1029 E Wishkah St # E, Aberdeen, WA 98520


46.976342914708, -123.80477862162


11:00 am – 9:30 pm


11:00 am – 9:30 pm


11:00 am – 9:30 pm


11:00 am – 9:30 pm


11:00 am – 9:30 pm


11:00 am – 9:30 pm



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Happy Teriyaki #15

Japanese Restaurant Located in Aberdeen, WA









“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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43 reviews for “Happy Teriyaki #15

  1. Kala Johnston

    Yummy food, good service

  2. Tim Broome

    Oh my goodness…. this was the best ..THE BEST authentic teriyaki… the short Ribs are too die for….i can’t say enough about this place…i would drive all the way from Spokane to this place just for the ribs… amazing

  3. Emma Cable

    The food is great.Loved it.

  4. Mahanah Lorton

    Great people Great food

  5. Larissa Lee

    We placed an order online, only to discover the restaurant was closed early for a kitchen issue tonight. That wouldn’t be a problem if there was a way to get a refund, but there’s not an option for their online orders and no one was around to answer the phone. They should’ve blocked online ordering if they weren’t going to be open, or don’t have it at all if it’s not monitored correctly. Now we have about $60 tied up until they reopen (hopefully tomorrow, but who knows) and refund us the money.

  6. Alex Etherington

    Clean , great food fast service

  7. Andrew P

    Food was delicious and portions was alot got my money’s worth. Very happy!

  8. Jesus Amaro

    Ordered fried rice and it was not fried at all, it was as it was white rice with added toppings, no flavor at all and super mushy, I have had fried rice before and that was not fried rice. I read the reviews after and can also confirm the restaurant smells extremely foul of gas. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

  9. Mary Jane Caluya

    I did not like the food, the restaurant smell gave me a headache. It smells like propane inside.

  10. Jason Oatman

    Yummy food.

  11. Dulce Maria

    It was fine the food was kind of bland but fine

  12. Delores MacMillan


  13. MrDadio Dude

    $16 lunch! Jeez and then they ask twice for a tip. Then nearly a three dollar tax!! Food is good but at nearly $20 for a meal it’s over priced.

  14. Sufiyan Samnani

    Gosh, this place was such an amazing surprise on the stopover in Aberdeen! So delicious, and so much food.

    The absolute best honey garlic chicken I’ve had anywhere, and there were enough leftovers for 2 more meals!

  15. Leslie Mong

    Best place to get great dinner for the family!

  16. Leonia Photography

    Came in, placed my order to only have the gentleman say I can’t add anything or change any items or even make it spicy, (well what can I do?) anyways we ordered and the food was not hot. The food was starchy and bland. (The Asian guy/hostess said “yea I just work here”) definitely not work your money and time.

  17. Cesar Beltran

    Double Spicy wings 😋 😍 👌 🔥

  18. Nikki TheHousekeeper

    It’s always a pleasure to eat here. Amazing food and friendly staff!

  19. Kristi Lynn Koerner

    Great food like always! Prices did go up but it’s still very good.

  20. Brett Colburn

    Always clean and nice service and the food is wonderful

  21. Donna Benn

    Yummy I was full.

  22. cheri snider

    Great food. Just make sure you check your order because they won’t fix orders they mess up.

  23. Joe Wood

    Delicious food ok prices good fast service

  24. Julianna

    Best teriyaki I’ve ever had. Too bad I was just in town visiting and live too far away!

  25. Kelly Hines

    Friendly service they stacked my food wrong so one on top leaked into the bottom one. Good food.

  26. Tim Hanft

    It’s a happy T, you’ve had one you’ve hadem all! Always good!! Fast service.

  27. Joe Wood

    Wonderful food

  28. april Patton

    I use to love going to this place.The last couple of times I have gone here the waitress was extremely rude .2 weeks ago the cashier didn’t even put my order in so after they brought my boyfriend’s order over .I had to go up and re oder I went there cashier messed up oder again the waitress came over and brought oder 13 which I only order number 14..she walked away then came back and told me it was my oder and was argumentative saying I ordered something I did not order.i told her again it wasn’t my oder .she was really rude rolled her eyes and said awesome.i will not be back there again.i go there to enjoy myself not have a waitress try forcing a dish on me cause cashier messed up should of been handled properly by the waitress having respect and manners working in the public.The service here has gotten worse each visit.we use to go here once a week for last 2 years.not no more as of tonight! that’s why I gave a 1 Star.Food is delicious service is horrible exspecially when they mess up

  29. James Winters

    Service was good and the food came quickly and was delicious

  30. Billy Tinnell

    The sweet young lady today was so helpful! Also visited the table to refill drinks and check in with us! Very yummy food, good cooks!

  31. Tavan Moore

    Great food. Fast food.

  32. Claudia lillybridge

    Disgusting food.

  33. Deven Pedigo

    Not happy with how the breading for the chicken is always soggy as hell even after you just get it.

    If you would just take the time to cook it properly so the breading stayed crunchy and not put an entire soup bowl worth of sauce in with it, it would be ok.

  34. Molly Hughes

    Friendly, but, rather high priced. I wasn’t crazy about their Chicken Teriyaki.

  35. Don Channell

    Huge servings, excellent food

  36. Kate

    Love this place and so dose everyone we know. It’s a very popular place to order takeout from

  37. Tori Pellegrini

    This place used to have great food but the last couple times we’ve gone it’s gone down hill. Ordered wonton soup and got 2 potstickers in beef broth (I know the difference between the 2), their chicken quality was more crumbs than chicken, sauce was only covering about 30% of the chicken….

  38. Paul The Alien

    Spice chicken is my favorite. Friendly stuff and good food. 🍜🍛🍝

  39. Stafford Morisset

    Good food fast service

  40. Ezra Gittins

    Always good!

  41. Pamela Cooper

    Great service, great food. Couldn’t ask for a better place!

  42. Damien Vigil

    excellent food best teriyaki chicken I’ve ever had as well as the combo # B its a great value for the price

  43. Sylvia Sergent

    Absolutely LOVE their sweet n sour chicken!!! And Teriyaki chicken!!! Combo B is a perfect meal to split between 2 people ♥️

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