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11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm



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Happy Wok Teriyaki

Restaurant in Anacortes, WA








“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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20 reviews for “Happy Wok Teriyaki

  1. epiphanysedge

    Its worth the wait. There is a wait because everyone in town knows its a good place to get your cravings satisfied. The wasabi is always good. Heck every bit of food I’ve had from here is just great! The teriyaki is really good. The rice is always perfect. All the rolls are excellent. 😋

  2. Quotations Desk

    I threw the entire meal that I spent $15 for in the garbage. It was the worst Mongolian beef ever. Go to Lucky Chopsticks or Mama Wings. Eat good food. But not here

  3. Alyssa Jensen

    great food! a little bit of a wait time, so calling in your order is a great idea, but the sushi and gyoza are amazing

  4. Kim Welch

    I should have walked out when I saw how the inside was but I was hungry and I thought I’d give them a chance. No greeting, nothing. 1st bad sign. I ordered vegetable egg rolls and vegetable tempura. Both were horrible especially the tempura. At least the rice was okay and the three pieces of iceberg lettuce wasn’t wilted. I won’t be back.

  5. Paul Fischetti

    Returned again 03/05/2021 Order was Combo Teriyaki and Gyoza, with the small salad. The chicken was fresh, and had a nice teriyaki taste, with nice light bbq on the meat, the rice perfectly cooked and the dipping cups of sauce had a nice contrast in taste. I recommend this place. TIP: Order at least 10 minutes ahead. I ordered ahead and my order was ready for me at the counter, I was in and out, in 30 seconds.

  6. Libbie Myers

    Disgusting sushi. They need a real sushi chef. Falls apart and the tuna is GROUND tuna not solid pieces. Never again. Stay away from their sushi.

  7. Ryan Lowe

    Had the combo yakisoba with extra shrimp and I would’ve gone back for more but didn’t want to go back into town. Excellent!

  8. J. Ryan Denton

    Got sushi and Mongolian beef for my first try here.
    Sushi rice needed a little more care, only thing I can say bad. The ingredients were top notch and the taste was spot on.
    Worth the cost and happy to go again.

  9. Jay Labrosse

    I like the food here ! I like that the teriyaki has a good char on it . I usually order the general tsos chicken but can be hit or miss sometimes it the best I’ve ever had and other times its soggy oily and flavorless. Over all its one of my favorites places to get take out and eat here regularly. I highly suggest you try it for yourself .

  10. Frank Cannon

    The teriyaki chicken was excellent, the General Tso’s chicken was too, but a little spicy. The rice was a little gooey.

  11. Matt Gray

    Best Teriyaki in Anacortes area bar NONE. POSSIBLY THE BEST IN THE COUNTY (Probably is I just havent eaten at EVERY single Teriyaki restaurant so I can’t say definitively although it would be hard to beat these folks in my opinion)- I have eaten here about ten times in the last month. This family owned business is chock full of kindness, politeness, AMAZING FOOD, GREAT SERVICE, and good prices. They are open late and are only closed on Sundays. As the guy at the counter says, “Guess you could go get Mexican food.” (Which I did and it was ok). I was able to meet the patriarch of the family and he was very kind and funny. You are going to be hard pressed to go somewhere and get a tastier meal made by nicer people, I don’t care how much you are willing to spend… THIS IS THE SPOT! So dang good I told folks I was meeting that I was behind so I could just eat in the parkinglot.


    Amazing! Simply and utterly amazing. Only place to go get TERIYAKI in Anacortes. Best of the best of the best. Love these folks.

  13. Arthur TheKnight

    I have a teriyaki addiction. When I enter an area I will set out and try teriyaki from all available sources until I know the best spot to go. In Mt. Vernon it is Bite Teriyaki, in Smokey Point it is Tokyo Teriyaki (Albertsons/KFC/AUTOZONE parking lot I may not have put the exact name there), and in Anacortes it is Happy Wok Teriyaki (which is better than Tokyo and just as good if not better than Bite). I have been eating Teriyaki for ages and know great teriyaki when I taste it. THIS PLACE HAS GREAT TERIYAKI!

  14. McColston Lemms

    Best spot in the in at least in 2 counties (I just haven’t eaten teriyaki somewhere outside of that range for some time Whatcom/Skagit). Very nice and kind PEOPLE – EXCELLENT FOOD- GREAT PRICE – WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO… EAT HERE I’M TELLING YOU, EAT HERE. YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM. I CAN’T SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS.

  15. Glenn Smith

    Best pot stickers I’ve ever had! Nice friendly staff cranking out tasty teriyaki. Located in the heart of Anacortes not far from the marinas.

  16. Transplanted1

    Simply the best sushi I have ever had and the freshest side salad is always a treat. Try the rainbow roll it’s out of this world And when the weather is nice I eat it at seafarers Memorial Park a hop and a skip away. My husband loves their spicy chicken. The owners are super nice and they kept trucking during Covid for which we are really grateful. We’ve been regulars from our first visit!

  17. Brian Francis

    We had a couple dishes. Best fried rice in a long time. I had the Bento Box 1. Nice job on that one too. I will go back

  18. Aaron Scherz

    Stopped here for my daughter’s birthday as we were in the area. First red flag was they had no music. Meaning, they could be too cheap to pay the licensing fee for music. Other “nickel and dime-ing” tactics as well.

    Staff at the front counter seemed like he couldn’t care less if we were there. Dine in meals were served in Styrofoam to-go boxes. Sushi was way too expensive for what you get. It was bland…average at best and mostly rice. A family of 5 walked out when they realized their meal was going to be over $100. I would not go back here again… the value simply isn’t there.

  19. Dalyce Jones

    Omg the anaco rolls are the BEST!

  20. scott G

    Worst sushi I’ve ever had. Better sushi in Texas, so that should tell ya. No effort and poor ingredients. They don’t even have sushi containers.

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