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10:30 am – 8:30 pm


10:30 am – 8:30 pm


10:30 am – 8:30 pm


10:30 am – 8:30 pm


10:30 am – 8:30 pm


10:30 am – 8:30 pm


10:30 am – 7:30 pm

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Happy Pho Time

Vietnamese Restaurant in Covington, WA



A1 Butterfly Prawns (5 pieces) $5.95

A2 Egg Rolls (2 pieces) $4.75

A3 Spring Rolls (2 pieces) $5.75

A4 Pot Stickers (6 pieces), Egg Rolls (2 pieces) $7.95

A5 Pot Stickers (10 pieces) $6.79

A6 Spicy Chicken Wings (6 pieces) $9.95 / (10 pieces) $14.99


F 1 Chicken Fried Rice $12.75

F2 Beef Fried Rice $12.99

F3 Pork Fried Rice $12.99

F4 Shrimp Fried Rice $13.49

F5 Vegetable Fried Rice $12.29

F6 Combination Fried Rice $13.99

Chicken & shrimp


#1 Special $17.99

Egg roll (1 piece), Gyoza (2) pieces, teriyaki chicken, sweet & sour chicken, steamed rice, and salad

#2 Special $17.99

Egg roll (1 piece), Gyoza (2) pieces, teriyaki chicken, Mongolian beef, steamed rice, and salad

#3 Special $17.99

Egg roll (1 piece), Gyoza (2) pieces, teriyaki chicken, general tso’s chicken, steamed rice, and salad


P1 Steak (raw beef) Pho (regular) $12.95 / (large) $13.95

P2 Steak (raw beef) and Brisket Pho (regular) $12.95 / (large) $13.95

P3 Steak (raw beef) and Meat Balls Pho (regular) $12.95 / (large) $13.95

P4 Meat Balls Pho (regular) $12.95 / (large) $13.95

P5 Steak (raw beef) and Flank Pho (regular) $12.95 / (large) $13.95

P6 Vegetable and Tofu Pho (regular) $12.95 / (large) $13.95

Veggie, tofu, noodle, with beef broth or veggie broth

P8 Steak Brisket Meatball (regular) $13.95 / (large) $14.95

P9 Tendon and Flank Pho (regular) $12.95 / (large) $13.95

P10 Steak (raw beef), Brisket, Flank, Meat Ball, and Tripe (regular) $13.95 / (large) $14.95

P11 Steak (raw beef), Brisket, Flank, Tendon, and Trip (regular) $13.95 / (large) $14.95

P12 Chicken Pho (regular) $12.95 / (large) $13.95

P13 Brisket Pho (regular) $12.95 / (large) $13.95

P14 Brisket and Meatballs Pho (regular) $12.95 / (large) $13.95

P15 Brisket and Flank Pho (regular) $12.95 / (large) $13.95

P16 Steak (raw beef), and Tendon Pho (regular) $12.95 / (large) $13.95

P17 Seafood Pho $14.99

P18 Brisket, Fatty Flank, and Tripe Pho (regular) $13.95 / (large) $14.95

P19 Brisket, Fatty Flank, and Tendon Pho (regular) $13.95 / (large) $14.95

P20 Mushroom Pho (regular) $12.95 / (large) $13.95

P21 Vegetable Only Pho (regular) $12.95 / (large) $13.95


B1 BBQ Chicken Sandwich $8.45

B2 BBQ Pork Sandwich $8.45

B3 BBQ Combination Sandwich $8.95

B4 Tofu Sandwich $7.75


N1 Char-Broiled Pork and Prawns $14.99

N2 Tofu Salad Bowl $13.99

N3 Char-Broiled Pork, Prawn, and Fried Roll $15.99

N4 Char-Broiled Chicken $13.99

N5 Char-Broiled Pork and Fried Roll $14.99


T1 Teriyaki Chicken $12.95

T2 Teriyaki Beef $14.45

T3 Teriyaki Pork $14.45

T4 Teriyaki Chicken Breast $15.45

T5 Teriyaki chicken and Beef $14.45

T6 Teriyaki chicken and Pork $14.45

T7 Teriyaki Chicken and Pot Stickers $13.99

T8 Teriyaki Chicken & Egg Roll $13.99

T9 Teriyaki Tofu $13.49

T10 Pot Sticker Plate $12.49

T11 Spicy Teriyaki Chicken $13.95


W1 Kung Pao chicken $12.99

W2 Sweet and sour Chicken $13.99

W3 General Tso’s Chicken $13.99

W5 Cashew Chicken $14.99

W6 Almond Chicken $14.99

W7 Mongolian Chicken or Beef $14.99

W8 Broccoli Chicken or Beef $14.99

W9 Chow Mein- Chicken or Beef $13.99

W10 Vegetable Deluxe $12.99

W11 Orange Chicken $12.99

W12 Sesame Chicken $12.99

W13 Tofu and Assorted Veggies $12.99

W14 Garlic Chicken $13.99

W15 Phad Thai- Chicken or Beef $13.99

W16 Yakisoba – Chicken or Beef $13.99

W17 Deep Fried Prawns $15.99

W18 Mandarin Fried Chicken $14.45

W19 Hot and Spicy Basil $15.99


C1 Teriyaki Chicken & Mongolian Beef $15.99

C2 Teriyaki Chicken & Kung Pao Chicken $15.99

C3 Teriyaki Chicken & Broccoli Beef $15.99

C4 Teriyaki Chicken & Almond Chicken $15.99

C5 Teriyaki Chicken & Sesame Chicken $15.99

C6 Teriyaki Chicken & Veggie Chow Mein $15.99

C7 Teriyaki Chicken & Orange Chicken $15.99

C8 Teriyaki Chicken & Yakisoba $15.99

C9 Teriyaki Chicken & Sweet and Sour Chicken$15.99

C10 Teriyaki Chicken & General Tso’s Chicken$15.99

C11 Teriyaki Chicken & Katsu $15.99

C12 Teriyaki Chicken & Spicy Tofu $15.99


S1 Meat Ball Side Order $7.95

S2 Extra Meat Balls $4.75

S3 Extra Tendon $4.75

S4 Extra Tripe $3.95

S5 Extra Brisket $3.95

S6 Extra Flank $3.95

S7 Extra Steak $3.95

S8 Extra Soup $3.45

S9 Extra Fried Egg (2 pieces) $2.45

S10 Extra Shrimp (4 pieces) $4.75

S11 Extra Noodles $3.45

S12 Extra Rice $3.00

S13 Extra Bread $2.45

S14 Side Salad $3.99

S15 Side Fried Rice $8.99

S16 Side Vegetable Yakisoba $8.99






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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

20 reviews for “Happy Pho Time

  1. Adam Mushel

    Ordered Spring Rolls, 2 Beef and 2 chicken for carry out. Called them to let them know the chicken was BAD / spoiled and had strong odor, since for carry out is separate with noodles. They said their chicken was fresh today, so could not be bad. 3 times I was offered to get replacement. Due to snow and was close to work, I explained that don’t want refund, and not coming back. Just wanted you to check, so not giving to other customers. Kept saying was fresh, but could get replacement.

    Not going back, if not willing to check if have bad meat (smell of expired chicken)!

  2. John Montez

    They have the best pho around town. I really like how they pack it to go.

  3. Lil Olin

    I would first note the absolutely excellent service. They were friendly, quick to get us seated, ordered and served. And also checked on us throughout for refills etc. The food was better than the usual “teryaki on ever corner” type place would offer. General Tsao and beef pho were both delicious and large portioned.

  4. Timothy Ellis

    Broth has lots of flavor. Too much noodles and not enough meat. Broth is where it’s at though!

  5. Ms Jucccie

    Food was ok but their service was fantastic! Very warm, inviting and attentive. Impressed!!!!

  6. Mishelle Bradford

    Ordered from this place got the first and last time. Spent 60$ on food, and everything with pork on it was burnt and cooked until it was almost charcoal and COMPLETELY inedible. What a waste of money. Save yourself the heart ache.

  7. Brittany Arthur-Cobb

    Always a pleasure. Great food, great service, we love this place. I usually get the chicken pho, my family gets the teriyaki chicken, and fried rice. Haven’t been disappointed yet.

  8. Erin Wright

    I have been a customer here for many years and always had good experience until today. I came in at 11am and was the only customer. I ordered a large bowl of rare beef pho + veggies with 1 spring roll and my bill was $21 and some change. I thought okay the foods good so whatever I will pay a little extra, well I get home and there is no veggies. The young man cashiering had a bad attitude and it took 20 minutes to get my food even tho they had no other customers. I feel like they were purposely being rude and overcharged me and then proceeded to ” forget” my veggies. I am very courteous and respectful and do not appreciate being taken advantage of. I will not be going back here ever.

  9. Scott B

    Very tasty food.. great service … very friendly staff.. my new favorite Vietnamese food in Covington

  10. Elena Alexia

    Best food and quality service!

  11. Adonis Romotap

    The picture looks like a lot but it isn’t. I think for the price, it should be a little but more chicken and noodles. I didn’t know it comes with rice, didn’t say on their menu, I just wanted yakisoba and chicken teriyaki! Always check your food before leaving the place. A bit disappointed, not sure if I ever go back.

  12. Former Customer

    Absolutely disappointing! I spent 14 bucks for garlic chicken I can guarantee there was only about $2 worth of chicken in it and the rest was onions!!!👎👎👎

  13. Keysha

    First let me say that the customer service was great. I typically will only eat food from a restaurant with an excellent health department rating, but I thought let’s give them a try, maybe they had a bad day during the last inspection. Life happens, right? Well … It happened to me because we spent $40 for two meals and they were really small portioned. Close to what you’d give a child. I felt bad for my partner because typically we’d have leftovers to take to work the next day for lunch, but yeah… Nope. The food itself was tasty. It’s just not really worth the price in my opinion. I don’t think I’ll be back unfortunately. Taking into consideration, the customer service and taste, I’m giving them a 4. Portion wise, a strong 3.

  14. Traci Sciuchetti

    Delicious food and fabulous service!

  15. Joan Metcalf

    Needed respite from a busy day and visited for the first time. The staff, music and atmosphere were gracious and inviting. The BBQ combo sandwich was perfect and I was introduced to Vietnamese Coffee. Oh my word! Coffee lovers Paradise!

  16. Jeremy Watson

    The Pho is great and the staff were great Thank you

  17. Jasbinder Bali

    Seafood pho had a lot of seafood, more than what other places would give. Pho wasn’t salty either. Service was also very good. I would highly recommend this place.

  18. onelio p

    If you arrive at this place, make sure you ask for your order correctly, making sure that they don’t bring you food that you didn’t order, as happened to me. I asked for a soup and they brought me chicken with pasta, I told the waitress and she told me that’s what that I had ordered and they did not change it, on the contrary I had to pay for food that I did not order, well it is not difficult to imagine why the restaurant is empty, and because it has a poor rating from the health department that you can see when you enter, This means that they have also found bad food, or very poor cleaning in the kitchen, I do not recommend it, don’t waste your money or else you will get sick

  19. Majenta 1

    Loved it, good clear broth!

  20. Pablo Kohn

    Its a nice place, good food and so, just cold and impersonal.

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