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Hearty K-Bop

Korean Chicken Restaurant in Battle Ground, WA

57 reviews for “Hearty K-Bop

  1. Maya A

    The food here is so delicious. The soy garlic boneless wings and japchae are my favorite! The employees always go the extra mile to serve you well.

  2. Craig Ralston

    Traveling all over Washington and Oregon, I get to try new places to eat a lot. I was looking for some good chicken teriyaki and found this place. I ordered the soy garlic chicken with rice, and it was incredible! Cooked to perfection with a very tasty soy garlic sauce lightly applied. Very helpful and friendly staff you won’t be disappointed eating here!

  3. Alexandra Noble

    Best friend chicken ever and awesome service!

    Some people might think this place is a little expensive, but clearly everything is scratch made, including their kimchi and hot sauce, which were both amazing. High quality, clean, and totally worth the price.

  4. Amy Valente

    I bought a spicy pork bulgogi and some kimchi. It was so good. There homemade hot sauce was spicy, but not too spicy. Very nice portion. The kimchi was perfect. It was a very nice big size too. I would definitely to back. The lady working was so nice and polite. I loved it even more for her kindness alone.

  5. Christal Bae

    I never get tired of eating at this place. My kids love them. I brought my nephew and niece, who practically live here, and they still love the chickens!

  6. Summer Leetch

    I never write reviews but this place is seriously amazing and the owners are so sweet! My husband and I have added it to our list of one of the best places to eat in town. Definitely come give it a try!

  7. Sean M

    This is THE spot for Korean fried chicken. The Yang Yum (yangnyeom) and Soy Garlic flavors really hit the spot and their house hot sauce rocks. Definitely becoming a regular here

  8. terra weigelt

    Bf and I got the boneless yang yum and soy garlic chicken and oooh man it was so tasty!! Especially with their homemade hot sauce. I’ll definitely be going back. The lady was really nice and they were playing some old school kpop which was awesome. I was too hungry to take a pic. The chicken was super crunchy but saucy and the meat was really tender and juicy. The flavors really hit the spot.

  9. Nicholas Dimes

    Best restaurant in the area and very fair pricing! LOVE THE CHICKEN!!!! Also soy garlic is amazing if you like sweet.

  10. Bokeh Rang

    Best restaurant in Battle Ground hands down!

  11. John Niehaus

    Got the beef bulgogi with kimchee… hands down the best meal I’ve had in a long time!! The combo plus is the way to go, I’m a big guy and it filled me comfortably! Beautiful balance of spicy and sweet. Definitely going back for more!! Also, the lady behind the counter is amazing and very sweet hearted and great to have a quick chat with!!

  12. Jenna Andersen

    Wow! I’m just so pleasantly surprised by how delightfully tasty the food is here at ☆☆☆☆☆ Hearty K-Bop♡♡♡♡♡. I got to meet Amy co-owner with her Husband Chris, who together started this business a year ago. I loved the Sweet Wasabi fried chicken. And since it’s late on a weeknight, I opted for Chamomile tea 🍵. They do offer beer 🍺 & soda. Check it out and support local businesses. The young lady at the hotel where I’m staying recommended this place. She worked here in the past and assured me of the cleanliness and the great quality ingredients. 👌 Thanks Amy & Chris!! Best wishes to you!!

  13. Jasmine

    Staff members are always very friendly, and the food is amazing!

  14. Matt

    Very fresh and I asked for their hottest sauce and it was genuinely hot. My new favorite Battle Ground go to.

  15. Heather

    Short version: Go! You won’t regret it! …Long version: My son and I decided to try this restaurant after reading reviews and we were NOT disappointed. The food was very good and the presumed owner was delightfully friendly. We splurged and spent close to $60 trying a huge assortment as there were so many appealing options. My son had the beef bulgogi and I had the spicy pork bulgogi, plus we shared the Yang Yum chicken (FYI – perfect crispy fried chicken). For sides, we chose the japchae, corn slaw, fried dumplings and kimchi. All of the food was so flavorful and delicious! Of course, we had plenty of leftovers so we ensured to package them to bring home. Within the hour of returning home, we were back munching on our leftovers. By 3am, I woke from a deep sleep and I am embarrassed to admit that my first thought upon waking was of this flavorful food. Well, after lying in bed for a bit, I could not rid myself of my food cravings, so I gave in to them. By the way, this was highly unusual for me at this time of night. Anyhow, I made a trip back to the refrigerator to polish off the last of my leftovers with the exception of the japchae. My kiddos would have been deeply upset for touching “their japchae” since it was so good, so I stayed away. As for the japchae, my daughter recently had her wisdom teeth removed so she was incredibly pleased to be able to eat the soft noodle japchae as it was definitely the most exciting thing she ate over the last week. I’m pondering making another trip to Hearty K-Bop tomorrow to obtain a stockpile of their homemade kimchi. Their kimchi was the best that I have ever had and impressive enough to enjoy alone as a snack. I am I inspired to make a kimchi fried rice dish with the extra kimchi leftovers. Needless to say, I am enchanted so we will be repeat customers to this jewel of a restaurant. Also, my young son noted that the woman who served us was a reason enough to return as she was so friendly to us. It seems so rare nowadays to get such welcoming and friendly service and it was a delight to experience such great customer service and receive genuine appreciation for our patronage… To those timid to try this place: Seriously, just go! I have no regrets and the money was well spent.

  16. Angela Batterton

    Outstanding customer service delicious food I love their homemade hot sauce

  17. Astral_Playz

    I highly suggest this place! They make the best Korean Fried Chicken and Bulgogi. The staff is extremely friendly and the food is out of this world!

  18. Ken Eckhardt

    Super good! Everything is very tasty and the service is very accommodating and kind.

  19. Mike Newton

    First time in and I can honestly say I have been missing out by not coming here sooner.. chicken was amazing. Not long of a wait, and service was very good. Little small of a dining area but to be expected. Will be one of our go to places for lunch and dinner.

  20. James Hayes

    If you want good Korean style fried chicken this is the place. The mandu was great. Large portion sizes and the bone-in chicken was massive. The yang yum flavor is the best.

  21. Delight J

    The chicken here is great. It’s healthy and tastes great. The sauce is also full of charm. I recommend coming here rather than going to KFC! Soy garlic chicken is recommended as a signature!
    And there are many different and delicious menus for vegetarians. I recommend the bibimbap and japchae here. The unique taste of vegetables and the special sauce make me happy.


    Fantastic and perfect Korean chicken. The most similar original mainland Korean yangnum chiken!

  23. Jing *

    Oohhh Yummm!! This is a ‘better late than never’ find. The service was friendly and pleasant, my mom commented on how clean and cute the place was with their trees and lights and the chicken was good and crispy. We will be back for more ^^

  24. Freya

    My new addiction in Battle Ground.

    I got take away and tried the beef bulgogi, mandu, japchee, kimchi and the boneless soy garlic chicken. And I am very pleased with everything, the chicken stayed cripsy even after being soaked in its yummy garlic sauce and taking about 10 minutes to drive home.

    Portions are generous and we will have lunch the day after if not two lunches with the amount of food I brought home for two people. 😅 Don’t go to KFC for your fried chicken fix, come here.

    Oh and the kimchi is home made, can’t beat that.

  25. Heather Williams

    The food here is delicious and the staff is very friendly and attentive. The restaurant is clean and beautiful. I meant to post picture of the food before we ate it, but it was so good we couldn’t wait. A new regular spot for sure.

  26. Cynthia Saechao

    The service was great, the restaurant was clean, the music was good and the food wasn’t bad. Husband liked that the beer came with an ice cold mug.

    The chicken was nice and crunchy, but for some reason, the inside wasn’t really hot. It’s also pretty spendy. We would probably come back.

  27. Mikel Schütt

    Some of the best chicken wings you’ll eat! The kimchi is made in house and is so delicious.

  28. Herbert Pacheco

    Quality ingredients very tasty recipes. Cannot wait to go back.

  29. Daniel Williamson

    Service was excellent! So friendly and always checked on us to see if we needed anything. Plenty of room in dining area, food was excellent. Kim Chi is better than my mother’s but dont tell her that. Highly recommend the bulgogi and Soy Garlic friend chicken. Hidden Gem, you have to go here!!!

  30. Penelope Gregor

    I was craving some good fried chicken and this place popped up with some great reviews and I thought I’d give it a try. I tried both the friend chicken with sauce, the Yang yum and soy garlic chicken. Both were extremely delicious and both perfectly crispy fried chicken that I’d ever had. Definitely worth a try, you won’t regret it. I also loved the corn coleslaw as well, it was amazing! I’ll be back try the bulgogi options soon. I met the owner Amy, she took our order and was very nice.

  31. Marci Larson

    Delicious Soy garlic chicken and japchae clear noodles, this is my new favorite restaurant! Thank you Hearty K-Bop

  32. Jade A

    I stopped by after a doctor appointment and the food was incredible! The japchae is perfectly cooked and seasoned as well as the bulgogi. The hot sauce was a nice touch as well. The staff were super welcoming, I will be back!

  33. Merryl Blatnik

    This place was so good! I had the cupbop and fried chicken. The homemade cupbop sauce was fantastic and the wings were so crispy! Definitely will be coming back here.

  34. Sara McHann

    Absolutely love this place for the soy garlic chicken. Hands down some of the best service in Battle Ground 🙌.

  35. Jason O'Connell

    Fantastic service and delicious food! Decided to stop by after driving past and we were not disappointed. The staff were super friendly and helpful and made the experience very memorable. Worth a stop if you’re hungry for beef bulgogi.

  36. Julie WA

    LOVE this place. Great to find a big city quality restaurant in Battle Ground. New favorite place for wings. Soy garlic wings are heavenly. Perfect amount of crunch, generous tender meat and perfection on the sauce flavors. Staff was friendly and plenty of room to sit for small groups.

  37. Deborah Burney

    Loved the food! Korean fried chicken was one of the best I’ve had in the US.

  38. Zen V

    Best food best service! Love this place. All the staff are super nice! I’ve tried most of their dishes, and everyone of them are absolutely amazing tasting! I’m for sure coming back!

  39. Tristen Dalton

    We got the large boneless with half soy garlic and half Yang yum, rice and kimchi. The lady was super sweet and split the rice for us since we shared the chicken. Their spicy sauce was delicious as well! Will be returning soon

  40. 1# Ox

    Heard about this through the web, just had gotten off work ordered two portions of chicken didn’t realize they sold boneless personally not a fan of boneless.

  41. P

    Everything we got here was good. The employee we spoke with was so nice. it seems like a small, privately owned place and I couldn’t recommend it more. Prices are what you’d expect these days. High, but no more so than anything else in the area I guess.

    UPDATE: I went back here a couple months after they opened to re-evaluate and this has turned into one of the best places in Battle Ground. They hit their stride. The food went from good to incredible. Prices for food continue to go up elsewhere so by comparison it’s now a no-brainer. 5/5

  42. Anita Cornea

    I love having chicken here. The crisp delicious chicken pairs beatifully with their corn slaw. Will try other things from the menu on future visits.

  43. Ann Lauritsen

    I wonder what the ice cream was like?

  44. alejandra Sakura

    BEST FOOD EVER!! Owners are nice and so are the staff. It is very clean and the staff works very hard, which you can definitely tell.

  45. evy lange

    This place is so yummy! I love their fried chicken. It is much lighter and not fatty compared to other wing places. The restaurant is very clean and the staff is nice

  46. Lindsey Jeong

    The owner is so friendly and kind! She runs a really good business. We loved the fried chicken!

  47. jamie jablonsky

    The food is always 10/10 amazing, the chicken is on point (I get the soy garlic but ive tried them all and they’re all fantastic but the soy garlic is the best). The Bulgogi is delish too. I’ve never had a poor experience with the food, it is always amazing! Plus, the owners/workers are always soooo friendly and nice and I love chatting with them.
    My favorite restaurant in battle ground

  48. Candice Wang

    Great Korean Restaurant with yummy Fried chicken! Prefer to have Yong-Yum and Soy Garlic flavor half and half, great combination to avoid getting tired of each flavor. Will definitely come visit again!

  49. Steven Woodard

    A quaint Korean fried chicken joint with extraordinary food at a great price. I always get the yang yum chicken with a side of rice and kimchi and it never disappoints. The kimchi is always full of the sour, sweet, and umami flavor and the chicken is light and crispy and perfectly sauced every time I order there. Highly recommend them for a casual lunch or if you’re just grabbing a quick bite.

  50. Adam Merryweather

    Great local place for Korean food

  51. James Hash

    My wife and I love this quaint restaurant. Amy is a wonderful owner and always very friendly. The main courses are delicious, but I love the side dishes, especially the homemade Kimchi and Japchae.

  52. Justin S

    So glad to have the option of Korean food in Battle Ground! The restaurant is a cozy little cafe style, and the service is always top notch! Love the fried chicken and especially the Japchae! Hope to see this place stick around for a long time!

  53. Brandon

    I was a little skeptical driving 20 minutes for food, but with the glowing Google review and a hankering for Fried Chicken that wasn’t fast food based I made my way over to give this place a shot. Woah. Absolutely hands down one of the very best Fried Chicken experiences that I’ve ever had. I got the Boneless Sweet Wasabi, and the Bone-In Macho King. Both were incredible. The Sweet Wasabi came with chinese mustard and green onions to add as you eat, and it was so flavorful. The Macho King packed some great spice and the flavor was perfection. The Bone-In wings had a ton of meat on them, and were the perfect size when mixed with the crunchy breading. The fries that came with the 5-piece meal were also very flavorful and were perfectly crispy. Korean Fried Chicken just is out of this world, and this place does is better than any I’ve had in this area. In addition, the staff were incredibly nice and the business itself was spotless. I will most definetly be back.

  54. Crystal Atkinson

    I was very disappointed since I had heard so many good things about this place. I was so excited to take my husband here since he loves beef bulgogi. Well, he definitely did not love theirs. The food was good, not great. Especially for the price. The employee was pleasant, not friendly though. Pretty clean and plenty of parking, but we won’t be back.

  55. Isaac Yim

    Very good very delicious 😋

  56. Ann Croze

    My daughter who lived in Korea and a friend who is Korean have both raves about this place and how authentic the food is. I’ve had a few different menu items and love the corn slaw side dish.

    Vegetarian options: Tofu choice

  57. Chris Smith

    This place is fantastic! We have been to South Korea, and this place is pretty authentic! The boneless chicken and bulgogi is what we had. Both were delicious! Highly recommend!

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