice $2.99

Kimchee $4.99

Steamed Veggie $5.99

Seaweed Salad $5.99

Ika Salad $5.99

Steamed Broccoli $5.99


FM 1 $34.99

Teriyaki chicken, sweet & sour chicken, mongolian chicken, egg roll (2) or gyoza (6), egg flower soup, steamed or fried rice.

FM 2 $39.99

Teriyaki chicken, sweet & sour chicken, veggie chow mein, Mongolian beef, egg roll (2) or gyoza (6), egg flower soup, steamed or fried rice.

FM 3 $42.99

Teriyaki chicken, beef short rib (2), chicken katsu (1), shrimp tempura (4), egg roll (2) or gyoza (6), egg flower soup, steamed or fried rice.



Served with sushi rice, smelt egg & salad

Tuna Poke $12.99

Salmon Poke $12.99

Hamachi Poke $13.99

Red Snapper Poke $11.99

Nigiri Sushi (2 pcs)

Tuna $5.00

Yellowtail $5.50

Super White Tuna $5.00

Mackerel $4.00

Salmon $5.00

Red Snapper $4.00

Albacore Tuna $5.00

Scallop $6.00

Smoked Salmon $5.50

Water Eel $6.00

Cooked Shrimp $4.00

Surf Clam $4.00

Creamy or Spicy Scallop $5.00

Salmon Roe $5.00

Smelt Roe $4.00

Flying Fish Roe $4.50

Red, black or green

Spicy Tuna $5.00

Spicy Salmon $5.00

Egg Omelet $4.00

Crab Stick $5.00


Tuna Roll $6.99

Salmon Roll $6.99

Albacore Roll $6.99

Yellow Tail Roll $7.99

Eel Roll $8.99

Cucumber Roll $4.99

Avocado Roll $4.99

Vegetable roll $7.99

California Roll $5.99

Spicy Tuna Roll $7.99

Spicy Salmon Roll $7.99

Spicy Scallop Roll $8.99

In: spicy scallop, crab meat, cucumber

Salmon Skin Roll $7.99

In: salmon skin, cucumber, avocado

Alaskan Roll $10.99

In: California roll Out: fresh salmon

Caterpillar Roll $12.99

In: unagi, cucumber Out: avocado

Candy Cane Roll $13.99

In: spicy tuna, cucumber Out: tuna, white tuna

Double Double $13.99

In: spicy tuna, cucumber Out: tuna, white tuna, avocado

Dragon Roll $13.99

In: crunch roll Out: whole unagi

Eel Rainbow Roll $13.99

In: eel, crabmeat Out: tuna, salmon, white tuna, avocado

Energy Roll $13.99

In: crunch roll Out: eel, avocado

Hawaiian Roll $12.99

In: California roll Out: fresh tuna

Mega Tuna Roll $13.99

In: spicy tuna, cucumber Out: tuna

In & Out Albacore Roll $13.99

In: spicy albacore, cucumber Out albacore

In & Out Yellow Tail Roll $14.99

In: spicy yellow tail, cucumber Out: yellowtail

James Bond Roll $11.99

In: California roll Out: shrimp

Killer Shrimp Roll $11.99

In: crunchy roll Out: shrimp

Lion King Roll $11.99

In: crunch roll Out: spicy tuna, tempura crunch

Lobster Popcorn Roll $15.99

In: crunch roll Out: red lobster tempura

Philly Crunch Roll $11.99

In: crunch roll Out: tempura flake

Philadelphia Roll $9.99

In: smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado

Rainbow Roll $10.99

In: California roll Out: tuna, salmon, red snapper, avocado

Red Dragon Roll $11.99

In: crunch roll Out: spicy tuna

Salmon Love Roll $12.99

In: spicy salmon, cucumber Out: salmon

Super Star Roll $12.99

In: crunch roll, cream cheese Out: tuna, salmon, avocado

Spider Roll $10.99

In: cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, soft shell crab Out: smelt egg

Shrimp Crunch Roll $9.99

In: crunch roll Out: tempura flake

Together Roll $10.99

In: spicy California roll Out: spicy tuna, masaga, green onion


Bloody Mary Roll $10.99

In: deep fried California roll Out: spicy tuna

Ichiro Roll $8.99

Crab meat, avocado

Las Vegas Roll $10.99

In: smoked salmon, eel, crab stick, crab meat, cream cheese

Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll $8.99

In: spicy tuna


Boston Roll $15.99

In: shrimp, crabstick, salmon, avocado Out: real lobster, crab stick

Dynamite Roll $12.99

In: California roll Out: scallop, shrimp, baked various fish with spicy sauce

Fuji Roll $11.99

In: crab meat, avocado, cream cheese Out: baked salmon

Hot Sun Roll $11.99

In: crab meat, cream cheese, shrimp tempura, avocado Out: baked salmon

Kiss of Fire Roll $12.99

In: spicy tuna, jalapeno, crab stick, Out: baked white tuna

Midnight Roll $12.99

In: spicy tuna, cream cheese Out: baked spicy salmon

Scallop Fantasia Roll $11.99

In: California roll Out: scallop, smelt egg, green onion, special sauce, and baked

Volcano Roll $12.99

In: spicy California roll, jalapeno Out: spicy salmon and baked.









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King County Restaurant Inspection Rating


“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

25 reviews for “Happy Express

  1. Michael Cantrell

    Their sushi is great we had the killer shrimp and the James Bond roll and we loved it. Going back tonight

  2. Yorkie Love

    I have had hot and sour soup from Ohio to Washington California and back and they have the best. The onions taste smoked. Not alot of unnecessary veggies. You just want to savor each and every spoon full.

  3. Sammie Henderson

    Happy And Pleased with my food very delicious.. the Vegas Rolls is a must!!

  4. Nicole Ruse

    My husband & I ordered delivery from this li’l family-owned business. The fish on the sushi was so fresh and delicious. The spicy mayo is tasty. The rolls are moderately priced. I got a classic Philly roll, as well as their Alaskan roll (12 pieces total) for around $30 with a tip. It is worth the money, I promise.

  5. William

    Sushi was fresh & delicious! I found the staff polite and welcoming. I will definitely be back.

  6. Alissa King

    Love this place been going here with family since it opened ❤️ Family meal #2 is our go to. You definitely get what you pay for!!

  7. David Elving

    Decent food

  8. walter h

    Gave this place 2 tries… both times the food lacked flavor, almost watered down. The only plus is the amount of food…

  9. Mila Shmorgun

    Restaurant became so bad undet a new management, I used to go to this Restaurant often, no more ,yemploees rude and unprofessional There was a old guy in sushi bar he was yelling at me,I couldn’t understand why I never talked to him,he just appeared and showed me how he can be angry, What is wrong with him
    I just left didn’t pick my order and didn’t ask money back, Welcome

  10. Gwen Bachmann

    I’ve never had problems and have always loved coming to this restaurant until today… I came in to pick up an order and asked them if I could use their restroom while waiting for my order. They started SCREAMING at me saying, “NO!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT… IT IS BROKE !!!” So I asked them where the nearest restroom was and the man started SCREAMING at me saying, “I DON’T KNOW… FIGURE IT OUT!” I then asked them why they were yelling at me when all I was asking was where the closest restroom was! He then kept yelling at me! This makes me so sad because I’ve always really loved going in there, but this has absolutely ruined it for me! I am hoping this is just a misunderstanding and they were maybe having a bad day, but when I was walking out with my order the woman gave me the most horrible look and was so mean and nasty to me.

    Let me add since you replied with such an AWFUL comment… Yes, I have delivered MANY of your orders AND I HAVE ORDERED FROM YOU RESTAURANT! You are clueless to think it is okay to treat ANYONE like that! You are acting like I am LESS THAN YOU! Your comment implies that you see me as BELOW YOU! The only way you can get customers is if they don’t actually come in bc if they did they would never order from you! You should be embarrassed by your reply… I handle MANY of your orders and to treat someone that handles your food between your restaurant to someone else is pretty bold! 😂😂 I am not an awful person and I delivered with care like I always do, but I am pretty positive that NO ONE else would do the same! Shame on you

  11. Miguel Perez

    I would not recommend the sushi.

  12. Michelle Cubing

    Fresh, large portions, lovely presentation, well priced. The location is clean and the service is great!

  13. Marc Pirello

    Required gratuity prior to meal. Initial impression of staff was very unfriendly. Not ready for dine in, stick to take out. Do not come with a family. No actual service for 18% gratuity. Not impressed. Food was good, and they did get to the table to serve us, bumped up to 2 stars.

  14. handyandyradio

    Okay…don’t let the surroundings fool you into thinking this place is a dive or something. It’s clean and the food is great! Staff was friendly and kind. Will most definitely be back again.
    Thank you! 😊

  15. Monica Sanders

    Started going in 2018 and loved it all. The sushi is still good but our favorite, the honey garlic chicken, went from crispy to mushy, which really dampened it for us. Sometimes I’d go in for pick up and get weird comments from the ladies at the register but it was okay because the food made up for it. Our last few orders were not that great quality-wise (not the sushi though).

  16. David Thompson

    Teriyaki chicken was good service was God awful. Sushi was not very good either expensive for what it is. Would not recommend will not be back. Staff doesn’t listen to what you ask.

  17. Jp P

    Excellent foods, generous portions, easy parking and great service~~

  18. Robin VanGilder

    Delicious teriyaki, and a nice atmosphere. This is the best Seattle-style teriyaki I’ve been able to find in Auburn, really tasty! They even served me my beer in a frosted glass. I live nearby, and I will definitely be going back regularly.

  19. thomas bohnbrown

    The sushi and everything here was good. My favorite was their chow mein and chicken katsu. It was dynamite. I love their Chinese and Japanese food here.

  20. kevin johnson

    I like happy express. Normally I get the chicken katsu. Maybe once a week. This time me and the fellows say down for lunch and just got the sushi it was ok but I wouldn’t go here for the sushi didn’t seem as fresh as could be. I’ll stick with my katsu lol

  21. Zack Stockdale

    Super friendly. Big menu. The Blood Mary roll was amazing! Been driving by for years happy to finally stop and try it.

  22. Colton mayes

    Good food

  23. C D

    Finally a restaurant that can make chicken katsu in Auburn! Place not a eat in place, bathroom not working, junk piled up in bar and main dining. But good food.

  24. mike carter

    Great food. I haven’t found anything there I didn’t like.

  25. Rick Armstrong

    Too high on the prices

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